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Monday, April 17, 2006


Sorry to keep u all waiting so eagerly, especially duke.. :p
Now, this person has gone through a lot more than what we all did.
I feel for his pain and his anger as well...
If, it would be me, I would be like Steven, running into the office
and shouting his name like crazy fella and ask him to return all my
money, and scold him cheater and so forth directly there itself.

Don't care the shotgun-held guard. My shotgun is bigger.. hahaha
But oh wellz, Diplomatic is the best policy.. so here goes the story

Hi LB Help,

Thanks for sharing your story. My case was worse than yours. Like
loan-shark only. Anyway you should ask your upline to pay you back RM3k
from his own pocket because he cheated you. If he tries to put the blame
on you by saying you didn't work or whatever just say you don't care
because he took your stock and cheated you. You should ask him, ask his
family, continue to bug him... where does he live? I hate these kinda
people man.

My story is like this,

My upline took me to the LB office to listen to their marketting plan,
at that time I was the very first upline he approached and he sounded
very nice... caring... willing to help me do the business... he agreed
to lend me the capital of RM2xxx to start the business because I told
him I had not enough money to start and he told me that I can pay him
back only when I got the money from the business because he had faith in

So oklor I was thinking what the heck man I pay a little but get the
stock from him which is worth even more... so okla I went to listen to
the thing and he told me ok pay him RM150 first he will lend me the rest
so I did lor... I paid him RM150.

After few days he came back and told me some reason he couldn't sign me
up la asked for RM600 instead... so oklor I gave him RM600 and then
continue going for the meetings and NDO and all that crap. Finally he
said his upline told him that uplines cannot lend money to downlines
because it's not allowed in their business so he asked me to fork out
RM2xxx lor.. and I was stuck because all my money was already with him
and he told me that he already used the money to register me as a buying
member. Later I found out it was fake because the money was with him all
the while. So I was stuck la.

I decided to use credit card to pay. I had cash but I needed the cash
for something else. Even then he asked me to use my cash and assured me
I could earn back my cash in time. Now I think about it, good thing I
didn't trust him otherwise I would not have any money left.

So okla I swiped card but he cheated me as well. As you know Counts are
allowed to sell their stock to their downlines but then they can only
accept cash right? He didn't tell me this fact either. No wonder he kept
telling me if can pay cash better la because paying by credit card would
be very inconvenient for him. And that also means I must take whatever
stock he has so I can't choose my oil or lamp. So I still swiped card at
the counter but then I didn't swipe it for my own product. He made me
swipe for RM2xxx worth of products which other uplines wanted to buy
from LB. I swiped and his uplines gave him the cash of RM2xxx for the
products which I have just swiped for.
The downside to this is, I do not have any receipt from LB for my
purchases so then I cannot return for my refund right? My receipt from
LB were for the products for his uplines which I had swiped my card for.
So I was stuck la how to refund?

So after that I felt very cheated coz of all these facts he was hiding
from me while he was asking me to go gather the cash. I feel very angry.

What can I do about this? I can give you my DHCL number but I need to
search for it coz I deleted and burned all my LB related stuff already.
If you want to know my upline I can provide you information about him.

*no editing made :P except my name...*

Hey, I would love to bug him, but, I'm rather nice, and wait for the time to
make this whole matter big and thus not only him will face the concequences
but the whole team...

So, all my dear readers.. You've read and this is to me, the worst I've heard
so far since starting this blog..
I'm yet to hear any suicide case.. but I would never doubt it would never
happen in the near future...



duke said...


always do this...damn beh tahan...

later I create on anti Lampe Berger Help blog...


just joking la...

Lampe Berger Help said...

wait la..
must let the previous news digest in each and everyone's stomach first ma..

One Man's Perception said...

Hmmm... LB Help,
Personally I myself digest very fast~
I almost reach the edge of spamming your blog for the "Bad Experience" post.
Anyway, I will keep reading~

Personally, I found your site is the most informative.
Steven's Blog is very passionate + very personal!
Unfortunately, mine is too dry~ no one comments… haha~
Anyway, the previous post is a really nice post!

One Man's Perceptions

Lampe Berger Help said...

No la.. I don't want to run out of topics.. haha

Must overlap one day then post wan.. haha

handsome said...

When can we read the new story.....just excited to read all those funny thing in DCHL...

Steven Yip said...

This isn't really so bad.

At least he didn't lost 30k.

duke said...

he didn't lose 30k...

but his upline cheated on him man...

this is as serious as losing 30k..and show how unethical these ppl can be!!!

Dexter said...

In short, only unethical people will use unethical tactics and like to stay on with an unethical and dishonest Company.

My same reminder and advise:

a) Those who failed to stay are the luckier ones because those who carry on must have made money and lost more friends and reputation;

b) The best way to STOP their business from victimising more people is to inform all our friends and relatives about their LAMPE BERGER< BEL_AIR names and a description of the products. Until their business get stagnant.

Dexter said...

lampe berger help,

Have you received my e-mail ? I don't receive any reply from you yet.


What about my site ? Any comment ?
I went through a lot of effort to get those information.
I think yours is the most artistic.

Dexter said...

Why my identity appeared as dexter and not "Stop MLM Scams !!"

Can someone teach me how to change it ?


Lampe Berger Help said...

Dexter, can you re-send the e-mail again..

Must have dunno gone where..

Oh, you need to choose an identity, and the sign on below the comments box..

And yeah, steven, he bloody got cheated.. and that's the bad experience lor.. :)

Calvin, thanks for the compliment on my site :)
But more cartoon on your site would help build up traffic maybe.. :)

or maybe a mohamed look like or jesus look like genie holding the lampe?
You sure kena fire kau kau wan.. :P

crazysocket said...

if the story is true.. dun scare of defamation.. write the upline name here... haha..

Dexter said...

There is a Chinese saying. If the top is not straight, the bottom will be crooked.

So don't just blame the uplines or the people, BLAME the Company who is the real real upline who TAUGHT them. Don't be fooled by the Company if they tell you they "don't know" or "please write in" types of excuses.

I will be putting up a new post in my site on getting refunds. Please visit later.

CS said...

Yes.. You have been cheated, lied to and scammed twice.
First scam came from the marketing of dreams and income
without being properly informed.
Second was from your upline who made you buy
stock for someone else.

First all of all, for 2xxx that you should have made you a franchisee eligable for discounts. Meaning whatever you
buy should have earn you some pv points.
If you have bought the stock for someone else how does it
go into your account…

So what actually happened was eventhough you bought the
stock from DCHL, it was like you actually bought the
stock from your upline. Because he got the cash from
the stock, 100% sales or unloading. That person that
you swipe for, since he paid cash but you have the stock
that you swipe, that means he would have gotten the
stock from your upline and he wanted to earn points hence
the card swipe came from you.

