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I hope that you reached here before it is too late.
If you are indeed too late, I would only say that your best help now is God.

Read on for any stories that interest you and I do hope they help and the best is to read the comments. ;)
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MLM is Bad Business

I don't have to even utter a single word. This person has already said everything that is needed to say.

So what if the license has been renewed?

Truth? You want to listen to the truth?
Listen to what that man has to say!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time to get your REFUND??

Still no news about RZ Corporation license yet as of now...
Can anyone who knows about it and wants to help some people out there mind to email me and let me know so I can share to everyone out there!!???

BTW, if any of you who feels insecure about all these, you know what to do...

This is a comment I received in my post "
hayad has left a new comment on your post "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!":

i quit LB on jun this year. u dont have to write a resignation letter. juz go to the office, ask any lady there a resignation form. U fill the form, wait for ur turn, then they will arrange a date of an appoinment for u to bring all the silly lamp and oil.

u still can return all the stuff as long as u do not open it yet, means they still in good condition.

and for ur information, u wont get 90% of ur profit back as they said during ABP. I only get half of my profit ( i did Baron). They will deduct with the commission and also 10% of admin charges.

My comission as a Baron is only Rm48.69. Wut the hell! I put about rm13k to do baron, and the commission is only rm48. It was very very ... i dont know wut to say.

Wut can i say, i feel very regret joined LB. Luckily i dont have any downlines. If not i will feel much more guilty to them.
You've read it and you are well informed now...

Have fun and maybe you all can start a "Refund Party"??? :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lampe Berger in Thailand

Hello there again..
Remember I said about some news from Thailand?

Well, I received an email from a reader who is a French national and his wife is a Thai national. I guess, where ever this business goes, the concept is going to be the same. Just that, well the rate to sell the items much similar to what we are selling here.

Nothing much about this email, it is just to post up something here for your reading pleasure. Also an added knowledge of how this business bring run by DCHL a representative of Lampe Berger in other countries in the region.

Read on:

My name is -------- , French National and my wife is a from Bangkok and unfortunately she's been approached by one of her long term friend to visit the office of Lampe Berger settle in a poshy financial disctrict tower.
Initially we knew she had an activity in marketing, but when she was asked what she was doing, she replied: you have to come to see and i'll explain you. It is excellent business....
Few months after we finally went and she and i was explained about their marketing strategies, etc... For which i was already suspicious as in my country it is not allowed.
Further to her first visit, she purchased a very basic lamp ( to my opinion worth 20$ at most ) and an half full bottle of oil fragrance, for 7000 bht ( about 220 $ ... ! )
Thereafter, she started going to their meeting avery day, paid by herself for a welcome training pack, etc... and suprisingly after two weeks was asked to invest 200 000 bht ( 6200 USD ) to be elegible to a higher level or whatsoever...
Luckily she did not invest in that, as she trusted her friend was upset by facing, and she finally accepted, further to seeing lots of report on your site too.
Thank for taking the consideration in reading my message. But please kinly get back to me if you heaed some things about the activities of DCHL in Thailand.
With kind regards,
French National
Interesting email isn't it?
The part which I would like to highlight is here in bold below:

Few months after we finally went and she and i was explained about their marketing strategies, etc... For which i was already suspicious as in my country it is not allowed.
Further to her first visit, she purchased a very basic lamp ( to my opinion worth 20$ at most ) and an half full bottle of oil fragrance, for 7000 bht ( about 220 $ ... ! )
So when the country of origin itself don't practice this sort of "business" operation at their very own country, I shall not go further but let you do all the thinking, digesting to yourself...

Next is the price of the product which is to French National's opinion is worth $20 at most while we are purchasing this product at about $220 over here. What's the logic of running a business where the similar product can be purchased online at nearly 100 % less than what DCHL and its associated companies are selling?

This I shall let you all my dear humble readers to decipher.. :D

Thus, with all that above, I shall sign off and you all have a great day ahead! :D

Monday, September 01, 2008

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

We just celebreated our 51 one year of independence from the British!
How far have we gone we all ought to ask?
There are much more to achieve, well, mostly within our country's governance.
But, all in all, we all love Malaysia don't we? Malaysia Boleh mah...

So back to the purpose of this email...

While everyone is celebrating Merdeka! These few readers of mine are seeking the similar "freedom" from this "business". They seek no where but my help. But I can't help much but just to link them to my old post about getting a re-fund and offer a few words of my 2cents of advise.

The real help should come ethically from their very own "upline" who brought them in. You bring them in, you guide them. Either guiding them to the top or guiding them out, it is the upline's responsibility. As they always claim, they will guide them all the way. Pfft.. when their downline wants to quit, they don't even give two hoots about them.. yeah guide! MY A$$ lah..!!

I see this trend in almost many MLM where these are the actual bad apples and these are the people who ruin the long years of relation with their family or friends because of this one particular kind of business.. SIGH...

I got few emails from the ones seeking "Merdeka" and I shall just post them up there so to say that I've been getting a lot of emails.. :D -__-

This email below is by someone from Johor:
dateMon, Aug 18, 2008 at 1:15 PM


Saya....jua tertipu akibat join LB.Kini dibebani hutang sahaja.Apa harus saya lakukan? Kenapa kerajaan tidak megambil tindakan kepada pihak yang tidak bertanggungjwb.
Then, this one is by someone who seeked help from her partner but being literally ignored:
dateTue, Aug 5, 2008 at 2:27 PM
subjectProcedures to quit Lamp Berger

Dear Sir,
I really really need ur help...i wanna know the procedures to stop and refund my stocks....i've invested almost 12k to joined this stupid business..can i get my money back (the whole 12 k) as all my stocks are still in a good condition....i didnt use and give them to other people....failed to get any partner...i've tried to ask my friend (the one who introduced me this business) but he get pissed off....he said "buat rugi list die jer if i quit"......what the F**K***... so plz sir....really really need ur help....really really hope u can reply A.S.A.P....
Then, this person wrote in to ask how to write a resignation letter:
dateMon, Jul 7, 2008 at 9:45 PM

hye lampebergerhelp.

i don know wut to call u coz i don know ur exact name.

i jus wanna to ask how can i write the letter of resignation from LB biz?

can u give the example.

