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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Another mail from a reader on 18th January 0421AM.

This reader sent me the mail about DCHL in Kuching. Yes, they are all over the
map in Malaysia. I bet they would use the word "poor" to make these people who is
indeed not so rich to gain riches by "investing" in DCHL.

Read on, it is going to be a very long e-mail.
Dear Sir,

I wish to tell you my story of DCHL Kuching Sarawak. I almost got cheated by these people (who called them self Marquis Faizal) and all of his underlings for giving me false information regarding their company.

DCHL was introduced by my long time schoolmate. She informed me that I can make money without breaking a sweat by helping people.

My friend asked me to go have dinner with DCHL members to see how their life have change.

So, I followed my friends to have dinner with DCHL members. All seems happy with their life. Their introduce me to other people. Then I started talking with the DCHL members.

They told me that they earn twice the income they earn each month compare working with a company.

Then I asked them couple of questions.

1. Do I have to sell products?
They said we do investment. Not selling products. I become more interested with the investment plan.

2. Do I have to recruit people in order for me to make money?
They said, we dont find people. We help people who really needs it.

3. How much money do I need to invest? They said RM2,500.00.

4. Do I get my investment back? They said yes, you do get your investment back.

5. If my uncle want to join and put RM 2,500.00 and doesnt want to find people. Will he still receive money? They DCHL members said, he will get RM200 per month.

I was so happy and I wanted to join so I can help myself and my friends who needs it.

Then one of my friend told me to becareful and advice me to call KL branch.

When I called KL branch about it and ask them about the investment. They told me there is no such thing. I was suprise by it that it is not an investment company. I was quite shock.

Then I told them why I was informed that it is an investment at the first place. They told me that DCHL is involved in direct selling and members earn from the commission on the product that they have sold.

I asked them, what about the RM 2,500.00?!?!?

The DCHL KL hotline said, the RM 2,500 include registration fee and the product number from 1 - 6, which cost more than RM 2,000.00.

I was quite furious with the false information that DCHL Kuching members has given me.

I decided to go to main office to investigate more. I was educated by one of the qualified members about the investment.

I took couple of minutes to explain everything. Things started to go from bad to worst when it comes to registration fee. He asked me to join as soon as possible. I said I can get my money at the end of the month. The members convience me to borrow money from friends and told me not to told them about the business?!?!?

Then later he told me that I can make more money by becoming a count as soon as possible in order not be taken over by people who is under me and I will not lose my profit. He told me that being a count is better than being a baron. He told me that I have to invest RM 40,000.00 as soon as possible.

Then, I asked him again who sold the product? He told me that DCHL dont do direct selling but investment. He also told me that DCHL Kuching has their own marketing plan and doesnt follow KL marketing plan. DCHL Kuching is independant and doesnt rely on KL. This was told to me by many marquises in Kuching (Lady own a skyline and a guy (Faizal) who own a celica).

Later I found out that there is alot of victims (most of them students) occur in UNIMAS (University of Sarawak).

A housemate of mine told me his friend (Marquis) run away from Kuching and stay in KL due to people looking for him leaving his parents behind to settle his problems.

Please help me to put stop into this. One of my friend has spent RM40,000+ using her parents money, which come from their saving retirement money. She tought it is an investment. I tried to tell her about it but refuse to believe me.

I realise that DCHL members relies on registration money and also RM 40,000 investment on becoming a count status.



Anonymous said...

I have also my sister who is so into it. She is currently studying in UNIMAS and recently made a trip to KL with 120 of them.
Tell me how to make her realised that DCHL is not her ultimate goal to make her rich and happy..
Please reply

wah! said...

fiuh, for the last 2 weeks i had been introduce to this syn members by my best friend. i met different people, the beginner (franchise) dunno how to spell it, baron, count, challenge marquis, marquis. at first, i though like WOW really got people who get high pay, can buy this and that n so on so on. but then i read and heard about being push to invest 30k+ something for count.. aiyoh.. im only a student.. where can i get the money.. dats a lot nia.. even for that 2.5k i still feel guilty coz borrowing from my friends with no reasons (so not me, hate to lie, jaga waterface lagi).. guess what, i haven’t use their money… still in bank.. i prefer to not berhutang n better use my own money but not enough ley… hihi…

when i went to this dchl office i realize that this fellow (u know who) put their money to buy branded or expensive thing as to make them look smart,grand,and luxury just to promote their so called “luxury” in front of their potential investor so that it will convince them how rich they are… . nah.. im not easily influenced by that, coz i always meet real rich and successful people and believe me u can differentiate who is pretending to be rich people or the real one. (i know there a rich people there but not all rite)

actually i wonder what are they doing at their so called office anyway. some of them just standing outside the office talking n repeating the same thing wad they told me to new comers. i went to dat office many times and that is the only MLM office until now dat i didnt see any sales (u know like people buy stuff) compare to other MLMs. people were just keep on talking and talking the same thing non stop like robot. keep on saying that they x sell product but networking. what the purpose of the products then? expensive plak tu.. theres a franchase dat just start for 3 weeks dgn bangganya told me dat she rejected a job offer coz she wants to concentrate to this business. you know for me thats a silly act. i understand if she already gain a lot from this business but she just a beginner .. she datang office pun just tengok2 n just talk2.. its better for her to accept the job offer while doing the business.. when dah stable then maybe its fine for here to quit.

a lot of things to share actually, after saw with my own eyes what happened and read all the articles about pyramid scam (mengkayakan org atasan?) n this syn thingy i dont want to join. but when I look at my bestfriend face that really want me to join.. duh.. dunno wad to say. she invested 30+++ k already, she’s a student, she borrowed the money from a lot of people, including me. should i join? or not? now she seems like think about money, money and money. money is really important nowadays but it still not everything. money cant buy real friendship if u get what i mean. i may not a big spender, but i rather saving compare to join this kind of business coz i will not just cost 2.5k. it will be more than that. fuel, makan2, attend this and that, reload card,my time.

for those who want to join, think carefully, dont let money change you, dont let people force you to do something that you cant. dun berhutang if u not confident u can pay it back, if you still want to do MLM kind of business n dchl is too expensive try to find other MLM, theres always a choice n you can always say no if you dont want. dont do something out of ur own limit. dun easily influence by the marketing plan, its either u gain money or u loss ur money. guys,, think carefully, do research first b4 u join. like me.. =)