Why don’t you put his name here, first name at least. You do not have to worry about being sued for libel or defamation since it is an internet blog. Let people know what lying cheat he is.

Your only comfort is that your upline is probably desperate
for cash. He could have made 10% of your 2xxx if you have
purchase directly from the company. But he would rather be
a real cheat and a lying scoundrel. But you can find solace
in knowing that he would get burned. You may have lost
2xxx and got some very expensive lamps in return but he
put in 30k to be a count. He may get his investment return
by being a cheat but he would have lost his friends and reputation
Even better if he made some good money every month and he quit
his job and later to find that income grows smaller and smaller.
At this far down the chain, if he bought a count without having
a stable network he would lose money and would even be more frustated
than you.

Lampe Berger Help said...

I will ask the person to reveal it.

handsome said...

Maybe some of you doesn't know that for the initail 2345, it is unrefunable. I also knew this very very late. The pokai really jialat to cheat like this...for your case, I think you are still among the luckiest term of $$$...but the feeling will be the same...
Luckily, we have a good place(here) to release our anger....

Dexter said...

Hi All,

I put up a new post on REFUND in my blog, please visit it.

Anonymous said...


2345 is refundable.

lamps cost more than RM1200 is not refundable.

Steven Yip said...

I agree with Dexter,

From the start, DCHL Lampe Berger marketing plan is meant to exploit the network.

The uplines can see this well enough. Do you think they will just quit, when they are comfortable earning 5 figures at the expense of the downlines.

If you are a new LB member, I suggest that you quit this business, try to get as much refund as you can, and join us ANTI LAMPE BERGER.

Anonymous said...

helo LB Help...i've been a DCHL member for 3 years and i find ur blog fresh and intelligent...from the header itself u've pointed out that u're here to help sposors who failed them...and u're condemning irresponsible sponsors, not the plan/product/company.

thumbs up and continue to keep it intelligent and inpersonal. i myself can learn something here.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Thanks anonymous...

It is people's problem..
In a way, Steven Yip has already also pointed out..

Sometimes, the plan is being exploited.. even the product.. thus tarnishing the image of the company..

I wish u good luck in your endeavour, and hope you are the ethical one.

Anonymous said...

Ok, those who think that this is no fault of the Company or the management is ver naive.
I agree with dexter.
If it is not the Comapny's plan and idea, why don't they sack the unethical distributors ?

Dexter said...

Hi all,

I started a new post on SCAMs. Please visit my site and help to contribute if possible.


duke said...

pool all your money...go buy 30k worth of LB oil..and burn down lb...hehehehe..

just joking

Anonymous said...

LB Help: thanks for ur well-wishes. if i dare say it here, the unethical lot are mostly the canton/mandarin speaking groups. i like and admire ur cool-headedness and impartiality. it's hard to come by these days.

anon 4:02pm

Lampe Berger Help said...

duke, that's too harsh.. :)

anonymous above dexter, well, if they sack, you think they are going to earn any single cent?

The company depends on them to earn...

Which business person don't want to earn money, either the right way or dirty way, there is money they will follow and dig...
These only applies the to greedy ones...

Oh, and about the un-ethical ones who are mainly the "CHINESE" true real chinese speaking group..
I couldn't disagree much either..

The way they talk are really CONvincing.. thus people falling into their words..

The English speaking group are rather, slow in progress as I see..

But not all chinese speaking ones we are pointing to.. SOME. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been introduced to visit here about refund from Lampe berger.

Where is the message on seeking refund ?

Many people dont believe people are asking for refunds and still very active in the bsuiness.

duke said...

a lot of ppl asking for refunds...but cannot get..


LB Help..i'm just joking.. hehehehehhe...

Anonymous said...

personally I've joined SYN/DCHL/LB for almost 3mths....i treat it as a partime job coz i m stil holding unto my engineer career...for me, i don't treat this as a 'get rich quick scheme' and i'd never heard it from my uplines or sidelines that they did it easily but all through hard work and perseverance...

Dexter, u seem like taking things personally..ur comments are like double-edged sword...i agree with you that there r unethical ones...but do you also know that we live in a broken down imperfect world where no man is perfect, just like you and i???unethical acts are everywhere;governments, politics, offices...will you then end up criticizing everyday??? i accept them but i don't condone to their acts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above is just a newbie of DCHL who dunno the truth hidden behind, leave SYN ASAP b4 u are fuck up

Anonymous said...


Hey guys it's me again. Regarding the story that's become the subject of this thread here's more info.

CS: Yes even if you buy stock off your Upline you immediately become a franchisee and you are entitled to discount. At least this was what my upline told me unless he conned me again. I asked him how this was possible and he told me that LB will deduct some PV from him and transfer to me so that I become a franchisee level. Anyway all these Franchisee, Count, Marq, Duke are all levels defined within Steven Yeam Network only right? Correct me if i'm wrong.

Btw I also got conned in several other ways by my upline. He would hide many facts from me like the buying of stocks process from LB just because he didn't want me to know that I have the option of buying from LB directly rather than his stock. This was very unethical.

At the end he kept chasing me to pay him back for some of the cash he forked out for my trainings and all that and even threatened me. All this after he conned me of RM2345 therefore I was very upset at this whole thing.

What a turnoff. from a person posing as a caring helpful friend to become the worst enemy I can ever think off. BEWARE OF THIS GUY:

Anyway here's his info:

Name: Goh Chin Seng
DCHL Membership Number: 20045363
H/p number: 012-2111204
House number: 03-41427423

duke said...

anonymous..ur are absolutely wrong!

only Franchisee onwards can buy products from the company.

so, if you want to become a Franchisee, you can only buy products from someone who is Franchisee or above.

so, ur upline didn't cheat you. u memang cannot buy direct from company. you buy from ur upline, u become a Franchisee, and then u can only buy directly from the company.

and the Franchisee, Baron, Count, Marquis, Duke, Arch Duke...these are the positions in Lampe Berger as a whole. SYN is only part of LB..SYN is an individual company which is also a distributor of LB..

again, if you are lacking of these information, i think your upline conned u liao...he didn't impart all these to you..

Anonymous said...


Ok then. But then he shouldn't have to me that once I gathered the neccesary cash of RM2345 I will have the freedom to choose whatever product I want as long as it made up for that amount. In that sense I feel cheated already.

Lampe Berger Help said...


Justify your Franchisee quotes with solid proof..anywhere wateva..
Just for everyone's knowledge..
This is someting new to me tho.. ;)

and anonymous, thanks for puttin up his info in here..
I guess, the truth has been told.. no more fake sotries.


