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Monday, September 28, 2009

DCHL/SYN/LB; No Longer My Battle...

Dear Friends,

It has been ages since last made my presence here.
I started this blog to advice people on the "unethical" way of doing business that DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger here in Malaysia.

I've stated that my views are my own personal belief and I am just giving forewarned message to not to fall into the trap of investing a huge amount of money totaling up to RM 30,000.00. What's worst is that you are asked to take up loans to invest in a business that you wouldn't have a surety of 50% or more you would gain back your investment. Unlike property where you can gauge your return of investment with a tenant to rent your unit.

I've got lots of emails asking for help and I have yet to reply any of them since the last half a year (from August 2009). I will do so later by end of September.

My friends, this will be a closure for this blog. I will cease blogging, though I still have lots of stories and news for you. I'm not giving up this battle but merely not continuing this battle as I guess I've done my part. This blog has garnered more than 100 visitors daily from all over the region and the world. Constantly, this is a good number of outreach on a daily basis.

I will keep this blog as it is and there will be no more point of contact to me via email as I WILL NOT check it after 30th September.

Before I end this post just for your info, Steven Yeam Network's leader Steven Yeam has founded another organization. I can't recall what it is called but oh well, seems like maybe he has gone bored of Steven Yeam Network eh?

I wish all of you best of luck in your journey in life and God's blessing is with you, those who has invested and now has to payback your own mistakes. I had to endure the same payback miseries but what to do? We are all greedy human beings.

Best Regards,