Then, these person is seeking information on refund:
dateSun, Jun 15, 2008 at 8:03 PM

how can i proceed for the refund of the and is there any condition for me to do so?
i cant find any of these information from the blog.
Whoa! So many old emails published. But they are all read and replied.. :D

Have a great week ahead !!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

RZ Corporation License Cancelled

Hello People! I am back again.. It has been a while since this blog has been updated. Due to busy schedule and everything around me, I have more and more solid and better news to let you guys have a good read at. Of course, the main objective is not to sell this company's products, which I have been asked A LOT of times. The main objective of this blog is to create awareness to the general public of things Lampe Berger, Steven Yeam Network and DCHL will do to make you feel miserable in your life after joining them in the network.

Not all apples are bad, but you are warned now, so that you make your decision better and not complain. Complain, if you haven't read this, but complain not, if you haven't read this blog! :D

Now, this is a piece of news about RZ Corporation. Who is RZ Corporation?

RZ Corporation is the holder of MLM operating license for all DCHL or Lampe Berger activities. I shall not claim that this is coming from my mouth, but thanks to two of my grateful readers (Effandie & Ethan) who alerted me on this matter. Thanks to you two!

The source is coming directly from Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna (KPDNHEP) or rather known in english, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA).

Link of source

I shall reproduce the similar table from the website itself...

1 Worldwide Freshway Sdn Bhd 1834 931502 24.01.2008 MLM
2 Smart Way Sdn. Bhd. 2109 931704 22.02.2008 MLM
3 Rafa Green Sdn Bhd 1962 931607 06.03.2008 MLM
4 Ibioenergy.Com Sdn Bhd 1874 931549 29.05.2008 MLM
5 Nabinco Network Sdn Bhd 2177 931732 16.04.2008 SLM
6 NSSP (M) Sdn Bhd 538 93391 MLM
7 E-Eagle Sdn Bhd 1902 931555 30.04.2008 MLM
8 CWW Worldwide Sdn Bhd 1918 931568 29.05.2008 MLM
9 IMP Network Sdn Bhd / VROOM Club (M) Sdn Bhd 1801 931486 11.01.2008 MLM

RZ Corporation Sdn Bhd

931127 31.07.2008 MLM

Now, it was just recently only the license has been cancelled and you judge with your own eyes! Don't call me liar, don't sue me for defamation or whatsoever.

Okay, here is the screenshot so that I can prove that it was taken from the website...
Come on... of course I'm scared. They have all the monies invested on them to file a suit against me!

So, you justify yourself if you should join this company or not. Double check if they have a new company holding the MLM license or not. Insist and demand that they produce a new license, or else, you better stay away from them. Any future dispute, you CANNOT claim, because you are joining an un-licensed company!


Have a good day and I have news from Thailand!! Hang on while I put it up soon! :D

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still Standing There...

I would like to share this comment by one of the readers..

Oh remember Bel Air? I just met a lady last week and she was saying how they champion that their essential oil can help cure cancer. Guess what? Her friend who is in the same business, died of cancer. Now, again, THINK. Should you believe what you see or and listen what you hear?
wah! has left a new comment on your post "DCHL KUCHING SCAM!!":

fiuh, for the last 2 weeks i had been introduce to this syn members by my best friend. i met different people, the beginner (franchise) dunno how to spell it, baron, count, challenge marquis, marquis. at first, i though like WOW really got people who get high pay, can buy this and that n so on so on. but then i read and heard about being push to invest 30k+ something for count.. aiyoh.. im only a student.. where can i get the money.. dats a lot nia.. even for that 2.5k i still feel guilty coz borrowing from my friends with no reasons (so not me, hate to lie, jaga waterface lagi).. guess what, i haven’t use their money… still in bank.. i prefer to not berhutang n better use my own money but not enough ley… hihi…

when i went to this dchl office i realize that this fellow (u know who) put their money to buy branded or expensive thing as to make them look smart,grand,and luxury just to promote their so called “luxury” in front of their potential investor so that it will convince them how rich they are… . nah.. im not easily influenced by that, coz i always meet real rich and successful people and believe me u can differentiate who is pretending to be rich people or the real one. (i know there a rich people there but not all rite)

actually i wonder what are they doing at their so called office anyway. some of them just standing outside the office talking n repeating the same thing wad they told me to new comers. i went to dat office many times and that is the only MLM office until now dat i didnt see any sales (u know like people buy stuff) compare to other MLMs. people were just keep on talking and talking the same thing non stop like robot. keep on saying that they x sell product but networking. what the purpose of the products then? expensive plak tu.. theres a franchase dat just start for 3 weeks dgn bangganya told me dat she rejected a job offer coz she wants to concentrate to this business. you know for me thats a silly act. i understand if she already gain a lot from this business but she just a beginner .. she datang office pun just tengok2 n just talk2.. its better for her to accept the job offer while doing the business.. when dah stable then maybe its fine for here to quit.

