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Sunday, January 28, 2007

IT IS JUST SYN...?? True or False??

Ad, a recent commenter said that, DCHL/Lampe Berger got nothing to do
with all the scandals and what-not.. I beg to differ.. Literraly yes they don't
but still, they are part of it.. See what Ad wrote,
ad said...

we, its NOT DCHL that scam people, it's a bunch of people, or so called "team", under the name SYN a.k.a Steven Yim Network that scams others. by stating Lampe Berger, u indirectly affiliate other innocent or ethic group of mlm team with SYN.

SYN was a shame of LB or even worse, whole MLM industry. i'm not against your, just that it seems like you haven't know whats the relationship between SYN, and DCHL/LB.

it was SYN that promise u a beemer. it was SYN that educate you dont have to sell goods. it is SYN that tells you pay for a count and find 5 people only. but SYN never tells you u have to maintain quota. it is SYN that promise you 5 figure income.

again, its SYN that exploit the system build by DCHL/LB. DCHL/LB is the distributor, while SYN is the selling channel, how SYN sells it is SYN's business, DCHL only provide the goods. how SYN wants to educate the downlines is not entirely DCHL business.

if u research more in SYN, you'll know more dirty secret what SYN had done to hong kong MLM industry.

hope this clear things up, but the damage has been done, and hope u really understand what i'm trying to say, and i can't do much clearer then that.

26/1/07 12:36 AM
My say would be, yes they are the same. DCHL acquired the license from
Lampe Berger, while Lampe Berger grants the license. So they are the same.

It it is widely known that most of the bunch that scams, cheat
and lied are from Steven Yeam Network (SYN).
In Malaysia, LB is operated under the umbrella of RZ Corporation.

RZ Corporation is under the Malaysian Direct Distributors Association (MDDA).

I guess, they are not as what they said " Ethical, Responsive, Excellence"

If RZ Corporation takes more care in their member's doing!
If DCHL/Lampe Berger does more investigation on what's going on..!
The situation would be a lot more different.

Money Mind blog on the names of MLM or business-kind scams on the
3rd January 07.
I decide to start this thread and hope some of you can update if you come across any scams or businesses of similar nature, so that we can help others from being scammed.
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