Anonymous said...

lampe berger help,

just to add onto wat duke mentioned...Franchisee is the 1st level tat enable he/her to bring the product from LB and sell it to others...if anyone just want to be a consumer, then he/her can opt to either become a Member or buy the products from a Franchisee or above...Members can enjoy the discount and subjected to ONLY use wat they purchase...

wat i'd quoted can be found in the DCHL Marketing Plan...anyone wish to look at it, pls approach DCHL

duke said...

the previous anonymous answered the question for me, i think.

if you are only a member, you can only buy from someone who is Franchisee or above. cannot buy direct from Company.

but of cos, YOU CAN CHOOSE WHATEVER PRODUCTS YOU in the other anonymous case, I think your upline is shit.

if me. i will feel cheated also...your upline really act suspiciously and didn't let u know full information. and he just want to quickly let go his Count stock! that's why he didn't let u choose, just allow you to take whatever stock HE HAS. if he is really good fren, he would have let u choose the prodcut from the company, and purchase it for you over the counter.


duke said...

don't forget I am duke!

so I am quite knowledgeable regarding LB. hehehehe...

just joking lah... :pppp

Anonymous said...


Ok refer to me as 'Anonymous 1' la.. i'm the guy who got cheated in this story.

Basically you are right he was crap. And what's worse is he actually lied to me and told me that I cannot choose my product because it really depends on what 'stock' LB has at that time. Which is nonsense coz he was taking from his own stock.

Also I believe that during this time of conning me he was actually trying to gather RM30k to upgrade himself to count that's why he was delaying my registration for so long and not telling me the thruth whether my stock would come from company or him. Because he was not sure yet.

I believe it's very unethical for uplines to hide facts like this from downlines.

Also once I collected my stock from him, the all insisted that I opened them up and light them immediately because they want to teach me how to use the lamp. In the end I realised that they just didn't want me to bring back to refund that's why they did that. This is total rubbish la.

I did tell them I didn't want to use the lamp yet incase I need to return for refund but they kept telling me if I thought of refund I will never succeed in the business. This is another of their dirty tricks.

duke said... kena their trap kau kau...

after buying...they will open your oil and light up the lamps.

they might open few bottles and and few lamps...and say.. "let u taste different oil.."

or they'll say teach u how to use..

actually their main motive is so that you cannot refund!!

Dexter said...

Hi All,

Those who have bad experience please visit my blog and learn how to get your refund in the most effective way.

Dexter said...

Ethical Company always sack unethical distributors.

If you think the Company dare not sack those distributors for fear of losing business, why do you not think they will also refund you for fear of losing business too ?

If you think in this manner, it's no point for anyone to complain then. The Company will alway side those bringing business to them.

I am refering to your message in my blog.

Remember that the REAL upline of any MLM Company is the Company managemnt and if anyone thinks that the Company should not be blamed because of any distributors' misbehaviour, might as well don't complain at all.

Anonymous said...


Yup that's their trick which obviously I didn't fall into because I knew their motives but then they still insisted and they were not happy when I told them I wanted to keep in case need to refund.


what's your blog address? How do I proove my case w/o facts? These things are not documented.

Btw, RZ Corporation is another stupid china man company which will probably side unethical distributors as long as they still make money from them.


Lampe Berger Help said...

agrees that it is the company that is the real upline of this whole scheme..

Who wants to sack their distributors.
Sure their name will turn bad when news of the company start sacking people..
Each and every company wants to keep good image.. but i think keeping them is already tarnishing their company's image..

Obviously he kena trap kau kau.. :P

Anonymous it is here..

Dexter said...


Can I call you in short ? Easier. Any Company that practises harbouring unethical distributors are already bad in image. Same as any conmen, they only care for income, not image or reputation.
I wonder if LB France has visited our blogs yet, hehe.

last anonymous,

You just need to click on our name, if printed in blue(mean blogged) but sorry, I did not follow your case much, please put up in my blog, I will try my best to advise you. You'll be surprised I can help !!

Dexter said...


Birds of the same feathers flock together and in the same NEST too !!

I found out and heard alot about Steven Yeam's past history in Malaysia, no wonder he can be such a leader in such a con-company.

Anonymous said...

put in short, do any authorities take note of whats happening around in Malaysia? What are their steps to overcome this situation? I as a consumer would like to know if the government is really going to take any action on this. Its been going on for quite sometime as everyone knows.

Anonymous said...

take a look at whats singaporeans think of MLM, they're having the same problem with Malaysia... There's a thread on Bel Air which is the same as the SYN concept

Anonymous said...

the government should have a look at this

Yee Kok Mun said...

i just dont understd how come there are still people getting into these stuff..2.5k-30k is alot of money leh. even a rich man thinks hard on investing or simply throwing tis money.

Yee Kok Mun said...

im really glad this blog is creating AWARNESS to ppl that are unknown to LB. thanks. U surely have saved alot of ppl outta making the mistake of their life.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Yeah, birds with the same feathers, flocks together.. :)


SG government are taking a hard stance on MLM and Pyramid Scheme..

But, still.. nothing much is being done..
Don't talk about our government..
Nothing much can be said either..

What our government needs now is a new and fresh politic men and women, regardless of race and religion to join as one.. with one mind..

THat would happen, if SOMEONE change..

duke said...

our gahmen just organized a Direct Selling Convention. lol

Dexter said...

I know Singapore LB has slowed down alot.
Singaporeans are more inteliigent and don't get fooled so easily.
Have anyone listed all our blogs to the Singaporeans yet ?
Once Singapore slowed down, Malaysian distributors will be convinced and slow down too.

Anonymous said...

TVB clip that tell us about truth of lampe berger cheating and falso claim

It is in Cantonese. Hope with all this info, all those who still choose to close their minds related to all this negative information of lampe berger will open their minds now and get out of this trap before too late.

HATE LB said...

hey anonymous, can u give us the exact file to watch the video? coz the address u gave seem 2 be the home website, i dunno how to read thus not sure where to find it.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Naw.. this video is made up by TVB.
As said.. am not too sure tho..
Maybe someone would call TVB to verify..

Anonymous said...

repost. should work now. try again...

Anonymous said...

repost. should work now. try again...

Anonymous said...

Find this blog very interesting....No offence that i'm LB member too...

REgarding this story, you can refund if the product is still sealed. If your upline do not want to refund to you, just take all the stock to the counter...thast all....

This is what i always told my partner if they really wana quit... They is no point become enemy from fren becox of LB...

Lampe Berger Help said...

That says it all..

Have courage and take it to the counter..
Simple as that...

But, I can assure you, many obstacle are yet to come.

You need to go through a whole lot of battlefield of counts and marquis' to go for the re-fund.

Anonymous said...

lampe berger help,

did u went thru it urself then? or u r juz finding ways to demoralize pple in LB?? wat's so difficult about refunding?? juz make ur stand lor...

Anonymous said...

below is my queries after going thru

Any source to back ur claims about ur so called "OHK" & Lampe Berger?

