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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MLM is Bad Business

I don't have to even utter a single word. This person has already said everything that is needed to say.

So what if the license has been renewed?

Truth? You want to listen to the truth?
Listen to what that man has to say!



Anonymous said...

I think their license was not renewed. Still have the same expiry date (check at KPDNHEP website). The license was cancelled and then the cancellation was cancelled. (I saw with my own eyes the license was on the 'cancelled list' and then after some times, suddenly gone.) Sounds absurdly fishy. Pay that kpdnhep, then no problem.

Roy said...

I just check from KPDNHEP website, it will expire on 28.11.2008, after that, they will be operating without a legal licence, wahaha.

Roy said...

2 more days for its licence to expire.

Roy said...

1 more day to go before they are operating without a legal licence.

Roy said...

less than 24 hours to see the licence expired and hence they will be operating without a legal direct sales licence. Check it out:

Roy said...

6 hours before the licence of R Z Corporation expired and they will be operating without a valid licence and hence it will be illegal for them to continue their business.

Roy said...

2hrs 30 min more before its licence expired.

Anonymous said...

Finally their licence expired.

Now they are operating without a valid direct sale licence from the minister and it is illegal. Haha.

Leon said...

The guy in the video,his words made him sound totally like an idiot,just to point out the very main point as to why he is an idiot,he said that mlm is sure to fail and even used amway as the example,if mlm is sure to fail as said by him,then why is amway around for 50years already

I agree to the point made that people have been conned into some mlm by the lure that with the system,they WILL be successful,the thing is if you sit there and do nothing,nothing comes to you,and that's 1 of the greatest reason why people think mlm is a scam.

About greed,seriously if you think that you are not greedy,then don't ever get a promotion or a raise or buy the lottery,but it comes down to this,everyone is greedy,whether a little or a lot,it is still greed,but don't you think that if you,an employee,were to look for a job,what is the first thing in your mind,"how much will this job pay me?","how many days a year can I take leave?","do the employers pay for my medical and dental benefits?" and so many other questions before you consider going for the job.

I'm not here to state that mlm is the way,I know mlm is suited for everyone but the important point to note here is that not everyone is suited for mlm,be matured and and reflect on your actions,if you had been in mlm,why did you fail,look at what you did and you will understand why,though sometimes it is the company that closed down and that would be a bad experience.

Thank you for your time reading this,I hope you will think back before talking about something you don't know.

The Prestige said...

This is from local newspaper dated 05/12/08 : Paksa ahli beli pangkat - Syarikat MLM beroperasi bagai labu peram untuk kaut untung segera

PUTRAJAYA - Ghairah untuk mengaut keuntungan segera, sebuah syarikat jualan langsung sanggup menawarkan pembelian 'pangkat' kepada ahlinya dengan dijanjikan pendapatan lumayan.

Lebih mengejutkan ialah ahli-ahlinya dari seluruh negara itu dipaksa membeli 'pangkat' mengikut status tertentu dan sering dipersalahkan jika gagal mendapatkannya setiap kali perjumpaan bulanan dilakukan.

Sekiranya ahli berjanji membeli pangkat, tetapi gagal, individu terbabit akan dipaksa membeli pangkat lebih rendah dengan harga yang lebih murah.

Pangkat paling rendah yang ditawarkan berharga RM9,000 dengan dijanjikan pendapatan RM1,000 hingga RM3,000 sebulan.

Ahli juga ditawarkan pangkat dengan status lebih tinggi jika membayar RM150,000 dan kononnya akan memperoleh pendapatan RM20,000 hingga RM50,000 sebulan.

Pangkat paling tinggi boleh dibeli dengan harga RM50 juta dan kononnya mendapat pendapatan tanpa had.

Seorang mangsa yang hanya ingin dikenali sebagai Ismail mendakwa, beliau mengalami kerugian RM150,000 untuk membeli pangkat dan pada masa yang sama, mendapat stok minyak wangi aromaterapi dan produk kecantikan yang diimport.

"Saya mula mengenali syarikat ini sejak Disember 2007, pada mulanya saya yakin dengan mereka, tetapi lama kelamaan apabila upline saya mula menekankan tentang pembelian pangkat setiap kali ada perjumpaan saya mula tidak sedap hati,'' katanya ketika ditemui di Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna di sini semalam.

Beliau yang juga seorang ahli perniagaan bertambah curiga apabila wujud organisasi lain yang menjalankan semua kegiatan pemasaran berbilang tingkat (MLM) dan bukan syarikat yang menjadi pemegang lesen.

You can guest which MLM company that this news about...

Roy said...