(FYI: i still not join yet still need to do more research, dun want to regret later)

someone said...

to user'r ur research..i want to know situation is almost same like u..n i'm doing a research about it now...

i hate SYN said...

for someone and all user that still do their research..
hi.. i'm one of the partner..
i want all of u read carefully before u join..

i joined this business early of this year..i really trust my bestfriend..before we go to the ofc she ask me a lot of question.. n suddenly i said that my mom n i palnning to do a business cost around RM50k..

then we go to ofc.. i thought she want me to sell the product then i said to myself, no because it too expensive.. and then she told me that we just need to find friend.. n also i said no..

then i go back.. she keep on sms me everyday.. ask me to go to the ofc again..because of my dream to be a business women i agreed n then i ask my mom to lend me RM2k n i use my own money RM500.. i'm jobless at that time..before that my friend always tell me about his upline bad attitude.. but we just keep in our mind,we can just ignore the bad one..

around i week, all of the partner keep on asking me when i want to be a count..of course i want but where i can get the money.. they ask me to go and ask from my relatives, friends, and ask my parents to come to ask.. my parents refuse to come.. n my parents don't want to talk to me almost 1 month.. but i still said i'm doing the right thing..

but in the same time i tried to avoid my team n my friend.. they just want to know when i'll get the money.. they are not asking about my problem like before..same with my friend..she's my bestfriend.. she's always tell me her personal or bsns prob.. but i noticed since i joined, she just ask about where my prospect n why i didn't get my count money yet..her reason, she want to help me to fullfill my dream..

yes, they forced me to be the best.. but the main thing that make me feel so stupid believe on them when i realised i thing..

before i joined i ask them include my freind.. do you have your own direct partner? they answer, yes we have a lot of partner..but when i joined.. 'partner' that they said was not their direct but their sideline.. majority of my upline have only 1 direct include my fren.. i'm not blamed them if they told me earlier..i'll still koin if they tell me the truth.. i'm so angry becos the lied.. n i'm sure many of ex lb partner here facing the same thing before..

then about 1 month i avoid them..didn't answer their call.. later i came back to ofc do it n ignore their bad attitude..i want to give myself a try...

1 week later i got 1 downline.. but they do the same thing to my downline.. so i always ask my downline came to ofc when they are not there.. my downline was not totally agree with them.. at that time i feel guilty for bring her there.. i invest count and she invest baron.. but she tell me she will do it because she trust me..

but the big problem came when about 30 prospect came to ofc and reject.. reason, my them was so rude, and greedy.. they didn't respect others.. didn't follow the Islamic rules.. my team blame me because not pretend them but for me.. why i should do it if what my prospect say the ringht thing?
shake hand,sometime hugging, smoke(ladies),sexy..

yes in Islam we have to do business but how?with that way? we should follow the right way..

then few months a go my downline want to return back the product n i said ok.. but i feel so said n guilty when no one from my team came or say something to her.. my upline say cannot refund so we go ourself to the counter and do all of the procedures..

n me.. i've made my mind.. i don't want to be with them anymore.. my parent scold me because i'll always go out until late night.. when i tell to my friend she said until when u want to be mama daughter.. when i think back.. u need ur parents consent, if not for what u get so much money if they don't want it?

last week my friend 1st.. i don't want to pick up the call. but then i answer because i think she want to tell her problem.. but u know wahat? she want me to go to NDO.. isaid i have no money.. she want me to find it.. then i cut off the phone.. she sms i tell me she's very upset n i'm loser.. since then i'm not sms or pick up her call.. for me.. if u really sincere n good.. eventhough i'm the wrong one.. what u should do isk ask n discuss when me how to settle the loan if i really didn't want to continue.. u should have a little bit guilty feeling..

the moral of the story is..never never never trust anyone..they will tell u they will help u but they don't after they get ur money..but i still have friends succeed in this business n really Islamic one.. u should find the right one..

not DCHL only but all MLM company is not bad.. the bad one if the people in it..some of it will do LILLAHI TAALA and ask for GOD blessing.. but majority of them do for money only..

my advise is..go for a small business 1st.. never mind if the profit too low..still u get money compare to the big one and u'll get nothing.. just DEBT..DEBT..DEBT...

and never ever borrow money..use your own money.. they will help you when u go for borrowing money but will leave u when u need to pay back the money..

for any partner that read this..if u feel so agnry with what i said i'm sure u're one of them but too bad u didn't or don't want to realised it.. or maybe u're the good one pls don't blame us..because we tell the truth but maybe u didn't noticed it because ur team do the right way.. but u should know many team don't like i'm happy for you..

i believe some of the partner agree with me because when i sharing my problem many of them said their them just like mine but they can't quit because they need to pay back the money and they have to close their eyes and do the same them and recruit new partner...

for me i don't want to do that to my friend...i've already lost half of my friend because of this.. i don't want to lost half of it..

yes u have to sacrifies to achieve ur dream.. but pls look wether it is good for you or not..

1 of my partner almost 2 years banned by his parents.. they don't want to see him even though he's Marquis now.. if u don't mind just go on.. but in Islam u should know that u need ur mom blessing.. if not it's u do the wrong thing.. so what u get just money n sin..

ok..good luck for all..

i hate SYN said...

think carefully before u join..

Laura said...

I'm from Kuching and few weeks ago a friend of mine brought me to Liwah Hotel at Song Thian Cheok Road to watch a movie. At first, I did not know anything and I saw my friend paid RM 5 for me and filled my name as Introducee and her as the Introducer. When I entered the ballroom (or was it a function room? nevermind!) everyone was like shaking hands with another, no matter you know him/her. It was a bit awkward for me cos a lot approached me and shaked hands with me and all were smartly dressed. At 7.45 pm, one female host of the night was asking (or shall I say shouting thru the mic) the crowd how are we feeling today in many languages and the crowd replied 'Yes, Yes, Yes we are feeling good, Yes Yes!' That’s for if the female host was asking How Are You? in English. I told myself 'WTF is this?' but I managed to keep myself calm and waited to see the rest of the show. At 8.00 pm they showed the movie The Secret and after the movie ended, a male host came to the stage and started to shout How Are We Feeling over and over again in different languages. At that time, I was a lil bit annoyed with the 'HOW ARE YOU' thingy. He said that this movie was not shown in any cineplexes and they got the movie in KL and not sold anywhere in Malaysia. Good gracious, if he said like that, why on earth I ever watched this movie back in uni few years ago and I was not in KL that time?