a lot of things to share actually, after saw with my own eyes what happened and read all the articles about pyramid scam (mengkayakan org atasan?) n this syn thingy i dont want to join. but when I look at my bestfriend face that really want me to join.. duh.. dunno wad to say. she invested 30+++ k already, she’s a student, she borrowed the money from a lot of people, including me. should i join? or not? now she seems like think about money, money and money. money is really important nowadays but it still not everything. money cant buy real friendship if u get what i mean. i may not a big spender, but i rather saving compare to join this kind of business coz i will not just cost 2.5k. it will be more than that. fuel, makan2, attend this and that, reload card,my time.

for those who want to join, think carefully, dont let money change you, dont let people force you to do something that you cant. dun berhutang if u not confident u can pay it back, if you still want to do MLM kind of business n dchl is too expensive try to find other MLM, theres always a choice n you can always say no if you dont want. dont do something out of ur own limit. dun easily influence by the marketing plan, its either u gain money or u loss ur money. guys,, think carefully, do research first b4 u join. like me.. =)

(FYI: i still not join yet still need to do more research, dun want to regret later)

They are still standing strong there... but we are here to help impart knowledge on the true reality to people who do search what they come across in life.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Refund Experience with DCHL

Picking up from the previous letter post...

This is the email I received from this lady about 2 weeks after...
If you are thinking of taking your refund with DCHL/RZ Corporation/Lampe Berger.
Read on what this lady has to say... This is all at her own decision and all at her own
way of getting the refund back... Learn from her courage...

Hi ,

I already went to DCHL to get our refund yesterday.. we told our upline (our colleague) that we're quitting n he was a bit shocked.. maybe he thought we're waiting him to assist us in refunding our stocks..

but what we did was we went straight to the front desk of DCHL n asked the lady about refund.. so she asked whether we have filled in any forms yet? of course not.. she asked how long we have been in this biz.. we told her 2 months.. she asked how many wants to refund do we told her 3 (including my sis, she's my sponsored downline).. so she straight away gave us 3 refund forms to fill in and told us to get back to her once we finished completing the form..

after completing the form, we got back to her and get our no.. we waited for a while and our turn comes.. we need to make an appointment to refund our stocks.. only my sis's account was terminated that day since her stocks was sponsored by me (a franchisee can sponsor 1 franchisee).. so her account was self-terminated.. me and my boyfriend's appointment was arranged to another date..

so when it comes to the appointed date, we went to DCHL with our stocks to be refunded.. but unfortunately, only my account was terminated and got the refund.. my bf's account was advised not to be terminated since when they did the calculation, he only can get back RM1000+ from RM12000+ he invested.. why? becos of the stocks that he received was not returnable..

he received 3 lampes that worth RM1700+ each.. we used 2 of it n the other one we switched with our upline cos he only have 1 lampe in his stock.. so we exchange stocks with the same price.. all the used lampes are not returnable.. there were also short of essential oils that we have already used during the 2 months we're in this biz.. those 3 lampes alone costs us RM4000+ plus a few bottles of oils that we used.. the guy at the counter advised us not to terminate this account cos it is not worth it.. luckily this guy advised us not to terminate the stocks.. so we're thinking in selling those goods to Cash Converters since we once seen a signature lampe sold there.. maybe we can redeem what we lost..

as for my account, i only get RM2300+ from RM3000+ i invested.. i was short of 1 lampe (RM200+), 2 essential oils and an estebel toner.. plus the 10% admin cost (RM250+).. so i lost about RM700+.. that's a lot too.. now we can only refund our stocks in 3months after our registration.. not 6months.. so better hurry for those who wants to quit this..

so, as from my experience.. my advise are:

1. think clearly before joining this biz.. r u prepared to use all your leisure n relax time to do this..

2. do not be too excited with all the wealth they tell u.. i believe this biz can help u to achieve all your dreams but be prepared to sacrifice your time with your family, your loved ones n even for yourself.. u might lost some of your buddies from school/uni/work who doesn't like MLM (those who u invite to this biz as prospects)

3. see the biz in its pros and cons.. everything have its pros and cons.. judge yourself whether u can do this or not and do get consultation from those who are close to u (family members, close friends, gf, bf, etc) before joining this.. do not make your own decision without any consultation cos sometimes, we didn't see what others see.. every perspective counts..

4. if u are still eager to do this biz even your close ones (esp family) object your decision, PLEASE do not make it as a reason they are stopping u from achieving your dreams.. they are thinking for your best.. i heard so many stories about SYN members who doesn't go back to their home becos of their family are not supporting them.. don't forget they will never abandon u when you're in trouble.. not your SYN partners..

i really hope people can see how we see this biz.. we're not against this biz from the very beginning but once we're in the biz, we saw the flaws of the biz.. i believe MLM can help us but the people in MLM are doing it in the wrong way.. everyone can be easily attracted in easy money they portray but make some research and analysis first before joining this..

so friends, if u're thinking of quitting, act fast.. u don't have to wait for your uplines cos it's your decision since it's YOUR OWN BIZ.. be firm with your decision and don't feel sorry for your uplines cos they are your friends.. be sorry for yourself first cos nobody can help u accept yourself.. our upline seems a bit "far" from us since we told him we're quitting though he said he would like us to stay as friends.. we're open and always keep him as our friend..

anyway.. u can share our experience in your blog.. i allow u to publish this anonymously.. thanks for your thoughts.. hope to hear from u soon..

(name cleared)
Now, gain some knowledge here? I'm sure you did...
Till the next one... Cheers People!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Problem Lies with the Upline...

