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Friday, June 30, 2006

SYN 6th International Members Exchange 2006

The listing of the event has been quite...
No news or what so ever in the internet that I can dig out about the event.

But, my search lands me here... > a BLOG...

A post by herbertism mentioned a lil bit on this event...

Over here at Suntec Singapore Event Listing, it is listed there when you list
July's event as SYN 6th International Members Exchange 2006.
Still looking for the official brochure on it...

why? the event itself cost 2.5 million. Estimated of 9 million would be spent in Singapore on that day itself. there are plans that Louis Vuitton Boutique will be closed for a day to cater for these people.
LV Boutique to close to cater to them, well only a handful of them will buy.

Oh.. did you guys read the news on China Press and Sin Chew Jit Poh?
Here at LowYat, the people in there are talking about it..

So far, they are still insisting that their business has been steady
and on the increase..
I doubt so, as it is seen with figures that their business is going down
slowly.. very slowly.. but still GOING DOWN.. NOT UP!!

I will be away on business trip from next week...
Say... I shall be your official SYN 6th IME official reporter on the 8th July?
Yea... I will.. let you all see how they use LUXURY to lure people into the

Till then, read the news people...!! It is everywhere...
*am gonna send second round of spam to the news editors*

Saturday, June 24, 2006

ex-LB Member. WHY?

An e-mail I received...

I was an ex LB member and quitted long ago. I've been to a number of anti LB blogs and commend you on your effort to educate the public. You are a good samaritan indeed! Keep it up!

But really, dude.. WHY?
Mail me back..

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The news are all over it...
The most recent one would be a China Press news on 20th June 2006.
In fact, they have been running a series of news on a direct selling scheme
which is no doubt 99% similar to what DCHL/SYN is...
But even before that, it is The Sun that picked up the gist on the 19th.

(copied from Anti)

Come on, the ministry is doing something over this... from a source.
The Low Yat: Lampe Berger Issues has been a hot place of talk...
On JoshuaTeoh, heated debate has been going on... Don't miss it..


A Singaporean sang this song below...

You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better watch out and I’m telling you why…

Lampe Berger is coming to town… LOL

What a funny piece of advice..!!

Even all this, Shan would still like to stick on the border line on this issue.

The culture they are trying to cultivate is slowly destroying the people...
I had a talk with my friend on people losing in World Cup bets..

NPM : Hey, where is my money and my CAMERA!!
LBH : Camera? wait la.. let me camwhore abit can or not?
Money? oh.. it is with me.. come n collect it.. today n tmr
NPM : huh why must separate two days?
LBH : because i took out my cash over the limit already..!! and u said
can kau tim with u anytime..?
NPM : no la.. fren "chau" (burned) in World Cup...
LBH : He bought the wrong "cup" is it? he went for D cup instead of A?
Ask him join LB la.. sure earn back wan..
NPM : PLEASE LA!.. they are brothers and sisters.. eat people's money!
LBH : No comment..!!

Well, true.. not made up..
Let's see how long is this news gonna stay on..
I just spammed the media with another round of e-mail again...
Hope their eyes can see better..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

DCHL/Steven Yeam cheats Indians?

Now, I guess, Steven Yeam and DCHL has touched the wrong nationals
in this world. It is the nationals that knows how to count the best...

Asking them to join Count, I bet they will count and count till you blur.

So, this is a mail from Dr. Hari, whom I've been waiting his consent to
publish this e-mail, but well I just went on without the consent.
Dr. Hari please reply my mail thanks.

Hello !

I very first appreciate you for having taking initiative to tell this world the facts that humans are desperately getting cheated with steven Yeams scams and DCHL cat style support toi steven yeam.

We in india morre than 500 people desperately got cheated after purchasing millions of dollars worth lampe berger product and now left on roads !

DCHL and Steven yeam cheated all our indians for two years stating that DCHL have rights for india but they dont have , this is fact. I am developing a big blog link with evidential documents , please support me with letting this inormation to this world.

We in india have filled legal cases and arrest warrant is issued against Steven Yeam for his fraudulant cheating attitude. Steven Yaem will be taught a lesson from india very soon !


Dr Harri - From India

If India and Steven Yeam Network end up warring each other...
Who will win? Your say? hahaha.. Even US will back out...
But, Steven Yeam cheating Indians..? That's a little bit too much..

Monday, June 19, 2006


Please do not believe any negative news on Lampe Berger or SYN.

Read my full story at the USJ and LY Forum.

I know 2 bloggers; antilampeberger and lampebergerhelp have set up a long string of messages and try to extort Steven Yeam and RZ Corporation for some money. They threaten to get the press and minstry to take action against the MLM Company of they don't pay up.

Go ahead. Let us see who has better power.

Extorting money from Lampe Berger is nothing new. Throuhgout their 100 yeras many people have tried to bring them down and time has proven who is right and who is wrong.

If those people anti them have the guts, go and protest in their office and don't just hide and type behind the monitor. Trying to make a fortune with the internet ? Forget it.

