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Friday, March 31, 2006

Response from an Observer

It will be a very long post. But worth reading. Thanks to Calvin..
To: Lampe Berge Help

Well, it seems that is getting to know some of the aggressive people. Apart
from these attacks I adore your courage. Malaysia does indeed need
people like you. People have the right to know each and every aspect before
they act.

A piece of advice for those that bad experiences from Lampe Berger,
please be strong when facing false accusation. Personal attacks are
always committed by those who don't have any proof to backing up them.

For "Anonymous": (refer to 26/3/06 5:32 PM, "Anonymous")
Please proof things that you said, rather than bashing people feelings
with nonsense accusation. Don't simply say someone is envy from
other's wealth, because generally people are not being brained washed
into materialistic drones, where every things has to be associated
with money. One of my friends currently is so into Lampe thingy, until
she preys on one of my friend who intended to continue his study. Some
people are born to be sales, and some of them are not. In addition,
don't use lies cover up, because when they found out that they been
scammed by their own best friend, the backfire due to the lies is

I have been studying MLM for a long time, viewing from pros/cons
perspective, the varieties. So far Lampe Berger is one of a kind,
where they 100% exploit the weakness of the MLM by morphing the
original idea into a pyramid scam. One may ask why so many highly
educated person would ever consider being a part of this scam? Most of
the time not because they saw the true value of this business, on the
other hand, they were being introduced by lies, as "garbage in garbage
out" terminology shows that feed with false information people will
have to make mistakes. Whether he is a professor, an engineer or even
a doctor, being at that status doesn't mean he comprise both knowledge
and wisdom.

The ability to separate truth from lies is from their wisdom,
regardless how high their knowledge can be.
I indeed had been introduced into several MLM; half of what I'd been
told was a complete and utter lie. The other half was a conveniently
constructed lie. And the truths lie within the lies. I think you might
respond me by saying people doesn't need to know negativities and
claming me being a sociopath or what ever your creativity can come
out. I can assure you that all my claims are from all my
observations, none of them were made up.

(1) The way that MLM people contact, there are even seminar teaching
them withhold certain details during conversation just to lure
people's interest.

(2) The perspective changes, I do believe a lot of MLM people are
started in a ethical manner, but sooner or later their moral being
eroded until once was seen as false now being true. These types of
people are the ones that are most likely being broke and leaving this
business without any surviving skills. What they have is a false dream
that will never be true.

(3) The Millionaire smokescreen, just like a carrot on a stick hanging
in front a bunny. Money is always around the corner, and as always
people always have subjected into environment that gets your emotion
so High until all the facts doesn't seems to matter. And this is what
professional refer as Brain Wash.

Addition to that is market saturation, if population continuingly
growing in an exponential way theoretically MLM might be the ultimate
utopia for all of us. But in reality, population is limited by resources,
culture and location. So, when the market approaches the verge of
saturation, someone is doomedto be the lowest level (hopefully it
won't be you, but then again, I will certainly be someone you introduced).
But wait!
What is so good in Lampe Berger is the fact that people can
"Invest" RM 30,000 to get a higher rank.
Wow! Isn't that great? Nope! By definition of MLM this short cut is the
thing that labeled it as an illegal scheme.
Okay, let's omit the illegal problem and concentrate on the fact you bought
the position by using 30 grand, it would seems that you achieved the
position that you dreamed for. But the way that this business really
works is that you built a network, a network large enough that
everyone's money being funnel into your pocket. With a short cut like
that, it just gave the upline the opportunity to spreading false
success for luring others "Potential" person into the system. What do
you get? I think the opportunity of being scammed?

In fact, if you still reading up until now, I guess you might say, if
Lampe Berger is really that terrible why it is still being around and
still growing? With all the Motivational activities that alter a
person's minds it create a society that depends on it keeping the
money flow thus the kingpins gain more and more, and showing off their
wealth to cloud the minds of innocent people. These innocent people
started this business ethically (whereas being scammed unknowingly),
in an obscure way these innocent group consuming their creditability
backing up the organization giving it an artificial credit. Hence,
among mlm's believes it is a great business.

