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Thursday, May 31, 2007

DCHL/Lampe Berger Policy Update

Update towards my earlier post below.

I would like to update this new notice which was published in
DCHL Website earlier this year in February 15.

I'm sure to shock a lot of readers and those who e-mailed recently.

Here goes... look at item number 2. PRODUCTS BUY BACK POLICY

Yes. its 3 Months NOT 6 Months anymore...

Oh wells.. smart DCHL.. very smart.. pray for those who are affected.

LB Help!! I want to REFUND

Hey LBHelp friends...

Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving e-mails on how to refund
their membership and products and claim back whatever that is left behind.

Received an e-mail from a frustrated Lampe Berger member. Read:

I was just browsing thru the internet trying to find answers for my questions. and suddenlly ur site just appear on the screen.

I am once an LB member...and sad to say I still am, although I haven't go to the office for nearly 10 months now. I've also been thinking about refunding all my products coz I'm having a hell time paying all my loans.

At first I asked my upline about how to refund. bad move. said that altho I refund, i had to pay for all the commissions that I've received during my countship. and they dun even consult me on what I'm I've realized that half of my products are unreturnable....

now I am working...(I was an undergrad student when I was sought out to join LB)...and I am really annoyed that more than half of my salary goes to pay my loan...instead of getting myself my own car....

My parents constantly reminding me of my loans and bugging me to pay them (they come to my house to persuade my folks to invest in the 30K scheme) coz I borrowed money from relative and have to pay them....I am being tortured enuf by my parents about this mistake.

please help me get my money back (refund)...

when I said about my upline not consulting what I bought, I did check the list again and asked about those unreturnable products, they told me that it is neccessary to buy them coz its easier when distributing it to my "downline".

LB Help: Its a trick and excuse to get you blinded over the terms & conditions that you never read propoerly.

I have a few more e-mails that reads...

E-mail 2
Hi Stecven,

I join DCHL - SYN as Baron 2 months. I planning to quit. But I don't know what should I write in the letter. Do you have example for it?

Joining this business is on my own. I don't blame my upline or others for introduce this business to me. Ermm... you have example of "polite" termination letter? Thanks!

I assume he thinks I'm Steven Yeam hahaha.

E-mail 3

I join now near 3 months, I'm thinking of quitting before my refund policy date end (That's 3 months). I like to write a letter for my termination. Do you know any good example for it. Because I don't want blame the company nor my upline. It's my fault being naive. I have put alot time on it... I know I only can get 90% of it. It's better than none. Can you help me?

Hmm... they all asked me the same question. How do I go about with the
refund of my products and membership. My answer is simple.

I made a post last year in August 06: GET YOUR FULL REFUND and also
in March 06: Solutions to Re-Funds. Go and have a read.

I think, Solutions to Re-Funds suits you all who e-mailed me. Read up! :)

Their corporate addresses are listed HERE or alternatively;

RZ Corporation
Level 1, Menara HLA,
No.3 Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TEL : 603 2162 9068
FAX : 603 2162 9193

Friday, May 11, 2007

Think Before You Join DCHL/LB/SYN/RZ..etc

That's my only wise words to you all out there..
It all depends on what path you want to choose in your life..

If you are not afraid of losing friends, losing hope, breaking down most
of the time when you just can't sell "dreams", recruits or sell the LB
products, then think again of joining the DCHL/LB/SYN or any other
MLM industry similar to Lampe Berger.

When I say similar, it means, "investing" a large amount of money from
either RM 2,500 till RM 30,000 ++ to purchase a the products and
then retail it back to friends and families by either selling it to them or
bringing them into the business just like you.

Let Mr. Donovan tell you more on what he thinks.
Hey lampebergerhelp,

I came across your blog by chance and I truly admire that someone like you
is really not afraid to speak up your mind for what is right to the society.
What I am about to write, I hope you will post it on your blog for other
readers to read.

One of my friend who is an LB member brought me to his company annual dinner
at Sunway Hotel, and that is when I get to know about Lampe Berger. Many of
their members seem so friendly with me.. but for what purpose? To persuade
me to pay them money to join their LB scheme of course. One of their top
'convincer' talked to me and said things like "you join our business, this
is like a gift for your girlfriend. You earn more money to make your
girlfriend happy". Smart talk right? I was almost pulled

At first I was almost convinced to join Lampe Berger since they keep telling
me stories about how some of their members become succesful and earn 6-digit
salaries by joining Lampe Berger. I argued with my father to give me RM2.5k
to join, but luckily he was stubborn. I want to have money, and everyone
does... that's why there are some people who are still blinded by these LB

After a long and hard thinking for a few days, I came up with my own
conclusion which I warned to some of my friends, and it's effective. You
see... Lampe Berger is not really a scam, but an unethical scheme. You CAN
earn lots of money by investing RM2.5k or RM30k into the business. But at
what cost?

Do the people who join Lampe Berger ever think about who are they going to
invite into this scheme? Obviously the best people they can invite to join
them are FRIENDS who trust them. You don't go around and simply ask
strangers to give you RM2.5k rite?
But what happens if your friend invested in RM2.5k but they didn't make it?
They start to blame you... they start losing their trust in you.. they avoid
themselves from you and so are your other friends. Yeah sure, go ahead and
earn money by asking your FRIENDS to join and get them into trouble. If you
want to make money and lose your friends and your reputation, then Lampe
berger is the best scheme for you. If money is more important than your
friends, then join the LB scheme. Go ahead and join... and see yourself
struggle to earn money by cutting down your number of friends. Because of
your greed for money, YOU GIVE UP YOUR FRIENDSHIP, which cannot be bought
back with the money you made from your unethical scheme.