Now, many wants to quit MLM. This lady wants to quit because of her upline...
I got this email long time ago and I would like to publish it here for your reading...
You ought to gain some knowledge here...

i joined SYN with my bf 2months back..our colleague introduced this biz 2 us..we felt it was a good opportunity during that time since i was so troubled at work..maybe it was our way out..

we met all those SYN members n they convinced us..they help us applying 4 loans n crdt cards so that we can invest 4 the count position..luckily we didn't get the 14k loan each from bank islam..if that happened..we'll be buried with debts now..

finally..after applying from various banks, we only got a few..i got 4k from citibank n 5k from hong leong for my bf, he got 4k from cimb, 5k from hong leong n 4k from citibank..he then registered as baron n i registered as a franchisee under him..

See how they encourage you apply loans and apply credit cards just to join?

at first we were active joining the events..from work we head straight 2 back home late at nite n d next morning need 2 go 2 work which was so tiring!sometimes i neglected my work n pissed off my boss cos my works r not progressing...

then we started 2 slow down since both of us got datelines 2 catch 4 our projects (FYI,we are engineers..)..then our upline started 2 sms us asking 2 join events..we told him we were busy..but he still keep pushing us n it became so annoying n irritating..he's a count now n targeting 4 challenging marquis in d near time..

then i had 2 go 4 outstation 4 a few days n he still asking us 2 join events..until 1 day during my outstation he sms me..quoting: "bagitau alif(not my bf's actual name) datang event malam ni..event ni penting utk partner baru..suruh dia datang..kalau kau nak dia berjaya la.." it pissed me off when he said kalau kau nak dia berjaya if he's d only one who succeeded in this world..this made me lost my appetite 2 go on with this biz..we already losing our heart in this n this became the X-factor 4 us 2 quit this..

we're planning 2 quit n get our refund but we're not sure of d procedures whether 2 go straight 2 d counter or need d presence of our upline..your blog shows a way 2 refund by writing a it a must?

i like 2 share some reasons we're quitting apart from our prob with our upline..

1. during d 1st event we joined (b4 we become a partner), we heard about our upline paying tickets 4 us 4 that event(duke sharing)..we were quite shocked though it only costs rm5 per tix but it did brought up a few doubts n a bit confused..what they said was SYN members don't mind sharing stories n tips 2 help other partners n SYN members..that they r like families..but when it comes 2 n event (DUKE SHARING for God sake!), y must we pay??isn't 1 of their success secret was sharing?they said sharing is caring but y must we pay 4 a sharing event by a DUKE which make 6 figures income per month??they can share it 4 free 2 help new partners..n if their reason is 2 book place 4 d event as it is limited seats, y don't they juz use 1st come 1st serve basis?it doesn't make any sense..those dukes r still making money from d new partners who still need 2 pay 4 other things n struggling in their financials..n u can do the maths..even rm5 sounds small per person,calculate it when at least 50 people join d event..rm5 x 50 = rm250..they earn easy money 4 a two-hour-talk on their experience which they kept repeating it over n over again...

2. i'm a muslim..on my 1st monthly members' gathering (MMG), Arch Duke Steven Yeam gave his high motivated speeches..honestly..i enjoy listening 2 his talks n respect him..but what concerns me was when he was invited to b on stage by d emcees, all d applause came n then once he's on stage, their way of welcoming him on stage was shaking hands n hugged each other (kinda arabic style) doesn't seem harmful but when seeing 1 of d emcee (a malay girl, marquis, wearing tudung!) shaking hands n hugging with him on stage, it made me think..if i'm a marquis 1 day, i'll b doin d same thing n it's not appropriate n not what muslim women should do..can i prevent this happening 2 me?

3. they also said that we ONLY have 2 pay rm2345 2 b a franchisee n that's all..but they didn't mention about paying 4 every event!d most expensive event was NDO - new distributor orientation which costs us rm150 per person..i can reason out on paying 4 this event cos it was held in hotels..we pay 4 the breakfast, lunch n facilities..but 4 events in d biz center, y must we pay??

4. i also realize that this biz can be too "ambitious" in chasing our dreams..sometimes we forgot that rezeki comes from Him..but if we're too preoccupied with this, we sometimes tend 2 forget Him..sometimes we were so excited about this n forgot or maybe quite late in doing our responsibilities towards Him..sometimes my solat are so near 2 d end of its time n it's not good..i don't want it 2 continue cos i know without His permission n blessings, nothing works out..n i want my afterlife 2 b better than what i have here..wealth is not everything n doesn't mean anything if we forget our creator..

5. i'm in doubt whether this MLM biz is halal or haram..i don't want 2 feed my family with d wrong it's better 2 prevent this cos i'm in doubt..

so for those who have experience quitting this n got refund, pls give me a guide in solving my prob..ur info will b very helpful n i thank u in advance..may God bless all of us n hope people will wake up n see what we saw in this biz..

thanks 4 ur time..
You judge... I'm not saying MLM can't do.. But sometimes.. it all lies with the leader..
You get bad leaders, you don't go nowhere...
Don't give me the bull of you need to stand on your own and what not...
More of a time, you can't stand alone here because the support needs to come from the top.
This is a fast roll game and you are slow, you are really slow and when you are fast is when you have good and greater support from the top and all...

I have already guide her with her refund.. nothing much but it helps...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sure Lost A Lot of Money

Everyone sure has a friend who would have heard of someone falling into the scheme offered by Lampe Berger/SYN/DCHL/RZ Corporation. Some would end up saying that it is a scam. I would not say it is a scam, but I would derive it as pretty much towards an 'unethical' practice by a handful of distributors to really damage the whole scene. In the end, many suffers.