Lampe Berger is getting stronger and stronger in Malaysia.

It is so funny to read this comment. ANd they are not only here..
It is everywhere, here, Low Yat forum, and more..

If you find any allegation against me that I am extorting Steven Yeam,
please do point it out..
I would rather end his trade than to trade with him...

Oh.. an interesting post later.. let me get the writer's consent first...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


1st of all,i hope u can post it out so that other ppl won't get con into this biz.

Here are my story.

I'm jordan,male from Johor. But currently study in local Uni at K.L.
(Name changed to keep privacy)

Last year September,i forgot the date alr,i get to know my upline,a girl,i won't mention her name. That time i was doing a part-time in a shopping centre as a waiter. On that day,i was working like usual, then she came to buy drinks from me and start to approach me,asking me this and that,want to take my FORMHD. At that time,how would i know she's that kind of person,so i just told her where i'm from,study at where, age.....After that,she began to show her fox's tail. She starts asking me whether do i want to earn more money, say want to intro me a part-time job,some kind related to SPA job! Huh....i dunno how to massage woh,then she said no need to know that skill. Then she ask for my number,i didn't suspect a lot so i gave her. That was when the nightmare begin....

Few days later,she called me,she asked me out for interview,she said. So without hesitation, i went out,we met at a place. After met her,she told me to get on her car. Without hesitation also, i got on her car,i asked her where will we go???then she said to K.L!!! Hell ya,i was frightened!!!Just an interview only,why need to go K.L???i asked her,but she told me the company was at K.L.i thought we just have a drink at any nearest mamak stall,she said not suitable to talk at mamak stall...

then i got no point since i was on her car,so i just follow her to the D.C.H.L company at K.L. on the way to K.L,she show me her biz card,on the card it didn't mention about L.B or either E.B. just wrote SYN biz that time,i never heard bout any SYN thingy,so i was curious,and since in her car follow her to the company loh!!!

After reach there,she parked her car at menara HLA underground parking lot. there's a lot of luxury car at the parking lot,i was like dumbfounded at that time when she tell me those were her partner's car. all very young,in their 20's only!
at that time i know it was direct selling alr,but i didn't know that by selling things can drive such a luxury car.

After got off from the car,she began her 5 STARS introducing. After finish walking 5 STARS,she began to talk bout the marketing plan,i was not quite remember bout the things she told me. i can only remember she used to call a lot her so called "partner" to do sharing with me. at that time i was like brainwash by them. i begin to believe that this biz really can earn a lot. summore they all say we will help u,no need to worry!!!so much promise they gave...

i dunno y,at that time,for the first time,i borrow money from my friend.they told me to borrow money from friends since they know i'm still a student. so i manage to borrow from my friends,i was very happy at that time cause i think i can earn big money since they said so.hell ya,the money until now i still can't afford to pay back to my friends!!!i was such a fool to believe in them!

the story haven't finish yet,after the 3rd day i joined,she began to take me to a talk called "why 38%". at that time i was fully put my trust on her,so i do what she said!!!

hell ya,after the talk,30K!!!!30K!!!!that was what all behind!!!
at that time,i don't have time to process all the things i heard,she took me to sharing with their so called "partner" again,brainwashing me to dumped in 30k,she began to tell me how this and that guy got their 30k,they can,u also can,she said!!!

at that time,i haven't attend NDO yet. so she told me not to think bout the 30k 1st,after NDO we'll discuss bout it. At that time my mind was all manipulate by her.

After hearing NDO,i was so excited. so confidence!!! this's their tactics!!! keep brainwashing you. i went back to ask 30k from my mom. I was so regret now!!!
for 3 months more i keep asking money from my mom and they keep brainwashing me,told me not to give up!!!!

Eventually i got the 30k,for ur information,i came from a poor family,my mom refinance our low cost house for that 30k,but i didn't know that time. i was a hell son to ask money from my mom. but at that time i was manipulated by them,so i didn't have that feel,all i know was i want 30k to start this biz!!!

i was so regret!!!!i skipped some of the story. Write it in next part.

now what i felt was i was so sick of them. at first i wont feel like that.u know wat she tell me after she know i quit???of course i didn't mention with her i'm going to quit cause i scare she'll like other upline who don't give their downline to refund!!!

for ur info,i loss more than 20k!it's ok,never mind,i blame myself of greedyness!! but she keep calling me,want to ask me out,say what she cares bout me!!!FUck her!!!i already loss a lot because of this,so i don't want to have any affair with any L.B thingy.i got sms her at first tell her i'm fine,and say all the best for her. but she won't give up,keep calling me, so i was so pissed up asking her y keep calling me???i say if u want to know my condition now,yeah,i was hell fine,suffer from loss of 20k and debt,tha's all!!!! Then u know what she told me????FUCK her!!!!

"nobody want it to be like this"!!!!!

