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Thursday, May 31, 2007

LB Help!! I want to REFUND

Hey LBHelp friends...

Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving e-mails on how to refund
their membership and products and claim back whatever that is left behind.

Received an e-mail from a frustrated Lampe Berger member. Read:

I was just browsing thru the internet trying to find answers for my questions. and suddenlly ur site just appear on the screen.

I am once an LB member...and sad to say I still am, although I haven't go to the office for nearly 10 months now. I've also been thinking about refunding all my products coz I'm having a hell time paying all my loans.

At first I asked my upline about how to refund. bad move. said that altho I refund, i had to pay for all the commissions that I've received during my countship. and they dun even consult me on what I'm I've realized that half of my products are unreturnable....

now I am working...(I was an undergrad student when I was sought out to join LB)...and I am really annoyed that more than half of my salary goes to pay my loan...instead of getting myself my own car....

My parents constantly reminding me of my loans and bugging me to pay them (they come to my house to persuade my folks to invest in the 30K scheme) coz I borrowed money from relative and have to pay them....I am being tortured enuf by my parents about this mistake.

please help me get my money back (refund)...

when I said about my upline not consulting what I bought, I did check the list again and asked about those unreturnable products, they told me that it is neccessary to buy them coz its easier when distributing it to my "downline".

LB Help: Its a trick and excuse to get you blinded over the terms & conditions that you never read propoerly.

I have a few more e-mails that reads...

E-mail 2
Hi Stecven,

I join DCHL - SYN as Baron 2 months. I planning to quit. But I don't know what should I write in the letter. Do you have example for it?

Joining this business is on my own. I don't blame my upline or others for introduce this business to me. Ermm... you have example of "polite" termination letter? Thanks!

I assume he thinks I'm Steven Yeam hahaha.

E-mail 3

I join now near 3 months, I'm thinking of quitting before my refund policy date end (That's 3 months). I like to write a letter for my termination. Do you know any good example for it. Because I don't want blame the company nor my upline. It's my fault being naive. I have put alot time on it... I know I only can get 90% of it. It's better than none. Can you help me?

Hmm... they all asked me the same question. How do I go about with the
refund of my products and membership. My answer is simple.

I made a post last year in August 06: GET YOUR FULL REFUND and also
in March 06: Solutions to Re-Funds. Go and have a read.

I think, Solutions to Re-Funds suits you all who e-mailed me. Read up! :)

Their corporate addresses are listed HERE or alternatively;

RZ Corporation
Level 1, Menara HLA,
No.3 Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TEL : 603 2162 9068
FAX : 603 2162 9193


Anonymous said...

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Rod said...

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