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Monday, February 27, 2006

Culture Shock in Lampe Berger

A mail received on, Date: Feb 27, 2006 11:48 AM
sorry couldn't find any of the add button...
same thing happened to me last year n i took out everythign i had in my
account 2.5 k and joined to be a member...same like everyone i saw the
marketing plan and the way they had positioned themselves to move ahead...
very impressive and very nicely planned i'm the only son in the family
and am in my late 20's and earning less then 3k...i tought what the heck...i
need to money to move things i joined...saw a few friends
i joined thinking that it's good....and for me to say that i was really wrong...
might just have gotten some vodoo charm on me or something, cos i never
ever ever trusted in these scams as easy money never existed.

What changed my prespective was the attitude of my upline and sideline and
EVERYONE in the stupid about clean air...but everyone
SMOKEs and everyone is so darn meterialistic and best of all, one girl who had
only 3 months working experience is talking to me about how tought life is
when u work for other people and the old lame excuse...MONEY GIVES
YOU RESPECTS... i was like WHAT???? i don't have that much money but i
got friends all over malaysia who will pay for 1 week holiday if i only ask and
vise versa....

the second thing i would like to ask all who got dupped into going for all their
events and gatherings...notice where they take you out to eat...and what they
eat and finally who upline kept taking me to the stupid cheapo
mamak at orange and we paid for our own...that made me think...if you say
that you have about at the very least 10k a month on commission why should
i even pay for my food at a mamak....not to mentioned why the heck are we
at a mamak in the first place and not somewhere like starbucks and all that....
my upline even got the cheecks to scold me for asking for too events
i attended i have not paid a single cent....but i paid for dinner and drinks and
all's ok?

SO as parting you really want a lifestlye that you will not enjoy or
even cherish. have a home that is way too big for you to live in and yet the
design is not of you own live a life that is all glamorous but then you don't even
know the taste of ikan billis from tuna...chardonay from champagne....what is
the point of living the life of the rich and famous when you don't even know
what is the simple pleasures of life?

Update: Date: Feb 27, 2006 5:14 PM

mentioned about her upline identity.
She (upline) refuses to refund, stating that refunds are only applicable via
purchase direct from the company and not from her and it's has passed the
refund date and i've either sampled or disposed of the remainding products.

This post shows how much one person can influence other person in order
to build his or her character. I am yet to get a reply from thi person wether he
has or has not got back his investment.

Reply received, Date: Feb 27, 2006 5:14 PM
I've got the reply, and it seems again, it is "people" problem. Not the company.
The offeror(upline) should state the terms&conditions upon signing someone
as member into the company, but didn't. Who's fault. It is not the fault of
this guy who didn't ask. His upline should give all clear details at first hand.

Another great TRUE story for you all to ponder on...


Anonymous said...

hi.. i'm just a friend that studied through the D.C.H.L. marketing plan.. i don't find it as a scam.. u people don't make money out of it is just because you guys don't really put in the effort and time in it.. and u people that find cheated by ur uplines or watever.. its not the company nor the plan's fault.. ur the one to blame as u trusted a wrong friend.. why are there so many people proven successfull and making big money? the simple answer to this question is that the plan actually works.. very simple.. so please do not discriminate or destroy the company's name.. as u people are the ones that are not satisfied when ur not good enough..

shannie said...
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shannie said...

partially i agree with you.... but mostly i don't.

true that the marketing plan is good but likewise wat they say in the beginning... the upline team is also important... seemed like this poor person's upline team has got integrity problems.

by the way.... if u got the guts to leave a comment... then show ur user name lor...

Anonymous said...

well, our uplines told us to fake our income to pull more people in. I am proud to annouce his name.

Anonymous said...

please go and find out how many people suffered! go and find out why so many of the people from lb power quit! AT LEAST MORE THAN 50!

Anonymous said...

anyway dont you think that if you think that this is so great. you can go ahead to continue. 1 if you have the time. 2. you have the money. 3. you dont mind risking friendships. DO you knwo how many uplines with integrity are helping their downlines to sell their goods? cos they need money at home. BUT people like ** wont even carE!

Anonymous said...

And I tell you the reason why many of us are not doing is NOT COS We are not capable. WE ARE MORE CAPABLE THAN ALL THESE LIARS!

go ahead and wish you luck whoever you are!

