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Thursday, March 16, 2006

A lettter to Lampe Berger Paris...

My letter to Lampe Berger Paris..

Well, lets see if I do get any response..

Here goes..



Je m'apelle ----------. J'habite en Malaisie.
(Hello, My name is ----------. I live in Malaysia.)

I would like to make a complaint against the company DCHL that was
given license by your company to run Lampe Berger in a Direct Selling
like business.

In fact, the definition of Direct Selling has not been carried by
Lampe Berger as till today as they are merely running on a concept of

I do agree Lampe Berger has been doing great in these past years and
no doubt, Lampe Berger's lamp is indeed one great product to be used in any
household. The fact that being a great company and with a great product, the
company's image has been tarnished by a certain few distributors.

May I point to you this website,

This is the blog that I've started not long ago to help those who has no-where
to seek help pertaining to matters concerning them as distributor to their
up-line or the company, DCHL.

There has been many cases where empty promises has been made, re-fund
not refunded, up-line not
being honest and many more...
Let me start of with re-fund case as it is the major matter concerning both
the new distributors, their up-line and DCHL.

I myself is one of the victim, whereby, my refund which was suppose to be
refunded did not happen.
I am new and I don't know who shall I look into for this matter.
I waited for my up-line's response and days later he gave me reply saying
"a better way for both of us". I blindly accepted.
Why I said "blindly" is because, it is with much promise my up-line Marquis
said that there are few Franchisee coming in, and I shall be getting some
money soon.

In the end, the reply was "Oh, they got their own stock to sponsor".
They here means my side-line distributors.

Next, is the worst part. I am able to sell my stock, but I must sell it at
the price of a Count.
I've invested in Baron which is 20% discount and a Count gets 38% discount.
So I am going to lose another 18%!.. I have no choice else my stock won't sell.
All worth RM 10,000. What a despair.

Yes indeed. It seems after starting this blog and much spreading the word
out, I've found out that it is not only me who is the victim of this so called
good investment.
The 6-months re-fund policy is not liven up to and new distributors who
joins with hope that 90% of their investment can be retained in 6-months
will be left in despair.

I suggest you, Lampe Berger Paris to look into this matter as soon as possible.

Merci Beacoup. (Thank You)


Signed by me..


Steven Yip said...


Who did you post it to?


snail mail?

Lampe Berger Help said...

E-mail la of course..

Their mail is found here

crazysocket said...

got reply d tell us...

Lampe Berger Help said...

Of course I will..

Steven Yip said...

I have sent to those too.

But no response yet.

Perhaps you should translate to french first..then send to them...

Lampe Berger Help said...

I am just using a translator..

No point.. haha

for the people! said...

Lampe Berger Help,

still no reply from them? i wonder why.

Lampe Berger Help said...

I wonder why too..

Sincerekind said...

Good, I found a helpful site, thanks to Steven Yip.

I wish to add that Lampe Berger France cannot do much because the MLM Companies' brothers that holds the right in Asia must have some agreeement with them.

Lampe Berger has been selling for nearly a 100 years as FRAGRANCE products and when this MLM Company(now selling Bel_Air) got the Asia rights and sell them as AROMOTHERAPHY products using such MLM Schemes, Asia probably sold more units than the whole world has bought in the first 100 years.

After establishing in MLM, the Company "switched" to Bel_Air brand(similar use products) and let a different company(now DCHL) managed by the elder brother took over Lampe Berger.
Based on this matter, one can easily tell Lampe Berger France cannot do anything to it. Why will Lampe Berger France allow them to sell a new and competitive brand ?
Why will Lampe Berger allow their name and reputation to be tarnished by these MLM Brothers' Companies ?
These are some questions I am keen to know how will Lampe Berger France respond to it.
There must be some agreements that LB France cannot change or LB France is involved and part of the SCAM.
And there are many more issues that can easily prove the 2 Brothers' Companies selling Lampe Berger and Bel_Air are as good as CONMEN and the distributors are all VICTIMS.(I will contribute at a later time)
Those distributors who EARNED money need not be happy. The more they earned means more people lost and eventually these earners lost more friends and reputation. I have seen so many so-called "successful" distributors from pyramid and scams business in the past who could not find work or support from friends later.
Nevertherless, the website master did a good job. If his refund cannot be granted, at least more victims can be prevented.

Keep it UP !!(DCHL will appraoch you later to bring down the site, then you DEMAND !!)

For more info or any help, anyone can e-mail me at:

Anonymous said...

[b]It's Time For Revenge...



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