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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well, I have been getting quite a number of comments on my previous
as well as the accompanying story.

An anonymous said these in his comments:

"why are there so many people proven successfull and making big money? the simple answer to this question is that the plan actually works.. very simple.. so please do not discriminate or destroy the company's name.. as u people are the ones that are not satisfied when ur not good enough.. "

It is a handful of distributors in lampe berger who destroys the name.
I would have to say that, we are not destroying the company's name.
That is not what we are looking as a conclusion from this blog.
We are looking into WHY there such kind of matter like up-line not
giving back a re-fund?
We are focusing on the people rather than the company as our blog heading
states. So please read carefully what are these people's story have to say.

I've got another e-mail received Date: Feb 27, 2006 6:04 PM
after reading those replies, i thought i might just chip in with my own
experience as well.

i joined as a Franchisee last time. and when they present the plan, it's fantastic.
RM2345 investment, and you can become a millionnaire. steady. the plan also
looks good. very do-able. even now i still think it's a good plan, compare to
other companies like amway, cosway, runway, noway, nuskin whatever.
But the problem with the plan is that the money doesn't come from selling, or
doesn't come from joining as franchisee. the plan come from people who cut
count, and also people who are challenging marquis. that's the problem!
(cut count means investing in Count status which requires RM 30,000)

no wonder after i joined as franchisee, my upline always pressure me to look
for money, so that i can cut count. knn. where to find so much money???
how if i failed? i cannot afford such heavy debt ler. and know what they said?
"if you don't cut count, cannot do some sincerity...cut count..sure
success.." lol...

i'm sure a lot of ppl have been influenced by this and joined as count.
go home, call up everyone to borrow money just to cut count. all i can say is
that these people are all sohem. luckily i didn't do it, cos i personally know
some friends who cut count, and lose money.

i have a friend also in lampe berger. he joined lampe berger before me, and
when i saw him in lampe berger, he is already driving bmw 3-series sports
somemore. then about half a year later, i got a call from another friend, asking
me if i see this guy or not. you know why?? he owes few of my friends quite a
lot of money. more than rm10k i think, cos he owes few of them, quite a lot.
and guess what, they check his bank, and found out he already 4 months didn't
pay his car instalment. lol... i really wonder what happened.

he is not only one. i also heard got a group of ppl, they need to sell off their
bmw becos cannot afford to maintain it. lol...i wonder why they cannot afford
still want to buy. want to pump up the confidence.

those people in lampe berger, sometimes over confidence. i think in long run, very hard for them to survive. need big investment. might as well invest the money and do business rather than invest in lampe berger, which does not sound clever. rm30k for mlm. this must be the stupidest mlm plan ever. i think they really spoils the mlm market.

lampe berger is a rich man game. money make money. a pyramid scheme in
disguise. last time my upline say, "normally those gwailo will bring mlm to
asia, now asia will bring mlm to the gwailo".. lol
(qwailo means caucasian, and indeed all MLM is a pyramid scheme)

i doubt this. if they do these...lampe berger have to close down hundreds of
retail stores in europe and america. so many ppl's well being will be affected.
don't think so lampe berger will go mlm in europe and america. besides, their
price inflated too much. almost rm400 for a bottle of oil. cut ppl throat nia..
don't believe?? go to those retailers website on the net and check the price.
if you buy in the retail shops, you can get even cheaper. and a wider range
of selection.

i think the people in lampe berger spoils the mlm market really.

Thanks for reading. There will be more updates in future. Keep on sending
in your story to share. We want to know if you have problems with
getting a re-fund back or not. Let not those people take away your
hard-earned money.


Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more with this. Rich Man Game. You got 30k? Throw in ..and try to find others with 30k to throw in...those without 30k? ask them to join as franchise..then influence them to cut count..

Anonymous said...

diu 9 lampeberger!

Lampe Berger Help said...

anonymous, stay cool.