Don't mind me asking u this question, "How do you happen to know about the history of Lampe Berger/DCHL/OHK/Bel Air? And pls don't reply with tis "There are times when facts and knowledge are self-explained. If you are a male and someone claimed that you are not a male, you don't need to bring down your pants to prove it to others. Others can tell from your appearance." Simply to say, just answer my question. I believe you're a matured guy, so do it in a matured way.

Probably u might also want to share wif us wat r the possible reasons tat Lampe Berger France will stop granting DCHL the sole distributorship in ASIA. How can u tell? When do you think it is going to happen? Are u by any chance a market analyst by profession?

I would appreciate if could spend some time to answer my queries with facts and figures and not ur own presumptions. I guess it is time to clear the air.

Anonymous said...


U advised readers to confirm ur words thru the internet, but after i have went thru Lampe Berger's website(, it makes me want to ask , Did u really PERSONALLY conduct a thorough reading or research in the internet? This is the meaning of aromatherapy : "Aromatherapy, commonly associated with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), is the use of volatile liquid plant materials, known as essential oils (EOs), and other aromatic compounds from plants to affect someone's MOOD or HEALTH.(source is Wikipedia). Mind u, Mr. Maurice Berger is using extract from various herbs and aromatic plant to make the fragrant liquids used in the lamp(eg. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Green Tea, Peppermint and etc).

Lampe Berger website stated the following:
1. 2 minutes is all it takes to
heat up the burner before u
extinguish the fire. Is 2
minutes very long? I can’t
believe it. Well, tat is ur choice.
2.the catalytic burner captures and destroys molecules tat carry odours. Such as cigarette smoke, pet odours, cooking odours, paint fumes & many other forms of household pollution.
3.AT LEAST 68% of the bacteria found in a large volume of air are killed.
4.the lamp purifies the atmosphere before perfuming it
By the way, do you know the working principles of the lamp? Do you know when the aroma starts to fill the air? U r 100% correct tat air keeps circulating, otherwise the whole human race would have already been wiped out!! Do u also know tat the heat kept inside the catalytic burner after the fire had been extinguished is the reason tat the aroma from the essential oil is still flowing in the atmosphere?

Lampe Berger is just an option to everybody and same goes to Bodyshop. Just choose the one tat suits ur lifestyle. But u end up criticizing Lampe Berger products. Even start to assume tat they might be using synthetic fragrance.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Personally, for me... DCHL/Lampe Berger will not totally close down.
But it will change from one name to another..

Just like how Gold Quest changes to Questnet...

Anonymous, i've went through it all myself, and I can even draw the marketing plan for you..

I've been there for half a year and I tell you, half a year is alot to see... once u open up ur eyes and hearts and mind..

Dexter said...

To the last 2 anonymous that addressed to me:

a)About OHK and Lampe Berger. OHK started business in Malaysia first, what if I can find evidence like invoices issued by OHK ? What's your stake ? I won't play small. I need to advertise to get some evidence, arrange with the witnesses here as well as legal arrangement. But you need not worry about expenses, sure your Company or DCHL can afford to pay for it. Or I pay first, if I lose, you have no risk. But you need to put up some gurantee.
I advise you to call up OHK and DCHL to check before you take the gamble.
You must be 1 of those new and young innocent guys who knew nothing about their dirty past.
Ok, now that you challenged me, you must take up the gamble. If you don't, it showed I am right. If I don't take the gamble, I am wrong, fair ?

b) As for aromatheraphy. LB France never claimed it. Only the MLM did. France claimed aroma but NOT aromatherapy. You are right, the France claimed 68% after 45th min(which means that is the best they can do), but do you know the MLM here claimed how many percent ?

c) As for the France taking the rights back or not, they already have an agreement, so don't try to put words into my mouth.

You better take up the challenge or gamble for (a) above. Otherwise, it showed how dishonest you are or you are trying to over up for their dirty past and a disgrace to LB in Malaysia.

b3rnard7 said...

Anonymous: I rather use AMBI PURR than the Lamp,u wanna know why?

1)Is cheap and affordtable...u can find it in any stores,mini market,supermarket,hypermarket and etc.But the "lamp" must buy from DCHL/SYN only,and also expensive.

2)The refill for AMBI PURR is much damn cheaper than the essential oil refill.

3)Is easy to carry,can bring it anywhere...u even can keep inside the pocket.But I dun think u can keep the lamp in ur pocket right? even for ladies won't keep the lamp in handbag as well.

4)Compare the price between AMBI PURR and the Lamp.Somesay that "what u pay is what u get" which is true also.But what's the point i need to pay more if both products can do the same functions and the price is damn much diffrence.AMBI PURR is RM12 (including 1 refills) but the lamp is RM1-2K (not including refills)?


Anonymous said...

lampe berger help,

I am not sure if either DCHL/ Lampe Berger gonna change their company’s name but I am sure that both has been around for a period of time. The former started in the early 2000 while the latter in the 19th century. Well, men should not boast about tomorrow for no man knows what is gonna happen tomorrow. Why not let TIME be the judge of these 2 companies? Agree?

I am not keen to know about DCHL/Lampe Berger/Gold Quest/Questnet marketing plans. But if you feel there is a need to publish it here for all readers to know, then please by all means go ahead and do it. Who knows your action might just strike a revelation on other readers. Cheers.

Dexter said...

To the last anonymous,

Poor innocent soul thinking he knows alot. LB/DCHL started in early 2000 but he don't know 4 years before that they are started with other Companies names. In Malaysia it was OHK. If they can change once, they can change again.

Strange, the other 2 previous "anonymous" went hiding, huh ? Or DCHL adviced them to keep quiet ?

Anonymous said...


a)How and when did this blog turn into a gambling table? It is not my lifestyle to gamble, whether it involves monies or whatsoever. I still suggest that you provide hard and solid evidence unto what you have claimed and put them into actions and begin to tear apart DCHL/Lampe Berger in Malaysia/Singapore. What is the point of keeping this blog when those companies are still operating and harming other ignorant people? Not many are going to read this blog and not many are going to hear your voices. The crux to solving problems is to go for their roots. And mind you, DCHL is operating in 11 countries in Asia Pacific. So by shutting down one, I believe there is going to be a chain reaction upon the rest. You are in fact helping nations upon nations. Wow!

b)As consumers, I guess the important thing is how can a product benefits us. Agree? Allow me to correct your statements. It should be “AT LEAST 68% of the bacteria found in a large volume of air are killed”, which means it can be more than 68%. Another is, “A burning time of 25 to 45 minutes is sufficient for a room of 300 square feet.” Try not to omit the key words because you are changing the meaning of the entire statement. It is UNETHICAL to TWIST the info provided by the manufacturer. Unless you personally scientifically prove they are wrong. Readers can confirm the above 2 statements here,, then download the brochure which is in PDF format. I have no concern of what you or the MLM said, since both are not the manufacturer.

c)Why don’t you read back what you had wrote in the blog you created with the title “Avoid LAMPE BERGER & BEL AIR”. You quoted the following in your first paragraph; “When their Lampe Berger business collapses or if the French takes their rights back….” . So did I put words in your mouth? What I am trying to learn from you is what could be the possibilities that MIGHT lead to Lampe Berger terminating the contract with DCHL?