So at 10.00 pm, I thought it was time to go home but suddenly the male host told that members go (I asked my friend, what members? She replied 'You just follow what the male host said') behind the hall and form a group for announcements and for 1st & 2nd timers to go to the front stage cos the male host was going to do a sharing. Geez, a sharing based on The Secret movie. So okay, I went to the front stage and gathered together with the 1st & 2nd timers. The male host chose a few 1st timers and asked them about The Secret movie, the meaning behind the movie, whether they feel motivated to chase their dreams (well, I was short for a lady so I think he could not see me and I am super glad I didn't go up to the stage). Later the male host called upon a few members up to the stage and we listened to their sharing. I listened to similar stuff - 'I was in professional line/a manager and I resigned to joined this (THIS? I haven't got the meaning of THIS whole thing yet.) and my life is much happier now, I can get/buy whatever I want and I am not stressed unlike when I work under someone in the past. At that time was 10.45 pm and the male host introduced a Marquis who owns an Audi car, a former Regional Manager in a bank who quits and joined THIS thingy full time and she even bring her whole family to join this damn moron biz. When the male host said a Marquis, I began to think back cos a friend of mine ever told me about Lamp Berger.

I was still studying back in 2003-2006 in a local uni. A friend of mine and her bf who is also my friend wanted me to join Lamp Berger cos they keep on saying they don't rely on their parents anymore for monthly allowance and they get to buy anything they want. The best thing was I can get branded bags, shoes when I am still a student if I join. So they explained to me about Count, Duke, LB products, teamwork (I guess the word teamwork is wrongly used now) and the 4 digits profit every month. I was thrilled listening to them about the 4 digits profit (Who doesn't?) and they brought along LB catalogues for me to see many types of oil and the burner. There's one burner that fancies me so I asked them how much it is. They told me the burner cost RM14, 000. Goodness me! Why on earth is that burner where its function is to burn the oil only costs damn much? They told me the cap of the burner is made from gold and you can pawn in any pawn shop. I was shocked and laughed hard cos I find it's stupid to pawn a cap of LB burner. So next, they told me the oils cost RM700 per bottle and the burners are rangely from RM800-RM thousands & thousands. Ah, not forgetting extra RM2, 500 for the license to sell LB products. Once a member, need to find 5 downliners who are financially VERY stable and once you start your networking, try to invest more money so that can get a better position in LB. I told them I do not have that much of money to pay for the license and I don't think I can sell LB products cos I find it's too expensive and I think it's better for me to focus on my studies, not carrying the stupid oil glass bottles n burners everywhere I go and sell it to people. No sale, consume till I finished using it and later buy new stocks from LB. Plus, I am no good in selling. They even said there is oil that is good for me, oil that can make me memorize better when I study. Yeah right, the more they talk the more I think this LB is rubbish! Since I can't afford to pay RM 2,500 for LB license, they asked me to borrow money from friends or my parents. I said NO cos I am not that type of person to borrow money from friends with that kind of amount and another NO NO from my parents cos for sure I will get BOMB FOR GOOD from my Dad if I told him I want to borrow RM2,500. Crazy isn’t it?

A week later, my friend called me many times. She told me she needed RM10, 000 for her LB investment. I told her I really, really do not have the money to help her. She kept pestering me to call my Dad and beg him for the RM10k. She sounded pretty desperate on the phone and I told her since you said you don't rely on your parents anymore cos you got money from LB, then where is money gone to? What do you think I am? A Swiss Bank? The daughter of Swiss Bank CEO? She avoided my questions and still keep asking me for the 10k and so bold asking for my dad's number. I was really annoyed with her and I said ‘Enough is Enough!’ I don't entertain her anymore til today even though she did sms me this year. That was the day back in uni I found out about LB and my first and endless impression on LB will be always SICK, SICK & MORE SICK! Dreadful!

Back to the Sharing
The Marquis lady who quits her job as a Regional Manager and influenced her whole family to join SYN Network really, really wants us, the 1st timers to go to their office in Kuching (I don't where is the office and I don't give a damn about it) so that she and her team members/partners explain more in depth. She is proud that she lives better than she can imagine and she did pin a SYN badge on her coat. After the sharing, it was already 11.00 pm, there was a light refreshment with the members and newcomers. Hmm, a good way to drag newcomers into the biz. I told my friend who brought me to see this movie to send me back cos it was really late and I'm really tired cos when I came back to work my friend already waited for me in front of my house and I don't have the time to eat or even drink! When we walked back to my friend's car, a good looking guy came (I bet my friend sms-ed the guy, her networking partner so that he can lured me into this biz) and knew from my friend that I know about this LB earlier and asked why didn't I join. I told him from A-Z and he said for Kuching, you do not need to sell the products, just find your networking no matter he/she is rich or poor. The more people you get the more you'll get paid. He told that before he was a software engineer, got offered by an Oil & Gas company to be an Asst. Manager with a 20k monthly salary and he rejects it cos he prefers to be in this biz. He asked for my number and I gave, he did call but I never answered cos I know it's going to be a pain in the ass listening to his 'experience with SYN/LB' and 'nightmare' stories.

In the car, I asked my friend did she get any profit joining this damn biz, she said 'Yes, 1k plus cos I'm still a Count'. She tried to bring me to their office the next day but I was just too bored to death reading her incoming sms every 2 hours. She was telling me even though I dislike LB, she said in one SARS incident in one hospital don't know where, the hosp. admin. was using LB oil and the burner and manage to cure SARS disease. And, the Sarawak Govt bought thousands (or maybe millions?) of LB products for their usage in Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN). How true is the story on Swak Govt buying LB product I can't affirm it to you all. Even my Dad who is with Swak Govt & DUN was telling the story was crap.

I know that money motivates everyone but please spend your money wisely. Buy what you need, not what you want! I joined Tupperware & Amway not for fun or influenced by my friends or family but I joined to get some of their products which I really need it and I find it's useful for my daily activities though I didn't get 4 digits profit. End of my story...Bye!