You might even say, a person tends to believe what he wants. In a
strange way, I do agree. I don't believe Lampe Berger operating under
MLM structure + Motivating is ethical. Anyway, a lot of things are not
ethical as far as I know, but they still exist around us, such as
prostitute. Don't you think they might ask you the same question that
many of you asked me? "If we are so harmful, why do we still exist?"
Do they? Or it is the people are to blame? I think we can't have a
world that is purely good or purely evil; it is always falls in

This blog was created based on reporting the facts, never once I saw
any personal attack were made by the author of the blog. He is just
merely raising the concerns and hopefully people will have a better
idea on what is going on.

Hope you all the best!

We sent our regards to Calvin, telling him we will feature his
mail to us.
His generous reply was prompt..

It's okay, I bet your email are swamped with a lot of mail, indeed I'm
more in the position as an observer than someone related being in
there. One of my many encounters with MLM the most unforgettable
experiences is my so call best friend start to stereotype me and
discrediting me behind my back. Who are they to judge me if me don't
find it interested in Lamps? Who are they so claim it works for
sensitive nose when the very thing that makes my nose stuffy is their
lamp's scent? I'm not saying they are bad person. But it is really bad
to stereotype people for their perspective?

I think the root of all evil is the Motivational System exist parallel
with the Direct Sales, because it is only makes sense to a person to
join such pyramid gimmick when their clouded by these deceptive
person. When freshly entered person was fully brainwashed, they expect
everyone to listen to them, but when we raise our concern. Wholla~ You
have just got yourself into a "Bad For Business" list.

Business is run base upon rational analysis, not totally day dreaming
every time meeting was held. Hmmm… "When dreams are big enough, the
fact doesn't matter" – according to a lot of MLM people.

Anyway, I think I might write something once in a while. Hope I can
entertain the audiences and brought some attention to the public. And
hopefully MLM distributor will be getting less ignorant.

Calvin, till today, we've not even receive a single e-mail of hatred
us from any of the distributors of DCHL/Lampe Berger.
Most of it were
words of encouragements and words of thanks
and question on how about
they suppose to go through the
process of re-fund and so forth.

But we here at LB Help wants to thank all our loyal readers again..
Do spread the words.. It is a great e-mail Calvin... :)

Dear reader James,

First of all, thanks for being one of our loyal reader to this blog.

But after reading for a while and we guess you might be in a lost of the
real idea why this blog is started. You've been posting many comments in
most of the topics in this blog. Good. Thanks.

Let me track back your comments

Here in Culture Shock in Lampe Berger and Lampe Berger Re-Fund Case

You've made quite an amount of comment in these two topics, primarily.

Please let one of our reader response to you instead, we responded enough.

From boney, comment posted in Culture Shock in Lampe Berger.

believe me.. this shows the power of LB, where the education system is
so strong till our dear james kept on repeating the same stuffs from the
courses we attend.

dear james : as what was told for many times, we are not blaming other
people if we dun succeed in this business. we are not blaming the plan as
the main reason y we cant succeed as well. i pointed out the fact that in
order to get the overidding we gotta put in more money, and that is the
fact. its just either u buy the products urself or to sell them to other ppl
to accumulate the points. a lot of ppl ignored that juz as what u said, if that
fella can earn 5K per month the 2500PV he give or not? sure give right?
coz its affordable for him (as i was told for endless time by uplines also :)

i shall say there is an error in my previous posting, the marquis should be
counts, as marquis still has the 3% overidding to all the count groups. so as
a count who is not a marquis yet, wont u think its quite a burden to throw
in money? i mean if they do not have active franchisee or baron. i was not
assuming anything but thats what was happening to the counts ard me.

