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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Solution to Re-Funds

We did some calling yesterday,

First, was to Direct Sales Association of Malaysia (DSAM)
Second, was to RZ Corporation aka DCHL aka Lampe Berger office.

We found out many great things, and indeed we are dumbfounded by
how ignorant can the company itself, RZ Corporation, not knowing
that matters about un-ethical distributors are just around them.

The first call was to Lilian of DSAM. We talked abit and we found out
that it is not only us calling in to lodge a complaint. To sum up,

1) There has been parents calling in because of their children got
involve with Lampe Berger and started borrowing money from them.
Most of the calls asked about legality of Lampe Berger aka DCHL.

2) RZ Corporation/DCHL is not even under the roof of DSAM where most
direct sales companies are.
Even Bel Air, their competitor is in it. Look for OHK Associates Sdn Bhd.

3) DSAM has already submitted an enquiry towards the ministry to
look into this matter and is now waiting for reply.

Now, DSAM can't do much towards DCHL/RZ Corporation because
they are not under their roof and thus many considerations should be
taken into because either would either sue each other for defamatry.

All DSAM can do is just voice out to the Ministry and let the ministry
take action, which we doubt they would, in a hast manner.

Next call was to Alvin, the supervisor of RZ Corporation.

He was shock when told it is not only one person who faces the matters
between our upline. He was like "Huh.. sure or not...?^?"
Well, we are suprised he don't know much...

Solutions to those whose money is being stranded between you and your
upline is to write in a letter. Yes, WRITE IN A LETTER TO

RZ Corporation
Level 1, Menara HLA,
No. 3 Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

What to write?

You must state clearly,
1) What are the dispute between you and your upline.
2) What are the promises made by your upline but then
never held.

3) Is your upline pushing you to borrow money from everywhere
push up for the count level? (This is truly against their rule)
4) How long has you been with the company and when did you join.
5) What are the stocks you are holding.
(Bear in mind signature lampes can't be re-funded)
6) Other matters you think is related..

Please bear in mind that you SHOULD ONLY write in, ONLY IF you are
facing a dispute over the matter of re-fund between you and your upline.

Should he/she refuses to re-fund and hold on to your stock or tries
to avoid talking to you into re-funding, then you SHOULD write in.

We are planning a batch write in to DCHL, to make an impact.
Send your request thru our e-mail for our address, and we will compile
your letter and send to DCHL.

Mail to

Personally, here, am gonna write a one nice piece of my mind
in that letter...


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bravo said...

now whoever say this website is of no help and only for ranting...

i'd ask the sonofabitch to come suck my d1ck...

Lampe Berger Help said...

Not too harsh bravo.. :)

Some people would just love to jump the gun..

Well, we shall do my part.. and they will do their part.. which is SHUT UP.

Simple as that..

Thanks for the support.. and help further promote this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hmm .. interesting. What does the DSAM do usually? Does it handles reports on misconduct by direct selling companies?

Lampe Berger Help said...

Dear anonymous,

You can eventually do a read up on their site.

You will find out more than I explain to you here :)
It does handles misconducts.

Steven Yip said...

Good work LB Help,

Seems like there's quite a lot of complaints against DCHL.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Thanks Steven..

We will just wait for the real battle...

Anonymous said...


I managed to locate RZ Corp on the Domestic Trade Ministry website. Link as follows:

Not sure about most recent info though.

Anonymous said...


I managed to locate RZ Corp on the Domestic Trade Ministry website. Link as follows:

Not sure about most recent info though.


crazysocket said...

sory lbhelp, i take ur post n put into my website (with a link back to urs) without ur permission.

anyway, i'm anxious to see wat's gonna happen soon. if anything happen, do msg me at the first place. i gonna snap snap some photo n post up.

my hump my hump said...


we all wish they just close down lamp berger lah.

boney said...

Alvin, the supervisor of RZ Corporation <--- if the guy is the manager of DCHL HQ office, then i shall say he is damn hopeless coz he doesnt dare to take any actions one (and yet pretending dunno about bad things happening ard), so talk to him also sai hei (waste gas). You guys think he really doesnt know meh?

Anonymous said...

dear people

pls refer the link below for more info. RZ corporation is registered under the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Malaysia.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Thanks for the notice..

But do notice one thing.
It is for 2005..

Anonymous said...

Hi LB help,

I just recently being introduce to your blog...what an effort!!

actually i also had the same experience like some ppl had here
but it wasn't from LB nor SYN but other MLM company. Their promises make me really believe that they would help making money from the investment that i funny ha? i though only LB gave such promises

but then after i've made the necessary purchase they didn't really support me leeiii.......the worst part is those product are health food...cilaka, got expire date some more, so what to do? either i sell until finish or telan myself la...i wish i can stuffed those pills into my upline mouth...but what to do, ur blog wasn't around that time to save me...too bad la (perhap u should investigate this company...cheating ppl)

At least for those that have stock from LB there no expiry date leeii, slow2 also can use...hati takde sakit ma

u guys really making a good effort here, but what im trying to say here is that the nature of MLM to gv promises, becoz that is the biz all about...helping people. It just that sometimes they are some individual that using the system to cheat its not fair to blame on the company...

might as well use the energy to get back the 2345...coz i've get back my 30K investment....writing story like this will not help you get back your money nor helping other, buang masa!

anyway, keep up the effort...i hope u'll meet your objective (whatever it is). Its always good to listen from both party...

