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Sunday, May 28, 2006

News in Sin Chew Daily JB Edition

Days ago, there was one new here at Sin Chew Daily
that talks about a mother's worry on her son asking for RM 30,000
to invest in a MLM Company.. (Guess which MLM Co.)

>>>>> HERE <<<<< (in Chinese)

Then there is a latest update on the same similar MLM Company
It is talking about that MLM Company luring graduates and students
as young as 19 years old, to join their company with promises of getting
rich faster than working and enjoying a luxurious life...
And that company needs an initial investment of RM 2345 and a further
RM 30,000 and more than RM50,000 for higher level.
So... which company needs this big amount of investment again?

>>>>> HERE <<<<< (in Chinese)

I'm sorry that I couldn't translate the chinese wordings..
But.. if you need to read the translated first new..
Please visit Anti Lampe Berger's Post.

The news is from the Region of Johor Bharu, southern Peninsular of
Malaysia.. I'm just waiting for a news piece from the Klang Valley
papers.. but oh well.. they are all controlled by politicians and what not..

It is another new beginning...

Friday, May 26, 2006

REFUND Matters again and again!!

For the past weeks, Dexter of StopMLMScams has been getting e-mails
from readers to his website pertaining to re-fund matters and investment
which can't be refunded due to certain matters.

It troubles me when I read them, and I wish to bring this out to the
public's notice and please share it with your friends.
They have no-where to go. Even if they go to the company and their
uplines, you think they will offer their utmost assistance?
NO is the answer.

These e-mail has nothing to hide and it is their individual upline's fault
for not being informative.


Hi Dexter,

I need your opinion. i will explain it as simple as possible. My gf invested
30k in LB in the pretext that there is 90% refundable within 6 months if
she decides to quit. Within the 6months, she did decide to quit and she told
her upline A and B They told her she cant have the refund coz most
of her products are promotional products something like above 1k products.
Therefore she just left with the impression that she cant get her money
back anymore, i didnt know any of these because i told her not to get me
invovled but now i only found out from her and 6 months has alreayd
passed but shes still having her stupid products. Any advise besides having
to go all those you've mentioned abt running up their office and create
a scene? thanks.



Dear Dexter,

First of all, I would like to apologize if I get your name wrong, i saw it at the
stopmlmscams blog and the entries are posted up by you. Anyway, to the blog
owner, thanks for setting up the blog to create awareness to the public or at
least show the 'true colors' of the 'get rich fast' MLM scheme by DCHL. =)
Btw, i came across your entry of the ways to get your refund back on your
blog and your suggestions are to contact the 'top' person of the co and make
a big scene in the office. But, how am I suppose to know who is the 'top'
person in the group? I thought of going straight to the counters and ask is
there any person in charge for me to see in order for me to get my refund
but i predicted that I will get some silly and stupid excuses from the counters,
with the intention of 'shoo-ing' me away only. Oh ya, for your information,
I am just a franchise. I've spent merely RM2500 and nothing more.
However, I regretted. After I pay the amount of money, i get my stocks only
2-3months later. However, it's my fault too as I did not push my upline for it
as he is my 'good' friend during my uni years and I do not need the products,
so it's fine that I dont get it. I have even told my upline b4 i get my stocks
that, can I don't want the products and get whatever refund that the products
is worth for? doesnt matter even it's RM2000 or RM1800, it's still alright
with me. But sad to say, the answer i get from my upline is that..
Hey!! how come you did not ENLIGHTEN me about that fact at the point
when I join? So he started to be very actively contacting me for delivering
the products. Fine with that. So,obviously, after getting the products, i find
that they are of NO USE to me at all!! They are just normal beauty products
that I already have a series of other brands. So, in the end, I still have all of
them in the bag, left UNTOUCHED until today. That's the reason why I
wanted a refund of my money as I get frustrated everytime I see my
RM2000+ lying there in the corner. It has been 5 months since I joined
DCHL/ SYN, can you please please please tell me a way
(besides contacting the 'BIG' fella) to get my money back??
Do you think it'll work if i go straight to the counter? even it's 50%, I don't
mind, everything is in BRAND NEW condition with plastics on it as well.

Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your advice and assistance.