they gave up the overidding coz they dun think its worth to get it by giving
out 2500PV by themselves. this fact was pointed out to create an awareness,
as many counts will do this business full-time without having other income
which made some of them struggling.

believe me or not, i was in this business for almost 2 years, until now after
i quit, i've never blame any of my uplines, coz they really helped me a lot
but things juz didnt turn out that well. so i always say i was glad to be in
taiwan line.

u must understand the main reason why this blog was created at first,
before keep on repeating the same points that wont make any difference.
if ur happy to be in LB i congrate u with sincere heart coz its a good thing if
u can get what u wan there. but there are still lots more ppl whom dun even
understand how the plan actually works but already bang their head into it,
and ended up with failure. this is to give them a clearer picture.
we never say LB cannot do, same as what u said its just the ppl's problem
and i agree with u. but cant deny that there are also some loop holes in the
plan itself, wether u notice or not.

why are we spending so much time here to tell so many stories? we've got
nothing else better to do? we juz dun wanna see there will be more people
end up with nothing, thats y we care n tell.

thanks for reading.

i already post and clarify until geram dy... as i dun have so much patience
as our dearest lampe berger help. Amen.


So, does this clears up alot on what's the purpose of this site?
As well as, what is really happening in around DCHL itself?

Please read it as it is as a testimony. We are not speculating what is
happening in there. We are not just mere saying, but we are giving you
the right FACTS!. Facts which will help others to realize something they
don't and facts to make change (just mere hope).

And James, we are not asking you to "shut-up". Please don't intepret us
wrongly. We want to clarify things once and for all.. Your readership is
greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Voila! Reply from France!!

Hehe.. for the amount of time to wait..just to show you all this

It is a reply from the e-mail that we sent out on 21st March 2006.

Dear Sir,

We read with a lot of attention your e-mail and we confirm
exclusive distributor especially in Malaysia. We are very
sorry about this trouble and we inform you that we are
going to send your claim directly to the
President of DCHL ; Mr Kim Huynh, in order to avoid
any failure in the sales system.

Many thanks for the kind interest you have in our brand.

Yours faithfully,

Export dpt

Now, it is going direct to President of DCHL. Wow...
Well, it is going where we expected it to go. TOP MANAGEMENT!...
It is time someone go about and do something about it...

Let us just hope that, something would be done about it..

But, we replied to the e-mail with these,
Dear Sir,

I would like to first express my gratitude of thanks, for the prompt reply.

I've already seen this matter with my up line and already made my same
statement to the company, in which they are looking into the matter now.

But I would like to stress that, in Malaysia, there are many troubled
matters in which parents are worried over their children who asked for
a lump-sum of money to "invest" in this business.

It is with constant persuasion from certain up line towards their down
line that made new distributors jump on the gun to invest a hefty amount
of RM 30,000.

Some of which these monies are borrowed from friends and family.
Then matters of re-fund arises, and thus new distributors are stuck
with their "investment".

My honor to you Mr. Kim, that you would express my this little thought
towards Mr. Steven Yeam, the leader of SYN that distributors should be
taught that there must be a calculated risk in investing such an amount of
money. Not just simply putting in, because of wanting to earn more.
This is what most of the distributors fails to learn.

DCHL as well as Lampe Berger would be better off without un-ethical

Thanks and Best Regards,

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Solution to Re-Funds

We did some calling yesterday,

First, was to Direct Sales Association of Malaysia (DSAM)
Second, was to RZ Corporation aka DCHL aka Lampe Berger office.

We found out many great things, and indeed we are dumbfounded by
how ignorant can the company itself, RZ Corporation, not knowing
that matters about un-ethical distributors are just around them.

The first call was to Lilian of DSAM. We talked abit and we found out
that it is not only us calling in to lodge a complaint. To sum up,

1) There has been parents calling in because of their children got
involve with Lampe Berger and started borrowing money from them.
Most of the calls asked about legality of Lampe Berger aka DCHL.