Anonymous said...

My house using Lampe Berger too. Actually a lot of people are not using it with the right way. that's why so many complain about it. Although i'm an anti MLM person, but the product is really good. cause i have tried to do some experience at home. It's really can kill the baterias in the air.
Another thing is about the acent. Not all the acents are nice, but also it depend how you mix them. Different one will have different effect and you just gotta use it in a right way.
Just that i don't understand why so many rumour about Lampe Berger. At least there are people who success in this line also. Just some of the stupid cat are not doing the business in a proper way, and keep persuading and making people feel annoying only.
I got a friend is Lampe Berger member, but she's not very clear with the product. I believe have the better understanding compare with her.

Anonymous said...

MLM is an OPEN DOOR business rite! so, we dont know about others background, who they are before and now, just because of money they just grab any person to become a distributor without doing a rite way of Prospecing! So! the problem is yourself actually... make it half way, do that, do this, mistakes, fail, anything that u just can imagine but cant do it! then this kind of human beings blame others, upline lah, downline lah, company lah, system lah, lah...lah...lah...
-"HAVE YOU BLAME UR SELF BEFORE?" think! why should we disturbing peoples that making money from this MLM tough system? If really u dont like it, just leave it... why must u blame DCHL lah, LB lah.. SYN lah... why?
-for distributors, PLEASE make ur MLM business a part of ur life, ur lifestyles... it's not about MONEY actualy. It's all about what should u done for ur self in this WORLD, relations, for ur generations...our future... dont cheat! please dont! if u really want to share ur experience to others, make sure that u feel it before... done it before... It's true if all of u have to make a duplicating but dont duplicate their stories that u think not true in ur MLM company! always TRUST ur HEART...

Lampe Berger Help said...

please stop the crap la anonymous (last one)

Anonymous said...

Hey, can i still get refund since my stupid upline say im direct sponsor by him, so cant get back the 2.5k...........

Lampe Berger Help said...

heh.. u don get receipt from DCHL nor RZ Corporation, you don't get refunds.. SIMPLE.

Mr. said...

Yo lampe berger help...correction ya.Below are updated as at March '07 and not 2005 as u claim ehh...
"Senarai Syarikat Jualan Langsung Yang Sehingga Mac 2007
1 AJL93001 Avon Cosmetics (M) Sdn Bhd MLM
2 AJL93002 BZ Enterperise MLM
3 AJL93003 Nutri- Metics Worlwide (M) Sdn Bhd MLM
161 AJL931127 RZ Corporation Sdn.Bhd MLM"

U tipu ka...Ministry tipu???

Anonymous said...

I'm Wondering, What Will happen to Rz Corporation after the termination of AJL license by The KPDN?? ... what will happen to the new distributor that join LB 3-4 Month before?? ... Loan Already Settle Meh????

Anonymous said...

RZ Corp is license is still valid..
KPDN-HEP website is not updated..
Just call KPDN-HEP, TRIBUNAL TUNTUTAN PENGGUNA,Pejabat Am & Pertanyaan, 03-8882 5822

Anonymous said...

Kepada semua yg baca blog sebegini...

Dalam google, anda type lampe berger...keluarlah dalam 7-8 blog macam ni..betul tak?

Pastu anda sume baca baca dalam komen panjang panjang...ada baik ada buruk, betul tak?

Pastu conpius blur macam mana ni? Nak join ada nak lari pun ada...

Macam ni la, tuan tuan dan puan puan...satu soalan jer yang merangkumi segala blog, comment la itu la ini la berkenaan isu isu mlm..

Soalannya begini, daripada segala komen yg kita dapat, ada dua kontradiksinya iaitu setuju dan tak setuju dgn LB betul tak?

Maka ada dua jenis manusia di sini...

Orang kaya dgn masalahnya iaitu ingin mengubah pandangan orang ramai berkenaan LB, mencari downline, membina bisnes, kekurangan tidur dan kepenatan kerana selalu ke event LB agair dapat memajukan diri dan macam macam lagi...

Manusia jenis kedua adalah manusia Middle and Poor Class di sini yg memang bilangannya majoriti la katakan dgn masalahnya sentiasa tak cukup duit, kutuk periuk nasi orang lain, suka focus kepada permasalahan daripada penyelesaian, takut untuk memajukan diri, mengalah sebelum mencuba, dan macam macam lagi...

JADI, kedua-duanya pun ada masalah betul tak? DENGAN ITU, anda macam mana pun sebagai manusia kena pilih salah satu masalah daripada dua pilihan itu...

Nak masalah macam jenis ORANG KAYA??


Masalah jenis ORANG SEBALIKNYA??

PILIH la tuan tuan dan puan puan sekalian...kepada yg tak nak masalah tu, takde hal...i respect segala kebebasan anda memilih, tujuan i di sini hanya nak beri pendapat.

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