P/S: Sorry for the long story and yeah, thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

a lot of things to share actually, after saw with my own eyes what happened and read all the articles about pyramid scam (mengkayakan org atasan?) n this syn thingy i dont want to join. but when I look at my bestfriend face that really want me to join.. duh.. dunno wad to say. she invested 30+++ k already, she’s a student, she borrowed the money from a lot of people, including me. should i join? or not? now she seems like think about money, money and money. money is really important nowadays but it still not everything. money cant buy real friendship if u get what i mean. i may not a big spender, but i rather saving compare to join this kind of business coz i will not just cost 2.5k. it will be more than that. fuel, makan2, attend this and that, reload card,my time.

--->> cuba pegi tmpt keja korang n tgk n renung2kan la..carta organisasi opis korang...
sama tak mcm sistem piramid
mana ada ceo dok bawah n pekerja dok atas???? bodoh la lu org nie sume tau nak konder sykt org lain je
1 jari lu tu tunjuk org salah... 3 jari lu sorok tu tunjuj lu bangang

Anonymous said...

Are You Sure its not MultiLevel Marketing(MLM) doing network marketing and not investment as you said? Or are You the people who was lazy enough to find your own network and gave up and decided to become a virus? and instead of thinking it's an Entrepreneur like business? where you have to work hard to get what you want? And rather stay home and fat while waiting for ur so called "hard earn cash". True, there's no such thing as easy money. If i we're you..I Think you should investigate what is a multilevel marketing is and how it works instead of knowing business as only direct selling and im sure you should know what direct selling is. If you don't know then its when u pay to get a service such as KFC or kedai mamak etc u pay to have the product in the mamak case a roti canai and fried chicken for KFC. I have no grudge or on their side since i'm a lazy person and not thinking of getting out of my comfy job. Instead Of thinking like a child and a moron i suggest you should read some Forbes magazine or surf to the website yourself. Try To understand something before you all start yapping.

Anonymous said...

dah sendiri tak berjaya..dah sendiri tak mampu buat, dah sendiri tak mau belajar, dah sendiri tak bodoh buat buat bodoh...pas tu gagal buat biz..ah!!!mulalah menyalahkan orang lain..entah sekolah atau university mana u orang pegi belajar...setau saya tak ta sekolah atau pengajian tinggi ajar cara menyalahkan org.. ataupun sekolah org mcm ni tak da ajar pendidikan moral dan agama..ha ha ha ha ..Bodoh Sombong...sendiri tak boleh buat nak salahkan business LB, kalau biz ni tak betol ,tak da org yg pernah berjaya pikirlah sendiri
Jgn pandai cakap jak..cakap jak u tak mampu dan mengalah tanpa bertanding...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


qoute said...

SYN or DCHL people...
i understand ur system...
it was a short term money manipulation....
i want to ask SYN or DCHL people..
can u generate more then 20k per-month and subtance the amount????
of cos no... do u earn Mercs, Audi TT, SkyliNes????? no rite... u should feel sick of urself... ur Marq only used u.... people dun buy LAMPEgerger oil or lamp everyday becaus of the price... aroma theraphy is jus aroma theraphy.... i study in biomedicine so i do know... aroma threphy exist because aroma true can jus comfort u... but not cure sickness!!! people in DCHL will said it can cure but NO!!! if true ask 4 a solid prove then console me... i can prove their are bluffing.... almost 4 yr in australia... i do feel sorry 4 people greed... blind of money or income in 4 or 5 figure...
wakeup folks... money dun come easily... u mus work for it..
DCHL poeple will told u that... "work hard n u will get the price".. of cos u get the price if u can live a life of swindle other for profits....

Anonymous said...

i was also drag by my friends to listen to the syn "networking talk".. unfortunately i had fill the form but not yet paid ..because i was really not interested in their plan but i was unable to reject them on the spot...i want to ask dat they will do anything to mine particular thing if i din joined it at the end?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that there must be a perfect solution for "THIS" issue. Especially for the "victim", I suggest that u guys better do a police report if they really "TIPU" u. As for the "New Member To Be", if u wanna listen to my advice, investigate first the background and all the things about "THIS" company and then it's up to u to decide..OK!!Think Wisely.....

lemakmanis said...



just a bystander said...

kuching : girl/lady if u wanna call it, using skyline (black, new skyline version) : valarie peter chee. did ask to borrow money because her family got problem and needing money (rm40k)

another one, a guy, dunno what car he would drive (merz, bmw): didin. this guy lied to all of his old frens telling his brother is dying in singapore, involved in accident and needing money for operation (rm40k).

both said that they would pay back in 4-5 month time.

just letting you all know. well... im just a passer-by.

p/s: if any kuching LB are reading this, send my regards to them. they wouldnt see me holding anything behind me (twisting fingers)

Anonymous said...

Hi all readers,

i feel sad when people fighting and stabbing others.i hv been in conventional business, i hv been in MLM business..A LOT. when i failed in business there's only 1(ONE) to blame..It's ME.All the things dat happen in our life is because of ourself.i didn blame others.think about it..we failed because we didnt do it good enough. we failed because we dont understand matter wat business. If you scare of risk, DONT JOIN BUSINESS. Any business have risks. juz stay whr you are and do wat u are doing now. and believe day u'll see ur friends or relative getting rich, u'll try to find way to do business oso. Remember the 4 Quodrants? It's all there..4 Quodrants by Robert Kiyosaki. Read's all thr. it's reality. Honestly i told you, conventional business really tough, tougher than you thought. the statistic shows that 80% of the conventional business COLLAPSE less than 5 years. Network Marketing is a solution to what Conventional business cant do: (Get more profit and less costs). Even banks now doing Networking Strategies. Just see how they promote credit card,unit trust n so on..very successful. Big Company oso switch to Networking Strategies aftr economic crisis 1998 and now they stable again. Now who are we to blame Network Marketing? We must understand, Conventional business exist since Barter System, thousands years ago. and Network marketing exist less than 5 decades. U compare the achievement and time. check it, do research..dont give false information. In any business, when we receive wrong information or wrong research, YOU WILL MAKE WRONG DECISION base on ur research. in any office and business, there will be someone who become a virus to company or business. This is a fact.You know it.

