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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Comments from Network Marketer

A reader, who is also a network marketer (prob. from LB) left
a comment.. A very LONG comment..
And I decided to reply his/her comment... (in bold)

Network Marketer said...

If anyone of you really got cheated, please kindly report to DCHL itself which is located in KL's HLA building, as we will terminate his/her membership (which means blacklist the person). We already know certain people are misusing the concept which ends up like a scam, and these actions has already gone against our policy of professional business. So, please please please kindly write letter or whatever to complain to the company specifying the names of your uplines, instead of complaining in a blog. The company or should I say the business, is not lying or cheating anyone, the people are.

NM, this blog's sole purpose is to let people know about the scams of Lampe Berger. Furthermore, i've already have some guideline on how to write in to the company and also requesting for refund > HERE and >HERE I guess, I've done my part greatly.

And for those people who fail, ask yourself, have you put the effort to actually learn how the things work 1st before starting to find people? Did you go to office often to meet people and ask around how they do the business? Did you do your planning 1st before moving? Did you manage your time properly? Did you attend the seminars? Did you fail or did you GIVE UP? Ask yourself and answer honestly 1st before pointing at the business and say people can't make it. And remember the saying because of 1 tree(the uplines or whatever) the whole forest gets the flame.

You already gave the answer to it. "And remember the saying because of 1 tree(the uplines or whatever) the whole forest gets the flame." Why continue when there is THIS problem going on?

And for the retailing part, why not try looking in a business point of view. If they retail in Asian countries, do you think they will have a good sales? This network marketing concept is created for Asian countries(which are obviously has lesser rich people) to make people earn money and buy their products. And guess what, the 11 asian countries which runs this concept contributes 90% of the sales for DCHL. And more western countries are starting to switch their methods to Network Marketing and it get more sales profit.

I agree in looking in a business point of view. But why sell something that not many average Malaysian can afford it and furthermore, that many people knows that this company selling THIS product is more like a scam.?
Western countries switching to MLM? It is a matter of time. But I won't be seeing that to happen real soon in 10 years..

And come to the Hong Kong part, if Lampe Berger is proven lies, why is everybody still accepting it? Simple answer, because people are close minded enough not to accept new concept of business, like how people are against insurance 20 years back. By the way, DCHL is going up the Hong Kong stock market soon. Do you think DCHL can actually LIE to the government? They have headquaters in 11 countries(Asia) man. Including Japan, Taiwan, HK, etc.

Have you heard of the word "Corruptions"? I guess, every country's govt. face this "problem". And a LIE can be covered by it...
There can only be one headquarters my friend. I also can set-up like them and run the same way of business like them.What's the big deal? Only thing is that I don't scam people, I don't look down on people

Lampe Berger is proven to be harmful to women? Well, get this, Lampe Berger offer 10 MILLION euros gurantees to the product, and after 109 years of existence, NO ONE has claimed that money till today. AND, hospitals in France (LB is a France brand for your information) uses LB as bacteria filter.

Prove your product. Show it. I myself can't confirm on that. But if you can prove it is harmless. Case Close. :)

Lampe Berger does not lie as its a BRAND of a PRODUCT, and its ONE of the PRODUCT which DCHL is distributing.

Why not everyone go to DCHL headquaters to fully understand how to see Network Marketing in the BUSINESS point of view instead of closing your minds, not accepting it and starts talking like you know everything?

I know everything because, I've seen it with my own eyes. I've gone where most people haven't gone to and I've known more than enough to call this whole thing "money sucking company" and " human scamming company"

Do you know that you actually have to study Network Marketing in colleges to do the business in Japan? Do you know that the 9th Malaysian Plan actually includes Network Marketing to boost the economy? And DCHL is actually the No. 1 in the list? No? Well, people, start UNDERSTAND things before crapping like you know everything.

Haven't you even heard that people in Japan runs their MLM business with ethics?

And finally, thank you, for having the patience and being a little open minded to read this whole 'essay' of mine. I appreciate it.

That's my comments.. Readers your turn.