I have seen some people who persuade their friends to join MLM (not only
Lampe Berger). I don't see them having so much friends around them. But in
the end after they quit their MLM, they realize how stupid they are to join
MLM at first place. My friend who tried persuading me to join LB was very
friendly, treated me nicely, spend money on me, and was close to me. After
knowing that I will not invest a single cent in his business, he stopped
seeing me.

I'm sure alot of you have heard countlessly from LB members, saying that
"you pay RM2.5k, if you never work hard, you'll lose money. If you work
hard, you will be very succesful and earn alot of money". Yeah that's true
what they said... but did you ever consider that by 'working hard' means
troubling your friends and make them lose money for the sake of your profit?
If you and your friend suceed, then bravo... but just remember that MLM is
not for everyone, and when there are some people who suceed, there are
others who fail.

In conclusion, LB is not just a 'morality scam', but also an unethical way
of doing business. Please take my advice and don't lose yourself by joining
Lampe Berger. The reason why i decided to post this is so that my friends
and you (readers) think harder before you join in ANY MLM scheme. Think of
your loved ones.
Enough said? So do i..

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MLM = Scam?

Off the DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger news...

Let's see some interesting news that gained front page news at NST.
Sunday 6th May 2007
Three Filipino partners also held at five-star hotel.

KUALA LUMPUR: A Datuk who made his millions overseas before venturing into businesses here was arrested by Indonesian police for multilevel- marketing (MLM) scams.

The man, in his 40s, was arrested with his three Filipino partners in a five-star hotel in Jakarta on Thursday night.

They were attending an international event at the Jakarta Convention Centre.
Read more HERE

In this news
The Datuk and his partners are allegedly involved in an MLM company with branches in Southeast and East Asian countries. It produces limited-edition coins and medals, jewellery and timepieces sold through network marketing.
My first guess of the company is QuestNet.
How would I guess? The keyword? limited-edition coins.

It turns out to be true.. BRAVO!!
Monday 7th May 2007
Datuk wanted in RM308m fraud case

KUALA LUMPUR: Businessman Datuk Vijayeswaran S. Vijayaratnam, who was arrested in Jakarta last week, is wanted in connection with a US$90 million (RM308m) fraud case in the Philippines.
Indonesian police are co-ordinating with their Filipino counterparts to extradite him to Quezon City where a warrant of arrest has been issued against him for a nine-year-old case.

The warrant is for fraud and conspiracy, according to the Interpol website.

The 46-year-old is the group managing director of QI Limited, which is based in Hong Kong with branches in 30 countries from Australia to Brazil. Its regional office in Malaysia is in Petaling Jaya.
Read more HERE

I do not have much to say.. but just few wise words.

No matter how big is any MLM, I mean any, I don't wanna quote any
specific ones, they ought to be something fishy behind them.
Questnet is so big, but why this thing can happen? Maybe it was an error.
An error by NST? Come on.. don't joke me...

Just do a simple google search on "MLM Lawsuit" There's your answer!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


My last post about this case was "Sister SHOCKED with investment of 36K"
This sister came to me seeking help. I gave my wise advise, and thus now
again, I receive an e-mail from her just last week.

So, nothing more shall I speak off but to let you guys read..
it's me again.. i'm mad, confused and very frustated with my sister behaviour. I made her to promise to stop for a while thinking about the scheme until she has finished her final exam. Yes, she had promised me. But, suddenly after few days she rang my aunt asking to borrow 1K.. She has broke her promise to me.. Then my aunt got worried.. tell my mom. My mom advised her to discuss the matter with my father after she had finished her final exam. My mom even asked her to do a proper paperwork if she really wants the 36k from my father. (Well, to involve in business.. you should have a paperwork right?). She promised again to put aside for a while about this 'lamp' thing until she finished her final exam. But, again she broke her promise, willingly to go back home in the middle of the exam week.. to ask my father for 36k!! My father refused to gave her. But she insist.. at least give her 5K. You see.. how determine she is to involve with the 'lamp'?? I really don't understand. The introducer of this DCHL is friend of my brother. He said 36K is optional. But, seeing my sister behaviour, it tells you the other way. I have no more ideas how to stop her. What scaring me is if she persuade her friend, which is our neighbour, to join as well.. I'm very scared now.. I'm afraid that her friend's family will be our enemy just because of this silly thing. My father had made her to choose between her studies and the 'lamp'. She chose her studies.. but I hardly want to believe her after she broke her promises to me.
I did asked my sister to read all the blogs about DCHL,Lampeberger scam.. etc.. however all those writings in the blogs did not even a little to make her think again and stop joining. I just don't know what else to do... Pls.. if you can just help me.......
Who teaches the younger sister to borrow money from her aunty?
Who will motivate the younger sister to do so?
Who is teaching her to be so aggressive in search for money while
she is still studying and looking forward to a bright future?

These are the young and innocent people who just left high school and
started pursuing their dreams from college/university life.
Why must they be treated like that and in the end, who will suffer.
Where are the ethics?