2) RZ Corporation/DCHL is not even under the roof of DSAM where most
direct sales companies are.
Even Bel Air, their competitor is in it. Look for OHK Associates Sdn Bhd.

3) DSAM has already submitted an enquiry towards the ministry to
look into this matter and is now waiting for reply.

Now, DSAM can't do much towards DCHL/RZ Corporation because
they are not under their roof and thus many considerations should be
taken into because either would either sue each other for defamatry.

All DSAM can do is just voice out to the Ministry and let the ministry
take action, which we doubt they would, in a hast manner.

Next call was to Alvin, the supervisor of RZ Corporation.

He was shock when told it is not only one person who faces the matters
between our upline. He was like "Huh.. sure or not...?^?"
Well, we are suprised he don't know much...

Solutions to those whose money is being stranded between you and your
upline is to write in a letter. Yes, WRITE IN A LETTER TO

RZ Corporation
Level 1, Menara HLA,
No. 3 Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

What to write?

You must state clearly,
1) What are the dispute between you and your upline.
2) What are the promises made by your upline but then
never held.

3) Is your upline pushing you to borrow money from everywhere
push up for the count level? (This is truly against their rule)
4) How long has you been with the company and when did you join.
5) What are the stocks you are holding.
(Bear in mind signature lampes can't be re-funded)
6) Other matters you think is related..

Please bear in mind that you SHOULD ONLY write in, ONLY IF you are
facing a dispute over the matter of re-fund between you and your upline.

Should he/she refuses to re-fund and hold on to your stock or tries
to avoid talking to you into re-funding, then you SHOULD write in.

We are planning a batch write in to DCHL, to make an impact.
Send your request thru our e-mail for our address, and we will compile
your letter and send to DCHL.

Mail to

Personally, here, am gonna write a one nice piece of my mind
in that letter...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Jealousy and Envy? Stealing Dreams?

I've received a comment..

At 26/3/06 5:32 PM, Anonymous said...

"Malaysians are bored, senseless idiots with nothing to do. This is y this blog
is here. Its all bout jealousy and envy of other ppls wealth.
'Lampe berger help', yeah u r helping, thats true. U r helping to steal others'
dreams. Cuz u r a dreamless, conservative no brainer who simply has a
good command of english and has nothing to do."


Let us tell you.. you are WRONG..

Are you not a Malaysian? Tell us where do you come from,
Mr. Anonymous...

Idiots with nothing to do!? Come on...
It is more to standing up against the un-ethical distributors of DCHL.

Stealing other's dream!? Oh please...
It is more to bringing back the dreams of those whom the un-ethical
DCHL distributors stole away.

AND.. at least, the good command of english is put to good use.
Bringing and upholding justice against DCHL un-ethical distributors
are our dream.. part of..

Good Day..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Direct Selling & Malaysia

Malaysia has its own in-house association named Direct Selling Association
of Malaysia (DSAM)
to help promote direct selling on a national and
international level. In their website, there are quite a number of
informations that one can obtain. All about direct selling of course.

Shall I give some links to some important informations

- Direct Selling Act 1993 (DSA93)
- Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)- Code of Conduct
- Consumer Protection Act 1999 (CPA99)

First thing first, before we get involve in anything-direct selling. We all
should be well educated on the rules adhered to and which the companies
are bound to. Thus, if we are in any time found violated or being violated
of any of the rules which either we or the company is bound to, we can
thus submit a claim for tribunal act.

A talk held during the Direct Selling Convention & Exhibition 2006
is on Local Regulations. It is about "who is being protected?" and how well
the consumers are being protected by the legislation. Senior executives
shares their experiences and opinion towards this and gave an industry
perspective towards the DSA93.

The direct selling industry is so much being regulated by all the acts
and legislations but when matters of un-ethical distributors are not
tackled in a hast manner. It is so much like the "cakap tak serupa bikin"
people that we see and listen to everyday in the news.

