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Friday, October 13, 2006


Hey friends...

It has been a while since I last updated this blog..
Guess, that I've been busy lately.. Not much time to bother about all
these un-ethical peeps in SYN/DCHL/Lampe Berger anymore but..
My toughts were wrong, this is my third time checking my mail, during
my hibernation period and it just brings more and more furious..

Out of 6 e-mails, 4 are asking for refunds help..

Please Look Up to my previous post
2) Solutions to Re-Funds

All I can say, you can't beat them, be like them.. BE AGGRESSIVE!!
That's the only way to get rid of those un-ethical so called "business"
owners who knows nothing about "R E S P E C T" and "E T H I C A L"

Look at how they were asking for money from their recruit, after the
recruit quit and it was the uplines who were saying, they can cover for
this new recruit, but things turns ugly when the new recruit QUITS..

Read on to know how DCHL/SYN/Lampe Berger educate their people

This is the case of mine : i join LB last year SEPT.. it was a BIG MISTAKE i ever did as i was being frequently pyscho by my upline who is Mr.J and Miss.C . they keep pushing me until one day i cannot tahan and i agreed to join LB. the problem is i told them i had no money, imaging : RM2345 from a college student ( where can they get this huge amount of money, other than borrow from friends or family?) in the end, they ask me to join 1st and they SO CALLED dont mind PAY BACK to them later when i start to earn back.

Sincerely, after i joined.. calls keep coming in, asking me to do this and that, follow up and down, and what so called COME OUT and MEET OUR top earners and know more friends....... i really sick of it as i couldnt cope with my studies since ever after i join LB. my housemate even ask everytime before i go out :" go sell BOMB again ar? " SELL BOMB (i agreed after i regretted for not listening my friends and family advice)

One day after 1 year i keep avoiding my upline cause i really feel very FAN of them... they purposely drove far down to my house and give me a call .

conversation between us :
Mr.J says:" Jxxxx here, i already infront of ur house, u better pay us the remain money, else we going to meet up your parents ! "

I says :" not i dont want to pay, but i dont have so much money at the moment " , " i already SMS to Miss.C said that i will settle the amount by next month. (THE SMS that i sent was this:" I on meeting now. Talk much also no point, u will say i owe u.really REGRET to join LB.Pls stop callin,thanks.Gv me ur bank account number, wil pay u bck by year end.Thanks for making my life miserable.")

Miss.C(was just beside Mr.J) says :" tell him dont SIN KA LAN la, i never receive his SMS !!! "

Mr.J says:" do u want me to tell or meet your parents onot?" (keep repeat)

after a few minutes, i send a SMS telling them to give me their Bank Acc number so that i can bank in the money to them. and a SMS replied by them : " Maybank xxxx-xxxx-xxxx(Cxxxxx Lx Kxxx). bank in RM2000 by MONDAY, else i will take action! "

that time i was at outstation. The night when i bck and i check my house letter box. this is the paper i found ....................not just 1, but 2 paper for each letter box, not just that and also in 2 version of language.. WOW =.= i guess they are really desperate for getting back money in such a AH LONG ways.

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