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Friday, March 03, 2006

Not only in Malaysia!

We've searched the web further on Lampe Berger and we found that
it is not only us in Malaysia is having this problem.

It seems our asian counterpart in the far north is also facing the problems
of being used or cheated or what ever you might say.

In Hong Kong, there have a group being set-up in MSN Groups.
This group is called "Against Lampe Berger" group.

This group is mainly focused on hatred towards LB group.
Moderators, members of this group are those of former distributors of
Lampe Berger, of whom they are found being "used" or "cheated" into
the business. The group also keeps up to date to the current affairs
of Lampe Berger Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, to our dear English-base readers.
This webpage is all in Chinese characters. So there is a need to translate
it if you want to read what the site is talking about.

We've put the link on our sidebar.

Next, we would search on individuals who has complained about
how they are being treated and a link will be put up on our side bar.



Calvin95177 said...

Great Improvement!Cheers!
All the best for you, and if any info that I came accross in the future, I will definately forward it to you~

Lampe Berger Help said...

Thanks Calvin.

Will definitely maintain this site in a great manner.

fortuneteller said...

after reading comment for so long.. i came out with few conclusion:

1) can we jz write black n white between upline n downline about the refund?
2) what is SYN stand for?
3) 17-yrs-old kiddo earn RM7K on 2nd month... i damn ashame of myself... my fren claimed she earned RM15k/month too... but dunno y at the end come and borrow money from me... when i go borrow money from her.. she F**K me off... :(( rich d must share share mar...

hmmph.. should learn from my 'sifu'... next time if got ppl invite join LB.. invite them join other MLM.. haha... symbiosis eh?

Lampe Berger Help said...

1) can we jz write black n white between upline n downline about the refund?
Yes, we can. Depends on how you want to do it. Most upline will decline this kind of matter.

2) what is SYN stand for?
Steven Yeam Network.
Steven Yeam is the person behind this network, driving the whole team towards success. He is always here in Malaysia as well as Singapore, India, Australia and Hong Kong.

3) 17-yrs-old kiddo earn RM7K on 2nd month...
Hmm, seems too good to be true yeh?
I do believe they can this much.
BUT, it is only a one time off thing. Won't happen so often. BUT, unless they have a strong downline which constantly go on and on, BUT, I doubt a 17 year old kid can have that kind of downline.
So many BUTs.

Anonymous said... more emails to publish here?

Lampe Berger Help said...

Seriously. No. I can give you a look in the mailbox.

I think I need to promote this site abit more. Maybe you can help..?

I am still compiling the next post i've said about.
Just hang on..

Duke said...

yo bro!

lampe berger in the news today..

go do some coverage in your blog!!

for the people said...

i took a look at the website duke was talking about.

actually the article didnt mention what company and what product does the person deal with in the first place. but the details there involves a lot of money , most probably it is lb mlm.

hope the person involved will learn from their mistakes and not repeat it again. =)

Duke said...

obviously it's LB...this morning...i read in the forum also...ppl say the same's LB...

and my frens also sms me...saying that LB is in the news today!!

Lampe Berger Help said...

which forum duke?

Anonymous said...

nope...not lb confirmed....but steven yeam DO get reviewed today in sin chew daily...go have a look