Please guys..go to basic. we all have religions. im very sure no Religions would ask people to do bad things. and what i see here is very disappointed. you guys are still young. You still in learning process in business. In business there's only THREE reason why they failed. 1st: Company itself (the management) 2nd: The people and 3rd: They failed to understands the market (4P). now u think urself which category of us. IF U BLAME ANY COMPANY and that company still doing good, than thats not the key. Must be the people category. I read all ur words in this blog. For me both (the complainer and the business partner) have to check urself. in Islam we called it Muhasabah diri. which area we did it wrong, correct it. Until when we want to argue? I know LB. Many years people ask me to join. and i still didn join because it's not my target. i know my dreams. but if you want my opinion of LB, it's a good business with a right way in Network Marketing. Do check the marketing plan, study it carefully, read all the rules. Nothing wrong with it besides for me it's a great marketing plan.

My advise to complainer, please be mature in any business. trust me, base on my experience people like you wont go anywhere..There's no Victory n history of business created by this group of people. Please read all the journey of successors. Stop talking, the more you talk the more weaknesses you show. You guys talked like you're the Master of the LB business. we saw it here in this blog. is this the new generation that you wanna creat? we are all Malaysian. we have our own way to settle problem, use the right channel. ada budi pekerti.Dont talk using ur heart, use brain. God give us brain, use it and we dont need to pay to's free.Make sure all the information are TRUE and dont manipulate the situation. for me you guys are the one who 'kill' many entrepreneur in LB and future business partner. Not just them, their family oso.Do you realise that?Life is like wheel. what ever we do, it will comes to you one day.

This is for LB Business Partner: LB is a great Business in my opinion. but it doesnt gv u guys to talk bigger than what it is. LB got rules and conditions. Read it. when LB said yellow, dont say yellow + red. it will become orange. thats why people misunderstood LB. Its your responsiblity to do the busines correctly according to what LB teach you and all network all over the world.Be HONEST,in any business BE HONEST. Everybody have their own choice. They choose their own. Give the the choices u have, dont pull them. like i said everybody have a choice. its their life. Be a good LB Business Partner. Do your best, the rest will come. You need to clean LB's name by doing the business correctly. careful in every words come out from your mouth. Each word have meaning. Every business have their own challenges. Show them you're in right path. stay on the path and go straight. Only time and achiement will tell the truth.But be HONEST to your self and people surround you.

i will not visit this blog again. Very very disappointed with young entrepreneur. i talk on behalf of myself as an Entrepreneur. I fight for my dreams. You guys can fight for the truths for many many years, but people like me will fight for juz once. i dont want to waste it. ask ourself,what are the best thing we can do in this short life?is it going to help the next generation?you guys think what i said. have a nice day and good luck on what ever you guys doing. im sorry if my words hurt some feeling,i need to say it for you all own good.

Anonymous said...

any business is good no matter what its plan or structure it has. the problem is always with the people inside. its the weak link in it. once the people starts to break down, the structure will follow sooner or later. its a domino effect.

maybe not all of lb members are lying but then again not all of them are truthful in what they are saying either. they're still human either way. its a pity to hear that even non-lb member were taken advantage to this weak link also. well, arent we all?

"lb members lied to his/her friend to borrow money, using anything that one could think of" arent this yesterday news? well, they are human.

Anonymous said...

eleh..kepada pengkutuk2 lb, gtau je yang korang tu sbnrnya jeles...huhuhu.. sebarkanlah seberapa byk virus2 korang tu.. x kisah pun.. sy x takut..sbb sy tau apa yg sy buat tu betul.. korang cakap ni pnipuan la, skem la.. abis tu, knp dari sy involve bbrp bulan yg lps, xda pun sy rasa kena tipu?dpt income tu adalah.. alahai... pendeknya akal orang yang cepat pcaya ngan kata2 diaorang ni... patutla bangsa kita sukar utk maju.. sbb lbh cpt pcaya apa yang didengar daripada percaya apa yang terbukti d dpn mata.. itulah sikap manusia.. kutuk la korang sampai tangan korang penat nak taip n xda idea lagi nak kutuk.. we still unite together coz we know 'why' we involve this biz.. drp korang sibuk2 nak cuba runtuhkan orang lain, bgs lg korang usaha utk majukan diri sendiri.. kalau nak tembak MLM, jgn tembak lb je..msh byk MLM d luar sana.. ada yang sampai sebut lagi nama orang n cakap benda yang ntah apa.. aduhai.. sy kenal orang yang anda cakap sy rasa kenyataan yang korang cakap tu palsu.. tergamaknya korang cakap benda camtu.. kalau nama tu dtukar kepada nama korang ok x? kepada pembaca sekalian, korang perasan x? betapa banyaknya industri seperti ini d luar, tp knp lb juga yang kena?? kalau nak jadikan modal sebagai alasan, THATS ALL BULLSHIT!! patutla orang cakap..orang yg banyak alasan adalah orang yang gagal.. tp its mmg lumrah biz.. orang yang berada d atas memang akan sentiasa dikutuk oleh pendengki2. memang pelik.. drp korang kutuk orang sana sini,knp x cuba majukan diri sendiri? xbaik cuba runtuhkan orang..

Anonymous said...

im wondering.... u all kutuk dchl/syn ni ada sebab kan? u all cakap kat orang yang ini skem la apa la, penipuan n watsoever.. tp jgn ingat yang manusia2 sekalian x berakal.. untuk apa u all nak kondem lb je? apa xda mlm lain ka yang produk nya mahal? tp lb jugak yang jadi sasaran.. skit2 lb, skit2 lb, semua kalau ni adlh taktik u all untuk runtuhkan lb, silakan.. heran2,manusia ni ada bmacam2 jenis.. ada yg xtau tp buat2 pandai, ada yg tau tp buat2 xtau, ada yang pantang tengok orang naik ckit, mulalah sebarkan cerita ini itu.. kalau biz ni skem, mestila xda sorang pun yang dapat yang sy tgk, result dah byk.. so, masih tipu ke tu? kalau biz ni haram, penipuan, skem, dah lama kena cekup... kalau biz ni x betul, xkan la biz ni mampu bertapak lama.. kalau biz x betul, mestila dah lama lingkup n melarikan duit orang.. wahai manusia sekalian, kalau anda berakal.. fikirkan la ayat2 ni.. n kalau mlm x betul, knapa fokukan dchl je? nampak sgt korang nak kondemkan biz ni.. kenapa manusia ni selalu ada perasaan dengki? plislah..

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. i never thought i'd find about this thing this way.. but what you guys say reminds me of someone i know very well..

Anonymous said...