It is not my will to challenge anyone here. This is a blog for everyone to air their view and concern. I have doubts, so I ask. If I have accidentally offended you, then pls accept my apologies. I don’t represent Lampe Berger, I represent my thoughts and views.

Anonymous said...


If AMBI PURR is for you, then stick to it. Stand upon your choice and conviction. Then no one will be able to shake you. Cheers!

metal steed rider said...

well, dexter boldly proclaimed that he has the evidences and challenges anybody who doubts him to a bet.

if some of u think that u have a strong case against dexter then by all means, do take the bet and prove once and for all that DCHL is not a scam.

one would chicken out when one has no strong backing to fall back on.

oh by the way, even if u can argue ur points that DCHL is not a scam, do u think Steven Yeam would give two hoots about u?

Anonymous said...


I do not know a lot but I say what I knew. Since you know them till way back to 4 years ago, why aren’t you stopping them? What is the point of writing so much yet they are still operating? If you really sincerely want to help, then DO it.

Anonymous said...

metal steed rider,

Yes, bold in proclaiming in blogs and forums. If you are not a reader of this thread, what are the possibilities for you to come to know of dexters’ claims? Possibly through relatives, friends or maybe colleagues? And how long would that takes for everyone to know it? ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. But you guys chose to act by challenging and betting. Will that stop anyone in your community from joining DCHL/Lampe Berger? If dexter’s purpose of creating all these blogs is to wait for someone to come and challenge his views and evidence against DCHL, then it is just a waste of time. Sincere he is, but sincerely wrong.

If you read my posts correctly, I am not in one way or another helping DCHL to be stripped off being named as a SCAM. Neither am I here to argue with you or dexter. I am just curious why dexter is only bold enough to post his views and knowledge in blogs and forums. I thought he should be very confident with them and go to the court of law to expose DCHL wrongdoings rather than merely sitting in front of a PC blogging. Then again, how many can you help through blogs?

I begin to sense resentment in dexter when he twisted the manufacturer’s claim upon their products. If you ever read his post titled “Avoid LAMPE BERGER & BEL_AIR”, he even described the burner as a charcoal!! For goodness sake, someone please show him how does a charcoal looks like and tell him what is going to happen to the charcoal when it is lit. Thought he really knows a lot.

metal steed rider said...

fine, since u felt u have a point, and since u ALREADY ARE reading this thread, then why not U challenge him?

i would agree with you about, why dexter is not going public with his evidences and info if he really has it, yet i would also want to know what was the reason that is holding U back from openly challenge him?

i'm not trying to defend anyone here, i'm merely pointing out what i see as a third party.

Anonymous said...

metal steed rider,

Frankly speaking, what is there to challenge about between he and I? History and background of DCHL/Lampe Berger? I have already state what I know about this 2 organizations in the previous post. Quite superficial since I got them from their respective website. That is also why I ask dexter for evidence on his claims, since he knew them way back 4 years ago. If he wants to have a challenge, shouldn’t he be challenging DCHL/Lampe Berger? Made them surrender and shut down their operations. Aren’t these the objectives of this entire blog? Why need anyone to challenge him in order to bring out the evidence? Since he had already went the extra mile to teach readers how to avoid being cheated by MLM and ways to get refund, then what is stopping him to act upon the evidence he had?

I really can’t find a reason to challenge him. Moreover, he didn’t even answer most of my questions especially those pertaining to Lampe Berger products. Why don’t you ask dexter what is holding him back from challenging DCHL/Lampe Berger openly?

Dexter said...


Your messages PROVED you are just as dishonest as your Company or your Company taught you to twist and turn.

Why should I go to court ? I never said they are illegal and I am not doing it for personal benefits.

I have my rights and freedom to expose their dirty past(i never said that is illegal)now and YOU tried to challenge me by asking me "any source to back up my LB/OHK claim". I know you are trying to cover up that OHK is the first Company to market LB in Malaysia. If you are so damn sure that my claim is not true, why don't you dare to gamble with me ?
I told you I am willing to pay all the legal expenses first if you cannot afford it. You have nothing to risk if you are right. So don't try to bullshit with any other excuses that you don't want to turn this into a gambling ground.
You ask me for evidence and you chicken out.
If you are not as unethical as those 2 Companies(OHK/RZ in Malaysia), don't try to deny their past. Or maybe you are already ashamed to know their truth.
Anyone can tell that your chickening out by beating around already PROVED my claim is right. Otherwise, with all the money those 2 Companies have, they don't back you up ?? Hahaha....

TVB's program is enough to prove how good or how bad is DCHL.

Don't fool yourself or anyone else. If you still work for such unethical Companies, beware of your guilty conscience and the Chinese saying, "Beware of your last few years.....".

Dexter said...

Yes, I did mentioned that when their Lampe Berger business collapse, they can just ask all their distributors to transfer back to OHK and market Bel_Air, which is 100% their own brand.
If OHK can ask their distributors to switch to sell Bel_AIR or leave to join DCHL(RZ in Malaysia), don't be surprise if DCHL/RZ will ask their people to market Bel_AIR if they don't work out with LB France.

The fact that both OHK/RZ/DCHL tried to hide their history already proved a SCAM which they are guilty about. Otherwise, why not admit it ?

Or did "those" anonymous LB distributors above are so stupid to defend for their Companies without checking with their Companies ?

Anonymous said...


Dishonest? My company? Fyi, my company name is Celestica Electronics, a contract manufacturer, HQ in Canada. I am an Engineer by profession. Sorry, but I don’t work for DCHL/Lampe Berger. I don’t remember quoting myself working for them. I must agree that you are real good in defaming others. Exactly like what you did towards Lampe Berger products. Either you are ignorant about them or you choose to twist the truth. Either way, it is of no moral values.

Didn’t you put it clearly, “STOP MLM SCAMS” as the title? What does SCAM means to you? Education tells us that SCAM talks about conning or fraudulent scheme. So since it is not illegal to you, means you accept such companies as legal? Please don’t answer me as neutral cause you will be slapping your own face.

