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Sunday, January 28, 2007

IT IS JUST SYN...?? True or False??

Ad, a recent commenter said that, DCHL/Lampe Berger got nothing to do
with all the scandals and what-not.. I beg to differ.. Literraly yes they don't
but still, they are part of it.. See what Ad wrote,
ad said...

we, its NOT DCHL that scam people, it's a bunch of people, or so called "team", under the name SYN a.k.a Steven Yim Network that scams others. by stating Lampe Berger, u indirectly affiliate other innocent or ethic group of mlm team with SYN.

SYN was a shame of LB or even worse, whole MLM industry. i'm not against your, just that it seems like you haven't know whats the relationship between SYN, and DCHL/LB.

it was SYN that promise u a beemer. it was SYN that educate you dont have to sell goods. it is SYN that tells you pay for a count and find 5 people only. but SYN never tells you u have to maintain quota. it is SYN that promise you 5 figure income.

again, its SYN that exploit the system build by DCHL/LB. DCHL/LB is the distributor, while SYN is the selling channel, how SYN sells it is SYN's business, DCHL only provide the goods. how SYN wants to educate the downlines is not entirely DCHL business.

if u research more in SYN, you'll know more dirty secret what SYN had done to hong kong MLM industry.

hope this clear things up, but the damage has been done, and hope u really understand what i'm trying to say, and i can't do much clearer then that.

26/1/07 12:36 AM
My say would be, yes they are the same. DCHL acquired the license from
Lampe Berger, while Lampe Berger grants the license. So they are the same.

It it is widely known that most of the bunch that scams, cheat
and lied are from Steven Yeam Network (SYN).
In Malaysia, LB is operated under the umbrella of RZ Corporation.

RZ Corporation is under the Malaysian Direct Distributors Association (MDDA).

I guess, they are not as what they said " Ethical, Responsive, Excellence"

If RZ Corporation takes more care in their member's doing!
If DCHL/Lampe Berger does more investigation on what's going on..!
The situation would be a lot more different.

Money Mind blog on the names of MLM or business-kind scams on the
3rd January 07.
I decide to start this thread and hope some of you can update if you come across any scams or businesses of similar nature, so that we can help others from being scammed.
Read more


TreVesco said...

come on, if DCHL is really clean of that, why not advertise in paper and make a clear line with SYN ?

it's a shame (pity, actually) that these LB people are still trying the last chance to ask people to join their notorious network!

Anonymous said...

To retire count or marquies (or duke),

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Jack lim said...

To retire cow or monkey,

why do u retire?:)

Anonymous said...

jus to tell u tat syn is expanding their business to jb now. lots of malays are joining, saw it at new york hotel cos they are having a functions there last sunday

ad said...

well i feel really bad if i cant convince you the different between SYN and DCHL/LB. when i say research, i actually means more on education. theres hugh different between education from LB and from SYN.

i totally agree with u about RZ should investigate more bout their members. truth is, SYN actually exploiting LB's loop hole.

eg: 90% refund, with 6 months "probation" period for newly challenged marques.

yes, LB promises 90% refund, but not applicable to signature items/lamps. so SYN force you to pay 30k worth of signature items. the reason: if the upline just challenged marque, his team must not have any refund. once there is refund within the first 6 months, the marque will be forfeited. the only way to make sure there arent any refund is to get people buying signature items.

ofcause i will not force u to believe in me or change ur mind. all i can do is trying to minimize the damage. oh did i mention i have nothing to do with SNY. in fact i hate the whole team. but there is still some teams in LB is ethical. just that SYN umbrella is too big and public perception MIGHT be a lil bias.

trevesco: the reason y DCHL does not want to make a clear line is because, stock holders doesnt care and SYN is one of the major income. stock holders doesnt care if its ethical, they want money. who knows, some stockholders might be some political figure.

but all in all, LB still a good product, just that ppl exploit it. thats all. maybe the product should be devolve back to retail, like how they do it in europe. but time will tell and we will see. infact, SYN is slowing down isnt it? its a good sign.

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Anonymous said...

Actually I do agree with ad about there's a small difference between DCHL and LB and SYN

Lampe Berger is a company which produce essential oils and oil diffusers(the lamp) in Paris

DCHL is a company which is granted selling rights for Lampe Berger, Estebel, and Ed Pinaud; to the Asia Market, which happens their way of marketing and selling and distributing the product is through Network Marketing. Because through Network Marketing, they can cut cost of advertising, delivery, more maketing strategies and staff.

SYN is a network of distributors lead by Steven Yeam. (You make your own judgement about SYN)

Just my 2 cents worth. I'm not siding anyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree DCHL and SYN are different. But why did DCHL chose network marketing as their marketing method?
Doing networking type of marketing is to cut on advert cost, transport, staff etc. and they sell goods at retail price. And the costs that they saved will be given back to the distributors as their income. But what happened to DCHL here is that they sell the goods double or even triple the retail price to support the income of various levels of the SYN networking. They already did the saving and yet they increased the price. SYN does the marketing and go around scamming people.

