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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not Right for Muslims?

I received yet another mail after the previous one on Jan 17th 1321 hours.

This time, his point of view is that it is not right for Muslims to earn the money
in the way how Lampe Berger/DCHL is running their business aka pyramid scheme.

Hello and very good day to you, I am new to this LB things... I just
joined this crap for a couple of weeks, but as time goes by i can feel
something amiss in the company. When I started went to their events, I
feel like I was in a concert not a professional or formal event
although it's compulsory to wear a formal attire. Then yesterday I
asked one of my marquis challenger, "What will happen if my downline
do not search for ppl to be their downline?". He answer something that
out of question, but I asked him again the same question. He answered
that I will not get anything. It's mean that I will get something if
and only if my freaking network is expanded. So from my point of view
as a muslim, the money that I got is not right and it is illegal
because of the pyramid scheme.

I have use one of the lamp and the oil, so how do I act to get my refund?

Deathly Hollow

My say would be, in every business/ job you don't work hard, you don't gain. Simple.
But in this Lampe Berger business run by DCHL/RZ Corporation/Steven Yeam
Network, it is to me UNETHICAL and therefore my advice is, think twice before joining.

On the matter of whether it is illegal or not for Muslims to earn from this "pyramid scheme"
it is not me to judge, but it is for all you Muslim people out there to judge it for yourself.
You know your religion better than me. Be it "Hadhari" or not. I will not touch on that.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mengkayakan org atas....It is stupid...pergi mana2 organnisasi pun sama....It alaso have a piramid jgk...ada chairman..dibawahnya ada cfo...bwh lagi ada manager...bwh lagi ada executive...bwh lagi ada kerani...sapa yang paling banyak buat kerja...mestila hiraki paling bawah dgn gaji yg tak setimpal mana pun..mengkayakan org atas bro nestle pun buat benda yang sama jgkla....kita semua guna barangan nestle...kalo tgk betul2 mmg diorg gunakan networking...sebelum apa2 kaji dulu...blajar dulu...knowledge adalah segala2nya...bill gates pun pnah kata kalo dia tak terlibat dalam microsoft yg akan diceburinya adalah 1.telecomunication and no.3 adalah network marketing....blajar dulu sebelum buat apa2....