Its just plain stupid if you ask me. If the top earner or the founder is earning 30-50k every single day as mentioned.

then it would be rm900,000k per month. in a year, it would be RM10,800,000! by today, he already become richer than Uncle Lim la !

Do the math la. How the money comes. in what way your investment can get your return. money doesn't grow like fruits trees you know.

in order for them to Pay you. THEN you need to make sure they get earnings by finding more stupid ppl to pay up for them or to buy the stupid good for nothing products. THEN they got the money to pay you.

Anonymous said...

whoever joins is a complete stupid moron. these dumb shits have opened an office in sydney. its a complete scam. only stupid kunts would join this. fuk dchl

Anonymous said...

they should be burn on stakes.

Anonymous said...

asyik je nak kutuk LB..u org ni cepat jeles bila org lain senang. memang lah kami tipu org untuk dpt duit tp bkn duit tu duit u org kan?..biarlah kami masuk penjara ramai2x..the truth is, getting rich by lying to people is our company's super duper secret motto/slogan-watever u wan to call it...pls let us kencing your frens/parents/everybody that you know..we will pay them back in HELL...LOL

john said...

speaking of which you DCHL members would just know how to talk about joining this business which is good and stuff, and say what? you guys said that you guys observed it as a good business? maybe you would need help on education on the matter. go and learn what is a business, how u can join a business and learn the front strategy and back strategy. I have been in the business world for such a non-tender period and certainly i know how MLM can make the company rich. but let me be realistic.... DCHL is a scam. its merely scam. i have studied their business structure and motive and also studied their economic holds. Guys, could u learn more prior to talking?

Anonymous said...


DCHL is one of the MLM company in Malaysia which is under Direct Sales Act (1993). Nothing wrong about DCHL and other MLM company. The wrong is the greedy people, who want to be rich quick and fast. It's true that DCHL and other MLM company can make it happen. But some people who greed and irresponsible start to cheat people to make them rich faster. Please don't put the blame on the company. Because of some people doing the wrong things, don't blame the others who do it the right way.

p/s: All the dirty player in DCHL KUCHING is gone now. We try to make things clear from now on.

Anonymous said...

HI, this is just sharing my opinion about this mlm LB's, for me maybe the plan was good finding your networking, partners and soon,its true that work hard dptpun better and there's also no others way that we can climb up to reach the top in business without starting from below, but instead of tipu people tak baik la, some of attitude wah! has mention before, then berlagak like rich people some of them, and even quitting jobs because of this things is not proper ways, i;ve been there in their office at kl near the pavilion, its quite nice place, even the spa's, the stuff and products are quite expensive, if you want to give a try. just try their spa, it's sounds good to me,

back to the main story, i dah lepak2 with them and what can i see is....
1. its true that they can buy that such thing eg bmw's, merz, even superbike (mydream), but does they fully paid the price of that Things!!! for me achievement is reach when him/her fully paid of that mobile. stkat just can letgo 20k above to give as a duit muka thats is not an achievement. How about the next months payment? new victims agan? then when they cannot find any downline there's come the big problems whereby all the loans that you make, borrowing money from the others came slowly to you, and the best part, where's your business partner? where's the guy give you dream? Does they help you? They said they want their teams or partners success togethers but where? when we stuck they all gone, separate ways, the words they will given is, "tu lah kau x buat keje, xpandai la whatever". Is that a spirit that they give before? wheres the all kata2 semangat that they give in the gathering? event? think of it? if you or they really want to help others to achieve same like them, that not the way...Why does they didnt give their money to the new comers as a capital to join the business? You said you can get more money? if you rich why dont you help them? from there you give them some works if they want to join the business, example finding more people, when they get the profits, they just payback the money that they owe u, if you not greedy la, most of them are greedy when comes to get money. Hence, SHould be no more loans at the bank if they really want to help to achieve together.

continued to next text

Anonymous said...

2.HOw long that you think you can survive with this business, for the very 1 or 2 years its good because in that time you already get the rolling money, and think 1 years equal to 12 months, 1 months - 28 or 29 in febs and 30 days for the rest, in that months and days, and time that you spending, how many people that you get? They said to me this business have a future and what make me piece off they said like this, for what you work day to night, wake up in the morning, face the jobs, papers, monitors and soon everyday, eat salary per month around 1500 not like them one month their income are 10000 above plus2, i said bullshit, give me a prove statement said that you can get monthly 10k - 20k above they didnt show me, for the first month maybe i can trust, but the others coming months?? whats up man?? does the money comes golek2 to you? does everyday you meet same people that said " oh yes i want to join this business"? totally no. they said like everything is so easy and no need to think or plan, just do it without thinking by using their business plan, damn dont be a nerd, even a nerd are smarter. just like i said brainwash. i have askin them how about if i go out the box from the plan that they give, they said if you go out without using this plan you'll all your plan will fail. they said the company has study the plan very well. then i said back to them, so i didnt study the plan la how about the others mlm company, only your company study it, im not said that im a smart guy, letsay you learn how to play a guitar, they teach you to stroke G chords the steps were like this, did you will follow until dead the steps, no right you will create a sound of plucking the G chord in others way right to give a better melody, better sounds,

3. cakap x serupa bikin, wah! also has mention before about the investment of the company.

lastly, is good that you can study the way of they creating a business, the way they brainwashing ppl,the way give spirit to the newbies, the way they attract the ppl or victims, but when this come to you please dont use your parents, your best friends because its a achievement to you if you succeed, how about the downliners? eg your mom, dad, siblings, cousin, whatsoever if they cannot get a downliner how you gonna help them? if they failed to get even one person, will you help them, instead of parents maybe yes, but how about the other people, im surely that you do it to the others ppl like that, they will come to you man, people behaviors are differents, person money and trust is not a game that can you play along. one bit sratch can make you suffer a lot in your life.


Anonymous said...

To Valerie peter chee & didin, congrats on ur engagement, so grand huh? y never invite us leh? then how come never see ur black skyline anymore on the road? all this LB thing does give huge impact to all ppl that involve in it. just want to say sumthing, the company DCHL is not the one to blame for, its the ppl in it playing dirty tricks especially marquis2 who become the mastermind in cheating others ppl money in order for them to show off in front of us by their branded LV hand bag la..belt LV la..bullshit! all the money to buy that comes from innocent ppl they cheated. mmg mkn duit haram, berdosa tau.& one more thng i want 2 say,i hope u guys think back what have you done to sooo many ppl under you. you deserve to be punished. one day you all still have to find job out their and no more sport cars, no more branded LV, blh jilat je belt tu pkai breakfast.FUCK OFF U SAROL,MARIA KUMANG,FAIZAL@PASOT, VALERIE PETER CHEE,DIDIN JIRAT,NOAMIE AND SO ON.HAHA....

