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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Direct Selling & Malaysia

Malaysia has its own in-house association named Direct Selling Association
of Malaysia (DSAM)
to help promote direct selling on a national and
international level. In their website, there are quite a number of
informations that one can obtain. All about direct selling of course.

Shall I give some links to some important informations

- Direct Selling Act 1993 (DSA93)
- Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)- Code of Conduct
- Consumer Protection Act 1999 (CPA99)

First thing first, before we get involve in anything-direct selling. We all
should be well educated on the rules adhered to and which the companies
are bound to. Thus, if we are in any time found violated or being violated
of any of the rules which either we or the company is bound to, we can
thus submit a claim for tribunal act.

A talk held during the Direct Selling Convention & Exhibition 2006
is on Local Regulations. It is about "who is being protected?" and how well
the consumers are being protected by the legislation. Senior executives
shares their experiences and opinion towards this and gave an industry
perspective towards the DSA93.

The direct selling industry is so much being regulated by all the acts
and legislations but when matters of un-ethical distributors are not
tackled in a hast manner. It is so much like the "cakap tak serupa bikin"
people that we see and listen to everyday in the news.

I think there should be a place for people to voice out their discontent
against companies whom are not following the regulations they are
adhered to. Local authorities can handle complaints that much and
please don't talk about local newspaper, as they are being "regulated"
as well. Everything is being regulated.. So where should be go?

Well, maybe we can try KPDN & HEP and give them our shoutouts.
Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri & Hal Ehwal Pengguna.

Direct Selling industry in Malaysia is predicted to hit sales above
RM 6 billion this year in 2006 as reported by Kevin Tan, The Edge.

"The direct-selling industry is expected to grow by at least 3.5% to above
RM6 billion this year from an estimated RM5.8 billion in 2005 with more
companies setting up operations here, Domestic Trade and Consumer
Affairs deputy minister Datuk S Veerasingam said." (more)

And about regulations and regulating the direct selling industry,

"On regulating the industry, Veerasingam said his ministry had acted on
65 out of 128 complaints and a total of RM68,000 in fines had been
imposed on companies which violated the Direct Sale Act 1993."

Let us not take Veerasingam's words seriously this early yet...

Please do read up on the acts above and understand them, as they
are there to protect us-consumers.


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