Have a nice day!

p/s: None of my family members nor friends knew that I joined DCHL except
for my upline, that's why it's a bit hard for me to get one or two friends to
accompany me to create a big scene. =|

Regards and anticipating a reply,
da Karen who needed help

Wants to Re-Fund

SS sent me an e-mail, asking me about the re-fund procedure when he
has 2 or 3 Franchisee under him. He has been in the business for about
4 months now and is deciding to quit.

Read his mail.

Hi. i'm SS... i'm count in LB business for 4
months.. n now i dun to continue this business.. i
want ask about the procedure about 90% refund? if i
oredy got 2 or 3 franchisee direct line and if my
upline oredy become a marquis.. is it still possible
if i get my 90% refund?? only some my item are
non-refundable products.. i want my refundable
products back to them and i get my refund.. pls do
reply a.s.a.p.. i'd like to thank you if u can help
me.. ^^

SS, you can re-fund but your re-fund must minus all the profits that
you gained from pushing your stocks to your franchisee.

So, so meaning to say that you have RM 27,000 of refund left
from that RM 30,000 you will have back RM 19,965 left.
Raw calculation and not acurate.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Neutral Comment by Distributor

Receiveed e-mail from a current distributor on a Count level.
Out of curiousity.. how successful are you in there, Jacky?

Did u borrow as well to buy that level of Count?
Been a while in DCHL/Lampe Berger I guess.. How long?
Hi All,
I do believe that some distributors uses a lot of tactics to
push people into MLMs,however LampeBerger has the most heat on it
because of the high amount of money involved...2k plus-30k plus. In
any case, alot of people do not understand enough or being misled by
certain uplines who are concerned with their own wealth than to
actually do this like a legal business.Stories such as people being
asked to apply for several credit cards(well legalized loan sharks)to
swipe for a 30k count position abound.These uplines used to be in the
credit cards business(the ones in supermarkets and shopping centres
pushing a credit card into ur face) or have people in their
organisations who used to be card-pushers(lol new term?). So, getting
rich is important,in some ways(money can't buy you love,baby,...or
maybe not real love....just can buy you some honey..if u know wad i
mean..) but getting rich by neglecting moral values is the lowest way
to get there. I admit I am a distributor,a Count, but I really despise
these distributors who push people beyond their means to get into a
Count position. If you are with the right mindset and attitude,it will
bring you there. Some people can't afford a Count but borrow to become
one won't last, unless they are really determined and 100% sure they
will succeed. The thing is, no one can guarantee it. If you want to do
it, start everything else since we were born...learn to
walk before you run. Even if it takes you 5-8 years to achieve
is more honorable than to steal your way in.

-Jackie Liew

Lampe Berger Truth?

Huh? another blogger.

this time, he said he knows alot and have known how they started
from the beginning..

Wow, impressive!!

I will wait for his/her new post after this..

Constant e-mail with that blogger shows that he/she knows alot.
and he/she is really strict on his/her identity!!

oh well..

I'm off for now.. I will share more later on

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Robbers of MLM

Free Image Hosting at

this will be how i describe the MLMers

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Site Traffic Sudden Increase

Site Traffic Increase of a sudden...
Thanks to Low Yat.Net

Hmmm.... spread the word more!!
Thanks to my loyal readers.. hope you have a link to me from your site...

Saved by the Blog

Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 17:12:10 +0100 (BST)
From: Rohaizan
Subject: This blog saved me!

Hi all,

I was so about to join this scheme after I was invited by a friend to this SYN "Stephen Yeam Network" gathering somewhere in Penang. They explained to me about this "skim cepat kaya" plan. Honestly speaking, I believe that this plan will work, but with a catch, sacrificing a few friends/families relationship, if you know what I mean. They say I can earn 5 digit income per month if I join. I believe them because of their SUPER SPORT CARS!

When I went back home after the meeting, I couldn't sleep thinking of how can they be so rich. That was where my greed started to kick in, and started to dream about getting my own NISSAN SKYLINE V-SPEC R34. LOL!

But luckily, my instinct tells me to do some research about this network before joining. I searched the internet and finally got to this blog and saved me. :)

I pity my friend who invited me to go to the meeting because he has already join the network. I will try to save him if I can.

Finally, from now on, I will stick to my grandfather's saying "MAI TAN SIM !