Anonymous said...

jd apahal hal lah mun mek org mkan duit cdak under mek org. buat pengetahuan ktak org, mek org dh x lyn gk syn@dchl sbb mek org pun ofis bru lbh gah dr dolok. mun x cayak, g ofis mek org kt area jln song on d way ke jln eport. cya ktak org nangga mek org pun sport car bersusun cya.yang bez nya,kmk org pn ofis kecik jak sblah kdai kopi.x jauh dr ofis kmk org ada tmpat massage u..nang bez la..pling3 bez biz tok adalah kmk org akan pergi jual brg dari rumah ke rumah,dari kedai ke kedai & besar kmungkinan kmk org mgkin akan cari keja lain juga sbb knk tk kita x dpt bharap dgan biz baru kdak tk.ya lh,income bkn menentu pn,mun ada org register ada lh masuk income.mun x da tpaksa lh pnjam meminjam duit dari sapa2.dah la hutang kat bank pn kadang2 x tentu jua pat bayar tiap2 bulan. sebab ya lh kmk sbgai partner dalam company baru kmk org(1 TEAM/ E-STATION) berharap agar sapa2 ktk org kat luar sia bh jak lah buang masa dengan biz kdak tk(1 team) bcoz tk bkn biz yg mnolong kita tapi tk adalah biz yg makin mnyusahkan hdup kta.

Anonymous said...

keta sport dah abis bayar ka?

Anonymous said...

oi didin best ka pukek valarie? best la kooo. bangkei pun ko sik tolak. ko ambik tekeh sapa ya? valarie, pukek ko nang sik nyaman eh.

Anonymous said...

oi didin best ka pukek valarie? best la kooo. bangkei pun ko sik tolak. ko ambik tekeh sapa ya? valarie, pukek ko nang sik nyaman eh.

Anonymous said...

lol? sounds like the rich count or marquess or king or queens make their money off the poor students, rm30k x 5 = rm150k, buy new car and show off to students to trick more into giving more...

Anonymous said...

know what???!!aku pn pnh kena bnda nih..n i knw their trick really much!!m a sarawakian n d tpu jugak...kesian kaann??diorg jnji mcm2...n guess wat??ada kwn aku..smpai 60,000.00 dia kena coz d suruh spons upline dia dulu br dpt naikk..kira hutanglaahhh..naik pngkat secara hutang LoL..u knw wat??diorg ni...ckp je bsr p sbnrnya duit sen takder pun..n pnh satu upline tlps ckp..."U jgn fikir org ramai dlm group...poket pnh.."cbe u all maksud dia??n..pnh sorg duke d sunway..sharing..dia ckp "I bli rumah berjuta..bli kereta sport car byk...u pa kesah??hutang pn hutang lahh..p I mampu berhutang sbyk tu dlm biz nihh..u blh ke??."CUBA U ALL RENUNG2KAN...DIA BELI BYK2 HARTA PN X GUNE JUGAK KAN???TETAPLAH BERHUTANG...X KAN KTE NAK BERHUTANG JE KOT???KLO HUTANG MCMTU..LAMA2 KLO TETIBA MUFLIS???CMNER EYKK??!!!U RASE U ADA BYK UNTUNG KE???KEUNTUNGAN DPT SORG COUNT..6K...BUT..U KENA BLNJE EVENT DIA...U KNE BLI BRG BRANDED UTK SHOW OFF ORG...U KNE PGI EVENT MCM NDO...KENA BYR TAUU...TIAP MLM KUA...PE CTE??BLA LG DPT SMPAN KLO CMTU???HUTANG MEMANJANG..BHAGIA KE???WEYHH..BERSYUKURLAH DGN PE YG KORG ADE...SUME NI PINJAMAN DARI ALLAH SEMATA2 LAAA...BUAT PE NK TIPU2 ORG CKP U ALL SNG TAPI DLM HATI SBNRNYA MNYAKITKAN????I TAU..U ALL X SDR LAGI N X BLH NK TRIMA PE YG I CKP SKG...SATU HARI U AKAN PK KAN BNDA NI JUGAKK..PCAYA LAHH..SBB APE???I DULU PN MCM 2....I BKN X BJAYA...I DAH NAIK CHALLENGE MQ...P I BHNTI COZ I TSDR SUMTHING..N ALL MY DWNLINE PN BHENTI JUGAKK...N WE LEARN SUMTHING FRM THERE..MUNGKIN INI PNGALAMAN HIDUP I..I X MINTAK RETURN...I TERIMA BNDA NIHH..I MSK SECARA BTL N I KUA CARA BTL GAKK...U KNW WAT???SBNRNYAA..BKN COMPANY YG MSKKN DUIT U ALL TAU...UR UPLINE LOL...DATS DE TRUTH..DIORG SKE BSLINDUNG DGN KTE...ACT...LAMPE BERGER BAGUS...X SLH DR SEGI UNDANG2...TAPI..ORG SEKELILING TU YG SLH DISISI UNDANG2..DIORG MNYALAHGUNAKAN BNDA NI SUME...

Anonymous said...

bulan April ni license jualan langsung rz corporation tamat..sekarang ni Datok Ismail Sabri nak pinda akta jualan langsung 1993..dgr2 crita2,anak Datok Ismail Sabri ni,Dafi AF tu baru je join DCHl ni..agak2nya,nak pinda selaras dgn sistem DCHL ke..kalau gitu,semakin mjadi2lah bisnes diaorg tu..dapat duit hasil drpd recruting downline,bukan dr jualan barangan..

source: website


Pelan pemasaran yang dilaksanakan hendaklah mengikut ciri-ciri berikut :

* Tidak menjalankan perniagaan yang melibatkan apa-apa skim atau perkiraan berbentuk piramid seperti yang dinyatakan di bawah seksyen 7 AJL 1993.

