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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Refund Experience with DCHL

Picking up from the previous letter post...

This is the email I received from this lady about 2 weeks after...
If you are thinking of taking your refund with DCHL/RZ Corporation/Lampe Berger.
Read on what this lady has to say... This is all at her own decision and all at her own
way of getting the refund back... Learn from her courage...

Hi ,

I already went to DCHL to get our refund yesterday.. we told our upline (our colleague) that we're quitting n he was a bit shocked.. maybe he thought we're waiting him to assist us in refunding our stocks..

but what we did was we went straight to the front desk of DCHL n asked the lady about refund.. so she asked whether we have filled in any forms yet? of course not.. she asked how long we have been in this biz.. we told her 2 months.. she asked how many wants to refund do we told her 3 (including my sis, she's my sponsored downline).. so she straight away gave us 3 refund forms to fill in and told us to get back to her once we finished completing the form..

after completing the form, we got back to her and get our no.. we waited for a while and our turn comes.. we need to make an appointment to refund our stocks.. only my sis's account was terminated that day since her stocks was sponsored by me (a franchisee can sponsor 1 franchisee).. so her account was self-terminated.. me and my boyfriend's appointment was arranged to another date..

so when it comes to the appointed date, we went to DCHL with our stocks to be refunded.. but unfortunately, only my account was terminated and got the refund.. my bf's account was advised not to be terminated since when they did the calculation, he only can get back RM1000+ from RM12000+ he invested.. why? becos of the stocks that he received was not returnable..

he received 3 lampes that worth RM1700+ each.. we used 2 of it n the other one we switched with our upline cos he only have 1 lampe in his stock.. so we exchange stocks with the same price.. all the used lampes are not returnable.. there were also short of essential oils that we have already used during the 2 months we're in this biz.. those 3 lampes alone costs us RM4000+ plus a few bottles of oils that we used.. the guy at the counter advised us not to terminate this account cos it is not worth it.. luckily this guy advised us not to terminate the stocks.. so we're thinking in selling those goods to Cash Converters since we once seen a signature lampe sold there.. maybe we can redeem what we lost..

as for my account, i only get RM2300+ from RM3000+ i invested.. i was short of 1 lampe (RM200+), 2 essential oils and an estebel toner.. plus the 10% admin cost (RM250+).. so i lost about RM700+.. that's a lot too.. now we can only refund our stocks in 3months after our registration.. not 6months.. so better hurry for those who wants to quit this..

so, as from my experience.. my advise are:

1. think clearly before joining this biz.. r u prepared to use all your leisure n relax time to do this..

2. do not be too excited with all the wealth they tell u.. i believe this biz can help u to achieve all your dreams but be prepared to sacrifice your time with your family, your loved ones n even for yourself.. u might lost some of your buddies from school/uni/work who doesn't like MLM (those who u invite to this biz as prospects)

3. see the biz in its pros and cons.. everything have its pros and cons.. judge yourself whether u can do this or not and do get consultation from those who are close to u (family members, close friends, gf, bf, etc) before joining this.. do not make your own decision without any consultation cos sometimes, we didn't see what others see.. every perspective counts..

4. if u are still eager to do this biz even your close ones (esp family) object your decision, PLEASE do not make it as a reason they are stopping u from achieving your dreams.. they are thinking for your best.. i heard so many stories about SYN members who doesn't go back to their home becos of their family are not supporting them.. don't forget they will never abandon u when you're in trouble.. not your SYN partners..

i really hope people can see how we see this biz.. we're not against this biz from the very beginning but once we're in the biz, we saw the flaws of the biz.. i believe MLM can help us but the people in MLM are doing it in the wrong way.. everyone can be easily attracted in easy money they portray but make some research and analysis first before joining this..

so friends, if u're thinking of quitting, act fast.. u don't have to wait for your uplines cos it's your decision since it's YOUR OWN BIZ.. be firm with your decision and don't feel sorry for your uplines cos they are your friends.. be sorry for yourself first cos nobody can help u accept yourself.. our upline seems a bit "far" from us since we told him we're quitting though he said he would like us to stay as friends.. we're open and always keep him as our friend..

anyway.. u can share our experience in your blog.. i allow u to publish this anonymously.. thanks for your thoughts.. hope to hear from u soon..

(name cleared)
Now, gain some knowledge here? I'm sure you did...
Till the next one... Cheers People!


Saviour said...

Never thought that this LB MLM is still going on, as I didn't hear anything about it since last one or two years.

Was in this biz for 2 years+, and now my uplines quitted already.

Think carefully before joining, not everyone has so much money to lose like this.

I have more than 10 'expensive' lamps collecting dust in my room (until now). There is no such thing as 'signature' design, the lamps will only have a value if there are people who know to appreciate them. Therefore, no 2nd hand value as the company claimed.

LB still can survive until now meh? :P

aL-gOjO said...

where is the cash converter this girl refer to?

yusnira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello guys..
I seriously need Urgent Help! Please.

I recently joined this Company, it's been about a month. I'm in Hong Kong btw.

I have invested HK$67,648 to become a Count.
But now I realized i've made a huge mistake, So I was thinking about a Refund.
In the forms they say that I can only get 50% of the refund, Plus 20% according to my upline's commission.
So not more thatn 70%, i'll get the refund.

Anyways, i'm still thinking of the Refund.
Cause i feel like i've been influenced to do the Fast-track by investing HK67,648. Even though there was the slow process of being a Count (which was having 3 Baron's under you).. I only figured that out later.. cause no body told me about that one.

So I was just wondering if I could get my Refund, and I would like to go back to Franchise. To start the slow way. is it possible??
Plus I already have 2 downlines under me. Will they get affected by this??

Please help me out of this hole.. I dont think my uplines gonna help me too much on this..

I like the Company and MLM, but just the people are running it wrongly.. which i dont like, and i feel i've been betrayed...


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