Anonymous said...

darn, dun be fooled by this MLM stuff

we been thr before said...

talking abt effort n capbility.2 marquis in lb power has quited and one of them even host a party in inviting all her dlines to apologise to them abt the biz she brought them in.she is brave.both of them are well known for their capability..both of them have put in lot of effort in e biz,more then anyone in the group.without the both of them,the team wont even exist at all in e first what do u tink why wld both of them leave after puttin in so much effort n time in the biz?ask ur top upline uncle james how much hes him on for all his monthly income slips.we were once like u.. we been thr the process.dun end up like us.jus an advise.and if u r talkin trusting the wrong friend,mayb u met the right friend but he or she might had brought into biz by a wrong friend.n oso all the seminars n courses arent really to let u know more abt the marketin plan or learn more skills..their objective is to make u feel confident n high so u wont have the mind to think clearly before signing up.we were alway taught to provide a atmosphere to make pl feel high n confident.n seriously that wat i been taught throughout the 2 years i spent in the company.and now those who still inside the groups are mostly all new comers. the other 3 exeptional cases are one who is too old to go out of this biz,else he wil ned to drive a taxi. another one who is too proud to admit failure yet keep talkin abt big money but wil nv b there.the last one i really don't know why he is still inside.he don't like working with the other two.his income should be very little now.he is a nice person.anyway 3 of them r marquis n i don't think there wil be more then 3 in this group forever.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Dear anonymous number 1 who posted on
Monday, February 27, 2006 8:11:04 PM

We are not NOT GOOD ENOUGH and we are not NOT SATISFIED because of that.

What we are not satisfied is we are not getting our re-fund back.
Mainly simply because, there is a loop-hole when signing up.
There are alot of "hidden agendas" that should be known to the one who is signing up but is he made known to it?

Anonymous said...

what i heard was a lot of marquis invested 1 to 3 counts with their own money to make themselves a marquis & not every marquis is earning 5 figure income ok? some even need to find a job in order to support themselves... what a joke...

Lampe Berger Help said...

The game in there varies,
from one person investing 1 or 2 position to push them up.
It is the matter of how far do you want to go with that company.
How much u are influenced and how much the people in there persuade you.
But of course, to go full time or not, it is on each and everyone's own will.

Anonymous said...

Cannot deny the truth that the company and the plan are fine, it's just the matter of how people inside this business carry themselves. Of course to get involve in this business either full or partime is all depends on personal will. But please note that majority of the people in this business claim that being a marquis can guarantee wealth, but it seems that this is not the true fact coz some of them really get back to work becoz what they earn in this business cannot even support their living expenses. Besides, as far as i know the education in this business does not promote money lending/borrowing between upline and downline becoz it is unhealthy. But a lot of people are doing it just to get some shortcuts into succeed, this is just not the healthy way to gain wealth, and most of the time it will only lead those people having big amount of debts.

Victor said...

I really cannot understand why there are so many stupid people that are cheated by this scheme.

It is very obvious. In this world, in order to earn money, u have to provide something to others, and others will pay u. You either provide service, or u sell something. But for this bullshit mlm(pyramid scheme), u earn money by first paying money to some upline. After that, u ask people to join as ur downline, and ask them to pay u the money. I know... you do not actually get money directly from ur downline, because the company will first get the big chunk out of it, then only will give u a bit of it. And this vicious cycle will continue.

Nothing is produced, nothing is sold, just the money from below contributing to the people on above. What kind of bullshit is this? Does our economy work this way? NO.

Even if u really can earn money this way, tell you, you are actually earning by cheating others. What have u done? u just convince ur downline of something that just is not right. You do not provide them service, you do not produce, u do nothing to the economy... Bill Gates become rich because he bring Windows to the world. Mr. Lim becomes rich because he developed Genting, and many people visited/spent on Genting. But what u do is, u cheated a lot of people to pay u in order to get rich. SHAME ON YOU

a reply to the first comment said...

yes the plan do work pretty well and also you can't blame anyone who has already failed or if you said that they are not good enough why did you actually say that, why not you take a look at the brighter side that how they get involve in the first place, how they are being recruited, how they put their trust on their friendship or how they got very well convinced and they couldn't make it why because of individual skills and preferences.

And then you said that you studied their marketing plan and many made success, can you actually count the odds between the success and failures. I really do doubt so...

So even if you manage to succeed in this good for you and also to hell with you. You're just living your life happily by destroying others.

crazysocket said...

jz waiting for reply from the 1st anonymous...