The above newspaper cutting are from

From that article, you could also see that the licence of direct sale for that company has expired and it is only 28.11.2008. Guess what, RZ Corporation licence has also expired on 28.11.2008.

Anonymous said...

Roy said...



CACC 59/2003 (ON APPEAL FROM DCCC NO. 179 OF 2002)




Criminal Law and Procedure - Appeal against conviction Fraud - Giving false information vis a vis employment to obtain credit facilities - Whether judge failed to properly evaluate evidence of prosecution witnesses

JUDGMENTBY: Hon Beeson J: (giving the reasons for judgment of the Court)


1. The Applicant originally faced 4 charges of Fraud and 2 of Attempted Fraud, being charges 5 to 10 on the Charge Sheet, all pursuant to section 16A of the Theft Ordinance, Cap. 210. He was tried together with two other defendants, who were separately charged, in the District Court.

2. At the conclusion of the prosecution case, the judge found the Applicant had no case to answer on charges 8 and 9, and acquitted him of those charges. At the end of the trial, he was acquitted of charge 10, but convicted of charges 5, 6 and 7, all of which were fraud charges. He applied for leave to appeal against those convictions.

3. Each charge alleged that the Applicant supplied a person named in the charge with a letter certifying, falsely, that they were employed by a company, Le Network Limited; this was done to enable the person named to make a fraudulent application to a bank to obtain credit facilities, thus causing prejudice, or a substantial risk of prejudice, to the bank.


4. Lampe Berger is a long established French company selling essential oil products and burners and a Hong Kong company obtained distribution rights to its products. The Hong Kong company recruited distributors who were required to purchase goods in advance and, according to the amount purchased, move up a sales hierarchy by achieving set levels of revenue. The more recruits a distributor enrolled the greater the sales turnover and the quicker his, or her, progress through the ranks, progressively, of 'Baron', 'Marquess' and 'Duke'. A distributor was known as an 'upliner'; his recruits were 'downliners'. Every sale by a downliner contributed to the upliner's commissions, with a different percentage for each grade, thus new recruits contributed to a team's overall turnover.

5. D1 and D3 were Barons, D3 being the present Applicant. The 2nd Defendant had a company, KS Network, at Marquess level. The Applicant and Ken Choi Ka-kit were directors and downliners of KS Network. Various courses known as 'success courses' were run by Choi and 2 others. These courses aimed at signing up new recruits and pressurising them into joining the first rank as Barons. They had to buy an initial $ 5,000.00 worth of goods to join the scheme and were encouraged thereafter to provide $ 64,000.00 to buy goods to become Barons.

6. Cheng May-gee (PW 5), Wong Tang-for (PW 6), Lam Chun Jackie (PW 7) and Lee Shu-juan (PW 10) were all connected to the Appellant as distributors. They did not know one another before being recruited. Each of them gave evidence under an Immunity from prosecution. The Appellant was alleged to have supplied them with documents to enable them to obtain credit cards, in the case of PW 5, PW 7 and PW 8 and in the case of PW 6, a personal loan.

7. The persons recruited for the scheme had uniform characteristics. They were usually young, of little education, unemployed and either short of money, or insolvent. They were put under pressure to join the scheme and after that were encouraged to become Barons, the first rank of sales distributor. Those recruiting for the scheme were not concerned about how the $ 64,000.00 was obtained, as long as it was forthcoming. It was in that context the Applicant allegedly supplied letters to the witnesses falsely certifying they were employed and receiving salaries.

Grounds of Appeal

8. Perfected grounds of appeal were filed on 14 August 2003. Initially there were 3 grounds but at the appeal hearing, Mr Fok, who appeared for the Applicant, advised us that he was not proceeding with grounds 2 and 3.

9. The first ground was stated in this manner: 'Judging from the evidence of PW 8, Lee Shu-juan, it gives rise to a serious flaw in the prosecution case which consequently could have cast doubts on the evidence of PW 5 Cheng May-gee, PW 6 Wong Tang-for and PW 7 Lau Chun, Jacky and the learned trial judge failed to evaluate the effect if any, on the aforesaid witnesses bearing in mind they all have similar pattern.'

10. At the hearing, Mr Fok concentrated on various aspects arising from this ground. As we understand the expanded ground, his points are three. First, the trial judge did not pay sufficient attention to the fact that PW 8 had been granted an Immunity from prosecution and for that reason she, and probably the other witnesses PW 5, PW 6 and PW 7, were prepared to lie by saying the Applicant handed them the letters, when it was either Mr Ken Choi, (who was not before the court), or somebody other than the Applicant, who had done so.