So uerhhh... we are live savers now huh? :P

Good to know that SatriaTurbo..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cheated by Good Friend and No-Refund YET!!!

So how do you define a person as good friend?
A person who comes to your aid whenever you need them?
A person who will borrow you money when you need it?
A person who calls you out every night for "yum cha"?
A person who introduce you a business and later on tells you he
saved you from a misery of a sad sad life of no money?

Now, introducing a business... did he/she saved you or screwed you?

This piece of e-mail was received by Mr. C and he recently joined
since Feb 2006. Now, his case is VERY SIMILAR with mine...

I was introduced to this MLM company, DCHL selling
Lampe Berger & Estebel products in Feb 2006. I was
invited to its office by my friend of 10years(Phoon).
After listening to their explainations(they reminded
me not to ask other ppl's opinion), i was then invited
for their talk called NDO in PWTC and it cost me RM100
for that session.

Even after the talk, i wasn't so convinced of joining.
However, Phoon kept calling me and even came over to
my house to find me. Before i joined, i asked him
whether the money for a franchisee (RM2350) can be
refunded because i heard from a friend of mine that
it's not refundable. He did asked me to becareful.

However, Phoon assured me that it's refundable and
asked me not to ask other ppl's advices as they don't
know about the business. Sadly, i listened and joined
as franchisee and bought RM2350 of products.
They then asked me to attend talks held in HLA
Building for two weeks. One of the talks even brain
washed us to put in RM30k as investment. Besides that,
one of the talk conducted by Marquis Marcus(a lawyer)
kept saying that by investing RM30k,you'll only lose
RM3k in 6months if u decided to refund. He however
didn't tell all the clauses, he only mentioned that
signature lamps and products worth more than RM1250
can't be refunded.

Without me realizing, i was then approached by a few
uplines who then kept brainwashing me to buy RM30k of
Lampe Berger and Estebel products. They kept telling
me the benefits of becoming a count by investing
RM30k. I told them i don't have so much money and i
wanted to see first whether i can make it. They are so
good and skillful at talking that i'm tricked to
believe that it'll be easy to make money and succeed
in this business by listening to them. They even
helped me to check around for personal loans and
suggested also swiping credit cards. And again, i
succumbed to their persistance and i ended up swiping
my credit cards. They taught me to use my god bro's
name as my downline to buy the products so that i'll
have a count under me.

When i was about to make my purchase, they asked me to
take a signature lamp. However, luckily i didn't take
one as none of the signature lamps which i like is
After a few days, i then realized something is not
right after i sat down quietly in my room to think
over. That few days i didn't go to the office and i
decided i want to refund. However, again i was set up
to meet all my uplines and also Duke Zacc. I was again
persuaded to continue.
After a month, i again felt the company's style of
business is not right and doesn't suit me and there's
something amiss with what the people in DCHL said.
This time i went out to check and i was shocked when i
heard that there are so many anti Lampe Berger
setiments out there. I went to the Chinese Embassy to
check what the speakers said is true or not. The
speakers kept saying that China is a big market and
DCHL already has its presence in China. However, i was
only told by the Chinese Embassy it's not true and
there is no such name called DCHL in China. So i
decided that i won't change my mind and i'm quitting
DCHL for good. Rm3k is a big lesson to be bought but i
want to quit it for good.

My nightmare started when i was told that my
franchisee goods (RM2350) can't be refunded. Besides
that, there are many promotional items and also some
of the lamps i bought are no longer in their sales
list. All these also can't be refunded. All these cost
me about RM11k and i was very furious with my so
called good fren, Phoon. I was given the wrong info
all the time. Had i bought the signature lamp, my
condition would be worse. I believe all those people
in DCHL wanted their downlines to have no option to
refund but being forced to continue.
Currently i don't know what to do and how to reclaim
my money. I'm totally lost. Is there any channel which
can help me get those goods refund as all the stocks
are well kept and not opened. Please help me!!

I'm gonna try my best to assist you and help will be my service.
Please do read dexter's post on getting re-fund HERE.
His post can effectively help you get your re-fund back,
but you may or may not need to use that method, as there are many
other methods to be used.

I'm sure, some... and I mean some will say that this post is a made up
story... because of the similarity on most of my post...
There is a similarity for one reason... IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!!
The case is FOR REAL!!..

