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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well, I have been getting quite a number of comments on my previous
as well as the accompanying story.

An anonymous said these in his comments:

"why are there so many people proven successfull and making big money? the simple answer to this question is that the plan actually works.. very simple.. so please do not discriminate or destroy the company's name.. as u people are the ones that are not satisfied when ur not good enough.. "

It is a handful of distributors in lampe berger who destroys the name.
I would have to say that, we are not destroying the company's name.
That is not what we are looking as a conclusion from this blog.
We are looking into WHY there such kind of matter like up-line not
giving back a re-fund?
We are focusing on the people rather than the company as our blog heading
states. So please read carefully what are these people's story have to say.

I've got another e-mail received Date: Feb 27, 2006 6:04 PM
after reading those replies, i thought i might just chip in with my own
experience as well.

i joined as a Franchisee last time. and when they present the plan, it's fantastic.
RM2345 investment, and you can become a millionnaire. steady. the plan also
looks good. very do-able. even now i still think it's a good plan, compare to
other companies like amway, cosway, runway, noway, nuskin whatever.
But the problem with the plan is that the money doesn't come from selling, or
doesn't come from joining as franchisee. the plan come from people who cut
count, and also people who are challenging marquis. that's the problem!
(cut count means investing in Count status which requires RM 30,000)

no wonder after i joined as franchisee, my upline always pressure me to look
for money, so that i can cut count. knn. where to find so much money???
how if i failed? i cannot afford such heavy debt ler. and know what they said?
"if you don't cut count, cannot do some sincerity...cut count..sure
success.." lol...

i'm sure a lot of ppl have been influenced by this and joined as count.
go home, call up everyone to borrow money just to cut count. all i can say is
that these people are all sohem. luckily i didn't do it, cos i personally know
some friends who cut count, and lose money.

i have a friend also in lampe berger. he joined lampe berger before me, and
when i saw him in lampe berger, he is already driving bmw 3-series sports
somemore. then about half a year later, i got a call from another friend, asking
me if i see this guy or not. you know why?? he owes few of my friends quite a
lot of money. more than rm10k i think, cos he owes few of them, quite a lot.
and guess what, they check his bank, and found out he already 4 months didn't
pay his car instalment. lol... i really wonder what happened.

he is not only one. i also heard got a group of ppl, they need to sell off their
bmw becos cannot afford to maintain it. lol...i wonder why they cannot afford
still want to buy. want to pump up the confidence.

those people in lampe berger, sometimes over confidence. i think in long run, very hard for them to survive. need big investment. might as well invest the money and do business rather than invest in lampe berger, which does not sound clever. rm30k for mlm. this must be the stupidest mlm plan ever. i think they really spoils the mlm market.

lampe berger is a rich man game. money make money. a pyramid scheme in
disguise. last time my upline say, "normally those gwailo will bring mlm to
asia, now asia will bring mlm to the gwailo".. lol
(qwailo means caucasian, and indeed all MLM is a pyramid scheme)

i doubt this. if they do these...lampe berger have to close down hundreds of
retail stores in europe and america. so many ppl's well being will be affected.
don't think so lampe berger will go mlm in europe and america. besides, their
price inflated too much. almost rm400 for a bottle of oil. cut ppl throat nia..
don't believe?? go to those retailers website on the net and check the price.
if you buy in the retail shops, you can get even cheaper. and a wider range
of selection.

i think the people in lampe berger spoils the mlm market really.

Thanks for reading. There will be more updates in future. Keep on sending
in your story to share. We want to know if you have problems with
getting a re-fund back or not. Let not those people take away your
hard-earned money.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Culture Shock in Lampe Berger

A mail received on, Date: Feb 27, 2006 11:48 AM
sorry couldn't find any of the add button...
same thing happened to me last year n i took out everythign i had in my
account 2.5 k and joined to be a member...same like everyone i saw the
marketing plan and the way they had positioned themselves to move ahead...
very impressive and very nicely planned i'm the only son in the family
and am in my late 20's and earning less then 3k...i tought what the heck...i
need to money to move things i joined...saw a few friends
i joined thinking that it's good....and for me to say that i was really wrong...
might just have gotten some vodoo charm on me or something, cos i never
ever ever trusted in these scams as easy money never existed.

What changed my prespective was the attitude of my upline and sideline and
EVERYONE in the stupid about clean air...but everyone
SMOKEs and everyone is so darn meterialistic and best of all, one girl who had
only 3 months working experience is talking to me about how tought life is
when u work for other people and the old lame excuse...MONEY GIVES
YOU RESPECTS... i was like WHAT???? i don't have that much money but i
got friends all over malaysia who will pay for 1 week holiday if i only ask and
vise versa....

the second thing i would like to ask all who got dupped into going for all their
events and gatherings...notice where they take you out to eat...and what they
eat and finally who upline kept taking me to the stupid cheapo
mamak at orange and we paid for our own...that made me think...if you say
that you have about at the very least 10k a month on commission why should
i even pay for my food at a mamak....not to mentioned why the heck are we
at a mamak in the first place and not somewhere like starbucks and all that....
my upline even got the cheecks to scold me for asking for too events
i attended i have not paid a single cent....but i paid for dinner and drinks and
all's ok?