11. The next aspect was that in relation to the letters the judge failed to require independent evidence of corroboration; in particular the evidence of a handwriting expert should have been presented to prove the Applicant had signed the letter given to PW 5. The third aspect on which Mr Fok concentrated his submission was that the trial judge paid insufficient attention to the effect of PW 8's evidence on the evidence of PW 5, 6 and 7. In particular, the judge failed to take into account the taint which PW 8's evidence inevitably cast on the evidence of PWs 5, 6, 7. Mr Fok submitted that because the judge was dissatisfied with the quality of PW 8's evidence and, eventually rejected it, she should have been all the more careful in assessing that of PW 5, 6 and 7; each of whom, like PW 8, had given evidence under an Immunity.

12. Mr Fok referred to the evidence of Tsui Man-lok (PW 12) who said he signed some forms for Appellant in blank but was unable to identify decisively his or Appellant's signature on letters shown to him. As there was no cogent evidence whether the apparent signatures on the letters were those of the Applicant, or of someone else, that raised a doubt, as they might be forgeries. The judge should have noted this point and having considered it, should have entered a finding of not guilty. Mr Fok submitted it was insufficient for the judge to say that she believed a particular witness; he was advocating corroboration of all evidence given under an immunity.

13. On the topic of forgery, PW 5's evidence was that she had been present when the Applicant had signed the letter and given it to her. She used the letter to obtain a loan. PW 6, 7 and 8 gave similar evidence. The judge considered the quality of their evidence, in full knowledge they were giving evidence under an Immunity from prosecution, with all the inherent dangers of that process. Her Reasons for Verdict show she assessed the evidence on that basis.

14. The essential evidence for charges 5, 6 and 7 was given by witnesses 5, 6 and 7. The judge assessed each account and commented favourably on each witness. PW 5 was an impressive witness who gave clear and honest evidence. The judge found PW 6 to be straightforward and logical and noted his agreement that Ken Choi, as well as the Applicant, was his 'upliner'. PW 7 was an impressive witness who gave clear and concise evidence and was not shaken in cross-examination.

15. PW 8, Lee Shu-juan, was the recipient of the letter, in charge 10. The judge overall, was unimpressed by the quality of her evidence. Three matters of particular concern were that (1) it was not clear from her evidence when PW 8 herself actually reached Baron ranking; (2) the purpose of the loan she sought was unclear; (3) she told police originally that Ken Choi had supplied her with the false employment letter and only later did she say it was the Applicant. PW 8 was very involved in the scheme. Within a very short time she became an experienced recruiter as shown by her attaining Marquess rank within a year of joining.

16. The judge's duty was to examine the evidence of each witness, taking into account their immunity status, but her finding PW 8's evidence unsatisfactory, did not require her, automatically, to rule out PW 5, 6 and 7 as reliable witnesses. Some evidence was common to all recruits who gave evidence, but the judge treated each incident separately and made individual assessments of each witness's evidence and credibility.

17. The fraud involved presenting letters containing false information about the individual named therein, so the individual named could obtain either a credit card or a loan from a bank. The prosecution case was that the Applicant supplied these documents knowing that apart from the name of the applicant, the information contained therein was false. None of the Applicants worked for Le Network Limited the company named on the letterhead. None was receiving a salary in the sum stated in the letter, or at all. It was irrelevant whose signature appeared on the letter, or whether the signature was forged or genuine. The judge was not obliged to require corroboration by a handwriting expert. She did not have to be satisfied the letters had been prepared and/or signed by the Applicant. The judge had to be satisfied that the Applicant with intent to defraud had arranged for the letter to be given to the recruit; that he knew the information was false and that he expected the letter to reap results in the form of a loan, or credit card account.

18. The Applicant exercised his right not to call witnesses or to give evidence at the trial and the judge was left with the evidence of the immunity witnesses. She assessed that evidence, was satisfied as to its quality and relied on it. She rejected the evidence of PW 8, stating her reasons for doing so, and acquitting the Applicant on charge 10.

19. The points raised by Mr Fok were rehearsed thoroughly at trial and thus were before the judge. There is no reason to interfere with this verdict. Accordingly this application is dismissed.

Roy said...

[2006] HKCU 1019

� 2006 LexisNexis Asia (a division of Reed Elsevier (S) Pte Ltd)

Hong Kong Unreported Judgments



HCMA 1229/2005

HEARING-DATE-1: 16 June 2006


Deputy High Court Judge Wright in Court

Criminal Law and Procedure - Conspiracy to defraud - Loans made on basis of false documentation - Whether reasons of magistrate adequate - Whether discrepancy in prosecution evidence matter of concern


JUDGMENTBY: Deputy High Court Judge Wright

1. The appellant was convicted after a two-day trial in the magistracy of a single offence of conspiracy to defraud. Two witnesses, the two co-conspirators named in the charge, testified on behalf of the prosecution. The first of these witnesses testified under an immunity from prosecution. The second witness had previously been the second accused on the charge faced by the appellant: he had pleaded guilty to that charge shortly before the commencement of the appellant’s trial and then gave evidence against her.