Anonymous said...

regarding victor's reply..
can u tell me what a pyramid scheme is? everything in the world is a pyramid scheme.. and a pyramid.. is a known fact by the world.. the strongest structure around.. its not that we're not selling anything.. we are.. we are selling lampe berger products as well as estebell products.. please think wisely.. the marketing plan goes this way as the company would save some advertising cost and also spread the usage of such products fast and effective.. so its no way its cheating.. and since u say its cheating.. why not sue the company? there are laws that protect us from being cheated.. but why are we still around? why arent we closed down? please talk and think rationally..

and regarding anonymous that said a marquis working to support his life..
its not the company's fault someone is doing that..
maybe he bought a position as a marquis and couldnt expand his network.. so u cant say that it aint making money..

and regarding the last anonymous..
not to say i'm making money while destroying someone's life..
as we know.. in the business world..
the strongest survive..
so if sunway lagoon bankrupted coz everyone goes to genting makes mr. lim a person who destroy someone's life?
does mc.donalds destroy ramlee burger seller's life?
u cant say that we're ruining someones life as we did not force anyone to join..
and u said.. wat are the odds of succeeding? i can tell u its all in ur effort.. the more effort u put in.. the higher odds of sucessing..

plz email me @ for any comments.. i'd be happy to reply u guys..

Lampe Berger Help said...

I shall refer to you as this!
Because you don't even have the will to put up ur name.
Don't ask me to reveal my name.
We shall be called "we" because we represent every individual who has posted their share of story.
Anyways, back to where I want to start. I couldn't care less on ur debate in your comments.

There are distributor's who can't get their money back. Why? Because their upline has been slowing down the process of this re-fund thingy.
How do you explain that?
Don't tell me that is his fault for trusting the wrong person. That is not the answer I want.
Do you have any channel that we can go in DCHL or RZ Corporation?

This case is not one or two but MANY!..

Again, I am not going against the company. It is the people!

shannie said...

like wat i have mentioned before... the marketing plan of the dchl is actually rather good... it's just some of the uplines are rather unscruplous... but then again.. there are some that are really sincere. my upline brought me into the plan with very good intention. to help me out with my financial situation. and it acutally worked. i did get additional income from my regular consumers.

but after some time in the group i realised that some pple's actions does not match wat they teach. they talked me into "begging" from my relatives to investing... they talked me into wallowing in my financial situation instead of being confident and being positive... after meeting my current bf,i realised that i do not have to resort to beg for a living. i prefer to work my way out. it might be tough but i do not have to give a big discount on my integirty and my ego.

i personally feel that this discussion has turned into a subjective argument. we are jus expressing how we are feeling. everyone does not need to defend the company or marquis.

Lampe Berger Help said...

sometimes its not abt the efforts put in. I can put in 120% and even more but why shld i be working with people with no integrity. This is the question. If you feel that it is good, by all means go and do it. BUt whatever you do, just do not be in the same team as UNCLE JAMES..


Anonymous said...

wow..all that you are sayin all i learn before wif my uplines leh..i got notes all them sommore.. did u type out according to the notes they pass u?lol..
yes i do agree pyramid structure is a strong structure.. again no one is tellin u tt ur marketing plan or pdts isnt gd. so stop recitng ur notes.

according to the marquis whos not earning a lot.i myself known over 10 marquis who is stuggling financailly.they work their ass out to become a marquis tinkin tt when they reach their M stature they wil be like wat the company promised "5 digit income"but the fact is some are even strugglin to get a 4 digit income.if u wan me to name the marquis.i dun mind.

regarding the destroyin ppl life thing. oh pls... dun compare such lowly pest job wif biz like macdonald or genting.lampe berger wil be nv be call ur biz.macdonald ,genting etc.. they force their opponent companies to close down by being innovative,competitive.they beat their opponents... not their friends. u pests are destroyin friends by askin them to join a biz which u urself haven even succeeded attackin their weak pts using DISC blah blah blah kind of strtegies and creating a very high atmosphere where eveyrone is like on estasy.if they really ur friends or relative,dun u feel shameful??somemore discussin ur friend life wif a stranger doing u feel when ur friend do tt to u?dumbshit?

AND if u r still tinkin ur rite wif all ur reasoning. pls tell us how much ur earning now? and how successful u are doing mlm now.dun tell me crapz like i strongly believe mlm is the wave of the future and i wil be successful if i put in a lot of effort.i oso strongly believe i can turn my cock into before u r successful.. stop reciting ur note!!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous..
thnx for telling me all this..
but i can tell u i'm now at a count position and i'm making 7k+ in february.. do u have a problem with it? i'm in this trade for 2months.. and i believe wat u said abt the notes could b true.. but i can tell u its not wat my upline or watever u call it teaching me.. i've learned these with my own experiences and my own knowledge.. and juz for ur info.. i'm 17 and i'm making more money than u.. does that matter now? please don't tell me that this ain't a legal or a scam.. i'm making my money with my efforts.. not by cheating my friends.. i proudly tell them wat am i doing and they themselves are the ones that asked to join.. so is that called cheating my friends? or am i using them to make money? if u say i'm not successful, do u know any other 17yr olds making this kind of money? so please do not discriminate the company nor humiliate urself..

