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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still Standing There...

I would like to share this comment by one of the readers..

Oh remember Bel Air? I just met a lady last week and she was saying how they champion that their essential oil can help cure cancer. Guess what? Her friend who is in the same business, died of cancer. Now, again, THINK. Should you believe what you see or and listen what you hear?
wah! has left a new comment on your post "DCHL KUCHING SCAM!!":

fiuh, for the last 2 weeks i had been introduce to this syn members by my best friend. i met different people, the beginner (franchise) dunno how to spell it, baron, count, challenge marquis, marquis. at first, i though like WOW really got people who get high pay, can buy this and that n so on so on. but then i read and heard about being push to invest 30k+ something for count.. aiyoh.. im only a student.. where can i get the money.. dats a lot nia.. even for that 2.5k i still feel guilty coz borrowing from my friends with no reasons (so not me, hate to lie, jaga waterface lagi).. guess what, i haven’t use their money… still in bank.. i prefer to not berhutang n better use my own money but not enough ley… hihi…

when i went to this dchl office i realize that this fellow (u know who) put their money to buy branded or expensive thing as to make them look smart,grand,and luxury just to promote their so called “luxury” in front of their potential investor so that it will convince them how rich they are… . nah.. im not easily influenced by that, coz i always meet real rich and successful people and believe me u can differentiate who is pretending to be rich people or the real one. (i know there a rich people there but not all rite)

actually i wonder what are they doing at their so called office anyway. some of them just standing outside the office talking n repeating the same thing wad they told me to new comers. i went to dat office many times and that is the only MLM office until now dat i didnt see any sales (u know like people buy stuff) compare to other MLMs. people were just keep on talking and talking the same thing non stop like robot. keep on saying that they x sell product but networking. what the purpose of the products then? expensive plak tu.. theres a franchase dat just start for 3 weeks dgn bangganya told me dat she rejected a job offer coz she wants to concentrate to this business. you know for me thats a silly act. i understand if she already gain a lot from this business but she just a beginner .. she datang office pun just tengok2 n just talk2.. its better for her to accept the job offer while doing the business.. when dah stable then maybe its fine for here to quit.

a lot of things to share actually, after saw with my own eyes what happened and read all the articles about pyramid scam (mengkayakan org atasan?) n this syn thingy i dont want to join. but when I look at my bestfriend face that really want me to join.. duh.. dunno wad to say. she invested 30+++ k already, she’s a student, she borrowed the money from a lot of people, including me. should i join? or not? now she seems like think about money, money and money. money is really important nowadays but it still not everything. money cant buy real friendship if u get what i mean. i may not a big spender, but i rather saving compare to join this kind of business coz i will not just cost 2.5k. it will be more than that. fuel, makan2, attend this and that, reload card,my time.

for those who want to join, think carefully, dont let money change you, dont let people force you to do something that you cant. dun berhutang if u not confident u can pay it back, if you still want to do MLM kind of business n dchl is too expensive try to find other MLM, theres always a choice n you can always say no if you dont want. dont do something out of ur own limit. dun easily influence by the marketing plan, its either u gain money or u loss ur money. guys,, think carefully, do research first b4 u join. like me.. =)

(FYI: i still not join yet still need to do more research, dun want to regret later)

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