2. Banking records were produced, by way of admitted facts.

3. No complaint is made concerning the magistrate’s summary of the nature of the allegations made against the appellant. It reads

5. The prosecution case, put very shortly, was that in 1999 the
appellant and PW1 became acquainted through PW1 being a customer of a
business called Pro Nail, which business was operated by the appellant.

6. Aside from running that business the appellant was also one of a
number of senior distributors for a multi-layer marketing company
called Lampe Berger (L.B.). L.B. sold perfumes and similar products.
Senior distributors recruited junior distributors to act as sales
agents. The junior distributors bought product from the senior
distributors for sale to the public or anyone they could recruit to L.B.

7. The structure of the company was such that senior distributors
received commissions on the sales made to their junior distributors and
the junior distributors made commissions on sales they made to the
public or any distributors they recruited.

8. The more senior in the company structure one was the more money one
earned. The way to progress from being a junior distributor was to buy
$ 64,000 worth of product from a senior distributor and thereby be
given the rank of "Earl" and earn higher commission on
product subsequently sold. The senior distributor would also
financially benefit from sales made by their junior distributors and

9. The appellant recruited her acquaintance, PW1, to be a junior
distributor in September 2000 and then in November 2000 persuaded PW1
to attain the rank of "Earl" by buying $ 64,000 worth of
product, which product was said to have been discounted from $ 80,000.

10. PW1 did not have the means to make such a purchase and told the
appellant so. The appellant responded by sending PW1 out with one of
the appellant’s colleague’s, D2, to try and raise loans from a
financial institution to enable PW1 to make the $ 64,000 purchase.

11. This attempt failed as PW1 had been unable to produce evidence of
employment or income. Upon PW1 telling the appellant of this the
appellant said she would prepare a letter for PW1 to produce to
financial institutions she approached for loans. The letter would be
from the appellant’s company Pro Nail and would falsely claim PW1 to be
an employee of Pro Nail earning $ 9,000 per month. Such a letter was
handed to PW1 by the appellant in the presence of D2.

12. The appellant also instructed PW1 to open a saving account into
which the appellant would pay the "salary".

13. Such fabricated "salary" payments were made to PW1 ’s
savings account by the appellant and PW1 later presented the Pro Nail
employment letter and the supporting savings bank record to two finance
companies PW1 went to in the company of D2 and loans were made to PW1
on the basis of this false and contrived documentation.

14. Upon the setting up of the savings account for the "salary
" to go into, a mechanism was also arranged whereby the sums paid
in "salary" very soon were repaid to the appellant. These
movements of money between the appellant and PW1 and back again are
shown in the Admitted Facts, exhibits P.13, and the Bankers
Affirmations exhibits P.11 and P.12.

4. This is the factual basis upon which the magistrate eventually convicted the appellant.

5. The appellant elected not to give evidence at trial but called two witnesses. The first was an insurance agent who had enjoyed business dealings with the appellant over the years from which she, the witness, had benefited financially. The magistrate rejected her evidence. The evidence of the second witness was of passing relevance: he was a representative of the company Lampe Berger.

6. The magistrate indicated in his economical oral reasons given at the conclusion of the trial that he convicted the appellant after accepting the evidence of the two prosecution witnesses as well as the evidence of the banking transactions and rejecting the evidence of, specifically, the first defence witness. In his subsequent, equally terse, statement of findings the magistrate essentially adopted what he had said previously.

7. The grounds of appeal are threefold:

1. The Learned magistrate when convicting the appellant had failed to
give adequate reasons.

2. When disbelieving the evidence of DW1 and believing the evidence of
PW1, the Learned magistrate failed to give reasons for so doing.

3. The Learned magistrate failed to evaluate and account for the
discrepancies between the evidence of PW1 and PW2 to which had been
raised in the defence closing submission, namely, the number of letters
handed to PW1 by the appellant and where did the appellant took out the
letters. (sic)

8. The first ground is misconceived. The learned magistrate gave perfectly adequate reasons for convicting the appellant, namely that he had accepted the prosecution evidence and was satisfied that it established the essential elements of the offence.

9. The second and third grounds essentially raise the same point - the sufficiency of the reasons given by the magistrate. I have been referred to the decisions in three previous magistracy appeals HKSAR v SIN Chi Yin [1999] 2 HKC 403; HKSAR v LEE Siu Wo [2002] 3 HKLRD 283; HKSAR v CHAN Max Kwok Leung and Another HCMA1101/2005 (unreported).