Anonymous said...

this must be some kind of joke.. comments will be visible after blog owner's approval? and to THE BLOG OWNER.. why do we need ur APPROVAL when its a COMMENT? ashamed of anything?

Lampe Berger Help said...

What to know why?

Because! I have people coming in and scolding F**K Lampe Berger.
DO you want that to be here?

As the moderator of this blog.
I don't want that.
Nor I want anyone to discriminate or launch sensitive words towards any party.
If i can trust anyone with their words in there, i shall not impose this.
I have 3-4 comments already which uses profanity.
I wish to remain this place as clean as possible as i have promised - with integrity.

And to you anonymous without NAME who earns 7K+ a month, please, we are against those who cheats or those who takes friend's trust for granted. Like i said in my blog header, if you are doing well, so GOOD. But.. bear in mind, there are among ur circle of distributors who takes TRUST of a FRIEND FOR GRANTED.
Please don't be like this saying
"Siapa Makan Cili Padi, Akan Rasa Pedas".
Why are you upholding towards those who are not like you?

Anonymous said...

we will see ! go ahead and make the money! i see how long this will last! have a good time therE!

Anonymous said...

firstly how u join this biz if ur 17??
u said ur earning 7k? did u buy urself the count load or someone push u up? or u build the network to become a count?
1)if u buy that count urself..u oredi invest 18k into e biz.even if ur earnin 7k which i dun doesnt mean anything.
2)if someone push u up as a count.u wil onli become a count the followin month.which mean u earn nuttin in e first month.u mean by the 2nd month u closed 4 counts?or30 franchises? or 15 barons? or else i cant see how u get tt 7 k.
3) u bulit ur network to become a count.which oso mean first month u wont be earning. n u mean by the second month where all ur friends who joined u jus started the biz n without any proper trainin built a sale volume tt big to gif u 7k income?
small boy stop bullshiting here.. i am a marquis n i quitted e biz.and when im challenging for my marquis i was so busy i wont be like u clickin onto this weby to comment so much.
if wat ur sayin is true.. pls tell me which upline marquis u belong to.. if not. pls stop bullshiting.when i read ur replies i cant help thinkin wat an idiot i was last time.. when i was jus like u.

Anonymous said...

he said his friends ask him to let them join we r not as childish as a 17yearold bullshiting. i was in mlm for 4 years and none of my freidns volunteer to buy the pdts. dun ur uplines tell u mlm is a biz where u ned to go find ppl n not ppl come look for u?eh tell lies oso tell sumitng which can be believed la. small boy

Anonymous said...

To Lampe Berger Help..
i'm sorry for what i said abt approval of comments.. and yes.. i too agree with u its the upline's problems.. but why refunds ain't given? u can actually refund directly to the company.. why some go to their uplines?

Lampe Berger Help said...

Why re-fund aint given?
That, you will have to ask the sponsors. Because they are the ones who brough their friends in and their friends trust them. BUT.. :(
They will do many things to delay and in turn u can't get the fe-fund after 6 months. :)
Read the latest sharing my friend. :)
Will open ur eyes abit :)
And about the moderating stuffs.. don't worry..

Please leave an initial next time like "ak47" or wateva so i can recg. u

Anonymous said...

As far as i know, getting a franchisee position we gotta buy the products from the upline (not from the company), so about the money return thingy its an agreement between u and ur upline. For Baron & Count, one can get the money refund directly from the company's counter. For those who had just joined this business that are going to inverst in Baron or Count, pls beware coz some uplines tend to keep ur invoice so that when u wanna get the money refund u wont be able to do that (im not sure if there is any new system on the invoice part, but just to mention this as IN CASE la).

As for the age 17 can join the business issue, some teenagers are using their parent's name to register but run the business by themselves. 7K in month february ya? its only 1 month ok... what we are talking is about CONTINUOUS wealth in every month.. not just a single month. A lot of ppl are making money in one particular month but struggling in MANY months either with NO INCOME or little income. So pls stop boosting urself ya.