Just another e-mail I received...
hi.. i just heard about how my friend being delusioned to being another 'blurred' recruit of lamp berger.
very frustrating when the idea of income generation is based on other people's money instead of hard work of selling products.
she took personal loan just to become one of them. the loan amount can get her a car instead which she has none!
i wonder why she cant guess the scam. only once i heard how they operate, i knew this is a scam business unlike many other MLM out there.

did anyone ever report about lamp berger to the government authorities? let them do some health check on the company; on the business they operating.
especially to those who have experience joining lamp berger.

pity to those who fall into the lamp berger scheme. most of them sure lost a lot of money instead of benefiting from it.

however, congratulations to you for having this blog.
people out there who has at least a bit of mind would search in the internet about some business they are not sure of or sounds fishy.
So.. hence, the power of internet and the wiseness of those who use Google! ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Non Stop Pestering

He works in the same building as the MLM company at Menara HLA.
He got pestered and he released his anger here by email... haha
I just got to publish this.. more to come soon...

im 1 of the person who was about to be cheated by bullshit company lamp burger,
Im Working in the same building as tghe company is runing.....

The person who app me was a formaly Ranhill civil engg who is getting RM25K a month from Lamp berger as he claim( but that night i saw that fucker go on a Normal Honda EX5 motorbike ) worth RM3,800 otr price..

he brought me up the office, got me to the tour and was telling that this was a great opp for indians.
the matter is now in malaysia we indians r fighting 4 our rights and from no where is idiot comes and says that this is a great opp 4 indians..

they told me to pay RM2,500 to enroll and he was asking my details like how much my saving, what bank accounts i have, can i pay him on the spot or tommorrow.

i told that fxxker that my monthly salary does not reach RM2,500 and he was calling and pestiring me for about 2 weeks by calling from diff diff numbers.

now he stoped calling but they still sending diff people to talk to me as im just above their office in KL menara HLA.......

every singal day more than 700 people r at their office at around 9pm when i go for my dinner cause im working in the night shift..........N this goes on till late at 2.30am.


kindly keep my office email add private pls


Sigh.. things people do...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Get it righ lah people!

Before I start, let me give my reply to anul who said I shouldn't condemn the person in
my earlier e-mail rather I should give comments on how to help.

My Comment? There, it was in the previous e-mail.
This is the outcome of being stubborn and trusting someone you just met rather than your own beloved family who has been with you thick and thin...
Please again, if you have read my header,
LAMPE BERGER HELP is here to solve your neverending problems.
Share with us on your grief and your story of being "cheated".
In the previous e-mail, it was sent by the brother not 'himself'.
So should I advise summerchild47400 how to advise his own brother while it
was clearly stated in the e-mail his own brother doesn't even listen?

My reply to summerchild47400 was
I read ur e-mail with disgust towards the business..
How is your brother doing now?
and summerchild47400 reply was
Hi. My brother is still in the business, although he's now trying to look for a second job in addition to full-time LB. Perhaps, only time will make people learn from mistake which they don't realise now due to reluctance to listen to advices?
I'm sure he has read about what I put up in my post.

I know, one bag egg doesn't affect others in the basket. But one bad egg is good enough for
me to blog about it before it spreads to other innocent people to join the bad egg.
If what you claim there are some good about the Lampe Berger 'business'. Why didn't
those foes in DCHL, SYN, Lampe Berger, RZ Corporation and even Steady come and send
me an e-mail to correct my wrong? We can't deny the fact that those bad egg is so much so
rotten that if you throw them away, their stench will still remain, can we?

But, please! This blog is here for that reason and so... Get it right lah people!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A brother's point of view of Lampe Berger

Received an e-mail from Summerchild47400.

It was such an angry e-mail and I shall re-post them here for you to read.

This is the outcome of being stubborn and trusting someone you just met rather
than your own beloved family who has been with you thick and thin...

I bet you after reading this, you will beware your love ones, brother, sister,
mother, father, uncle, aunty, grandfather, grandmother, boyfriend, girlfriend about
Lampe Berger/DCHL/RZ Corporation and Steven Yeam Network.

Here goes..

I'm a non-LB person, but here's an account of real-life observation and expressions to be shared. While I don't doubt the ability of the minority who somehow managed to make money out of LB (maybe they're lucky... maybe they're good at it, etc), the majority don't really succeed. I'm not going to condemn them here, but LB has definitely left its scar on some people.

Upliners always tell those 'kids' out there that "we help people improve their live by selling opportunities to them... anyone can do LB ... " and so on. When I asked a particular LB "Count" why so many people lose money in it, the verbatim answer given was "people who fail are those who are lemah semangat i.e. weak. What kind of answer is that?

My brother is stubborn and went all against the advices of my parents and me. He bought a Count position and quitted his full-time and good, albeit tough job (tell me, who doesn't start off hard in the beginning? For goodness sake, don't be lazy and afraid of hardship...). Please tell me, whom do you trust more, your family or SYN? Yeah right, please go ahead and argue that you trust SY more than your family because he drives a gorgeous car while our own parents may not drive such a car, for instance. Well, SY drives such grand car because there are many naive kids around!

Like I said earlier, I'm not denying the ability of making money out of such business. Yes, there are success stories out there despite ethics issues in such biz. But how many are there? And let's just assume that the biz is not fishy, does anyone think that it will suit everyone? Each individual is unique and different. Talents differ. Weaknesses differ.

At the moment, I'd say that my bro falls within the category of non-successful LB "businessmen" - LB folks like to call themselves "businessmen" when filling up forms. When he first bought that Count position using my dad's hard, but honestly earned money for his retirement days. I wasn't there when he spoke to my dad on such thing, so I have no idea how he succeeded in his persuasions. All these happened very quickly behind my back & I was shocked. I felt an utter disappointment with the ones I love most.