And have you ever thought of why they have different company to do the marketing instead of having a marketing department(can also do network marketing what!!!?)? I believe the same person founded DCHL and SYN. That person, for security reason, purposely separate the marketing part so when the business is found fraudulence, the founder can blame one company and get away with another.

Another point is that DCHL reserve the right to choose another marketing company if they find that SYN is unethical. Why don't they? If truly DCHL is a different entity. Same goes with Lampe Berger. They can alway choose another company to distribute their goods.It seems like they don't even give a d*mn about the credibility and reputation of their 'more than a hundred years -product'. All they can think of is money. So, to conclude - DCHL, SYN, and Lampe Berger are evil.

fatiha said...

i'm a student. my senior invite me to join SYN few days ago. i'm so worried if i make wrong decision when join into dis biz. after read all comments in dis blog, i definitely make a decision.. juz for my family n my own self. i can't trust mlm.

SaiPul said...

Im a student from KK there were an LB member here in KK and most of them are student from well known IPTA and IPTS here,I still remember my cousin first introduce me to this biz last years but this group have a weird method to find and introduce their biz to other people for example they keep bugging you to see their marketing plan,as for my cousin when i asked him "what biz is this? is this MLM biz? then he said "you will know later just follow me ok" that time i was so bingung2 sdh dont know what to say but i just go to their meeting.when i first arrive at their office somewhere in famous area of KK i was amaze to see their member arrive with sport cars such as well you know orang muda2 sekarang suka kereta apa kan hehehe,back to my story ok then i enter the office firstly i notice they sell lamp with the fragrace oil but what really shocking was the price in my mind "oh my god the lamp and the fragrace oil price almost reach 2k" who is going to buy that crap thing if that thing can make your disease such as cancer or HIV cure im sure the price is acceptable right.But i did not join them because i was sceptical about their marketing plan invest 30k then get only 2k per month???? what is this biz all about??? this is pyramid scheme in my mind so its better to stay away from this kind of rich quick scheme.Actually im not sceptical about MLM in fact im really interested about this MLM industry but please be careful with MLM company that cover their marketing plan with pyramid scheme,not all MLM company out their is useing the pyramid scheme or cheat on people i know their are MLM company that promise you great income but just be careful and before you join the company do some research on that company to make sure its not useing the pyramid scheme ok.:)

Anonymous said...

research that isn't via open blog sites :)

Anonymous said...

Horla Horla,

I'm very sorry for those that hates SYN or DCHL so much...actually for those people that feel there are being cheated was the people that dosent work at all...i mean they just dumped their money and wait for the profit...its just up to you to think...BUSINESS IS RISK..where ever got business there is a risk but ITS ALL UP TO YOU TO TAKE THE RISK OR NOT..But in what i've seen, a lots of people that join DCHL or using SYN was success and manage to change their lifestyle...its ok if RZ Corporation License being terminate like you said but we still can do our business in 10 others country and it will be no problem for us..maybe because Malaysian Gov cannot accept what we are doing...Lots of cash of course people will say something bad...thanx..xoxo

Anonymous said...

to horla..horla..ur english sucks!!
go study english with ur so called lotz of money..

Anonymous said...

elo semua! Sya kisah juga dgn semua apa yg kamu komen dr mula smpi yg terkini! Cuma sya nak bg berita yg terkini ttg SYN! Sejak Jun 2009 SYN tidak lg menjalankan bisnez di bawah DCHL atau RZ Corporation! SO Jgn lg kaitkn SYN dgn bisnez LB, Estb & Ed. Pnd!! Dan bg sya semua komen negatif yg kamu conteng2 dlm ruangan ini ialah ciri2 org2 yg tidak kenal apa itu bisnez! Sya amat setuju bisnez ialah satu industri yg berisiko! Tp bisnez yg berdaftar dibwh RZ Corp. menjalankan Francais N.W! So bila sebut francais sama la mcm KFC, Petronas, B.King, Poliklinik2, Universiti Francais dll. Kalo x faham apa tu bisnez francais N.W, jgn main hambur ja bg komen!! kalo takut dgn risiko lain kali pi buka kedai kopi ja, kedai gunting rambut ka ini semua konvensional/tradisional bisnez! tq

Anonymous said...