*sigh* another case of RM 30,000 gone!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Brutal Tactic = PUSHHhh...!!!

Reader J sent in her problem faced for her close one who is into the business.
The outcome doesn't come out right, and last, ended the relationship of
a loving couple.

I remembered I had an ex- boyfriend who is 'working' for Lampe Berger. I did not know he is in this line until we are together. At first I thougt it is alright for him to be in it, jus hoping he wont asked to me to listen those 'rubbish'.

So it does happen later.

For all the time we spend together, is at that office nearby HLA building(next to Wisma Genting) which own by SS. He(SS) says : " 500 dollars worth of shoes only makes my foot painful" , "Shopping in Sungei Wang is so degrading". (So, shopping in Sungei Wang VERY LOW class or NO class lah?), Then he will show off his buys at Louis Vutton and telling us how much he spend on all his stuff, making everyone envy with their eyes and mouth open. He will also tell us those side- line of his driving what cars, how much they are earning, blah, blah ,blah.

The other thing is that he (my ex) brings me around and 'get-to-know' more people . These people who are perpetually brain-washed already, telling me why they join, why they dont study, why they quit their high-paid jobs, why and lots of why.....

In my mind is that since you can make so MUCH money,telling young people not to study also can make so much money, then what are the schools are for? To beautified malaysia? If you were to say this is easy money, how come they are so many members who has yet to be a duke?

My ex-boyfriend at first, spend his money on me(for only short period of time), I thought he is very well -off. Well, in the harsh fact, he is not. He is been in this line for about a year, his family still staying in 1 room flat. He wasnt being able to support himself financially. He could not pay off his car loan, his car insurance, his phone bill and his daily expenses soon become my burden. I have to pay for the food that we ate. Pay for his phone bill and buy things for him. I was so stressful at that point of time. He even asks my mum to fork out 30 k. (go to hell!) Luckily, i did not bother about telling my mother. (partly because i am scare to ask for money..heehee).

I did follow him around. I want to see how he operates his group members. He use 'PUSHING' method. He keeps asking them to go for courses. Some members ganna scolded for not being able to find new members or someone new for appointment.Making all sorts of sacrastic remarks. Some friends of his even got scolded for not being 'smart' enough by not joining SYN group. (ridiculous)

And another way, he knows more people through that E-POP magazine. He advertise himself saying that he want to know more friends. So some too-much-money-to-waste people will just sms him and saying wanting to know him. They will chat for a little. Then he will come to his main intention. He will ask them whether they want to earn big bucks or not? Some suspect. Some trusted him, and willingly to meet him up regardless he's a stranger to them. (we can see that money has a very strong temptation to human beings). They meet at certain place and follow him to that 'office'. Soon, they will tell them to fork up RM2345 to join them. Ask them to borrow from family la, from friends la.... then their appetiate gets bigger... they will say you will earn more if you start from COUNT. shit. This time, you have to give more than 30 thousand near to 40 K! Where the hell are you gonna to borrow this big sum from? Then, those who are count already, will tell you the experience on how they get the money. They says they begged, cried and all the shit SAYING it worth it beacause of your future and your family.They also says that DCHL is a big organisation, wont run away one! You can use that particular member card to go all over the world to do your business. They will exaggerate till you 'WOW' but your pocket still empty.

They even comment that BEL AIR is the imitation of Lampe Berger. Saying their parts of that lamp thing is highly not usable.

I did not join in the end. He gave me all those sacrastic comments. Saying I wont be successful cos i am not one of their members. I cannot earn so much money in my life. (So did you?)

Everyone has their ups and downs. Isnt it safer to have steady income of your own? Rather than this month i earn, next month i dont?

Luckily i was not in. Not interested right at the begining. Thanks for the best friend of mine who help me to break him off. He is such a pest. A pest from DCHL. Money faced. All i remembered was he tried to get money out of my parents which i dislike the most.

MLM is appealing. But only lazy people who wants fast-cash (which they hardly earns any if they cant find anyone to join them!)

[the relationship only last for 1 plus month]

Distributors of DCHL/Lampe Berger are taugh to hard sell.
Yes, in every business, you hard sell, but this kinda way of hard selling by
the distributors are somewhat not fond by the public in general.
Like what J said, they will give you all the talks and exaggerate till you
will be soften in hear and thus joining them as comrades.