SO as parting you really want a lifestlye that you will not enjoy or
even cherish. have a home that is way too big for you to live in and yet the
design is not of you own live a life that is all glamorous but then you don't even
know the taste of ikan billis from tuna...chardonay from champagne....what is
the point of living the life of the rich and famous when you don't even know
what is the simple pleasures of life?

Update: Date: Feb 27, 2006 5:14 PM

mentioned about her upline identity.
She (upline) refuses to refund, stating that refunds are only applicable via
purchase direct from the company and not from her and it's has passed the
refund date and i've either sampled or disposed of the remainding products.

This post shows how much one person can influence other person in order
to build his or her character. I am yet to get a reply from thi person wether he
has or has not got back his investment.

Reply received, Date: Feb 27, 2006 5:14 PM
I've got the reply, and it seems again, it is "people" problem. Not the company.
The offeror(upline) should state the terms&conditions upon signing someone
as member into the company, but didn't. Who's fault. It is not the fault of
this guy who didn't ask. His upline should give all clear details at first hand.

Another great TRUE story for you all to ponder on...

Sunday, February 26, 2006


An e-mail receive on 26th February, 2006.

Good job in creating this site. I've came to know this site from a friend earlier
on MSN. I straight come and look. Heh. :)

Here is my story.

I've invested a certain amount of money amounting to RM 10,000.
The main reason why I would join LB because my friend told me can earn
money. So i also excited la. I go an borrow money from my friends and families.
I tried so hard to convince them that i want to do business.
So in the end, i got the money.

I am really impressed by how they lay out the marketing plan, and how much
you can earn and so on.. Really.
I've strived for a mere 4 months...
Going for New Distributor's Orientation every month. Go for trainings mostly
every night and also always call friend come out yum char.
It is not that easy to convince people to join and wat's more with coming out
with the initial investment of RM 2500.

After nearly 4 months, I know this will never work for me. I've really tried my
best. It looks good to me, but it doens't mean it looks good to others.
I go to office and told my Upline that I want to quit.
He held me back and told me to wait and discuss this matter later.

Waited and waited.
It is near midnight.

He told me that my quiting will hurt others as in the team members.
He told me to think about it and I did. I told him okay, I gave him another
2 days. Seriously thought of it, I really want to quit.

Contacted him, and told him I want to quit. Well, he gave me another option
which is, not to quit, but to re-imburse back the stock purchase value. Which
mean, sell the Lampe Berger's Oil and Lamp to other distributors.
Calculated my returns, I would lose another RM 1,000 or so.
So I agreed, to save him trouble and mine also.. and I don't want to give him
hard time.

Everything is as agreed, given stock, and what's good is that my marquis told
me that there would be few "Franchisee" coming in and I should have some
stock sold in the coming weeks.

I waited again... called... and he never answer call. My upline.
He msged me and said, no luck in selling my stock. "WHAT!??" was my
response. And at that time, I need money.! Real bad!...

This goes on for 2 months. Call never answered. Never bothered me at all.
Only is me call him not him call me and tell me stock sold.
He always give me stupid reason, like that person holding the money..
Busy la.. and always meeting people.. and all..

Why all this crap!!.. ?? He still sees my friend and my friends told me he is still
the same and what really put me on laugther is he TRIED to borrow money
from one of my another friend. AHHAHA Funny... Why strive on when u can't

Summore, when i really count, I am losing more if I get my refund this way.
If I refund thru the company, I only lose 10% of the initial investment.

I've came to know another friend, who's friend also invested and nvr got back
the money. Same case happen like how I gone thru. What's worst that person
invested RM 30K.

Is this a scam or wat? What happens to the promises said?

I would like to stress on one thing. If you have invested and you want to
Please go directly to the company IF your up-line as you to not back-out.
I've found out that, if you back-out, the re-fund money will be taken from
the company and from the upline himself.
Thats the main reason why they don't let you go. They have to churn out what
they earned.

Now, I am left with a loss of over RM 3K.!! Believe it or not. sucks..
So called good earning opportunity but when I wan to quit, they act like fckers,

I want to say that, it is the people problem. Not the product.
I would still sell the product now, if I can, because it really helps during haze.
But still another matter is it is being OVER-PRIZEd...
That is why the distributors can earn big bucks over it...

In future, Lampe Berger MLM? Thanks but NO THANKS!!..

I would rather join other companies, that has low investment, but big returns.

Sender's name and other information has been deleted to be protected.
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