I'm not a member of SYN, but i've had a close encounter with the network. my then finace (now husband) was influenced into joining by a very close friend (who at present remains so) who claims to want to help him. My husband believed him, and joined SYN under this friend. He brought me to a number of events in the hope that i will understand the business, but i never approved of it.
i do not question the legitimacy of the business. what i question is the ethics of the people involved, and the ethics that the business conveys. my husband was pressured to get more money, to borrow from a lot of people. the friend who introduced the business to him went as far as to ask for a loan from strangers. another friend borrowed rm10k from a man who was in love with her, a man who had saved up the money to marry her, and worse, she went and got engaged to another man after taking the money.
i know SYN did not outright tell these people to do these things, but it's the atmosphere of desperation for money that they created in the network that drove these people to do things like this. How can you tell people to borrow rm30k for 'investment', and then watch them set aside their dignity in their bid to get the money? until now my husband still has rm10k in debts, which the debtors has been pressing for, but which he cannot return because he doesn't have the money. i told him to stop the business because i can't stand having him borrow more and more money, and bury himself deeper and deeper in debts.
how would you feel if you borrowed a lot of money from people who help you because they're a good friend, and then find that you're unable to pay them back, and then watch these good friends struggle without the money that YOU owe THEM? and the way to get money within the business is to invest more money, which means to borrow more money, and to watch more people suffer. or else to pressure the people under you to borrow money so that you could pay your debts. would you do something like that? would you trap yourself in something like that?
if you are a person with no ethics and a firm believer of 'business is business', then perhaps this is the business for you.

Anonymous said...

finance people who offer loan and this MLM is the winner.

Anonymous said...

people who giving comment against mean dunno anything about investment,loan..LOL!
pls dun fooling people around u, its not a small money to involve u know..
its like u jump into the hole n dunno u could go up or or death with your credit..
to all people,lets play in a safe area..ok,10K to burger,goreng pisang,nasi lemak also can get money everyday,better than all of not kidding! but DUN TELL PEOPLE DUNNO ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR NETWORK,ORG GILA PUN X GILA MCM U ALL PUNYA EVENT.

Anonymous said...

just to share my experience. i am way to regret that i joined the biz. i joined this biz because of the work tense (boss), my salary is enough but my officemate persuade to join so that i can work on my first i am well motivated as all my team and upline not stopping giving sweet words that i will succeed..but somehow i felt that they only doing that for their sake (esp my upline during my investment to count which costed me >30k)..after 1 year i left the biz and don't want to do it again.. now i'm struggling paying all the debts (credit cards and loans), half of my salary is cut of for that reason monthly..i am so regret and sometimes i hope that i never meet my officemate before

Anonymous said...

Member yang direct link dengan RZ corp. (bukan dengan SYN-terminated) menuduh SYN team telah menipu? Benarkah? jika benar kenapa tidak ada news? kenapa all member tidak diberitahu akan berita ni melalui email ataupun surat?..sebenarnya LB bagus, yang bagus hanya intipati minyaknya sahaja..
member sekarang tidak lagi dibawah SYN tetapi direct terus dengan RZ corp..itu kata mereka, siapa tahu jika mereka pun tergolong dalam team seperti SYN?
Ingat, DCHL bertapak di HONG KONG bukan di Malaysia.
marquies pun berhutang kat bank lah abg..

Bandits said...

semua MLM sama jer..impian akan menjadi kenyataan..bisnis pun semua sama jer..baik kita semua MLM kan jual beras..kompom abg, semua urg join.
join jer rm10k abg, confirm tiap hari kena beli..
honestly, bagi yang nak join MLM ni, kaji selidik dulu company, system, penjanjian, direct ker atau pun tak dgn company. MLM ni bagus abg, cuma terdapat manusia² yang jadi HANTU bila nampak DUIT abg. bagi yang nak join betul² biarlah focus terhadap bisnis MLM ni, masalah uma tangga, kwn, office n semua kena ketepikan..sebenarnya, nak follow up biar lah skali dua, jgn nak lebih² abg, menyampah. Nak berjaya dlm hidup banyak cara abg, bukan dlm industri MLM jer..aku tak rugi pun masuk? berkebun jual sayur abg boleh sampai rm20K abg, yes per month..

marquies said...

kepada yang berkenaan,
sila rujuk 21/12/09 10:07 AM.
abg yang post comment ni tak ade otak n akai..nak cepat sangat hit target marquies kena lah beli count, downline pun beli lah count..bisnis ni abg banyak kelas abg..abg balik pi uma cek MLM kelas hapa? jangan nak dok ngarut jer..RZ tu memang benar abg, wujud lagi kat menara tu..bukan semua urg boleh ikut cara bisnis MLM engko tu. macam engko nak bawa aku p menara everest (contoh), boleh ker? penat lelah n usaha kita ni abg dah tertulis abg, dah kehendak n kekuasaan-NYA..kalau dah beli f-rm2.5k jgn nak tipu member plak yg engko beli c-40K (nak free jadi count ker abg)..skg zaman ni sapa jujur dlm bisnis lambat naik, sapa tipu sikit² ble lah cpt naik kot..
sorry quit, pendapat kita berbeza, aku hepi tgok member berjaya, tp aku bukanlah selfish semata² untuk berjaya..
sorry guys..

Anonymous said...

Masalahnye di sini kenape produk-produk terlalu mahal.Dan bila bertanye ape bisnes yg dibuat,katenye, tgk dulu la,explore dulu lah.Kenape berselindong.Kenape taknak berterus terang?
Itula masalahnye.

rod said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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