I would rather sum it as the PUSH PUSH PUSH method aka PUSHx3

Off I go now..

Friday, May 12, 2006


An anonymous commented here, here, here and here

Wow big news!!

Someone tried to ask for RM100K each from steven yeam and DCHL through a middle party or else they will use 2 blogs to bring down their business. Steven Yeam and company ignored them and they reduce to 50K now.
If they pay, one of the blog owner will admit that he has misunderstood the business and apologise. The other one will announce that he has happily got his refund and case closed.
I immediately think of this blog.
What a trick.
Look like they will not get it.
Using website threats to make money are common in overseas but in Malaysia, maybe 1st time.

Well, certainly one of the blog is not mine. I don't ask money just like that!
That is what the "tai-ee-long"(loan sharks) does.. not me nor any of my
other blogger comrades in arm - anti lampe berger & lampe-blogger

But, whoever does that act to solicate money from Steven Yeam must
have the real guts to go against him just like that..!! I mean.. maybe
he/she does have their own agenda.. but without arming yourself
but with these two blogs is not enough..

We need more awareness and.. I'm sure more will be done..

*sighs in dis-beliefs*

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Can't Get Enough of DCHL/Lampe Berger

Everywhere I go, every corner of the Klang Valley..
Anyone and practically everyone I've met or known, knows Lampe Berger.
I just can't get enough of Lampe Berger everywhere I go..

I've stop doing this "business" and those who knew I went into it will sure
give me a funny look, when I told them I'm not into it anymore..

They will further probe me "Why? Cannot do meh? summore say can do!!"
and more "Cannot find people to con is it?" more.. "how much la you lost?"

A friend called me earlier yesterday and we talked. She told me that she is
so pissed that she was con to go for the "Business Preview" at Pyramid by
Steven Yeam. Funny how she told me how she was con-ed!

Then, a follow up with a fren yesterday also. He told me, his friend no
longer in the business of DCHL/Lampe Berger.. Reason? Because her
upline is so desperate of her investing RM 30,000 and later she found
out that the team needs her to push one guy up to Marquis.

Back then, I also face the same thing. We are instilled that we must help
each other to succeed in the business. Yes, how?

Scenario = Count challenging to be Marquis.
He needs 2 more Count and a sales volume of RM 468,750 in 3 months in
order to succeed to be promoted to Marquis. So all he need is to push and
push his team to recruit more or sell more to reach the sales target.
**Remember, sales volume do comes from the RM 30K investment**
So, on average.. in order for you to reach the rank of Marquis.. all you
need is 15 Counts. RM 30,000 x 16 = RM 480,000
By other means which is to sell the Lampe Berger products, one would
need to sell 780 lamps or 980 essential oils in order to hit the sales target.
Given which each lamp and oil costing about RM 600 and RM 480 each.
RM 600 x 780 = RM 468K / RM 480 x 980 = RM 470K
*Calculation is just roughly. It is not accurate*

Now you see why they would opt to recruit more than selling?

Yesterday, while drinking, this guy, a brother of my friend started talking
about stuffs on Lampe Berger after he knew that I was into that business
and now stopped. He went on and on saying..

"Lampe Berger can do wan, is see how you do it only.."
"You got heart to earn more money and determination sure can wan lor"
"You must follow how they are earning the money... system ma..."

Bla bla bla bla bla and bla... arghh I can't stand him and I made him
drunk for the night.. swaying left to right when walking to the car.!! haha

I am not totally against DCHL/Lampe Berger. It is just that, I can't and
would not follow how they educate people to loan money just to get into
the business and also how they teach you to persuade others to come
out and even persuade parents and tactics to go about in getting the
money to join.

It is just not me.. not me...

On a separate note..
I've received a mail from a guy..Ahmad Za'im,

The subject of the mail reads

"You Sound Genuinely Interested in Helping People"

I read your blog and feels that you are genuine in wanting to help people. I'm not patronising. Now, if you feel that you want to help some more, attend a Smart Money Workshop which is held next Monday night at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam from 8 - 10:30.

Do let me know if you're coming because I have to reserve a seat for you. BTW, there is a cover charge of RM10
Seems interesting to me, but I just don't see a link with the workshop and
me with this blog helping others.?? haha...