I do not know OHK or even what this abbreviation stands for. I had already stated the extent of my knowledge about Lampe Berger (from their website). These are the reasons for me to learn from you about them, especially OHK. I guess many readers out there will also be interested to know what you knew. But you kept talking about ‘challenge’ and ‘gamble’. You took so much time to come out with this blog for the sake of these? Are these your objectives? Read my words clearly, ASSURE EVERY LADY & GENTLEMAN HERE WITH PROOFS AND EVIDENCE UPON WHAT YOU CLAIMED. Don’t just talk the talk. What is holding you back from publicize them here? Is it no one to challenge and gamble with you? dexter, you may have courage but sadly you are not putting it into great use. And I don’t think you will need to pay any legal fee, just gather your evidence and report to the crime busters. They will do the rest of the job.

Well, till to date I am still asking for that evidence from you. Unfortunately, you kept walking in a circle. I did not hesitate to put down as much as I know here and coupled them with their source without having to get someone to challenge or gamble with me. Truly, this sentence of yours really amused me, “Anyone can tell that your chickening out by beating around already PROVED my claim is right.” Someone please tell me that I am not interacting with a kid! Sound so childish! For goodness sake, how do you link?
First was gamble and now money. What is next? I had already back up what I said with facts and figures. You might want to go through my previous posts to verify this. So is it your turn now to back up what you said?

dexter, foolish are those who talk without action. You don’t even bother to do your homework before criticizing Lampe Berger’s products. Do you feel anything on your conscience when you twist the words of the manufacturer and post them here? Well, “beware of your last few years”. God bless you.

Anonymous said...


There are a lot of ‘if’ in your statements. Obviously, you are telling readers that you are not sure about them. This is what I call spreading rumours. Why are you doing this? Does it please your conscience? By doing this, how different are you from those SCAM companies that you named?

I guess probably you are the only one here that knows about this OHK. None of us here know your so called fact except yourself. So long as you don’t prove your claims, then again how different are you from those distributors you named as cheat?

Please don’t ask me to gamble again. I have had enough of that low morale part of yours. If you enjoy gambling, please go to casinos. Their doors are always open wide for you. You can challenge every dealer on every table with every dollar that you have.

metal steed rider said...

erm... anonymouses...

could u put up a name at least? juat a name unique enuf to differentiate urself from other anonymouses? so we can know who is talking and not replying to the wrong comments...

will make reading much easier.

w0wo said...

metal steel rider,

See my unique identification as above.

metal steed rider said...

hey, thanks.

proton wira said...

i think all the lb member know the story u think they r u stupid one? they r the ppl who selfish, only think for their own benefit, and pass their thought to another,make their friend and family follow the step, which so call profit sharing by them!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all let me state that I am a member of LB business in Australia. I have been a user of LB becasue it really worked with my hayfever down here and I have now been in the business for 9months or so.

I come here occasionally as part of my due dilligence to see what complaints there are.

Fortunatelly I have not seen any real reasons why LB as a product or a business as such should receive any negative comments.

MLM business is however run with great freedom and flexibility by the individual members and depending on who you mix with you may meet people who lie, use bully tactics etc. I think this reflects more of Malaysian culture rather than LB or DCHL.

Secondly, people nowadays just don't want to take responsibility for anything themselves. They basically want to invest a bit of money and then expect to get rich.
Common, look at the marketing plan, discuss with your "recruiter", find references, do due dilligence BEFORE signing up and you minimize the risk of disappointment.

And thirdly, this envy of Duke's and Arch Duke's making money from the downlines work. Sure, they also started off doing that work and now like a big boss, they do other kind of work, they support their downlines. Like young Duke Patrick who comes here to Australia very frequently. He even spends a lot of time with the Sydney team who is not even part of SYN, so he has no money to make there.

I will personally continue to do the business and do so with good conceouns as I have found the product work very well and I apply ethics in my approach and sincerity in wanting to help all my partners up/down and sideways.
I also believe this is the way to clean up the name in the MLM business, not by bitching in blog sites.


Felt_cheated said...

Yeah,damn it just joined on that day .when i attend the class i felt wrong but its too late.Any refundable money ?

Anonymous said...


I felt glad to have found this blog as i was about to join the SYN. I joined their NDO thingy last nite, with all the ho ha "How are you?" Great Fantastic Yes, kind of bullcrap. It's just another MLM kind of thingy. As i browse thru, i found also other blog that bring me to ( look for lampe berger ) as someone reported the scam to the non-profit organization website.

During in NDO, my fren also told me about this 2345 thingy, i nearly joined, but i was shocked to found out, to really earn money, they will make u spend 30k joining that count thingy first. 30k, such a huge sum of money. Where can all those uni or college student get those money? Even you working 10 K per month, you also need 3 month accumulation to have it. You wish to earn 10K per month, lamper burger peeps, go sell your butt at chow kit until rot may get 10k per month.

Yeah rite, brought 30k worth of oil, you can drink everyday and make your health back to younger days again. hmmm.. 30K, i rather go buy all the mah piu, hope i hit the next jackpot...sad sad...the 17 mil kena already by some lucky fella. hehe.

Good job for exposing this and salution!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, so basically the only reason you joined was because you thought this was a no risk situation ?.. that you would only have to fork out rm 150 of your own and ASSUMED that even if you don't earn money from this ( which comes by actually WORKING on it ) ... it's alright because you only need to pay your upline back when you have earned. Dude you want my honest opinion?. You are nothing but a scum. Yes your upline is another scum for lying and hiding facts for you, and for that I identify him as another bad apple in the network marketing industry. But for yourself, you joined because you thought there's nothing to lose out of it and expect fast money back. And when things did't turn out the way you expected it to be, you blame the whole DCHL company and it's plan. Well let me ask you this, why did you join in the first place then?.. so are you a hypocrite?.. And please as a reasonable person I expect you to give a reasonable answer rather than the same ol lame "oh my upline's fault" =)..

Anonymous said...

Hello guys.. I just my name as anonymous X

Frankly speaking. There is no right or wrong in doing business. Whether is ethically right or wrong as long as it is legal. It will be okie. To dexter and anonymous. I enjoy reading it!!! HAHAHA. But ONE thing i can assure you guys. DCHL they don't focus on products. What they do? The focus more on marketing plan. I PERSONALLY went to the talk. What they do? Just keep on telling me about the marketing plan. Man, I'm just 18 years old boy. Who just started to join MLM. What I can say is that DCHL is a money game thingy. It like an investment than a MLM. I have to say this. MLM is a future business trend. What is a good MLM? They only focus more on their products rather than Marketing plan. All MLM products habve good qualities. No doubt that LB is one of them but THEY ARE FRANCHISE with DCHL. Not THIER OWN products. What if the is no more contract between them? When LB have better offer from other MLM? I think they just purchase the product from them and sell to people la. The lampe berger is actually quite cheap la. U can buy from ebay. It lyk less than $400. Why do you have to spend $2345 for it? Man. Why not u just give me $2345 to be the member n get another $2345 from others. Bloody hell!!! to those who join and still supporting them. PLS BE FAIR TO YOURSELF. Is this right or wrong. My friends, any good MLM to introduce here? I'm looking for opportunity. :) Peace off yo!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous X,
You're talking about good opportunities and yet you don't do any homework on how DCHL operates. You can buy a Lampe Berger from ebay, but I'd be darned if it came with an opportunity with it.
You have no clue what you are talking about.

