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Friday, March 03, 2006

Re-living History?

It is sad to hear from our dear friends whom their friendship are being taken
for granted by their friends whom they trust or whom they knew.

We have a mail from a son of an old man. His father was brought into the
business of Lampe Berger by a friend. This old man's friend who brought him
into the business is just the same as the uplines of those who has shared here.

Let's look into what his son mailed me.

Mail received on March 2, 2006 8:50 AM
Hi ,
I would like to share a story with you. It happened last 2 years. It happened
to my father who was then retired and jobless. A friend of his, one day called
my father and told him that he could earn easy money by selling those lampe
berger. He then brought my father to Raja Chulan there and convinced my
father all the positive side of the business and say that if dont like can return
95% of the money , as told by my father's friend up line, Mr. Lim from my
home town, Seremban. I don't know his full name.

Let me tell u one thing, firstly my father is non educated, not even finish
form 3, He is a construction worker, and has never in sales line before. this is
the first time he listen to those mlm thing and was convinced that he can
return the product. And he was like brain washed by Mr. Lim , My family
keep quarrel with my father, even my sister dont want to come home.
My father go to listen some stupid seminar that keep saying how easy to get
money , and somemore need to pay for those nonsense. I also quarrel with my
father and told him that if u want me to join, just find 1 people in 3 month time
I will quit my job and follow him. But 3 month passes with no down line.
He looks dull and I advise him to return the product.
I say its a good try , At least he learned to wear tie when meeting people.

But things turn bad. Mr. Lim, as my father up line keep delaying my father to
get things return as he is going for marki status.
My father wanted to go to
raja chulan there but don't know how to go there. On the last month, my father
wanted to go to the raja chulan there but was stopped by mr. Lim.
He then take all my father 's product saying that the product must depreciate
and lastly return the money less than RM13000 and my father lost about

I didn't say Lampe berger is not good, but the way those up line act, because
of greediness, they lie to other people and didn't think of how people
earn and save the money and then been taken away like that. I just dont like
the way they work. At first told my father, 95% of the money can be return
within 6 month. But at last my father loss about RM 17000,
This is a large sum for my family, My mother even cried for few day but later
can go on with their life.

So does this means that, it is a culture there already since 2 years ago or god
knows since when they started to allow such distributors to be there?
I dare not further assume, I shall let you all decide ur own conclusion.

Distributors of Lampe Berger, do you have any comments on this?
How can you help those who has lost their money?
Tell us. Don't tell me again because he trusted a wrong friend.
Don't give us the "problems", but we want solutions from you all.

Now, we got a second mail from someone who express his/her willingness to
quit. Why? Because, she lacks of confidence or wateva u call it. This person
feels that he/she is cheating others for their money for his/her own good.
Let's read on more to see his/her real deal.

Mail received on March 2, 2006 1:47 AM

Well can I just not tell u my name, I just want to be more careful,hope u
understand! (I respect your privacy my dear friend :) )

I just join LB bout 3 or 4 month ago...
U can say I am stupid lar..I agreed bcoz I should think b4 I act.
But wat happen has happened, I juz can't wish to turn back time rite?

I am only a franchisee, so I think u know la how much I invest..

Now wat I want to do is to quit LB b4 its not too late..
(well am considering its alredi late)Can u tell me the procedure?
I got only 2 product that is never been use and open!

I want mny money it possible? I know I won't get the full payment..
but though a little I'll be satisfied. I cannot blame no one else but my self for
my foolishness to fall to my fren stories bout how to get more income.

The reason I'm quitting from SYN or wateva it I cannot think I can
do wat my fren do to me to get me into this MLM kinda thingy! It make
me feels like I'm cheating other people to give me money!! I will feel
guilty...and I can't live like that knowing wat I'm doing is wrong
(regards wat other ppl may think)for the rest of my life!

And for u, I just admire ur guts! to stand up for ur rights...I learn my lesson now!!!
Thanks for ur concern though u don't even know who I am...
I really do appreciate ur sincerity!!
So? What do you all think? I gave her my reply.
Anyways, the procedures, u will have to tell ur upline.
If he says no or gives u some crap shit.
Go to the counter straight away.
If u are a strong person, i shall say, fight for it.
Don't let that 6 months period pass.
But, did u buy the stock from the company or from ur upline?
If u buy from ur upline, u can't get back the money..
Sad to say, ur 2345 will be gone.
If not.. go for the processing of termination.
Let me know ur development

I have received multiple comments which are very constructive.
They are in these two post, mainly
Culture Shock in Lampe Berger


yhtan said...

ask the mr lim whether got any black and white proof for that 95% return within 6 months.If yes,complain to penang consumer or government about it

Anonymous said...

there is indeed a 6 months money back guarantee. they will refund you 90% of your money if your products are still in resellable condition, and of cos, you did not buy those products that cannot be refunded.

you can do it over the counter. don't do it with your upline. for sure they won't let you refund. why? simple.

they already got their money. if you refund. they have to spit out the money.

Lampe Berger Help said...

I truly agree on what anonymous has said. The upline will have to fork out the money from what he/she earned from you being his/her downline.

Simple. :)

So, beware people.

Bernard said...

If I'm the father's son,...I'll find out where Mr.Lim stays.....n find him for revenge!

There is a price to pay for it!

-Felice- said...

I'm member of LB...if you wana return, just let ur upline know...cox if u r Franchisee, u do not have the invoice... but if ur upline dun 1 return to u...bring it to office...cox the return procedure can be done in office....

Lampe Berger Help said...

Thanks Felice.

Good news.