For those who are still in this business, joining the business doesnt mean ur wrong coz u can do it in a good way. Just pls dun do anything that will harm others, e.g bugging ppl to cut count, telling lies, faking income etc. If u gain ur wealth thru good ways, u have my salute and all the best!

Anonymous said...

aiyak forgot something which is very important. For those who are going to invest in Baron & Count, pls note that DUN BUY EXPENSIVE DIFFUSERS (PV1,125 or above) coz those diffusers cannot be refunded. I cant remember the exact PV so if im wrong pls correct me. Besides, try get more oils rather than to get Estebel products (even if its PV is much higher) coz it is quite difficult to sell off Estebel products & the refund of Estebel expires after 3 months.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Good Comment anonymous.
Wait so many :P Last two post.

Put in your initial please..
So can recg who is who..
too many twins or evil twins in here..

Anonymous said...

u can call me... boney muahahahaha

for the people! said...

I never know that this MLM plan actually risk ur friendship which you have worked so hard to achieve over the years until i read this blog.

How can you cheat your friend into this flawed business plan even though u have been friends for so long? Is money really that important until up to the point where you are okie with breaking up the friendship u have?

As a conclusion, i prefered to be liked by my friends and earn money the slow way rather than prefered being hated by my friends and going after unacheivable dreams!

For the greater good of the people!

Boney said...

well, i believe almost everyone that joined this business at first should have good intention. they just wanna share this good opportunity (which they really think so) to their friends & relatives. However, things doesnt turn out to be THAT fantastic as time goes on, more truth revealed. For example, ppl will start finding out things like : erm y we are required to keep asking ppl cut count? y we start to date a friend just becoz we wanna talk about this business? and so on... And these things would only happen AFTER ppl joined in after couple of months. For those whom cannot take it, they left. For ppl whom still wanna make big money from it, they stay.

What is more important is the way how u look at it. If u can take everything which is taught by ur upline and thru the courses, u just follow (even if that might hurt ppl ard u). If u cant, work it another way which u think which is most suitable. I believe there are still good ppl in LB, its just that the bad ones are too many. For me personally i think im not able to change the cultural since the bad ones are far more too many, so i left.

*It doesnt mean that i intend to risk any friendships, and i think this applies to many others.

for the people! said...

No doubt Lampe Berger is very good indeed. However, many people here always related this product to the not so good business plan (MLM in short).

why doesnt the distributor sell this product to retail shop instead? i know retail shops in other parts of the world sells this product cheaper than in malaysia.

right now, most people will even fear of the word lampe berger cause of the business plan that is used to sell this product. This business plan sounds too good to be true. Do your research first before going for this business plan! Ask other people for their opinions! u might never know the other "details" of this business plan.

Boney said...

In Asia, Lampe Berger will only be sold thru MLM way (until the contract expires but god knows when!). They say DCHL boss alredi signed a contract with LB France manufacturer big boss that in Asia LB will only be sold thru MLM for 100 years (who can show me the contract? everytime say got but nobody showed it to me b4 and im still waiting).

LB distributors all know why issit sold in this way (based on what was taught in the courses), it is like this : Lampe Berger might aged 109 in Europe but it is still NEW in the Asia market, majority of the Asian know nothing about this product. At first it was brought to Taiwan and sold in retail shops for 2 years but after that the boss found out the sales werent so good. So he decided to switch his way of marketing to the MLM way coz he finds its the fastest way to introduce this product to the people. One people tell ten people and then each of the ten people go tell another ten blah blah blah... easy to gain fame.

for the people! i agree with u that the product is really good and thats y im still using it. But the price is cutting throat (thats y now im thinking to STOP using it)! How many times this product raised price since 2004? If im not mistaken it is like 2-3 times and each time the oil raised 10% and this sounds ridiculous. Let's imagine what will happen to the price again after the petrol price increased 30 cents. Guess who are still willing to be the end user of this product, only the rich?

for the people! said...

to boney,

hmmmm, actually i havent heard that LB has to be sold thru MLM in Asia for 100 years. not that i dun trust u, do u have the resources to point the fact? i am happy to read it if u can point it for me. what happens if other ppl (new distributors in mal for example) plan to sell LB to retail shops?

will they be prosecuted in doing so?

concerned said...


I laughed myself out when i was reading the comments given by the 17 year old small kid(, kiddo, ok u earned 7K this month, how u have achieved it by just joining in this business for 2 months?

I dun wanna further elaborate this is already asked by anonymous march 02 2006 1.59, if u have the guts, let us know how much you have earned in this march april n may would u?