DCHL member of one month and getting damned pissed at people's stupidity and mis-conception on MLM.

Anonymous said...

I wrote this on Steven Yips petition, thought I'd like to share with you all:

To whomever it concerns,

Still, there is no evidence that is posted anywhere on this website and on any page that suggests in anyway that DCHL is flawed! Period!

However, there are plenty of reasons for people here claiming that they've been "scammed" and "cheated".
- Because they didn't make any money!

Well I'm sorry to say that I've been in this business for nearly one and a half months and I've made quite a substantial amount of cash-flow. That is why we are in this business, right?
So, did I ruin my friendships? on the contrary, no. In-fact, I speak the truth when I tell you they even thanked me for bringing them in, for they don't know what they would've done without this business.

To remind everyone again, DCHL is a business. It's not share's or bonds, it's not investment property, and it's certainly not a CLUB because it seems that that is what everyone here keeps portraying it to be.

Before anyone posts negatively about DCHL again, please do research on WHAT a business is, the definition of SCAM and by all means, do research on the culture and principles of DCHL, and if after that you still aren't satisfied do a little history check on the products Lampe Berger, Estebel and Ed Pinaud. Perhaps after that you might realize the reason you failed in this business, or why you are poor.

It just seams that you all still view that business is something you plant money in and hope it'll grow into a big money tree without effort. It's business!

I'd like to get everyone to think about this point here;
Every negative post on the web about network marketing, who has the facts to say it does not work? Who has the facts to declare it is unethical? who has the facts to claim it's a scam? who are these people making the claims and with what experience in network marketing do they base these sad assumptions upon?

No body! Yet if you we're to ask me, does DCHL work? I would answer sincerely, Yes. Because I am in this business for 1 and a half months and I have made a fair bit of money, enough to stop working. It did not come over night, I had training, I learnt quickly and I built a network beneath me quickly, so in a few years time I have the leverage in this business to retire already.

It's a sad thought that people have failed in network marketing, indeed. Despite that, it's an even tragic thought that some people may be ruining others opportunity for financial freedom or early retirement because people who did not have what it takes to persist to achieve goals and dreams are now out there to destroy other's.

I do admire Steven Yip's intentions. However, I must say, he has far too little understanding of the business ethics, and the network marketing truth.

Just stand neutral when you read people's posts and testimonies, and you will come to understand what I understand before I joined the business. In the end, life is yours, future is yours. It's up to you to take up or let slide opportunities.

I'd like to also add another event that happened 2 days ago, I had a close friend who joined this business recently, and she had a close friend whom I didn't know but wanted me to come out to talk to her close friend about this business because he has been in 3 or 4 other network marketing companies and failed resulting in losing quite a lot of money. He agreed to come out to hear about DCHL though he was highly negative and against network marketing. We discussed where he had failed, why, his companies flaws and then we went on to compare with DCHL. I did not lie to him. I did not manipulate him, and I even told him before hand that I am not going to talk you into doing this business, just sharing what I do. After all that, now he's considering joining the business.

There are over 500,000 DCHL distributors world-wide. Here we only have a hand full of people claiming it's all lies and cheats, and still they have no evidence or support besides saying that "they took from me RMB 30k".

I'd like to be honest in what I am thinking, that apart of me just can't help but understand why these people weren't successful in making money in this business. Even from these posts it's clear these people's minds are so narrow and set inside a box that they believe the business is corrupt, unfair and "evil" because they are the ones who didn't make money, despite other people (such as myself, member since late November) making enough to know what I am talking about. All simply because I understand business, I understand network marketing, and I use my brain.

A brief background of me, I am a devote Catholic, I don't believe in scams, cheating nor lying for my own benefit. I do this business to help my family, friends, and to one day help people in need.

Steven Yip, my dear friend, I just urge you to do your research, and also ask your brother the reason he didn't make any sales. My opinion is that he lacked the experience of talking about business to people and didn't bother learning it, or was just lazy. You don't need business background to succeed here. I didn't, I just went out and learnt it all. Well, here I am now, with my friends also succeeding in this business.

Please, don't destroy other people's opportunity to make dreams reality. Also, stop embarrassing yourself because over 100,000 people have seen your petition, and out of those 100,000 how many are from the 500,000+ in DCHL who know that you have no clue what you are talking about.

The opportunity is there, and it is up to the people to take it up and do something about. Fail or succeed, it’s their responsibility, not the companies. Why, because this is your own business and I for one is doing well.

*If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, don’t say anything.

DCHL member for less than two months and doing well (without destroying family and friends!)

purba said...

I heard about it recently and went to see the business plan.In DCHL people can make money easy because the investment is high.They take people money to buy product for cheaper.If you want this product.go online and get it.LB wont last..........that's it!.
DCHL rules
1.Dont talk to anyone outsite.why?cause once everyone know about the scam,it hsrd to convience people.
2.Bring them to office-(can brain wash,busy enviroment)
3.Dont check the blooger.(product cheap)
4.Listen and follow - to the grave......

hanys said...

lucky me.. i just went to DCHL or SYN or whatever it is yesterday.. my friend involve in the business.. then, he ask me to visit his office. so crowded and full of people at 11.30pm.. one by one his firend came to me, ask my name, what i do, is my current job is stressful, is my incoome enough, do i want to go holiday with a lot of money..and bla bla bla.... since i already put that DCHL is one of the MLM, so i just ignore them and do a very bored and sleepy face. hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

hi and hello all of you.
1stly just want to ask u all who anti lampe you know more about the product?you know more but the history?bout the benefits we can get from used this product?...2nd`s your education about MLM or Network marketing is enought to blame or "buruk" kan this industy?just simple word...ask urself...are others people give ur eat when u`re hungry?everthing is about ourself...don`t blame others peoples or this industry if u failed...its all about you. many case that i already read its about "tidak jujur" / cheating with others. In this industry, we didn`t teach u to cheating/tipu others people for ur`s all about we help each others to success together with us. When u help others people success, then u can be success too..this industry mark as "bad" and "teruk" such as selfish people that cheating with others. Bukan industri ini sebernya yang "scam", tetapi para pengamal nya yang tidak mengamal atau ikut sistem yang betul. tiada daripada kita nak gagal, smua nak berjaya...then if nak berjaya, janganla sampai tipu orang lain untuk kepentingan diri...fikir-fikirkanlah....SYN Members ;-)

Anonymous said...


someone said...

this biz is destrtoying friendship,family and also our country social life...damn it...