* Mematuhi Peraturan-Peraturan Jualan Langsung (Skim dan Perjalanan) 2001 yang mula berkuatkuasa pada 15 Ogos 2001 iaitu:

a) Penyampaian skim tidak boleh mengelirukan:

i. Dalam penyampaian sesuatu skim jualan langsung, seseorang yang menjalankan apa-apa perniagaan jualan langsung tidak boleh mengelirukan peserta dengan memberi penekanan yang berlebihan terhadap bonus tinggi yang tidak seimbang .

ii. Tiap-tiap peserta hendaklah diberikan suatu kelengkapan jualan (sales kit) yang mengandungi rancangan pemasaran (pelan pemasaran) dan kod etika/tatasusila syarikat.

b) Pembayaran Insentif

Syarikat yang menjalankan perniagaan jualan langsung hendaklah menyediakan suatu insentif berasaskan jumlah atau kuantiti barang atau perkhidmatan yang dijual atau diedarkan oleh tiap-tiap peserta yang diambil masuk ke dalam skim dan BUKAN DARIPADA PENGAMBILAN ORANG KE DALAM SKIM.

Anonymous said...

I personally think DCHL is a great company... business is OK.. Tapi yg tak OK nye people dlm DCHL tu.. Greedy... nak cepat kaya, tipu org.. ajak newbie pergi dinner.. tunjuk kekayaan masing2... and then, siap bagi free money lagi kt yg bertuah.. Tapi, morally, semuanya hancur...
This is my personal experience. One of my friends ajak I pergi dinner kat Putrajaya last year.. So, sbb kesian dia tak de kawan, so pergila teman kan dia.. Waktu tu bulan puasa plak tu..

Sampai kat sana, mmg la best... tgk team2 ni tunjuk lagak dgn kereta2 mewah.. Masuk dewan je, semuanye jadi hyper.. Aku rasa macam "beruk" pun ade.. Kebanyakan yg masuk DCHL ni org Melayu.. You guys just imagine la... org melayu kan agama Islam.. Time tu bulan puasa.. semua team2 jd hyper tak tentu arah.. macam beruk pun ade.. Pasu laki pompuan salam, cium pipi, peluk sana sini.. What's this???

Menyampah tgk.. Memangla tak dinafikan benda ni boleh buat org kaya.. especially kalau org tu pandai cakap.. pandai umpan org.. pandai tipu org... tapi aku rasa benda ni mmg rosakkan org Melayu kite la.. Dah tak de rasa malu.. macam dah tak de maruah pun ade...

Sorry la pada yg terasa.. Ingat2 la skit.. Duit tu tak ke mana... Bukannye boleh tolong korang beli syurga... Ingat2 la skit batas2 agama tu..

Tu la Melayu kita... cepat sangat terpedaya dgn duit.. Rosak habis!

Anonymous said...

Steven Yeam leave DCHL on mid 2009and own his MLM company now.
Things should better in Malaysia DCHL.

Anonymous said...

steven yeam, new mlm called e-station. same style, different name. nuff said.

Red257 said...

I enjoyed reading Laura's comment. It's so entertain, creative and hillarious. Laura, u 're awesome. U should be a writer.
For me, I'd rather lose a dollar than lose a smile of a friend.
BTW, my gf talked to me few hours ago 'bout this LB. I'll try my super duper best to not losing her. Chaiyo!

Anonymous said...

memang mlm begini hampir menghancurkan hidup saya...saya salah seorang daripada mangsa juga...dulu saya menyertai kat sarawak..bukan mudah..tapi apakan daya..dulu saya tak tahu langsung tantang mlm..kawan saya yang ajak...sehinggkan merayu kat ayah nak daptkan duit untuk join..then
satu apa pun tak dah..
kemudian saya dah tak aktif dengan lamp berger...
selama setahun..
kemudian..ayah saya dibawa oleh orang lain ke bisnes yang hampir sama iaitu Dynasty Global...old name Steady Global ...
saya tak nak buat tapi nak support i buat..memang ada hasil tapi tak kekal lama..
sehinggakan ayah saya masih tak naik ke tahap yg menyenangkan,...kami berkelahi,...dan i terkilan dengan kata2nya yg mengatakan mungkin saya yang menyebabkan keadaan begitu..
kemudian saya pun tak nak ambil tahu lagi hal tersebut..
saya rasa hidup saya lebih bebas sekarng walaupun bukan senang atau mewah..tapi dapat hidup dengan orang tersayang..

Anonymous said...

untuk nasihat anak2 muda atau warga saudara sekalian..
jangan sekali menyertai bisnes ini..sedangkan saya yang telah menyertai..dan duit yang i dah masuk 40k..sekarang jadi habuk jah..
langsung tak dapat apa2.
kalau kamu yakin dapat buat dan sanggup berusaha..baru lah fikir nak buat..

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

i've been to one of the programme hosted in RZ corp. somewhere near KLCC.. my friend (and his GF) asked me to join.. he also gave me advice to read this, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" written by Robert Kiyosaki. he said all of them (the DCHL people) have been asked to do homework by reading this and other stuff like "Who Moved My Cheese" and so on. but few days later (in the same week, in the news, announced that Robert Kiyosaki, the writer stated above, has been declared bankrupt. my oh my. i don't know about you guys out there or whoever read this, but personally, i think i will not believe to what one have to say unless he/she proves that he/she is worthy to speak or write about it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Kaya dgn suruh org lain join..kalau dia tak hebat berkata-kata mcm korang rugi dia tanggung hutang berpuluh ribu..dia nak beli susu anak lepas tu ada ke korang hulur seratus sebulan? Yg korang tau terkinja2 dan show off dgn keduniaan bank makin lama makin susah nak buat..nak umpan melayu mana lagi masuk? Yg dah sedia ada ni pun pening nak cari org dah.

Nak cari tokey kaya? Sorry real businessman tak buat dchl ni. Melayu mudah kena buai..bawak masuk try naik merc sikit dah menjerit2..

Anonymous said...

Kalau nak cakao soal melayu berjaya jgn tumpang mlm lah..,ikut macam cina lah.sendiri punya company. Baru boleh bangga dgn bangsa.

syahk said...

saya nak minta tolong sikit, I want to resign and get my money back? kpada sesiapa yg ada experience or know how to resign tu bleh x tolong sy... tolong org yg traniaya mmg perkara trpuji...I joined DCHL about 4 days ago. this is my email-

Anonymous said...

nampak sgt buta. dlm bnyk2 business i tgk. xpernah soh meminjam la. tu bkn business. tu hutang la bodoh