I've known my bro for more than 2 decades & not to belittle him though, I'm a little doubtful. I could only hope that I was wrong so that things won't turn out badly. In any event, "belum cuba, belum tahu" and at most, he should have started off lower first, if business really thrives like crazy, then perhaps may consider buying that Count position. In this case, losing about RM 40K won't be as bad if your family is financially well-to-do, but for an average middle class family, it's a big slap.

On my bro's case... He claimed that he earned RM 7K during his 1st month in Nov 2007. Bought a phone of RM 2xxx and showed-off to me. Perhaps I was wrong? Later, he tried hard to persuade me to join his biz and I gave a firm NO. He then flashed out his phone to me & said "See this? If you were to buy one, you will have to 'ikat perut' for one month, hahaha!!!" Some more, he said he's going to buy a Nissan Sentra in April. Such arrogant LB Count, what can I say about my own beloved bro? I want to see him succeed in whatever he does, but not such arrogance.

2nd month, he told me he got RM 5k. But came to Jan and Feb this year, he got no pay at all! See... such biz doesn't have very steady incomes. Then he started begging for loan from my parents and me. I have no money for him, so he went to my cousins instead. Then, one of my cousins helped him a little, while the other did not. To be objective, I think that my bro does not deserve sympathy. Who asked him not to save any money in the 1st place? He's over 21 and should have been much more matured that this. "Dah lah tak de EPF", want to spend money like water pulak.

My dad warned him that it should be the last time he help him. Recently, my bro fell into financial hiccups again. Scared to ask my dad, he went to a cousin instead. He didn't even tell me anything. My cousin cousin did not promise to help him, but informed me instead. OMG, what's wrong with my bro? He's so thick-skin and goes around asking for money and I'm sure that if it continues, people will end up avoiding him. Now, don't say buy Sentra, he can't even buy a bicycle (sorry bro, but it's true and I'm frustrated with you). "Kononnya" earn RM 7k per month and still got cheeks to ask for money from people poorer than him! Fortunate for him he didn't qualify for bank loan, or else he would have been declared a bankrupt - at 22!

Such clear signs of biz not doing well and yet he's reluctant to stop, or at least find a permanent job and do LB part time instead. My bro is the most stubborn person I've ever met because he NEVER listen to any advice (other than his upliners'). Therefore, my disappointment in him is beyond words.

Lastly, there are actually many more things I want to say, but I believe I will not say them once I've cooled down. Thousand apologies to all reader(s) if I sound harsh on my own brother, but in reality, I just want to see him behave like his normal self before joining LB. I can't blame the existence of LB/SYN for this, simply you have the choice and prerogative over yourself! It's boils down to the individual to decide on what ought and ought not be done in the frist place. I'd want to see him become a successful chef or having descent work to do, not a failed "businessman" who lives in non-reality world.

MLM-type biz is definitely not for everyone! And feel free to criticise me, if anyone wants to.

Great that you lasted till the bottom of this post.. ;)
I'm not surprise by Summerchild47400's anger... who wouldn't if they have a younger
brother just like his?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Students, The Easy Target!

Who couldn't agree more that mostly those who fall for these kinda "business" are students? They just graduated, they are somewhat less likely to work in Malaysia, due to all those comments on how bad their first job would be and how bad their salary would also be. Given that situation, who wouldn't in their fickle mind want to earn big money with a "Franchise Business" which would one day bring them at the helm of wealth and prosperity and also with a large network that will help build them in the industry?

Who wouldn't eh?

Students are the most easy target due to that particular reason and it is also why most
of the e-mails I get are from students who fall into the "unethical" promise of business
earnings. This is what Lampe Berger, RZ Corporation and Steven Yeam Network will
promise you when you join their "business" network. Not so easy in the beginning but
you will end up raking the riches.

Which in return, a mere recruiting process other than selling. This is not "franchising"!
This is GIMMICKING the franchise model!

Ms. Chong sent me this e-mail seeking help earlier this month.

Hello!! I'm glad I've found this site. I'm 20yrs old, currently a college student, I managed to make a few friends from DCHL 2 months ago. It wasnt until few weeks before that one of my friend brought me to her "company". I was so surprised cuz I thought she was working somewhere else, but then she told me this was her part-time job, I was like ok. So, without any further thoughts, I went to her office with her. To be honest I was so impressed by the Estebel SPA, Lampe Berger thingy which she claimed are all artistic product and also E.P cosmetic products. They did a T-up, and she asked her other fren to explain how this "investment" works. Juz like what they all claimed when they first arrived at the office, I know straight away it's a direct selling business juz that a lil diff from what I used to know.

With a lot of sweet sweet talks, they keep telling me how other hav successed through this business, and we should look at it in a different way. a new and modern way of doing things. They told me not to tell my family, and also my closest one - My hubby that I am in this business, as this will affect my perception towards DCHL, and also they told me not to tell anyone unless u have learned anything as ppl will encourage me to stop becuz they think this is a lie. Ok ~ I was convinced, and I seriusly don think of telling my own hubby that I'm gonna spend RM2.5 k on this membership franchise thingy, which I think would shocked him. So ~ after a few hours of talk they, and discussing the marketing plan from Franchise >Baron> Count>Marquis they finally asked

:"So what do you think? is this a good plan...?"

"Yep.. it's good."

" What are you waiting for, sign the form and u'll be part of us!"

"Well..ok." (without much thinking."

"But then, how much are u willing to invest?"

