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Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Stories - Coming Soon

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Anonymous said...

let us all rally so the government can close down lampe is making ppl's life worse...we don't need such mlm here..

Lampe Berger Help said...

Well, I can say our hope from the government is a near to ZERO.
Why? Because, well, tax earnings from MLM companies are HUGE!!
They don't want to lose them.

Anonymous said...

How can the government let these MLM companies get away with this? By doing so, the government is only thinking of money from them and not about the welfare of our people.

I don't want people to suffer because of this business plan set up by these MLM companies.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Govt. will always be govt.

for the people! said...

as the recent anonymous guy said, if the government isnt taking any action of the unethical people who is doing MLM, the people (especially who are hurt / deeply affected by the aftermath of MLM) should voice their opinions and let the government know how the people are affected by MLM. the government have to listen to the citizens and do something about it (or else why we choose the gov in the first place rite? =) )

im pretty sure the gov will take very strict actions against the companies like setting stricter rules and penalties for unethical methods in MLM. then less people will be hurt by it!

for the greater good of the people!

Lampe Berger Help said...

for the people,

That is why this blog is started.
We are here gathering proof and showing it to others that this MLM company does have un-ethical distributors and that has hurt many others. Not one not ten but more than 100. We believe we will take down all the un-ethical distributors.

for the people! said...

to lampe berger help,

fyi, i was almost dragged by a friend of mine into joining this MLM business recently, to be more specific SYN company. almost got "brainwashed" in the process!

good thing i went to ur site and read the posts by people who are affected by it. to be frank, great work setting up this site in the first place. Kudos!

shannie said...

i think the government should not be blamed for this... coz in every business there is bound to be pple that are unscruplous... cant expect the government to arrest everyone rite? no matter which country it is...

all we can hope for is that DCHL will actually come up with some rules and regulations that will punish such irresponsible acts.

i still say the same thing... company plan is quite good jus some of the pple are bad...

Lampe Berger Help said...

for the people!,

Thanks. I feel that, I should do something when I started to find out that not only me has this re-fund case. Alot more of my friend's friend or relatives.

I can be reach at for further communication.

Yeah.. like i said. Govt. will still be govenment and true it is people that are spoiling this great business. Oh well..