10. It is worth observing that in SIN Chi Yin the appellate judge found that the magistrate had failed to address himself on "... a vital question of law - in this case the quality of the identification evidence..."; in LEE Siu Wo it seems that all that the magistrate said in convicting that appellant was "... simply that the prosecution had proved its case... beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore he is guilty..."; in CHAN, Max Kwok Leung the appellate judge took the view that the magistrate had erred in adopting what she referred to as a "broad brush approach": Each of these three matters is distinguishable from this appeal.

11. In respect of the second ground of appeal, Mr Tze who appears in this appeal, but not in the court below, says that the magistrate should have done more other than say that he simply did not believe the first defence witness. I have had the benefit of a full transcript of the proceedings. Her evidence related to a discrete issue, namely whether or not PW1 was an employee of Pro Nail as asserted in the letter which PW1 used to secure financing.

12. PW1 had been cross-examined at length by the appellant’s leading counsel during trial but had firmly stood her ground which was to the effect that at no stage had she been an employee of Pro Nail. She accepted that she had completed and signed a form (Exhibit D1) which had the effect of enrolling her in an insurance scheme which provided her with certain medical scheme benefits. That enrolment form indicates that the policyholder is Pro Nail. During her evidence PW1 testified that insofar as she was concerned this was a benefit which she was receiving as a result of her involvement with Lampe Berger however that might have been expressed.

13. The evidence of the first defence witness was to the contrary: she said that she had seen PW1 providing beauty services in the premises occupied by Pro Nail on "two or three" occasions prior to the signature of the enrolment form. In cross-examination she accepted that she had interviewed "four or five hundred" people in respect of the issue of insurance policies over the intervening period yet this particular incident stuck in her memory. Her evidence, both in chief and in cross-examination, occupied only a matter of minutes.

14. This was a matter in which cross-examining counsel could do little other than to put to the witness that she was being dishonest in the evidence and was colouring the evidence to favour a particular party. Obviously, the witness denied this.

15. It is necessary for a magistrate to look at the evidence of each witness both in its own right and also as to how that evidence fits in against the overall evidence which he has heard. That is precisely what the magistrate did: he contrasted the diverging evidence of PW1 and the first defence witness in the Statement of Findings and indicated that he accepted that of PW1 but rejected that of the first defence witness.

16. It is accepted that there are instances where it is artificial to expect a magistrate to articulate in detail just why it is that he accepts or rejects the evidence of a particular witness. I am satisfied that this is a matter in which the magistrate was fully entitled simply to say that he did not accept the evidence of that witness. I do not see what else he can sensibly be expected to have said nor was Mr Tze able to suggest anything when invited to assist this court.

17. The third ground of appeal relates to but one discrepancy between the evidence of PW1 and PW2. Mr Tze confirmed that this was the only discrepancy which was to be regarded as material and about which complaint was made. In essence, PW1 testified that she had been given one letter by the appellant which the appellant had taken from her handbag to hand to PW1 whilst PW2 testified that the appellant had obtained a letter from a pile of documents lying on her desk and indeed had handed more than one document to PW1.

18. The complaint which is made about the approach of the magistrate is that at the time of delivering his oral reasons he said "Having warned myself as indicated earlier and having borne in mind the criticisms of the evidence and credibility of PW1 and 2 as submitted by Mr Kwok for the defendant, I found both PW1 and 2 to have given honest, reliable evidence which in each case I believe".

19. The argument runs that as there was a conflict in their evidence the magistrate was unable to accept the evidence "in each case"; that by expressing himself in this manner as he fell into error; that he erred further by not making specific reference in his oral reasons or statement of findings to this one conflict.

20. I disagree, although I accept that the passage could have been more deftly phrased. It is abundantly apparent from the passage to which I referred that the magistrate was fully aware of the criticisms which had been made of the two witnesses particularly this aspect. Indeed, leading counsel who appeared for the appellant at trial dwelt at some length on this particular issue in his closing address. That plainly would have been fresh in the magistrate’s mind when he came to consider his verdict: he specifically said that he did bear it in mind.

21. Any sensible reading of the oral reasons and Statement of Findings can only result in the conclusion that that discrepancy was insufficient to cause the magistrate any concern. On the facts of this matter, to require the magistrate to have gone any further than he did would be another triumph of form over substance.

22. The submission was made that this matter was solely about the credibility of the witnesses and that it was this fact that made the manner in which the magistrate had expressed himself fatal to the conviction. With respect, that is an oversimplistic view. Whilst the credibility of the witnesses was an issue, that submission ignores the presence of the banking evidence to which the magistrate made specific reference.