I am still laughing myself out, obviously written by a kiddo who just joined the society, ok true you are earning more than me last month, so?If you can continue to earn this kinda of amount for the coming 10 years, then i salute you. But dun feel ashamed when you realize that you have to go into a college and earn a degree, eaning 1.8K average when you come out...i won't laugh at you, really...I would have earned much higher than you because of my experience in a particular field...

boney said...

to for the people!

hmmm actually my uplines told me about that 'fact', they said they do have the agreement copy (to be sold in Asia thru MLM way for 100 years), i think they mention its included in the sales kit. yes it is prosecuted to sell it in retails shops. BUT if only displaying in the shop without stating its price will be fine as i heard, when ppl come in and ask for it then only u sell is fine as well as long as dun put a big sign board stating : Buy lampe berger here.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am also a distributor of DCHL. First of all, forgive me for not using my own name. You may scold/curse/condemn or post anything that can come out from your mind, I am fine with that :)

For me, MLM is just a another method/model of doing business or selling goods. So I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Pardon me if I am wrong because I never studied business/finance/account/economy.

Before I join a MLM company, I don't really have a clear picture of my future and I found out the same thing with most of the people I talk to. So a MLM company really teaches one how to set their own target and achieve it. Or at least a person is mixing with the right group of people with positive thinking and more or less he/she will be influenced and perhaps do better in other areas. Apart from clear goals in life, MLM does provides a good platform for people who don't know anything about business (like me), to learn how to start or operate a business. (Again, I might be wrong as I am not from business background)

And for those who condemn the product, Lampe Berger, the product started more than 100 years ago for a very good purpose and has been a collectors item for decades. I think I don't need to explain because most of you here know the product even better than me. And before the MLM model started 8 or 9 years ago in Taiwan, Lampe Berger has been selling very well in the west and probably in Asia as well. Just that they are doing retail. And it has already became collectors item long before we are born.

I truely agree that not everyone involve in MLM can earn a lot of money, that's why we have people doing all kinds of jobs out there, it is the choice that they chose.

So for all those who felt they are cheated, no applogize from me, maybe it was your friend/upline that are not sincere enough to you. Or maybe could the problem be you not putting effort? I don't know, you know yourself best.

Well, what can I lose? 2.5k for a Franchisee? You are actually buying products worth 2.5k. For some, it is just a price of another latest high-end phone. Yes, it is freaking expensive, what to do, I am not rich, so it is expensive, simple as that. And for those who invested 11k as a Baron or 30k as a Count and didn't succeed, sorry to say that you have no one to blame but yourself because you don't have the right attitude to do business. 9 to 5 is for you.

Like it or not, MLM is going to stay for good. For those who knows the MLM industry overseas, you know there are far more MLM companies providing hell lot of product range.

Thank you for reading till this line. Post whatever you want as I will still be having great time in DCHL.

Kenny said...

there is the issue of making money, and not earning it when you're DHCL. In this MLM, you can't prove to the world that you are that valuable, that you are worth 7k per month. You could be making thousands, but still not find any job outside. I dare to say that even McDonalds wouldn't wanna hire you.

I'm not directing this to the 17 year old kid or any other DHCL members only...but to anyone who is working full time in this business. Maybe if you see this as a part time business and some extra income it would be ok. But please do something useful in this world. That's what the world really needs, that's what Malaysia really needs...

boney said...

And for those who invested 11k as a Baron or 30k as a Count and didn't succeed, sorry to say that you have no one to blame but yourself because you don't have the right attitude to do business. 9 to 5 is for you. <--- dear annonymous, pls note that u have no rights to comment on these people coz u dunno what these ppl have gone through so i'd prefer if u keep ur mouth shut and continue with ur MLM without annoying us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. ello.. intro my self first.. my name james. not that uncle james, ok? =.= .. just want to know u all age wut?? and still working or study??

Lampe Berger Help said...

Some are working, some are studying.

Ages range from 18 to 30

Anonymous said...

for those who study.. what u plan for yr future?? and for those who working what u plan too??

Lampe Berger Help said...

So are you going to start off with a "tell me my lifestyle" talk?

If Yes, Please don't.

What we need now is ways to solve people's despair with DCHL.

Anonymous said...

=.=|| no lar.. just wan to ask only see wut u all future.. u all think too much lar.. =.=.. sorry ar .. lolx.. my english very poor.. broken english.. but in my opinion.. DCHL dont harm ppl only the ppl who have evil thinking.. ciaoZZzz.. correct me if i said anything wrong.. thanks..