(I was thinking of saying RM10.00 ...) "I donno.."

*scribble scribble* and they started to telling me that initially I have to put in RM2.5 k. I was like WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!


Ok ~ I donno why, mayb cuz all their brainwashing techniques I was so dazed, slip into the fantasy land and pay them RM400. ok..
after that my fren invited me to a roadshow and they recommended me to join this promo pack, facial treatment where i can get this blablabla package which cost about S$250 and the marquis gave me another extra foc spa treatment.. ok it wasnt bad, I signed up! but then, they invited me to this R&R in KL which after that I was told i'd have to pay RM50 for the entrance and I've brought along my hubby, which he thought was a trip to KL for fun. It seriously exhaust our energy sitting few hours in the stadium for the recognition thingy. i've to slipped out a few times to pee and to cigarettes with my hubby ~ not to mention it was so boring, for someone who hasn't involved like me and for my hubby who don even hav a clue of wat's goin on, it was as torture. He has to pay RM50 for the entrance fee and he thinks its a waste of money and time!!!!!!! We were schedule to leave at 6pm but ended at 8pm, ok ... I don blame them and most importantly, when we arrive S'pore it was already 2.00am in the morning. My hubby was sososossososososo pissed off!!!! and we had our arguement, and I was lucky he's still talking to me today!!!]

What im trying to say is.. they are targetting teens or youngster like me who are naive and think that money drop from the sky. It's not impossible u see, juz that the way they ask me for the membership fees and not listening to wat I'm trying to tell them that I'm a total helpless student, althou married but my husband's salary is just enough to feed us for a month. (Ya.. we survive on instant noodle and pipe water) they are not considerate about ur situation. and calling themselves tryin to help???? cmon, if u're trying to help, why not target those rich ppl / at least sponsor half of my subcription fees???????

Btw, i'm thinking of quitting once my upline come back. I'm gonna tell her I don wana get involved, and it doesn't matter if she said the 400 is not refundable. I juz wanna finish my special promo spa treatment and make an end to this! Thus, I don hav any other time to waste. I wan to spare time with my hubby and studies. Is this possible? I hav signed the application form, and gave her RM400, and I've also signed for the spa treatment package, can I back off now? I need to know.. thankx

I leave the evaluation to you after reading this e-mail. It is nothing new to me.
I gave her a big guide on how about she can go with to back-off while she can.
Decision is up to her and if she is earning big bucks now, I shall wish her all the best.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not Right for Muslims?

I received yet another mail after the previous one on Jan 17th 1321 hours.

This time, his point of view is that it is not right for Muslims to earn the money
in the way how Lampe Berger/DCHL is running their business aka pyramid scheme.

Hello and very good day to you, I am new to this LB things... I just
joined this crap for a couple of weeks, but as time goes by i can feel
something amiss in the company. When I started went to their events, I
feel like I was in a concert not a professional or formal event
although it's compulsory to wear a formal attire. Then yesterday I
asked one of my marquis challenger, "What will happen if my downline
do not search for ppl to be their downline?". He answer something that
out of question, but I asked him again the same question. He answered
that I will not get anything. It's mean that I will get something if
and only if my freaking network is expanded. So from my point of view
as a muslim, the money that I got is not right and it is illegal
because of the pyramid scheme.

I have use one of the lamp and the oil, so how do I act to get my refund?

Deathly Hollow

My say would be, in every business/ job you don't work hard, you don't gain. Simple.
But in this Lampe Berger business run by DCHL/RZ Corporation/Steven Yeam
Network, it is to me UNETHICAL and therefore my advice is, think twice before joining.

On the matter of whether it is illegal or not for Muslims to earn from this "pyramid scheme"
it is not me to judge, but it is for all you Muslim people out there to judge it for yourself.
You know your religion better than me. Be it "Hadhari" or not. I will not touch on that.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Another mail from a reader on 18th January 0421AM.

This reader sent me the mail about DCHL in Kuching. Yes, they are all over the
map in Malaysia. I bet they would use the word "poor" to make these people who is
indeed not so rich to gain riches by "investing" in DCHL.

Read on, it is going to be a very long e-mail.
Dear Sir,

I wish to tell you my story of DCHL Kuching Sarawak. I almost got cheated by these people (who called them self Marquis Faizal) and all of his underlings for giving me false information regarding their company.

DCHL was introduced by my long time schoolmate. She informed me that I can make money without breaking a sweat by helping people.

My friend asked me to go have dinner with DCHL members to see how their life have change.

So, I followed my friends to have dinner with DCHL members. All seems happy with their life. Their introduce me to other people. Then I started talking with the DCHL members.

They told me that they earn twice the income they earn each month compare working with a company.

Then I asked them couple of questions.

1. Do I have to sell products?
They said we do investment. Not selling products. I become more interested with the investment plan.

2. Do I have to recruit people in order for me to make money?
They said, we dont find people. We help people who really needs it.

3. How much money do I need to invest? They said RM2,500.00.

4. Do I get my investment back? They said yes, you do get your investment back.

5. If my uncle want to join and put RM 2,500.00 and doesnt want to find people. Will he still receive money? They DCHL members said, he will get RM200 per month.

I was so happy and I wanted to join so I can help myself and my friends who needs it.

Then one of my friend told me to becareful and advice me to call KL branch.

When I called KL branch about it and ask them about the investment. They told me there is no such thing. I was suprise by it that it is not an investment company. I was quite shock.

Then I told them why I was informed that it is an investment at the first place. They told me that DCHL is involved in direct selling and members earn from the commission on the product that they have sold.

I asked them, what about the RM 2,500.00?!?!?