23. In cross-examination it was suggested on behalf of the appellant to PW1 that the payments which she had made to the appellant were in fact repayments of a loan. PW1 denied there had been such a loan and asserted that these were simply repayments of the moneys that had been paid into her account by the appellant to create the impression of payment of a salary. There was no evidence of the supposed loan, of course, for the appellant elected not to testify. It was suggested that the magistrate should have considered the possibility of the payments being made for some other reason: had the magistrate pursued that line he would have entered the realm of speculation which is not his function.

24. What the magistrate had to decide upon was the truthfulness and reliability of the assertion by PW1 as to the nature of the payment she was making. He had to decide that in the absence of any evidence to the contrary from the appellant. He accepted PW1 ’s evidence generally and thus on this issue.

25. The coincidence of the payments was singular. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that he found that the banking evidence was supportive of the prosecution version. He was fully justified in doing so on the evidence before him.

26. The Appellant was correctly convicted. The appeal is dismissed and the magistrate’s decision is confirmed.

Saiful81 said...

What a joke :)
I have join LB before and i regret it the next day.
My upline call me up for a meeting and i terus terang say, you nak ku pergi skrang? what time now? 1130pm...

please please please jaga la...
business ni nak untung boleh,
tapi rep kena jaga juga...

check ni..
jangan pula macam sy, kena tipu

Anonymous said...

The letter below explain why until now, their licence which has already been expired never renewed. I think very soon, their licence application will be rejected by kementerian.


Pengarah Urusan
RZ Corporation Sdn Bhd



Dengan hormatnya saya merujuk kepada perkara di atas.

Daripada maklumat dan aduan yang diterima, didapati bahawa sebahagian ahli syarikat mempromosi serta menjalankan pelan pemasaran yang berbentuk head-hunting dan pembelian lot/pangkat/pukal dan ianya merupakan salah satu daripada ciri2 skim piramid yang mana pemberian bonus adalah bukannya berdasarkan pembelian barang, tetapi atas dasar pencarian orang yang akan diminta untuk membuat perkara yang sama (repetition action).

Berdasarkan maklumat yang dinyatakan diatas, adalah didapati bahawa syarikat tuan telah melanggar seksyen 7(1) akta jualan langsung 1993 yang menyebut bahawa “walau apa pun seksyen 6, tiada lesen boleh diberikan kepada seseorang yang berniat untuk menjalankan perniagaan jualan langsung yang melibatkan apa2 skim atau perkiraan baji penjualan atau pengedaran barang atau perkhimatan yang menurutnya orang itu, dengan mendapat suatu balasan memperoleh peluang untuk menerima suatu faedah wang yang tidak bergantung pada jumlah atau kuantiti barang atau perkhidmatan yang dijual atau diedarkan atau yang akan dijual atau diedarkan bagi maksud menjualnya semula tetapi yang diasaskan, pada apa-apa takat, pada dorongan yang di berikan, olehnye sendiri atau orang2 lain, supaya orang2 lain turut menyertai skim perkiraan sedemikian”

Sehubung dengan itu, di bawah seksyen 8(1) akta jualan langsung 1993, pengawal jualan langsung boleh membatalkan sesuatu lesen yang diberikan di bawah seksyen 6 jika dia berpuas hati bahawa :-

a. pemegang lesen itu telah gagal mematuhi apa2 obligasi yang dikenakan ke atasnya oleh atau dibawah akta ini atau peraturan2;

b. pemegang lesen itu telah melanggar apa2 syarat yang dikenakan di bawah lesen itu, atau apa2 peruntukan lain lesen itu, atau apa2 peruntukan akta ini atau peraturan2, tanpa mengira bahawa tidak ada pendakwaan bagi kesalahan berkenaan dengan pelanggaran itu;

c. pemegang lesen atau mana2 orang yang telah menjadi atau akan menjadi pengarah,pengurus,su tau pegawai serupa itu yag lain dalam pemegang lesen itu telah, sama ada berkaitan dengan pemohon bagi memberikan maklumat yang palsu, mngelirukan atau tak tepat kepada pengawal;

d.kepentingan orang2 yang berurusan dengan pemegang lesen atau kepentingan pembeli2 terancam dengan ape cara sekalipun samada dengan cara pemegang lesen itu menjalankan atau bercadang hendak menjalankan perniagaan atau kerana apa2 sebab lain;

e. pemegang lesen telah berhenti menjalankan mana2 satu atau lebih bidang perniagaan yang baginya ia dilesenkan;

f. suatu kompromi atau perkiraan dengan pemiutang2 telah dibuat berkenaan dengan pemegang lesen itu;

g. seorang penerima atau pengurus perniagaan pemegang lesen itu telah dilantik; atau

h. milikan telah diambil, oleh atai pihak pemegang mana2 yang becangah gadaian, akan mana2 harta pemegang lesen itu yang terkandung dalam atau tertakluk kepada gadaikan itu.

