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Friday, March 31, 2006

Dear reader James,

First of all, thanks for being one of our loyal reader to this blog.

But after reading for a while and we guess you might be in a lost of the
real idea why this blog is started. You've been posting many comments in
most of the topics in this blog. Good. Thanks.

Let me track back your comments

Here in Culture Shock in Lampe Berger and Lampe Berger Re-Fund Case

You've made quite an amount of comment in these two topics, primarily.

Please let one of our reader response to you instead, we responded enough.

From boney, comment posted in Culture Shock in Lampe Berger.

believe me.. this shows the power of LB, where the education system is
so strong till our dear james kept on repeating the same stuffs from the
courses we attend.

dear james : as what was told for many times, we are not blaming other
people if we dun succeed in this business. we are not blaming the plan as
the main reason y we cant succeed as well. i pointed out the fact that in
order to get the overidding we gotta put in more money, and that is the
fact. its just either u buy the products urself or to sell them to other ppl
to accumulate the points. a lot of ppl ignored that juz as what u said, if that
fella can earn 5K per month the 2500PV he give or not? sure give right?
coz its affordable for him (as i was told for endless time by uplines also :)

i shall say there is an error in my previous posting, the marquis should be
counts, as marquis still has the 3% overidding to all the count groups. so as
a count who is not a marquis yet, wont u think its quite a burden to throw
in money? i mean if they do not have active franchisee or baron. i was not
assuming anything but thats what was happening to the counts ard me.

they gave up the overidding coz they dun think its worth to get it by giving
out 2500PV by themselves. this fact was pointed out to create an awareness,
as many counts will do this business full-time without having other income
which made some of them struggling.

believe me or not, i was in this business for almost 2 years, until now after
i quit, i've never blame any of my uplines, coz they really helped me a lot
but things juz didnt turn out that well. so i always say i was glad to be in
taiwan line.

u must understand the main reason why this blog was created at first,
before keep on repeating the same points that wont make any difference.
if ur happy to be in LB i congrate u with sincere heart coz its a good thing if
u can get what u wan there. but there are still lots more ppl whom dun even
understand how the plan actually works but already bang their head into it,
and ended up with failure. this is to give them a clearer picture.
we never say LB cannot do, same as what u said its just the ppl's problem
and i agree with u. but cant deny that there are also some loop holes in the
plan itself, wether u notice or not.

why are we spending so much time here to tell so many stories? we've got
nothing else better to do? we juz dun wanna see there will be more people
end up with nothing, thats y we care n tell.

thanks for reading.

i already post and clarify until geram dy... as i dun have so much patience
as our dearest lampe berger help. Amen.


So, does this clears up alot on what's the purpose of this site?
As well as, what is really happening in around DCHL itself?

Please read it as it is as a testimony. We are not speculating what is
happening in there. We are not just mere saying, but we are giving you
the right FACTS!. Facts which will help others to realize something they
don't and facts to make change (just mere hope).

And James, we are not asking you to "shut-up". Please don't intepret us
wrongly. We want to clarify things once and for all.. Your readership is
greatly appreciated.

1 comment:

Roi said...

i really wish to find out who boney is. and what is his name.

i used to be in lb also...but quit liao, my motherfucking upline keep on asking me to "cham count".

knnccb. lucky i din "cham count", later i kena "cham" ku ku..