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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time to get your REFUND??

Still no news about RZ Corporation license yet as of now...
Can anyone who knows about it and wants to help some people out there mind to email me and let me know so I can share to everyone out there!!???

BTW, if any of you who feels insecure about all these, you know what to do...

This is a comment I received in my post "
hayad has left a new comment on your post "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!":

i quit LB on jun this year. u dont have to write a resignation letter. juz go to the office, ask any lady there a resignation form. U fill the form, wait for ur turn, then they will arrange a date of an appoinment for u to bring all the silly lamp and oil.

u still can return all the stuff as long as u do not open it yet, means they still in good condition.

and for ur information, u wont get 90% of ur profit back as they said during ABP. I only get half of my profit ( i did Baron). They will deduct with the commission and also 10% of admin charges.

My comission as a Baron is only Rm48.69. Wut the hell! I put about rm13k to do baron, and the commission is only rm48. It was very very ... i dont know wut to say.

Wut can i say, i feel very regret joined LB. Luckily i dont have any downlines. If not i will feel much more guilty to them.
You've read it and you are well informed now...

Have fun and maybe you all can start a "Refund Party"??? :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lampe Berger in Thailand

Hello there again..
Remember I said about some news from Thailand?

Well, I received an email from a reader who is a French national and his wife is a Thai national. I guess, where ever this business goes, the concept is going to be the same. Just that, well the rate to sell the items much similar to what we are selling here.

Nothing much about this email, it is just to post up something here for your reading pleasure. Also an added knowledge of how this business bring run by DCHL a representative of Lampe Berger in other countries in the region.

Read on:

My name is -------- , French National and my wife is a from Bangkok and unfortunately she's been approached by one of her long term friend to visit the office of Lampe Berger settle in a poshy financial disctrict tower.
Initially we knew she had an activity in marketing, but when she was asked what she was doing, she replied: you have to come to see and i'll explain you. It is excellent business....
Few months after we finally went and she and i was explained about their marketing strategies, etc... For which i was already suspicious as in my country it is not allowed.
Further to her first visit, she purchased a very basic lamp ( to my opinion worth 20$ at most ) and an half full bottle of oil fragrance, for 7000 bht ( about 220 $ ... ! )
Thereafter, she started going to their meeting avery day, paid by herself for a welcome training pack, etc... and suprisingly after two weeks was asked to invest 200 000 bht ( 6200 USD ) to be elegible to a higher level or whatsoever...
Luckily she did not invest in that, as she trusted her friend was upset by facing, and she finally accepted, further to seeing lots of report on your site too.
Thank for taking the consideration in reading my message. But please kinly get back to me if you heaed some things about the activities of DCHL in Thailand.
With kind regards,
French National
Interesting email isn't it?
The part which I would like to highlight is here in bold below:

Few months after we finally went and she and i was explained about their marketing strategies, etc... For which i was already suspicious as in my country it is not allowed.
Further to her first visit, she purchased a very basic lamp ( to my opinion worth 20$ at most ) and an half full bottle of oil fragrance, for 7000 bht ( about 220 $ ... ! )
So when the country of origin itself don't practice this sort of "business" operation at their very own country, I shall not go further but let you do all the thinking, digesting to yourself...

Next is the price of the product which is to French National's opinion is worth $20 at most while we are purchasing this product at about $220 over here. What's the logic of running a business where the similar product can be purchased online at nearly 100 % less than what DCHL and its associated companies are selling?

This I shall let you all my dear humble readers to decipher.. :D

Thus, with all that above, I shall sign off and you all have a great day ahead! :D

Monday, September 01, 2008

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

We just celebreated our 51 one year of independence from the British!
How far have we gone we all ought to ask?
There are much more to achieve, well, mostly within our country's governance.
But, all in all, we all love Malaysia don't we? Malaysia Boleh mah...

So back to the purpose of this email...

While everyone is celebrating Merdeka! These few readers of mine are seeking the similar "freedom" from this "business". They seek no where but my help. But I can't help much but just to link them to my old post about getting a re-fund and offer a few words of my 2cents of advise.

The real help should come ethically from their very own "upline" who brought them in. You bring them in, you guide them. Either guiding them to the top or guiding them out, it is the upline's responsibility. As they always claim, they will guide them all the way. Pfft.. when their downline wants to quit, they don't even give two hoots about them.. yeah guide! MY A$$ lah..!!

I see this trend in almost many MLM where these are the actual bad apples and these are the people who ruin the long years of relation with their family or friends because of this one particular kind of business.. SIGH...

I got few emails from the ones seeking "Merdeka" and I shall just post them up there so to say that I've been getting a lot of emails.. :D -__-

This email below is by someone from Johor:
dateMon, Aug 18, 2008 at 1:15 PM


Saya....jua tertipu akibat join LB.Kini dibebani hutang sahaja.Apa harus saya lakukan? Kenapa kerajaan tidak megambil tindakan kepada pihak yang tidak bertanggungjwb.
Then, this one is by someone who seeked help from her partner but being literally ignored:
dateTue, Aug 5, 2008 at 2:27 PM
subjectProcedures to quit Lamp Berger

Dear Sir,
I really really need ur help...i wanna know the procedures to stop and refund my stocks....i've invested almost 12k to joined this stupid business..can i get my money back (the whole 12 k) as all my stocks are still in a good condition....i didnt use and give them to other people....failed to get any partner...i've tried to ask my friend (the one who introduced me this business) but he get pissed off....he said "buat rugi list die jer if i quit"......what the F**K***... so plz sir....really really need ur help....really really hope u can reply A.S.A.P....
Then, this person wrote in to ask how to write a resignation letter:
dateMon, Jul 7, 2008 at 9:45 PM

hye lampebergerhelp.

i don know wut to call u coz i don know ur exact name.

i jus wanna to ask how can i write the letter of resignation from LB biz?

can u give the example.

Then, these person is seeking information on refund:
dateSun, Jun 15, 2008 at 8:03 PM

how can i proceed for the refund of the and is there any condition for me to do so?
i cant find any of these information from the blog.
Whoa! So many old emails published. But they are all read and replied.. :D

Have a great week ahead !!!