Oleh yang demikian, tuan adalah dengan ini diminta untuk memberi representasi bertulis kepada pengawal jualan langsung dalam tempoh 14 hari daripada tarikh surat ini sepertimana yang diperuntukan di bawah seksyen 11(1) akta jualan langsung.

Anonymous said...

Their dirty strategy revealed:

什么是FORMHD?在一个SYN的人拉你进入公司前,她会先调查你的FORMHD。这些他会透过和你聊天还有其他人来得到资料。(这方面我觉得很 offense,不过别人也有点难从我或别人口中得到我这方面的资料)对他们来说,知道你得越多,就可以越容易拉你进行。还有他们的原则是不在猎物面前填写FORMHD表格(他们有个表格要交给上线的,所以在你上线的上线还没见到你时,就已经很了解你,和你谈话时,你好象他能准确地讲出你的问题)。
O是Occupation(职业)。他会跟他的上线报道你的工作经验,你对目前的工作的满意度,为什么你辞去过去的工作,你家人的工作,你是否参加过任何 MLM,还有你对MLM的看法以及为什么(这对他们来说是很重要的。如果你反对的话,他们会带你去听一些讲座会,然后会找人和你聊;如果你不反对的话,他们会直接带你去他们的business centre来讲)。

A - Advisor 顾问 (通常是你的上线的上线)
B - Bridge 中间人 (你的上线)
P - Prospect 可能下线 (就是你啦)
D - Passer-by 路人甲 (就是其他同行)
1. 一定要准时接P。(避免P逃跑)
2. 满足P的要求先。(例如食物,水,以及如厕)
3. 在车里,郑重对P介绍A并叫P把手机关掉。
4. 在到达公司时,带领P四处在公司里走走(并介绍公司)
5. 在公司里,介绍P给其他的D(在公司是最好能够认识多些人)
6. 把P带到A面前,不是把A带到P面前
7. 一定要尊重A和D(不然的话,P将不会尊重A也不会在ABP里注意听)这是非常重要的
8. 把P介绍给A并说明为什么P会在公司里出现
9. 提醒P把手机关掉还有把自己的手机关掉。
10. 当ABP会谈开始时,不要让任何外物打扰会谈以及不要离开会谈。不要接听电话或者玩短讯。
11. B要专心的听A在讲什么。这样不只能让P更投入,而且也能帮助B学习成为A
12. 当ABP在进行时,千万不要更正A(如果有任何更正的话,在私低下做)
13. 每次都要间接的站在A的立场。例如,如果P觉得A很串,你可以间接地帮A说:“A也许很串而且很伤你,但会不会他说的都是真的呢?事实永远都是痛苦的。而A已经帮助了那么多人得到五位数的收入,所以全部人尊敬他。”
14. 如果你发现P不够专心,轻轻的拍一下P并叫他专心点
15. 在演讲完后,如果没有任何问题,B一定要丢出申请表格(看看P的脸部表情。如果P显示吓到的话,收起表格。申请表格是帮助找出P的问题)
16. 不要做呆子B
17. 影响P对加入生意的意愿以及讲出你加入这行生意的原因。(如果P对工作不满意,而且不够钱用,等等,可以说出来并告诉P这是个好机会)
18. 如果P对A撒谎,说出来
19. 当P还需要时间考虑时,A会离开桌子几分钟。这是因为P在A面前也许不好意思说出自己的问题。在这个时候,影响P对生意的看法。
20. 如果P还是有问题,把P带到D面前一起讨论(这是很重要的)
21. 在P还没遇到D之前,说明D的背景
22. 每次都是把P带到D面前,而不是把D带到P面前。一定要尊重D因为D是在尝试帮助你。
23. 给D一点暗示让他知道P的问题。(例如:如果P有RM 2345的问题:“D,上次当你在加入这行生意时,钱是一个问题吗?你怎么拿到你的RM 2,345的?”)
24. 对P下个预防药并封住他的嘴巴(告诉P说外人会“泼冷水”然后说这行生意是不可行的。所以,不要告诉任何人先。这是因为我们有个逐渐增强的系统让我们追随)
25. 在回家途中,把你的个人经验说出来影响P
26. 跟进