FUCK her!!!Fuck HER asshole!!!!!!

she said she called me bcause she cares on me,how bout u,she ask me,did u call me???she asked!!!fuck her asshole,y should i call her up?????



after all,she just keep saying like it was not her fault!!!!!ya,all was my fault,for being greedy!!!

but all the things was so plan up by her,from the first moment she know me!!!!
now she said nobody want it like this!!!!WTH!!!!

do i need to show her name and phone number here???cause i don't want others to be victim!!!!

P.S.: i don't wish my real name to be post out.

to be cont.....

I asked if he was helped by his upline to solve the refun matter.
Reply are as below..

no,she didn't help me refund!i done it all by nyself and from help from a friend of mine! cause before i refund,i browse on ur website to seek for others way!!!
i saw a lot of upline will try to delay their downline's refundment, so i didn't tell her i'm going to refund!!!

but anyway,i didn't get sick of her until she say those words!!!

I'm so sick of her!!!! not because she did'nt help me refund but to say those words like all of that was asking by myself,i'm the only one to be blame.
of course i got wrong!but now she was trying to be good ppl and i'm the bad ppl!!WTF she's!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dance the DCHL Tango...

Well, the upline decided to play along with the game call "DELAY"...
I'm not new to this game... and he wants to delay, I will play with him...
Survivor of the fittest wins... and I have the extra income to play with
him, where else he is sucking his own OVERHEADS for staying...

Many readers have asked why not msg or e-mail Mr. Lim Kit Siang...
Oh.. gosh...
If all of you support DAP, and if he would have enough manpower in his
party.. maybe he could spare some time to help us to screw DCHL/SYN
His energy is now directed to all the monkeys in the Parliament...

A mailing chain letter? That would create a big chain reaction...
I heard from my aides that, it is being circulated..
Anyone received it already?

Did anyone went to the recent Business Preview at the Sunway Pyramid?
Anyone can give me a contructive feedback..
I was so busy till I can't make it to the event and see how things go..

Monday, June 05, 2006

Untold Story of My Friend Being Cheated

This is indeed a true story, which I heard from my friend's mouth.
I was at this club, and I saw this girl of whom I am really familiar with.

It is indeed, a friend I knew back in college and when I joined this business
of DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN. She is one great friend to have and a friend
whom you can lay your trust on. But she was being used by this idiot to
invest in the business of DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN.

When I meet someone I knew, even if I knew him/her for a "hi" or "bye"
I would approach and talk and keep up...

Some personal questions about each others' life has lead to her asking
me if I am still in the Lampe Berger business... It is a long story from then
onwards. She was not suprise I stopped this business... Her story was:

She was really interested in the business when that idiot introduce to
her the business... She is one sociaholic and was busy...
But in the end, she got that RM 2,500 and pass it to her... The idiot
told her to rest assured as he will register her into the business.

There was limited news after she handed in the money to him.
She got friends who are in the business as well, and she checked with
the company and found out that, he never enrolled her as promised!
She was SOOOO PISSSEDD on the news she not being enrolled...
(lucky thing she is not on period, else DCHL/SYN would be history now)

*When I heard it.. I was like... that bastard!! What a CON!!*

She then went up straight to the office and find him and demand
that idiot to pay her back, as they didn't expect her to be in that state
of mind to go directly to them right in their face and make such demand.
So did he promised.. promise again..
It took that fella few months and promises after promises to pay her back.

I had a chat with her earlier in the evening and told her my situation
and she said "Hey, that's how I was being treated as well!"

Now this is pure UNETHICAL Steven Yeam Network distributor
that I came to know in shock..

Why am I shock!?? Because that Idiot WAS my UPLINE...!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

International Member's Exchange & 45K

International Member's Exchange (IME) is an annual event.
IME is an event under the group of Steven Yeam Network (SYN)

Held last year, here at Sunway Pyramid hotel this year the event
will be held in Singapore.

The participation fee for this event is not cheap. So does
all the other event that SYN. Last year it was about RM 500 if
I am not mistaken but this year, the fee itself has gone up to
about RM 1000+. Maybe, this time it includes accommodation and
food and maybe a short day tour around Singapore?

I am sure alot of SYN people are going to Singapore for the IME event

The news is that the investment or so call front-loading to join the
network in the status of COUNT has increased to RM45,000.
Wow..!! That's crazy... If still the youths nowadays still gonna join,
I got no better words to say.

Yes, RM 45K can bring you a whole lot of wealth in future with DCHL.
HOW? Recruitment? or Sales?
What I see, the sales occured mostly are from the members themselve
only at the moment. Seldom external sales.. all internal...

I am seeing that, they will move back to their initial investment plan
of front-loading into the position of BARON which cost a mere
RM 10,000. Which I see, many will go for this position...
I shall not speculate, and see what's coming up next in their next
month's sales and activities.

What I am seeing is that, IME will be used to boost up their recruit.
Young graduates who sees the opportunity to get rich will fall for their
scheme. I just hope this people read the damn bloody fine print in the
RULES AND REGULATION page before signing up.
It has all the black & white written in there, where it will be given
only once after he/she signs up... the DCHL Starter Kit.