I think there should be a place for people to voice out their discontent
against companies whom are not following the regulations they are
adhered to. Local authorities can handle complaints that much and
please don't talk about local newspaper, as they are being "regulated"
as well. Everything is being regulated.. So where should be go?

Well, maybe we can try KPDN & HEP and give them our shoutouts.
Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Hal Ehwal Pengguna.

Direct Selling industry in Malaysia is predicted to hit sales above
RM 6 billion this year in 2006 as reported by Kevin Tan, The Edge.

"The direct-selling industry is expected to grow by at least 3.5% to above
RM6 billion this year from an estimated RM5.8 billion in 2005 with more
companies setting up operations here, Domestic Trade and Consumer
Affairs deputy minister Datuk S Veerasingam said." (more)

And about regulations and regulating the direct selling industry,

"On regulating the industry, Veerasingam said his ministry had acted on
65 out of 128 complaints and a total of RM68,000 in fines had been
imposed on companies which violated the Direct Sale Act 1993."

Let us not take Veerasingam's words seriously this early yet...

Please do read up on the acts above and understand them, as they
are there to protect us-consumers.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Consumer Protection Act, 1999

I've been communicating with DAP Parliament Rep
Mr. Teng Chang Khim. I asked him where should I go
about with the problems we as distributors face.

His reply was :
Dear LB Help,

Thank you for your mail and comment on my blog.

As to your problem, if the amount involved is less than RM10,000.00 for
each of your cases, you may try to claim through Consumer Tribunal.
Get a copy of the Consumer Protection Act, 1999 and follow the procedure
provided. However, if your claim sum is more that Rm10,000.00, you may
have to engage a lawyer to pursue the matter.


CK Teng

So.. I would say go and get yourself a Consumer Protection Act, 1999.
Read it up and know your rights..
We are known as consumers once we buy anything.. No matter what.
And upon purchasing anything, we are bound with the Act..

I myself went to purchase the Federal Constitution Act.
Well, I'm yet to find Consumer Protection Act, 1999 in the MPH near me.

The convention has started and well, let's say, hopefully I can find time
to go during the weekend to see what is it all about..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A lost girl lost her money...

I've stumbled upon a blog, Jerry's Alter Ego.

There is a mail actively being circulated via e-mail since November 2005.

It is about a girl who was found missing and thus later found.

Jerry tried calling the number in his e-mail and ask if everything is okay.
But, the girl in the e-mail, Miss Lee is back in school now and enjoying
her life as a normal 19-year old.

Absurbs from the e-mail..

Attached is the photo of our friend Lee Choon Heng’s daughter, she
has not come home since she left home on Saturday morning
(19th. Nov). Her last contact with her mother (Linda) was at about
6 something that evening via mobile phone. She confirmed over the
phone that she was about to come home to join the family for her
mother birthday dinner.

She was last seen with a young DARK Chinese man in the coffee
shop on that Saturday morning. She has just joined Lampe Berger
( direct sales ) about 10 days and we believe that she has been
actively involved in this direct sales activities since then.

A police report has been lodged on Sunday noon and there is still no
news until now. Please contact me or Choon Heng directly if there
is any help you can offer.

Many thanks in advance

P/S: Her news also appear in various newspapers today."

Oh well... everyday there is something new..
When will it come to an end..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Direct Selling Convention & Exhibition 2006

Image Hosted by



I might go and see what's on Malaysia's Direct Selling inventory..

Anyone wants to join me? Mail me..

Another Forum.. SgForum

I've recently stumbled on another forum.

This forum is called SgForum. A singapore based forum.

On-par with our

On this particular forum of MLM on Sg Forum, I've been reading
quite good topics on MLM itself.
The companies available in Singapore and so forth.

I've even found a thread on Lampe Berger on SgForum.

Click on the links to find out more...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Blog ?

Well, I might have spark the up-rooting of new blogs...

Don't flame me!..

It is each and everyone's personal will to start their own blog..

and I would further say that THIS IS A FREE NATION..

Freedom of speech is a must available..

