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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Consumer Protection Act, 1999

I've been communicating with DAP Parliament Rep
Mr. Teng Chang Khim. I asked him where should I go
about with the problems we as distributors face.

His reply was :
Dear LB Help,

Thank you for your mail and comment on my blog.

As to your problem, if the amount involved is less than RM10,000.00 for
each of your cases, you may try to claim through Consumer Tribunal.
Get a copy of the Consumer Protection Act, 1999 and follow the procedure
provided. However, if your claim sum is more that Rm10,000.00, you may
have to engage a lawyer to pursue the matter.


CK Teng

So.. I would say go and get yourself a Consumer Protection Act, 1999.
Read it up and know your rights..
We are known as consumers once we buy anything.. No matter what.
And upon purchasing anything, we are bound with the Act..

I myself went to purchase the Federal Constitution Act.
Well, I'm yet to find Consumer Protection Act, 1999 in the MPH near me.

The convention has started and well, let's say, hopefully I can find time
to go during the weekend to see what is it all about..

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