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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Another mail from a reader on 18th January 0421AM.

This reader sent me the mail about DCHL in Kuching. Yes, they are all over the
map in Malaysia. I bet they would use the word "poor" to make these people who is
indeed not so rich to gain riches by "investing" in DCHL.

Read on, it is going to be a very long e-mail.
Dear Sir,

I wish to tell you my story of DCHL Kuching Sarawak. I almost got cheated by these people (who called them self Marquis Faizal) and all of his underlings for giving me false information regarding their company.

DCHL was introduced by my long time schoolmate. She informed me that I can make money without breaking a sweat by helping people.

My friend asked me to go have dinner with DCHL members to see how their life have change.

So, I followed my friends to have dinner with DCHL members. All seems happy with their life. Their introduce me to other people. Then I started talking with the DCHL members.

They told me that they earn twice the income they earn each month compare working with a company.

Then I asked them couple of questions.

1. Do I have to sell products?
They said we do investment. Not selling products. I become more interested with the investment plan.

2. Do I have to recruit people in order for me to make money?
They said, we dont find people. We help people who really needs it.

3. How much money do I need to invest? They said RM2,500.00.

4. Do I get my investment back? They said yes, you do get your investment back.

5. If my uncle want to join and put RM 2,500.00 and doesnt want to find people. Will he still receive money? They DCHL members said, he will get RM200 per month.

I was so happy and I wanted to join so I can help myself and my friends who needs it.

Then one of my friend told me to becareful and advice me to call KL branch.

When I called KL branch about it and ask them about the investment. They told me there is no such thing. I was suprise by it that it is not an investment company. I was quite shock.

Then I told them why I was informed that it is an investment at the first place. They told me that DCHL is involved in direct selling and members earn from the commission on the product that they have sold.

I asked them, what about the RM 2,500.00?!?!?

The DCHL KL hotline said, the RM 2,500 include registration fee and the product number from 1 - 6, which cost more than RM 2,000.00.

I was quite furious with the false information that DCHL Kuching members has given me.

I decided to go to main office to investigate more. I was educated by one of the qualified members about the investment.

I took couple of minutes to explain everything. Things started to go from bad to worst when it comes to registration fee. He asked me to join as soon as possible. I said I can get my money at the end of the month. The members convience me to borrow money from friends and told me not to told them about the business?!?!?

Then later he told me that I can make more money by becoming a count as soon as possible in order not be taken over by people who is under me and I will not lose my profit. He told me that being a count is better than being a baron. He told me that I have to invest RM 40,000.00 as soon as possible.

Then, I asked him again who sold the product? He told me that DCHL dont do direct selling but investment. He also told me that DCHL Kuching has their own marketing plan and doesnt follow KL marketing plan. DCHL Kuching is independant and doesnt rely on KL. This was told to me by many marquises in Kuching (Lady own a skyline and a guy (Faizal) who own a celica).

Later I found out that there is alot of victims (most of them students) occur in UNIMAS (University of Sarawak).

A housemate of mine told me his friend (Marquis) run away from Kuching and stay in KL due to people looking for him leaving his parents behind to settle his problems.

Please help me to put stop into this. One of my friend has spent RM40,000+ using her parents money, which come from their saving retirement money. She tought it is an investment. I tried to tell her about it but refuse to believe me.

I realise that DCHL members relies on registration money and also RM 40,000 investment on becoming a count status.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brother-In-Law a Hardcore Believer of DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN

Early of the year, I've already received e-mail from people in distress pertaining to
DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN. Up to date in January, I've received FIVE e-mails, each
with their own side of story to tell. Whether it is true, it is up to you all to just.

I hope all these e-mails would serve as an alternative point of view towards this so
called "investment" business. Many in the comments as "anonymous" condemns my
blog here for defamation and also how much I am tarnishing their business' name.
Well.. my anonymous friends out there who condemns my work here. Please have
an open mind when you read this blog. I don't totally say this business doesn't work.
I am just outreaching to the people out there to know how unethical a few many of
DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN distributor could be just to lure anyone into the business
to be rich which I think it is just SELFISH.
Don't give me the bullshit of "helping others to be successful"!
Companies out there, thousands of them are also helping others to be successful..!

Here is an e-mail this lady sent to me on 3rd Jan08 at 1104 and it reads as follow:

Hi there,

My brother-in-law is currently so into this SYN/LB thingy. He made his wife
quit work to concentrate on this business (well, it's kinda ok coz the wife
is earning less than (rm2K, so at least she's not giving up a 'career'). I
do think it all works well for people who sacrifices like crazy in order to
get the-promised-$$$.

However, what I see is that the so-called business is marred by a lot of
deceptions. And I echo your comments on this SYN/LB is not a business. It
is a recruitment agency more-like-it. I noticed that when people join this
network, they all speak the same, act the same. For instance:
My brother-in-law was willing to get a personal loan of RM17K for a
Honda Odyssey downpayment. He came to us to borrow that amount of
money and when we asked 3 reasons why he needs a Honda Odyssey vs
Naza Ria for his growing family, the following are the reasons he gave us:
We need to buy this super luxury car in order to lure prospects to
believe that they can achieve their dreams in a matter of 3 months (I
think if your dream is just big and fast cars, you're truly pathetic)
We need this car to show-off our 'success'
We need this car because we're gonna have our 4th kid
I think out of all the 3 reasons, only the final reason is valid
eventhough you can achieve it by getting a much cheaper MPV.....I don't
They say in order to make money, you've got to invest first.....but
RM30+K? He actually downed all of his hard-earned money in total belief
that he could retire when he's 40 (he's currently 35). They never tried
to convince us to join (we're professionals and proud of it: I'm a
software engineer and my hubby a doctor) and we totally believe that we
can achieve financial freedom by 45, not super rich......but financially
free. I think these are the people who get lured into this trap by greed
(on their part) and promises and hope (on SYN/LB part)
My brother-in-law's wife gave birth and her upline came to her house to
visit. At the end of the visit, she asked her when she's able to start
again.....for Pete's sake, she has just given birth! All they live by is
their business and nothing else. Is this called financially free?
They started boasting like they have all the money in the world. But
when I suggested that we could do 'aqiqah' (an Islamic practice) for my
daughter (I just got my newborn as well) and their son together. They
said, wait. They've got other things to do. It's just so strange....if
they have all the money in the world, the cost for aqiqah and kenduri
shouldn't be much of a problem, right?

I don't think all MLM is a scam, but this looks like one. The reason I am
saying that it is a scam is because they swear by the products but don't
even sell their products. The 'business' evolves around 'selling' dreams.
For the sake of my brother-in-law and his growing family, I would pray
that the economy booms at least of the next few years, because all it needs
is for ONE economy crisis and there goes their business......coz who is
willing to scrape the barrel to invest in lampu burger?

I wish all those who believe in this dream luck....coz that's all they need
to sustain themselves in the la-la land (land of glory?....NOT!)

What a great year to start huh?
Come on people.. give your two cents to this lady..

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Dear readers and friends,

Would like to wish all of you Happy New Year 2008.

Let's see what holds for year 2008 for DCHL/ Lampe Berger and the whole of Steven Yeam

We from Lampe Berger Help would like to see how many we can actually save from this
"scam" that many people whom themselves also admitted with their claim on this business.


So, again.. Happy New Year 2008 and let's just begin our great year without this business.. ;)