I pretty much like what is being stated in this blog

Anti Lampe Berger

Covered pretty much on Lampe Berger in general..

But, it is more to against the company :)

Good job in creating the site Mr. X.. you know who you are .. :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Grabbing what they can...

I've received another mail today at 3/16/2006 7:10 PM from a guy.

It seems his brother has joined and well, and his brother's up-line
seems to be dragging his family in too... Read on..


Great site, I really wish this lampe berger will be delisted from
Malaysian companies.

My brother just recently joined, paid RM 2345. Of course as a bro,
I am pissed, but I say,..well he’s na├»ve…seems like trusting those guys

Who drive big cars, and show off….anyway, I think that’s the end
of my trouble…but no…those buggers upline still want to drag my
rest of the family into it..

Isnt’ it obvious…they have outsize the network….the suckers who joined
above just need to get people lower. My dad just retired, and of course
got KWSP money…

Luckily my dad and mom are still sensible enuff, to understand that 30k
is not a little sum of money….

This is not just a scam, it’s destroying our young people minds too…

To take action against these people will be the best course…
Maybe raise a complaint with Pengguna…or sth like that.

Steven Yip

What made this person so angry towards Lampe Berger?
Did Lampe Berger did something wrong to him...
We never know.. To my view, it must be how they (LB) peeps talk
people into the business... I shall not speculate further but more facts later..

Steven also asked me to send an e-mail to the HQ of Lampe Berger.
Hmm... why not? Will try this method later.

Please leave comments.
I'm too tired of all this already...

A lettter to Lampe Berger Paris...

My letter to Lampe Berger Paris..

Well, lets see if I do get any response..

Here goes..



Je m'apelle ----------. J'habite en Malaisie.
(Hello, My name is ----------. I live in Malaysia.)

I would like to make a complaint against the company DCHL that was
given license by your company to run Lampe Berger in a Direct Selling
like business.

In fact, the definition of Direct Selling has not been carried by
Lampe Berger as till today as they are merely running on a concept of

I do agree Lampe Berger has been doing great in these past years and
no doubt, Lampe Berger's lamp is indeed one great product to be used in any
household. The fact that being a great company and with a great product, the
company's image has been tarnished by a certain few distributors.

May I point to you this website,

This is the blog that I've started not long ago to help those who has no-where
to seek help pertaining to matters concerning them as distributor to their
up-line or the company, DCHL.

There has been many cases where empty promises has been made, re-fund
not refunded, up-line not
being honest and many more...
Let me start of with re-fund case as it is the major matter concerning both
the new distributors, their up-line and DCHL.

I myself is one of the victim, whereby, my refund which was suppose to be
refunded did not happen.
I am new and I don't know who shall I look into for this matter.
I waited for my up-line's response and days later he gave me reply saying
"a better way for both of us". I blindly accepted.
Why I said "blindly" is because, it is with much promise my up-line Marquis
said that there are few Franchisee coming in, and I shall be getting some
money soon.

In the end, the reply was "Oh, they got their own stock to sponsor".
They here means my side-line distributors.

Next, is the worst part. I am able to sell my stock, but I must sell it at
the price of a Count.
I've invested in Baron which is 20% discount and a Count gets 38% discount.
So I am going to lose another 18%!.. I have no choice else my stock won't sell.
All worth RM 10,000. What a despair.

Yes indeed. It seems after starting this blog and much spreading the word
out, I've found out that it is not only me who is the victim of this so called
good investment.
The 6-months re-fund policy is not liven up to and new distributors who
joins with hope that 90% of their investment can be retained in 6-months
will be left in despair.

I suggest you, Lampe Berger Paris to look into this matter as soon as possible.

Merci Beacoup. (Thank You)


Signed by me..

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Visit to other's Blog...

Meng Hua once blog about LB with the title "lampe berger?bullshit!!~"
This blog was posted on Monday, September 26, 2005

He is saying about LB being a scam and his blog shown a clip of TVB saying
that Lampe Berger is harmful. I wouldn't say that LB Product is harmful, but
the products are one of its kind.