Anonymous said...

i really hat SYN because they are cheater.i've lost 36k.diorang ni paksa buat loan.nak daftar rm25oo tu pun MQ ni grab atm card aku dan transfer my money to her account.then buat loan byk2 supaya nanti senang guna duit plus bank in ke akaun di rm39k dan sampai sekarang tak bayar2 lagi balance duit tu plus segala resit pembayaran rm36k tu upline aku tak bagi2 pun dgn produk2 tu skali.bila aku nak quit diorang ni lengah-lengahkan masa sampai 3bulan tempoh tamat.kejam betul diorang ni.yg bawa aku ke SYN haprak ni kawan masa kat U dulu.cara kawan aku ni suruh aku join dgn cara paksa.datang ke rumah dan call aku sentiasa sampai aku naik fed up sampaikan lepas aku balik kerja aku tak balik rumah dan stay kat mana2 dulu sebab diorang ni tunggu aku kat rumah sampaikan diorang tunggu lama kawan aku ni tendang2 dan buat kecoh kat depan rumah aku.housemates aku call dan kata ada org buat kacau.housemates aku ketakutan malam semua silap aku.
pada sesiapa yg nak join SYN haprak ni baik korang fikir betul2.diorang ni dah dapat duit kita terus blah jer.bercakap memang pandai.tapi aku rasa la MQ aku yg tak pulang2 duit tu dia dah guna duit aku kot pasal nak bayar kereta mahalkan kerja tetap pun gaji tak sampai rm1000...hehehe..

Anonymous said...

my senior "invited" me to join this MLM...m juz stil wondering....dunno what to....luckily i'd found this blog. But i dunno how to get her rid of my life. Keep bothering me.=(

WoRrIeD SiS said...

hello guys...
juz dropping by to tell bout my bro who really gone damn crazy bout tis biz...last week he came by my office and we went out for lunch coz he said he need to discuss sumthg...looks he got real big problem...then we went out...
while we were out, he told me tat he asked me to make loan RM44k...such a damn big amount juz for him to log into tis biz coz he wanted to go up for position as really shocked tat i can't afford tat much coz i already make loan for my wedding n home n other cud i wanna add more my loan...this is real SHIT.......
he said though he can't get tat much amount...atleast i can give him a smaller amount...BUT for me NO WAY!!!
He had changed to a different person now who dun hv any shame at all by pleading our parents, other siblings, auntie & uncle with purpose to borrow money...i dunno who're other victims that he went to....

He said tat he need to log-in the biz by tis 30-Apr-09, thursday as tat the last day of sales offer becoming a COUNT....

Wow...wat a TRAP strategy all these LB guys had done to my bro...
As wat i know, if they really want ppl to join their biz why shud PUSH UP ppl by giving tight deadline????

i'm really worried if my bro will take wrong step by making loan with SHARKLOANS / ALONG if he can't get tat much rm44k....

guys out there, pls help...
it keeps me to think, do we need to invest RM44k juz to do tis biz?

i dun want my bro to live with a life of full of loan here n there... :'(

Anonymous said...

OOOO...THANKS...SYUKUR sgt2...i found this blog..mlm tadi i baru visited my old friend's office. He said office dia la.. then he took me 'jom tgk bisnes i'.. dekat HLA Building...
Start reached situ pun I felt something... otak I berfikir... "tempat ape ni"..very the busy place la but akak tak kisah... because I prefer fact.. first impression I pun .. I rasa tak best.... then his friends came...and they took me for "a tour"...Tunjuk and terangkan itu ini...and I pun...ok la.. dengar jer... dlm hati... "Lampu?"... kenapa hrga riban2?..erkkk... well I trus jer dgr cerita2 mereka... layannnnn....but logically, .. nak jual lampu ker??.. its not interesting even they keep tell me.. all the benefits ..and the limited design of the products... actually non of it is attract me... I just because. I need to respect my friend...
hmpr terpedaya..but I still ada otak...I asked a lots of question ..yg I rasa kebanyaknnya tidak berjawab....well..situ jer diorang dah kantoi... Diorang impress with my business... tp ... I don't know .. was it for real...
after balik.. SMSs and call also missed calls..berlambak2.. mm dunno.. my friend (he is my good friend-have good career+berduit)..tu ask me to join NDO...erkk wht's that??.. dia kata limited la.. good la.. and he brain wash I mcm2.. motivation, opportunity la.. good for my business la... etc

TAPI.. I tak sedap hati.. selalu nye instinct I buleh dipercayai jugala...soo ..I buka internet...I need to cari info and kebenaran....taraaa!!.. I jumpa blog ni...dan mcm2...seperti mana I tak sedap hati... I dh agak!!...well I think BAIK I makan hati ayam or lembu masak sambal,.... lagi sedap...!!! ahahhaa

guys, thanks....!!.. kalau tidak..hbs la I... my advise... kaji+fikir+jgn terpengaruh.. esp... kalau org push-push kita ni.. Why must push-push ni(please).....sepanjang kehidupan kita selagi bernyawa pun jgn terpengaruh and beware with all statement...and "the push-push" strategy ni... kalo muslim tu... better buat sembahyang Ishtiharah dulu before do anything...gunala cara yang halal..
to everyone.. pls advise more...

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i have been to the office and your right. they jazzed up the talk to me, friendly discussions and what not. there's no problem in that but from personal instincts, i felt that the whole organisation did NOT seem right to me. Even prior to the meetings and what not, i have asked my friend about the business and he said "it was better to talk about the business at the office." Its understandable that he might not want to misinterpret the information but i believed his "upliners" told him so.

i am not saying that DCHL or Lampe Berger are a bunch of crooks even though it seems that way to many people but what i am trying to say is, the people who are posting great things about DCHL, they state that they are not members and that they have a good job but since this is the internet, keep in mind there's a possibility that they are? All i know is that, without evidence, it is extremely hard to assume the business is a bad egg in the basket.

Onto another topic, Steven Yip (anti-dchl member), has been in the business and now hes telling people they are scammers. Apparently, he was one of them and since DCHL has cut off his account with them. This posting came from a member of DCHL. You should judge for yourself.

From what i have understood from these meetings is, 1. be a salesperson or 2. bring in potential investors for the business. If you honestly believe you cannot or choose not to do any of these, don't bother. i know i haven't.

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When you suspected something, why did you fork over more money without a second thought?

Don't be naive, you should know theres a lot of not very nice people in this world, and you, being so foreign to it, should have had your guard up.

Also, why did you go to the company in the first place? Was this some guy you knew? A friend? A friend of a friend? Anyone you could have trusted?
You can blame whomever you want for this, but at the end of the day, it was your decision, don't blame DCHL.

Besides which, you were still a member of the company by then, if I was you, I would have worked there anyway just to shank the guy.

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