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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Voila! Reply from France!!

Hehe.. for the amount of time to wait..just to show you all this

It is a reply from the e-mail that we sent out on 21st March 2006.

Dear Sir,

We read with a lot of attention your e-mail and we confirm
exclusive distributor especially in Malaysia. We are very
sorry about this trouble and we inform you that we are
going to send your claim directly to the
President of DCHL ; Mr Kim Huynh, in order to avoid
any failure in the sales system.

Many thanks for the kind interest you have in our brand.

Yours faithfully,

Export dpt

Now, it is going direct to President of DCHL. Wow...
Well, it is going where we expected it to go. TOP MANAGEMENT!...
It is time someone go about and do something about it...

Let us just hope that, something would be done about it..

But, we replied to the e-mail with these,
Dear Sir,

I would like to first express my gratitude of thanks, for the prompt reply.

I've already seen this matter with my up line and already made my same
statement to the company, in which they are looking into the matter now.

But I would like to stress that, in Malaysia, there are many troubled
matters in which parents are worried over their children who asked for
a lump-sum of money to "invest" in this business.

It is with constant persuasion from certain up line towards their down
line that made new distributors jump on the gun to invest a hefty amount
of RM 30,000.

Some of which these monies are borrowed from friends and family.
Then matters of re-fund arises, and thus new distributors are stuck
with their "investment".

My honor to you Mr. Kim, that you would express my this little thought
towards Mr. Steven Yeam, the leader of SYN that distributors should be
taught that there must be a calculated risk in investing such an amount of
money. Not just simply putting in, because of wanting to earn more.
This is what most of the distributors fails to learn.

DCHL as well as Lampe Berger would be better off without un-ethical

Thanks and Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

can't wait

Ken said...

What news from france?

crazysocket said...

i'm curious

Lampe Berger Help said...

Chill people,

I need time to relax.. and post nicely..

hehe.. Do not be so "kan cheong"..

Anonymous said...

been waiting for whole day since morning. Must be very good..


Steven Yip said...

Hi lampe berger help,

I respect your efforts, but from what I see, the system is set up by DCHL.

They know this. I really doubt they will entertain your letter. But if yes, that's good.


Ken said...

That's it?

hahahahah said...

steven yeam and kim huynh are good frens. what action you expect them to take?

Anonymous said...

I wish all those college kids will realize they should quit & do some real business first.

it's ok though for working people to do it.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Ken: Yes.. that's it..

hahahahah: Well, U tell me?

anonymous: Some people have diff dreams.. they want to spoil their insecure future by throwing so much they cannot afford but from mere borrowing.. let them be..
I do hope they will learn tho..

boney said...

hopefully DCHL boss will look seriously into this matter, but will he? since there are so many ppl struggling hard to fill money into his pocket. Arch dukes and dukes are safe, what about others in other positions? Juz afraid that once this thing collapse, there will be a lot of ppl dare not face their friends and relatives anymore. Amen.

cikopek said...

do you really believe they will take action??

i don't think they will. they are making tonnes of $$$$$. any action that they took, might cos them to make less $$$$.

besides, if they are not doing well, how do you think they manage to get the perpetual contract from LB France??

Lampe Berger Help said...

It takes alot of courage for one who has once fallen to stand up again...

And wether, DCHL will look into this matter or not, I don't know, and won't speculate.

it is up to them to clean their name..

adrian oh said...

Guys, don't be naive, you think the TOP doesn't know about this? They are the mastermind, and can "eat u up" alive in your face!

Dont' throw high hope, education blog is what we should focus on, because this thing won't "die off" just like that, it wil re-emerge, a cyclical one, Just like we have seen so many nigeria scam (and even appear on newspaper from time to time) and still got ppl kena CON???

Please, spread your word, write some real, honest, solid post backed by FACTS so that it can be influential.

Anonymous said...

within 2 years LB has made billions... all ur comments here doesnt stop LB, or DCHL or RZ CORP from doing their biz... those who r in it succeed n those who outside commented on them juz saw them growing... hahahahaha... dun waste ur time anymore...

Anonymous said...

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