Furthermore, he was mentioning that
"friends... friends dun force their friends to do anything... friends are
suppose to help each other when in need... "

Please read his blog for more story and comments posted...

Kiawin's blog dated February 10, 2006 was on Lampe Berger.
The blog titled "Lampe Berger That I Know" is merely a research on
Lampe Berger and why people are so into it..

He has 3 other post titled
1) WYSINWYG - What You Smell is not What You Get.
2) TVB Exposed!
3) Purely Overpriced.

Osaya 2 Nite, another blogger has 2 different views on
Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) and Lampe Berger as well.

Osaya's blog titled "lampe berger::the scheme of things" is indeed a
very well written one.

He looks into why people got onto the MLM wagon and how Lampe Berger
is being run as a MLM company in Malaysia.

Mr "M" who owns the blog Procrastinator's Club-Meeting Postponed
made a post on MLM and LB titled "Kiyosaki, Lampe Berger and MLM"

This post is yet indeed another personal perspective view on MLM and LB
by the blogger and it is a very astute post as said in the comments.

Lampe Berger Help was also posted by the blogger on 27th February 2006



Lampe Berger or any other MLM... Hmmm...
One might want to think further and not be in the rush to be part of
these MLM..
There are many and they are growing...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Troubled by greedy daughter

Many thanks to reader Duke who informed me about a news
I would say, so called related to Lampe Berger.

It is run by TheStar today 13th March 2006.

Here is the story..


A GET-RICH-QUICK scheme that lured a 20-year-old girl to invest an initial RM2,000 has got her mother worried, China Press reported.

Known only as Tan, the woman told the daily that her daughter, a college student in Kuala Lumpur, paid the money to join a direct sales company as a member.

She said her daughter was then told by company agents that if she invested another RM30,000, she could easily get RM60,000 in six months.

“My daughter asked me for RM15,000 and said her boyfriend would help raise the other RM15,000,” she told the daily.

She refused to give the money and her nightmare began when her daughter vowed to borrow it from friends.

Her daughter, added Tan, had slackened in her studies after listening to “success stories” of direct sales agents earning large sums.

What more can we say?

It hurts the family alot and those people behind all these don't care.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Not only in Malaysia!

We've searched the web further on Lampe Berger and we found that
it is not only us in Malaysia is having this problem.

It seems our asian counterpart in the far north is also facing the problems
of being used or cheated or what ever you might say.

In Hong Kong, there have a group being set-up in MSN Groups.
This group is called "Against Lampe Berger" group.

This group is mainly focused on hatred towards LB group.
Moderators, members of this group are those of former distributors of
Lampe Berger, of whom they are found being "used" or "cheated" into
the business. The group also keeps up to date to the current affairs
of Lampe Berger Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, to our dear English-base readers.
This webpage is all in Chinese characters. So there is a need to translate
it if you want to read what the site is talking about.

We've put the link on our sidebar.

Next, we would search on individuals who has complained about
how they are being treated and a link will be put up on our side bar.


Re-living History?

It is sad to hear from our dear friends whom their friendship are being taken
for granted by their friends whom they trust or whom they knew.

We have a mail from a son of an old man. His father was brought into the
business of Lampe Berger by a friend. This old man's friend who brought him
into the business is just the same as the uplines of those who has shared here.

Let's look into what his son mailed me.

Mail received on March 2, 2006 8:50 AM
Hi ,
I would like to share a story with you. It happened last 2 years. It happened
to my father who was then retired and jobless. A friend of his, one day called
my father and told him that he could earn easy money by selling those lampe
berger. He then brought my father to Raja Chulan there and convinced my
father all the positive side of the business and say that if dont like can return
95% of the money , as told by my father's friend up line, Mr. Lim from my
home town, Seremban. I don't know his full name.

