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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A lost girl lost her money...

I've stumbled upon a blog, Jerry's Alter Ego.

There is a mail actively being circulated via e-mail since November 2005.

It is about a girl who was found missing and thus later found.

Jerry tried calling the number in his e-mail and ask if everything is okay.
But, the girl in the e-mail, Miss Lee is back in school now and enjoying
her life as a normal 19-year old.

Absurbs from the e-mail..

Attached is the photo of our friend Lee Choon Heng’s daughter, she
has not come home since she left home on Saturday morning
(19th. Nov). Her last contact with her mother (Linda) was at about
6 something that evening via mobile phone. She confirmed over the
phone that she was about to come home to join the family for her
mother birthday dinner.

She was last seen with a young DARK Chinese man in the coffee
shop on that Saturday morning. She has just joined Lampe Berger
( direct sales ) about 10 days and we believe that she has been
actively involved in this direct sales activities since then.

A police report has been lodged on Sunday noon and there is still no
news until now. Please contact me or Choon Heng directly if there
is any help you can offer.

Many thanks in advance

P/S: Her news also appear in various newspapers today."

Oh well... everyday there is something new..
When will it come to an end..


Steven Yip said...

How do you know she lost money?


Lampe Berger Help said...

Because in the blog,
it is said by Jerry..

"Fortunately, according to Lee, she was given a clean bill of health by a doctor who gave her a medical checkup and she was not violated in anyway, besides losing her money."

Well.. :)

Anonymous said...

get a life you people!

Lampe Berger Help said...


What do you mean by get a life?

U are being insulted by this blog or what?

Anonymous said...

this blog has no substance.just rants rants and rants.

where is the help?

JerryWho said...

steven: i spoke to her father, who gave me details (including dates, but not the quantum of her loss) about her unfortunate encounter.

lampe: there are a lot of cowards who hide behind some names on the internet and leave comments all over the place.

so, just let it be. like flies, they will go away, or, you can simply delete the offending comment of you find them annoying.

Lampe Berger Help said...


Should you want me to show you all the calls that I've made...

All the e-mails that i've sent and read and people whom I might get help with that I've talked to?

However, It will be no importance to you..

If you find this place of no substance.. There are other blogs..
Unless, you can help? or you know
some minister that can kick thier license away.?

Lampe Berger Help said...


I would just let it get posted..

Steven, You've got your answer..

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!!,

I'm Ah Wai from MLM. Such a nice post from all of you :)

I admit sometimes the MLMers always use this kind of tactic of luring "potential" people into their business. Eg. N-stream, Synergy, Herbalife, Lampeberger, Amway, Diamond, eCosway, IMagic, NuSkin, CNI and etc.

I'm also ex-anti MLMer just like you all. Proud to be antiMLMers. "MLM is conbusiness" and "StudioTraffic is PONZI SCHEME!" Hehehe... :)

But, AT LAST i realise in this World of Events..."Capitalism"


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