The DCHL KL hotline said, the RM 2,500 include registration fee and the product number from 1 - 6, which cost more than RM 2,000.00.

I was quite furious with the false information that DCHL Kuching members has given me.

I decided to go to main office to investigate more. I was educated by one of the qualified members about the investment.

I took couple of minutes to explain everything. Things started to go from bad to worst when it comes to registration fee. He asked me to join as soon as possible. I said I can get my money at the end of the month. The members convience me to borrow money from friends and told me not to told them about the business?!?!?

Then later he told me that I can make more money by becoming a count as soon as possible in order not be taken over by people who is under me and I will not lose my profit. He told me that being a count is better than being a baron. He told me that I have to invest RM 40,000.00 as soon as possible.

Then, I asked him again who sold the product? He told me that DCHL dont do direct selling but investment. He also told me that DCHL Kuching has their own marketing plan and doesnt follow KL marketing plan. DCHL Kuching is independant and doesnt rely on KL. This was told to me by many marquises in Kuching (Lady own a skyline and a guy (Faizal) who own a celica).

Later I found out that there is alot of victims (most of them students) occur in UNIMAS (University of Sarawak).

A housemate of mine told me his friend (Marquis) run away from Kuching and stay in KL due to people looking for him leaving his parents behind to settle his problems.

Please help me to put stop into this. One of my friend has spent RM40,000+ using her parents money, which come from their saving retirement money. She tought it is an investment. I tried to tell her about it but refuse to believe me.

I realise that DCHL members relies on registration money and also RM 40,000 investment on becoming a count status.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brother-In-Law a Hardcore Believer of DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN

Early of the year, I've already received e-mail from people in distress pertaining to
DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN. Up to date in January, I've received FIVE e-mails, each
with their own side of story to tell. Whether it is true, it is up to you all to just.

I hope all these e-mails would serve as an alternative point of view towards this so
called "investment" business. Many in the comments as "anonymous" condemns my
blog here for defamation and also how much I am tarnishing their business' name.
Well.. my anonymous friends out there who condemns my work here. Please have
an open mind when you read this blog. I don't totally say this business doesn't work.
I am just outreaching to the people out there to know how unethical a few many of
DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN distributor could be just to lure anyone into the business
to be rich which I think it is just SELFISH.
Don't give me the bullshit of "helping others to be successful"!
Companies out there, thousands of them are also helping others to be successful..!

Here is an e-mail this lady sent to me on 3rd Jan08 at 1104 and it reads as follow:

Hi there,

My brother-in-law is currently so into this SYN/LB thingy. He made his wife
quit work to concentrate on this business (well, it's kinda ok coz the wife
is earning less than (rm2K, so at least she's not giving up a 'career'). I
do think it all works well for people who sacrifices like crazy in order to
get the-promised-$$$.

However, what I see is that the so-called business is marred by a lot of
deceptions. And I echo your comments on this SYN/LB is not a business. It
is a recruitment agency more-like-it. I noticed that when people join this
network, they all speak the same, act the same. For instance:
My brother-in-law was willing to get a personal loan of RM17K for a
Honda Odyssey downpayment. He came to us to borrow that amount of
money and when we asked 3 reasons why he needs a Honda Odyssey vs
Naza Ria for his growing family, the following are the reasons he gave us:
We need to buy this super luxury car in order to lure prospects to
believe that they can achieve their dreams in a matter of 3 months (I
think if your dream is just big and fast cars, you're truly pathetic)
We need this car to show-off our 'success'
We need this car because we're gonna have our 4th kid
I think out of all the 3 reasons, only the final reason is valid
eventhough you can achieve it by getting a much cheaper MPV.....I don't
They say in order to make money, you've got to invest first.....but
RM30+K? He actually downed all of his hard-earned money in total belief
that he could retire when he's 40 (he's currently 35). They never tried
to convince us to join (we're professionals and proud of it: I'm a
software engineer and my hubby a doctor) and we totally believe that we
can achieve financial freedom by 45, not super rich......but financially
free. I think these are the people who get lured into this trap by greed
(on their part) and promises and hope (on SYN/LB part)
My brother-in-law's wife gave birth and her upline came to her house to
visit. At the end of the visit, she asked her when she's able to start
again.....for Pete's sake, she has just given birth! All they live by is
their business and nothing else. Is this called financially free?
They started boasting like they have all the money in the world. But
when I suggested that we could do 'aqiqah' (an Islamic practice) for my
daughter (I just got my newborn as well) and their son together. They
said, wait. They've got other things to do. It's just so strange....if
they have all the money in the world, the cost for aqiqah and kenduri
shouldn't be much of a problem, right?

I don't think all MLM is a scam, but this looks like one. The reason I am
saying that it is a scam is because they swear by the products but don't
even sell their products. The 'business' evolves around 'selling' dreams.
For the sake of my brother-in-law and his growing family, I would pray
that the economy booms at least of the next few years, because all it needs
is for ONE economy crisis and there goes their business......coz who is
willing to scrape the barrel to invest in lampu burger?

I wish all those who believe in this dream luck....coz that's all they need
to sustain themselves in the la-la land (land of glory?....NOT!)

What a great year to start huh?
Come on people.. give your two cents to this lady..

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Dear readers and friends,

Would like to wish all of you Happy New Year 2008.

Let's see what holds for year 2008 for DCHL/ Lampe Berger and the whole of Steven Yeam

We from Lampe Berger Help would like to see how many we can actually save from this
"scam" that many people whom themselves also admitted with their claim on this business.


So, again.. Happy New Year 2008 and let's just begin our great year without this business.. ;)