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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pictures Shall We?

Ok OK..

I'm not pulling a prank.. but internet sucks big time in uploading pictures..
Let me run to a free internet outlet and I will upload from there..


Some photos.. yea..

Err.. I don't think so I need to balnk the personal details or black out the face or watsoever...


Duke Patrick on the LEFT.. with some SYNer

The Ferrari they are talking about..

If I am not wrong.. this is Patrick's second car..



The banner and anonymous girl..

The pencurimen in blacks..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hibernation Mode

Please excuse the blogger for the moment.

The blogger is currently on a mission to source for more information on the
current state and affairs of DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger.

It is to bring you better news and up to date news..

On a sidenote, July's intake into the DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger sinistry
has dropped drastically... ;)

Sentosa Island didn't do much but just pump up the spirit of the people
in SYN.. and it already sucked about RM 1200 to RM 1500 from each
distributors AND about 5000 (estimated) sinisters attended the so called
"Party of the Century" or rather "parti of the pencuri"

The blogger will come back soon enough to not bore you of waiting.
Please hang in there...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The screw the Taiwanese too!!

Fellow reader and Legionaire of anti-SYN/DCHL/LB Duller has ran a news
on a Taiwanese family being cheated over these bloody DCHL scheme..!!



and if any of you are thinking this is a fake news.. and I made it up.. and you
are gonna say, that it is my father is in the picture posing with my lamps..

READ HERE!! on Yahoo News..

So, the Indians never replied- maybe it is not true, some idiot tried to play me.
But this news is real.. I'm gonna still bug around and see if there is any new
news.. or media release on them...
CHina Press has been quite.. hmmm..

Singapore IME 2006 Update

I'm sad to say, there isn't much update I can do...

It is not because I didn't see that place, it is because ONE, I am on holiday.
TWO, there isn't any HYPE about the freaking International Members
Exchange (IME) there...

Remember someone saying about the whole orchard road is close or rather,
the whole orchard road will be full of the IME banners?
What the CRAP!!...
Only banners I see is to ask people to SHOP ShoP and sHoP!!...

Met a friend there while visiting one of big shopping mall in Singapore,
called Ngee Ann City... and he is just outside the Louis Vuitton shop.
Talked to him abit and my friends were with me.. so introduced abit la..
Oh this friends I met A is a member of the SYN. When my friends asked
A what is he doing there in Singapore.. he only said
"Oh we had a party yesterday. At Sentosa" A's friend came out of LV shop
empty handed.. Hey? I thought they are gonna empty the shop!!?? haha

So.. maybe someone who experience the Sentosa Party can tell us..
What is so good about the party??
THere isn't any hype either about nice cars running around Singapore
under SYN tag..

Even at Suntec, not much hype either..
I thought they are gonna have a ritual prayer around the fountain of wealth
but oh well.. didn't spot any of SYN peeps there.. bugger..

But I do saw a few SYN Legions of Cult along Orchard road..
I recognize them.. but seems to know me and what the heck..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Updates from Singapore

Will be up after 10th July..

See how they brainwash the people of Singapore..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


hey guys
i need help!!! they dun let me quit.. coz they said im not count i canot get back my 90% refund.. izit true??!

i need my refund to summit my study fee =( how how???

How to help him I ask you all?

Friend, anonymous who posted this in the previous post's comment,

I don't know how much you've invested or how much you've sacrificed.
Maybe you can share your TRUE STORY here and let me help you figure it out..