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那晚是Steven Yeam主讲的BOT,因为是广东话,所以我随便听听,也在间中想想如何发展下去。讲完之后,他们(上线)讲了一大堆话想要激我join。我就在想,既然你要和我玩mental game,那我就陪你玩玩。我就说我没钱啊,他们说跟父母借钱(之前就已经这么说过了,我故意的,因为我知道他们一定会这么说)。我就说我想表现给我父母看,不想给他们知道,我尝试跟他们借钱(其实我知道他们一定是会借的,因为在Monash和Sunway,并不多学生做这些东西,而他们想靠我打开一条路给喂饱他们)。起初他们不答应,因为他们说想要我有一个journey,那以后可以和其他人分享,也不怕被人拒绝。我就静静的,我说不是叫他们还全部,我本身也还一点先。他们说考虑一下,问我说能负担几百,我说八百。结果他们几个跑到一旁去讨论(这也是我不喜欢他们的一点,就是有什么事都是自己在讨论先,就算不是在con我,我也觉得你是在con我)。讨论结果,可以借我钱,不过他们几个帮我split(这个很奇怪,如果真的会赚那么多钱,为什么要 split钱?还有出去喝茶都是我自己还的。而且他们说到可以买一间屋子,结果是几个人去租一间,他们这么懂生意,难道不清楚买比租合算吗?)。

你以为我真的会去丢我的八百给他们吗?在register的最后一秒钟,我告诉他们目前没那么多现金,只有几百块,由于他们有个原因(稍后再讲),他们也就随便随便。当你还那么钱时,他们不让你自己去register的,而且你是没有拿到receipt的那种,注册地址不是写你的地址,而是写你上线的地址(这样子你难道觉得安全吗?)。Register完过后,我一位就完了,可是他们找我坐下来谈谈,原来是想要我直接买Count这个level(当时是30k,现在是40或50k)。他们说,在他们那个组织的人都是这样子start的。我都说我没钱了,还这样子。然后他们就解释给我听听看如何如何,其实他们的计划是不错的,可是realistic和ideal永远有差别的,难做。过后还讲了在月尾前register,他们会sponsor我去新加坡参加SYN在Sentosa的party(那是我的钱,不是你的)。他们还叫人跟我分享他们做count的经验(这些人只会分享经验的)。我想不能敷衍他们,我就装作听得津津有味,说回家后会去试试问父母。其实在上个月尾(五月尾)前的价钱比较便宜,过后就没那么便宜了,所以上个月他们的业绩很好,他们又 show off了。现在我想他们大概不会鼓励别人买个count做了,应该是买个boron(比count低级一点)来做,他们又有他们的说法。

过后就去他们的NDO(New Distributors Orientation),在sunway hotel的ball room。很多人,真的,全部穿西装打领带,90%是学生或刚毕业的(我觉得这些人不要打工,到最后还是打工,而且是还钱的打工的那一种,我觉得很可怜)。我被那些上线告知说,不要找有钱人join,去找没钱的人,这样比较容易找到loyal的人。


回到sunway后,我算了一下,我join不到10天,可以全部退货,并可以拿回全部钱。我就告诉他们说我要退出(讲了一些废原因),而且我知道他们会让我退的,因为那些钱都是他们的。他们就死死都不要让我退出(还我失去那100%退钱的黄金时光)退钱的黄金时光),因为我是他们进军monash 的一个要角。他们还时不时地打电话给你,并叫人分享他们的经验(全部都差不多一样,不用听都predict得出要讲什么)。过后我的那位朋友来告诉我说,其实如果不能从count开始的话,从franchisee开始也是可以的。他过后还说其实还没帮我register franchisee,如果我要从franhisee开始四个月到marquis这个level,可以免费去法国看LB的工厂的。我听了后真的有一股莫名的口气,原来我的钱你没拿来做我要做的东西,这种朋友我需要信你吗?你口口声声说没骗过我,现在不只在睁着眼睛说瞎话吗?(我虽然很常骗人,不过至少我骗到harm人的东西)过后我就和这位朋友少说话,少讲一些我的事,因为他在短短一个月做了太多betray我的事。



Roy said...

I have received confirmation from the kementerian that it is illegal for R Z Corporation to continue with its business.

Below is his reply:

Dear Sir,

Section 4 (1) under The Direct Sales Act 1993 states that "Subject to sections 14 and 42, no person shall carry on any direct sales business unless it is a company incorporated under the Comapnies Act 1965 and holds a valid licence granted under section 6"

Therefore, if the period had lapsed or xpired, that means the licence is not valid anymore. It is the same anology for the driving licence. People still drive although the licence had expired although it is illegal because they did not afraid until they get caught.


xxxxxxx (name of the pegawai deleted)
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A Gust of Wind said...

it has been time since u last updated ur blog..

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