Anonymous said...

it's quite true richer people obviously do have lots of advantage over their family networks as well as friends network. With proper support you can start out fast and gain many downlines to support you whenever they see you're rich with a proven material like house, car etc you will became their idol and it's also easier for you to convince them.

Anonymous said...

hi there..
i myself thinks that mLm is the fastest way to get rich and ur desires.. although the investment mayb high but the returns are also high.. i don't understand.. i myself have cut count.. i do agree its a faster way to a marquis, but then the risk will b like 3000bucks.. coz as i know.. when u cut count.. u have a period of 6months where u can refund for 90% of money.. but juz make sure u don't buy the signatures.. lampe berger has a good plan.. but sometimes.. its juz the people's problem.. but i still think Lampe Berger has the best MLM plan around..

Boney said...

Cut count only if ur confident with ur human network, e.g. has all the GREAT prospects such as big boss, managers etc (but why should they listen to u?) AND losing the Count money will not affect u or ur family. If ur a student and know only students, cut count will be a big risk. Even tho there is money back guarantee within 180 days, guess what? u wont return the stocks to get refund coz ull be influenced not to do so, so wait until the refund dateline expires la. Anyway this is just an advice, the decision is in ur hand.

* fastest way to Marquis < pls note that u only bought a Count position, u didnt buy a TEAM of distributors. In the end ull still need to find downlines just like what a Franchisee does, cutting a Count doesnt bring u to heaven, or any steps nearer to Marquis. If ur uplines told u to cut Count coz it would be easier for u to convince ur downlines to cut Count as well, ask urself, do u dare to take the responsibility if ur downline who cut Count failed in this business? If u can take up the responsibility, congrates, just go ahead n CUT, n influence others to cut as well.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Lampe berger, is people have spoilt it same as Insurance if u have buy a life insurance from a well know Insurance company but the agent approach you didn't submit your policy and take your money, whose failt? The insurance company or people? Be more Intelligent when u see thing and make decision. MLM is a the best option for those ordinary ppl like us by giving us a hope! Lastly, I never agree is a rich man game, is a game suitable for those people want to look for crazy money to change their life with a sincerity heart.

duke said...

my duke has spoken.

Lampe Berger Help said...


Who is your duke?
Anonymous is your duke?

Anonymous said...

Malaysians are bored, senseless idiots with nothing to do. This is y this blog is here. Its all bout jealousy and envy of other ppls wealth. 'Lampe berger help', yeah u r helping, thats true. U r helping to steal others' dreams. Cuz u r a dreamless, conservative no brainer who simply has a good command of english and has nothing to do.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Hmm Anonymous..
Well, I shall beg to differ.

One's dream will not be stolen unless one let other's to steal it.

Root said...

my sister is a marquis, and she's going to challenge duke soon. i can see her driving BMW 5 series happily, but still i refused to join when she asked me.

Who know why?

Because MLM does not sound at all! This is a game to strip money, and it is banned in most of the western countries. They are not selling any product at all. They're selling membership, and a tiny probability to get rich.

And the reason why the uplines get rich, is because there are tons of downlines hoping to get rich and throw in the 30k! But you must know, this flow will end one day, just a matter of time.

When no body's joining anymore, the whole thing collapse and late-comer downlines die togther.

This is a game of clever ppl strip stupid ppl.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Fair enough root.

It will end one day-in Malaysia.

But with the numbers of Direct Selling companies mushrooming every month, I wouldn't be suprise...

Well, unless we take the word "GLOCAL" seriously.. we might succeed.. haha

boney said...

ppl whom always misunderstand this blog : we are here not to stop anyone from joining/doing this LB business ok, apatah lagi with steal ppl's dream? we juz wanna let ppl know more about the true fact that they might face when they involve in this business, as well as help them to avoid the problem that we faced before. i think the blog owner explained this for endless times dy.

lampe berger help : i salute ur patience!