Anonymous said...

can i know y those marquis quit the biz???isit the income is not good??i was told by tis marquis tat every month he is earning tis real??any comment from marquis?frankly can i know wad is the real income for marquis every month(jus roughly)?

Lampe Berger Help said...

Yes indeed it is the people who is the main problem in DCHL.

That's what I has been stressing on..

And.. why they quit?
GOD knows why..

Some are real income..
It all depends on their downline, If their downline is on constant recruit, then of course, they will earn that much.

Anonymous said...

income?? y they wan to quit? ask them bak lor.. so easy find the answer. if the marquis quit mostly bcs of wut? the downline no move lor. Y? ask bak the marquis how to treat the downline first. Same thing like the bos treat u .. if the bos dont treat u good or fair.. will u quit? and will the bos still find money? lolx.. is all people problem .. =) correct me if i wrong.. thanks..


Lampe Berger Help said...

I shall award you one bottle of LB Oil. :P

For your smartness.. :P
Come and claim it from me.. haha
Worth RM 478 okay!!

Anonymous said...

lolx.. hmm.. just that sometimes i feel happy that still many ppl dont like lb .. know y? the more they dont like the more market that we still can open. so ppl teruskan ok? but tell to those dont like or hate lb or lb rosak yr whole family.. maybe u cant see something in lb. or yr time not yet come yet. or the ppl give u not enough confident or anything that u can think.. just 1 thing only.. all also people problem.. if the ppl who introduce u LB wan is not enough give u confident or u dont trust him/her, this also mean all people are same?? haihzz.. many type of people in this world.. lolx.. correct me if i`m wrong .. thanks.. =)


boney said...

*yawn* same as what i learned from all the courses, got anything NEW?

boney said...

about marquis income, it can range from RM0 - RM***** (5 figure income), its just all depends on this marquis's group is active or not, so it'll be pretty difficult to tell ROUGHLY how much a marquis will earn. But normally we will be told a marquis can earn 5 figure income la.

Lampe Berger Help said...

there is nothing much more to clarify..


boney said...

short lesson : why some of the marquis dun make big money?

marquis override 1st count 5%, normally marquis have at least 5 direct counts. we dun care how many levels of counts the marquis has coz its not important in this case. if all of the counts group didnt make big sales, its not worth for the marquis to throw in 2500PV of sales just to get the overriding (unless he has other group of direct barons and franchisee to help him fulfill the 1875PV).

believe me this is really a money game, in order to get the overriding, ur required to throw in money money and money, and the story goes on. can anybody tell me why we got to buy more n more products each month just to get what we actually deserve to get from our own group?

Anonymous said...

lolx.. all same thing in all course.. hmm.. but u go school on secondary also same ma.. tai lou.. learn at course wan not only heard.. is to learn that ppl how he move and his energy.. lolx..same thing?? i dont think so lor.. correct me if i`m wrong..

james. =)

Anonymous said...

hmm.. as u said .. lolx.. said until marquis cant earn money.. ok lar.. may i know in now world more good business?? lolx.. u 1 month use 1875 pv but u change bak that u earn rm 5k u give or not?? lolx.. the problem is not the company.. not the plan.. is the people .. haihzz.. as i said many type of ppl in this world.. some are lazy .. some are listen too much thing.. actually 1 thing only.. u wan to do.. then dont think.. dont u feel when u stress bcs of wut?? think too much?? right?? same thing lor.. when u think and think think.. haihzz.. no do no action.. =.= u think god will drop the money for u meh.. and the marquis cant earn.. as i said.. ask bak them first.. wut is the main problem or go and check those marquis cant earn money punya downline.. how ?? see how the marquis treat the downline sin.. check first.. ok?? cant do cannot do.. shit lor.. ask u lor.. u know how to study at tadika??? ?? how u know in nowdays?? who teach?? the teacher or yr parent. right? same as here.. ppl teach u .. but yr neck like steel.. shit lor.. lolx.. how to learn how to teach u le??? at last also wat problem?? people problem right?? and at last.. ask u .. lolx.. in school lar.. some student are bad and result bad.. who they blame when ppl ask?? ownself?? lolx.. not many will blame ownself.. all also blame school. blame other people.. right?? all human is like this .. just that see how u think only.. correct me if i`m wrong.. thanks..


boney said...

believe me.. this shows the power of LB, where the education system is so strong till our dear james kept on repeating the same stuffs from the courses we attend.