Let me tell u one thing, firstly my father is non educated, not even finish
form 3, He is a construction worker, and has never in sales line before. this is
the first time he listen to those mlm thing and was convinced that he can
return the product. And he was like brain washed by Mr. Lim , My family
keep quarrel with my father, even my sister dont want to come home.
My father go to listen some stupid seminar that keep saying how easy to get
money , and somemore need to pay for those nonsense. I also quarrel with my
father and told him that if u want me to join, just find 1 people in 3 month time
I will quit my job and follow him. But 3 month passes with no down line.
He looks dull and I advise him to return the product.
I say its a good try , At least he learned to wear tie when meeting people.

But things turn bad. Mr. Lim, as my father up line keep delaying my father to
get things return as he is going for marki status.
My father wanted to go to
raja chulan there but don't know how to go there. On the last month, my father
wanted to go to the raja chulan there but was stopped by mr. Lim.
He then take all my father 's product saying that the product must depreciate
and lastly return the money less than RM13000 and my father lost about

I didn't say Lampe berger is not good, but the way those up line act, because
of greediness, they lie to other people and didn't think of how people
earn and save the money and then been taken away like that. I just dont like
the way they work. At first told my father, 95% of the money can be return
within 6 month. But at last my father loss about RM 17000,
This is a large sum for my family, My mother even cried for few day but later
can go on with their life.

So does this means that, it is a culture there already since 2 years ago or god
knows since when they started to allow such distributors to be there?
I dare not further assume, I shall let you all decide ur own conclusion.

Distributors of Lampe Berger, do you have any comments on this?
How can you help those who has lost their money?
Tell us. Don't tell me again because he trusted a wrong friend.
Don't give us the "problems", but we want solutions from you all.

Now, we got a second mail from someone who express his/her willingness to
quit. Why? Because, she lacks of confidence or wateva u call it. This person
feels that he/she is cheating others for their money for his/her own good.
Let's read on more to see his/her real deal.

Mail received on March 2, 2006 1:47 AM

Well can I just not tell u my name, I just want to be more careful,hope u
understand! (I respect your privacy my dear friend :) )

I just join LB bout 3 or 4 month ago...
U can say I am stupid lar..I agreed bcoz I should think b4 I act.
But wat happen has happened, I juz can't wish to turn back time rite?

I am only a franchisee, so I think u know la how much I invest..

Now wat I want to do is to quit LB b4 its not too late..
(well am considering its alredi late)Can u tell me the procedure?
I got only 2 product that is never been use and open!

I want mny money it possible? I know I won't get the full payment..
but though a little I'll be satisfied. I cannot blame no one else but my self for
my foolishness to fall to my fren stories bout how to get more income.

The reason I'm quitting from SYN or wateva it I cannot think I can
do wat my fren do to me to get me into this MLM kinda thingy! It make
me feels like I'm cheating other people to give me money!! I will feel
guilty...and I can't live like that knowing wat I'm doing is wrong
(regards wat other ppl may think)for the rest of my life!

And for u, I just admire ur guts! to stand up for ur rights...I learn my lesson now!!!
Thanks for ur concern though u don't even know who I am...
I really do appreciate ur sincerity!!
So? What do you all think? I gave her my reply.
Anyways, the procedures, u will have to tell ur upline.
If he says no or gives u some crap shit.
Go to the counter straight away.
If u are a strong person, i shall say, fight for it.
Don't let that 6 months period pass.
But, did u buy the stock from the company or from ur upline?
If u buy from ur upline, u can't get back the money..
Sad to say, ur 2345 will be gone.
If not.. go for the processing of termination.
Let me know ur development

I have received multiple comments which are very constructive.
They are in these two post, mainly
Culture Shock in Lampe Berger

Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Stories - Coming Soon

I have 2 new stories to come up with. Please be patience as I need to
compile them, and make sure there is integrity
and fit to be published.

All read stories and no make-up stories.

Visit us in 24 hours from now on..

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