Lampe Berger Help said...

boney: thanks for being my loyal reader.. :)

Oh well, I have patience.. but with a limit.. People has tested my patience, seen me as a real good person, takes no action and so forth..
They are wrong..
I will make sure this matter goes to the right channel..

Anonymous said...

to all readers..
not to create conflict.. but what i wanna say here is that lampe berger is not selling membership.. you are getting stocks amounting the PV u invested.. and western countries did not suspend the MLM business.. Bill Gates himself quoted that MLM is one of the ways to get rich at our era.. and in Malaysia.. the government encourages MLM, by having the MLM fair in PWTC recently.. so if u say that MLM is a scam, that means u say that the government is encouraging scams..

Qing Huang

boney said...

LB is focusing more on selling membership than doing retailing. Members are encouraged to spend 80% of their time to recruit downlines and only 20% to sell products. There are even some groups that even discourage their members to do retailing at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!!,

I'm Ah Wai from MLM. Such a nice post from all of you :)

I admit sometimes the MLMers always use this kind of tactic of luring "potential" people into their business. Eg. N-stream, Synergy, Herbalife, Lampeberger, Amway, Diamond, eCosway, IMagic, NuSkin, CNI and etc.

I'm also ex-anti MLMer just like you all. Proud to be antiMLMers. "MLM is conbusiness" and "StudioTraffic is PONZI SCHEME!" Hehehe... :)

But, AT LAST i realise in this World of Events..."Capitalism"


Sami Vellu, politicians, MPSJ, MPPJ, MBI, dato, datuks, Thaksin, Arroyo, Suharto, *me* and etc also CONNING people $$$ only what...

I only take little con $$$ while the *people mentioned above* CON the "rakyat" & taxpayer's $$$ BIG TIME! SO what is the FUSS?

I con my lecturer before, i cheat on my exam before, i Ponteng class before, i cheated during SNOOKER, i cheated my fren before, hell i even con my GF before. Hahaha. What is the BIG FUSS?

As i say, EITHER YOU CON PEOPLE or PEOPLE CON YOU...Its a survival skill!

Its better for us, "the little guy with no $$$" to con little $$$, than "the BIG SHOT GOVERNMENT officials" to con the rakyat $$$.


I'm DAMN sure the GOvernment DOn't MIND this little $$$ one.

AIyah, we group together as a group of "hardcore anti-lampeberger", then we charge those people who is also "anti-lampeberger" RM 100 each. Then, we also make LOTS of $$$.

Simple calculation,

RM 100 x 10,000 member (ANTI-LAMPEBERGER) = RM 1,000,000!!!!

Then, we BUY Ferrari and BMW to drive to Menara HLA, park at the FRONT and BURN them. This we show that we also can make $$$ ma!!!

DAMN good IDEA...!!!

WE group together ok...WE KEEP in touch! Malaysia BOLEH!

Remember, my name is AH Wai from SYN DCHL Lampeberger :)

hk Guy said...

I have always thought MLM is a good idea given there's a good product, it's just a different distribution method. The effort is though that people will have to put in the effort to build the network to sell the product or build a network of good salesman.
I just met them today as a friend told me he found a great new business which he'll quit his job for, but he's thinking of not putting any networking effort into it...even if it's a "scam", he's supposed to get out of the scam quickly by building the network...unfortunately, he doesn't know how the game is played.
Again I emphasise I don't disagree with MLM, but when it emphasise too much on getting rich, rather than the product or even the's a scam. If you can bear the burden of being unethical, this is just an alternative investment, i.e. you have to get out of the scam before you get scammed.
it's just passing the bomb around until it explodes.

Lampe Berger Help said...

hk Guy,

Yes, if they take it too much on building the network itself on 90% and neglect the products they have, it would really categorize them as SCAM.

I say, they should focus more on products, say 60% of their time..
Network will be there to support you, if the product is good..
Else, who wants to buy hu..? :P