dear james : as what was told for many times, we are not blaming other people if we dun succeed in this business. we are not blaming the plan as the main reason y we cant succeed as well. i pointed out the fact that in order to get the overidding we gotta put in more money, and that is the fact. its just either u buy the products urself or to sell them to other ppl to accumulate the points. a lot of ppl ignored that juz as what u said, if that fella can earn 5K per month the 2500PV he give or not? sure give right? coz its affordable for him (as i was told for endless time by uplines also). i shall say there is an error in my previous posting, the marquis should be counts, as marquis still has the 3% overidding to all the count groups. so as a count who is not a marquis yet, wont u think its quite a burden to throw in money? i mean if they do not have active franchisee or baron. i was not assuming anything but thats what was happening to the counts ard me, they gave up the overidding coz they dun think its worth to get it by giving out 2500PV by themselves. this fact was pointed out to create an awareness, as many counts will do this business full-time without having other income which made some of them struggling.

believe me or not, i was in this business for almost 2 years, until now after i quit, i've never blame any of my uplines, coz they really helped me a lot but things juz didnt turn out that well. so i always say i was glad to be in taiwan line.

u must understand the main reason why this blog was created at first, before keep on repeating the same points that wont make any difference. if ur happy to be in LB i congrate u with sincere heart coz its a good thing if u can get what u wan there. but there are still lots more ppl whom dun even understand how the plan actually works but already bang their head into it, and ended up with failure. this is to give them a clearer picture. we never say LB cannot do, same as what u said its just the ppl's problem and i agree with u. but cant deny that there are also some loop holes in the plan itself, wether u notice or not.

why are we spending so much time here to tell so many stories? we've got nothing else better to do? we juz dun wanna see there will be more people end up with nothing, thats y we care n tell.

thanks for reading.

boney said...

i already post and clarify until geram dy... as i dun have so much patience as our dearest lampe berger help. Amen.

Anonymous said...

i wanna know how overriding works?
i'm not a lb member yet!

a friend said...

at the end of the day, its still a pyramid scheme.

at the moment, some people might be reaping the rewards from this scheme, but sooner or later, when this scheme's growth is not sustainable, people at the bottom will suffer.

(from the pyramid structure itself, there are more people at the bottom then there are at the top)

Please dont compare this structure to any organisational structure simply because they are not comparable in its motive.

For more details, please visit:

boney said...

As reply to...

Anonymous said...
i wanna know how overriding works?
i'm not a lb member yet!

2/4/06 3:06 AM

You may ask any of ur LB friends to answer your question, they would be more than happy to tell. Anyway just bear in mind that, keep your eyes bright before you are making any decisions, get opinions from your parents because they have more life experience than any of us. Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!!,

I'm Ah Wai from MLM. Such a nice post from all of you :)

I admit sometimes the MLMers always use this kind of tactic of luring "potential" people into their business. Eg. N-stream, Synergy, Herbalife, Lampeberger, Amway, Diamond, eCosway, IMagic, NuSkin, CNI and etc.

I'm also ex-anti MLMer just like you all. Proud to be antiMLMers. "MLM is conbusiness" and "StudioTraffic is PONZI SCHEME!" Hehehe... :)

But, AT LAST i realise in this World of Events..."Capitalism"


Sami Vellu, politicians, MPSJ, MPPJ, MBI, dato, datuks, Thaksin, Arroyo, Suharto, *me* and etc also CONNING people $$$ only what...

I only take little con $$$ while the *people mentioned above* CON the "rakyat" & taxpayer's $$$ BIG TIME! SO what is the FUSS?

I con my lecturer before, i cheat on my exam before, i Ponteng class before, i cheated during SNOOKER, i cheated my fren before, hell i even con my GF before. Hahaha. What is the BIG FUSS?

As i say, EITHER YOU CON PEOPLE or PEOPLE CON YOU...Its a survival skill!

Its better for us, "the little guy with no $$$" to con little $$$, than "the BIG SHOT GOVERNMENT officials" to con the rakyat $$$.


I'm DAMN sure the GOvernment DOn't MIND this little $$$ one.

AIyah, we group together as a group of "hardcore anti-lampeberger", then we charge those people who is also "anti-lampeberger" RM 100 each. Then, we also make LOTS of $$$.

Simple calculation,

RM 100 x 10,000 member (ANTI-LAMPEBERGER) = RM 1,000,000!!!!

Then, we BUY Ferrari and BMW to drive to Menara HLA, park at the FRONT and BURN them. This we show that we also can make $$$ ma!!!

DAMN good IDEA...!!!

WE group together ok...WE KEEP in touch! Malaysia BOLEH!

Remember, my name is AH Wai from SYN DCHL Lampeberger :)

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