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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Visit to other's Blog...

Meng Hua once blog about LB with the title "lampe berger?bullshit!!~"
This blog was posted on Monday, September 26, 2005

He is saying about LB being a scam and his blog shown a clip of TVB saying
that Lampe Berger is harmful. I wouldn't say that LB Product is harmful, but
the products are one of its kind.

Furthermore, he was mentioning that
"friends... friends dun force their friends to do anything... friends are
suppose to help each other when in need... "

Please read his blog for more story and comments posted...

Kiawin's blog dated February 10, 2006 was on Lampe Berger.
The blog titled "Lampe Berger That I Know" is merely a research on
Lampe Berger and why people are so into it..

He has 3 other post titled
1) WYSINWYG - What You Smell is not What You Get.
2) TVB Exposed!
3) Purely Overpriced.

Osaya 2 Nite, another blogger has 2 different views on
Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) and Lampe Berger as well.

Osaya's blog titled "lampe berger::the scheme of things" is indeed a
very well written one.

He looks into why people got onto the MLM wagon and how Lampe Berger
is being run as a MLM company in Malaysia.

Mr "M" who owns the blog Procrastinator's Club-Meeting Postponed
made a post on MLM and LB titled "Kiyosaki, Lampe Berger and MLM"

This post is yet indeed another personal perspective view on MLM and LB
by the blogger and it is a very astute post as said in the comments.

Lampe Berger Help was also posted by the blogger on 27th February 2006



Lampe Berger or any other MLM... Hmmm...
One might want to think further and not be in the rush to be part of
these MLM..
There are many and they are growing...


Anonymous said...

I was invited by one of my friends to attend a LB preview and although I was really not keen, I went anyway.

Out of courtesy and curiosity, I even went to a one-to-one explanation of their biz plan. I don’t think that I need to explain their biz plan here as most of you guys already know the biz plan. I did not join but we remain friends.

My personal view is that the biz plan focuses too much on recruiting members and not the actual “selling” of LB Products.

This type of biz model is said to closely resemble a pyramid scheme.

Wikipedia defines pyramid scheme as:

“A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, usually without any product or service being delivered. Pyramid schemes have existed for at least a century. In addition, other methods of conducting business known as multi-level marketing (MLM) and as "matrix schemes" often closely resemble pyramid schemes (although unlike pyramid schemes, which are almost always frauds, MLM and matrix schemes are in many cases regarded — at least legally — as legitimate business methods).”

I must admit that the biz model of LB is by far one of the best that I have seen, strictly from a biz point of view. The “promised returns are very high but so is the required capital investment”

I have attended biz previews of Amway, Cosway, NuSkin, etc. The main difference is that the earlier MLM emphasised more on recruiting fellow members to join and to use the products.

Granted that the products are more pricey than normal products on the shelves, they claim to be better. The emphasis was always recruiting and self consumption. There was a “tangible product” being promoted, i.e. Life Pack, Nurtilite, etc.

However, for LB, the emphasis was almost entirely on recruiting new members and getting them to part with anyway between RM2.5K to RM150K. My friend parted with about RM35K and his upline, about RM150K. Both of them bought-in under the express route that LB is promoting so strongly.

Here also lies the second major difference between LB and other traditional MLM companies. There is almost no emphasis on selling the actual LB product. They say, “who cares when you are actually making money” and in a way, I suppose its true, if you are actually making money.

Thirdly, none of the other MLM biz plan encourages “buying in” but rather building your own network, unless you want to be a stockist. When new members buy in such a big quantity of stocks, the only people who benefit are the company and the uplines. The company will be able to “unload” huge stocks in a very short period of time and lock-in the profits to pay the pioneer uplines.

The problem is how long is this biz model be sustained when its based mainly on recruiting. The most famous collapse of a pyramid scheme was in Albania in the late 1990s when almost every adult in Albania bought in to the pyramid scheme. Do a Google search, “pyramid scheme”, Albania and you will get the history of it.

However, I believe that the LB members are allowed to recruit members from other countries and the SYN / LB biz model is now being expanded to overseas thus mitigating this issue.

The tag-line of all business is “caveat emptor” and LB is being promoted as a biz. Everyone must think and evaluate for themselves whether they want to part with their hard earned money.

For those who wish that the Government intervene, I doubt so unless some new members of a particular ethnic group start complaining that they lost a lot of money.


duke said...

my master duke just told me that lampe berger got one way to con ppl...

that is they tell all their downlines...once your friends sign up...

try to open all their oils...or persuade them to buy those expensive lamps...


opened essential oils..cannot return..means no refund...

expensive lamps also no refund wan..

con men at work!

yapthomas said...

I have no doubt of this site's coming.

I will support you Admin.

Who ever you are..

Good Luck

Steven Yip (not Yeam) said...

There are some questions i want to ask to any fellow LB

1. Why the joining fees is so high? RM 2345 for a franchise level. Other MLM companies are not so "greedy".

2. Why is there a system to go up straight to COUNT, for 30,000. Isn't it obvious the DCHL company is sucking up so much money? From my bro who joined, he mentioned 95% of LB guys have paid 30k. There are 65,000 (according to one of the LB members) in Msia. Do some rough math here...

65,000 x 0.95 x 30k = 1,852,500,000 RM

That is 1.8 Billion in sales for that shitty company.

Can't you see what's the reason behind those upline can drive BMW, merz, ferraris...coz they are sucking in so much money, at the expense of the society...