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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A brother's point of view of Lampe Berger

Received an e-mail from Summerchild47400.

It was such an angry e-mail and I shall re-post them here for you to read.

This is the outcome of being stubborn and trusting someone you just met rather
than your own beloved family who has been with you thick and thin...

I bet you after reading this, you will beware your love ones, brother, sister,
mother, father, uncle, aunty, grandfather, grandmother, boyfriend, girlfriend about
Lampe Berger/DCHL/RZ Corporation and Steven Yeam Network.

Here goes..

I'm a non-LB person, but here's an account of real-life observation and expressions to be shared. While I don't doubt the ability of the minority who somehow managed to make money out of LB (maybe they're lucky... maybe they're good at it, etc), the majority don't really succeed. I'm not going to condemn them here, but LB has definitely left its scar on some people.

Upliners always tell those 'kids' out there that "we help people improve their live by selling opportunities to them... anyone can do LB ... " and so on. When I asked a particular LB "Count" why so many people lose money in it, the verbatim answer given was "people who fail are those who are lemah semangat i.e. weak. What kind of answer is that?

My brother is stubborn and went all against the advices of my parents and me. He bought a Count position and quitted his full-time and good, albeit tough job (tell me, who doesn't start off hard in the beginning? For goodness sake, don't be lazy and afraid of hardship...). Please tell me, whom do you trust more, your family or SYN? Yeah right, please go ahead and argue that you trust SY more than your family because he drives a gorgeous car while our own parents may not drive such a car, for instance. Well, SY drives such grand car because there are many naive kids around!

Like I said earlier, I'm not denying the ability of making money out of such business. Yes, there are success stories out there despite ethics issues in such biz. But how many are there? And let's just assume that the biz is not fishy, does anyone think that it will suit everyone? Each individual is unique and different. Talents differ. Weaknesses differ.

At the moment, I'd say that my bro falls within the category of non-successful LB "businessmen" - LB folks like to call themselves "businessmen" when filling up forms. When he first bought that Count position using my dad's hard, but honestly earned money for his retirement days. I wasn't there when he spoke to my dad on such thing, so I have no idea how he succeeded in his persuasions. All these happened very quickly behind my back & I was shocked. I felt an utter disappointment with the ones I love most.

I've known my bro for more than 2 decades & not to belittle him though, I'm a little doubtful. I could only hope that I was wrong so that things won't turn out badly. In any event, "belum cuba, belum tahu" and at most, he should have started off lower first, if business really thrives like crazy, then perhaps may consider buying that Count position. In this case, losing about RM 40K won't be as bad if your family is financially well-to-do, but for an average middle class family, it's a big slap.

On my bro's case... He claimed that he earned RM 7K during his 1st month in Nov 2007. Bought a phone of RM 2xxx and showed-off to me. Perhaps I was wrong? Later, he tried hard to persuade me to join his biz and I gave a firm NO. He then flashed out his phone to me & said "See this? If you were to buy one, you will have to 'ikat perut' for one month, hahaha!!!" Some more, he said he's going to buy a Nissan Sentra in April. Such arrogant LB Count, what can I say about my own beloved bro? I want to see him succeed in whatever he does, but not such arrogance.

2nd month, he told me he got RM 5k. But came to Jan and Feb this year, he got no pay at all! See... such biz doesn't have very steady incomes. Then he started begging for loan from my parents and me. I have no money for him, so he went to my cousins instead. Then, one of my cousins helped him a little, while the other did not. To be objective, I think that my bro does not deserve sympathy. Who asked him not to save any money in the 1st place? He's over 21 and should have been much more matured that this. "Dah lah tak de EPF", want to spend money like water pulak.

My dad warned him that it should be the last time he help him. Recently, my bro fell into financial hiccups again. Scared to ask my dad, he went to a cousin instead. He didn't even tell me anything. My cousin cousin did not promise to help him, but informed me instead. OMG, what's wrong with my bro? He's so thick-skin and goes around asking for money and I'm sure that if it continues, people will end up avoiding him. Now, don't say buy Sentra, he can't even buy a bicycle (sorry bro, but it's true and I'm frustrated with you). "Kononnya" earn RM 7k per month and still got cheeks to ask for money from people poorer than him! Fortunate for him he didn't qualify for bank loan, or else he would have been declared a bankrupt - at 22!

Such clear signs of biz not doing well and yet he's reluctant to stop, or at least find a permanent job and do LB part time instead. My bro is the most stubborn person I've ever met because he NEVER listen to any advice (other than his upliners'). Therefore, my disappointment in him is beyond words.

Lastly, there are actually many more things I want to say, but I believe I will not say them once I've cooled down. Thousand apologies to all reader(s) if I sound harsh on my own brother, but in reality, I just want to see him behave like his normal self before joining LB. I can't blame the existence of LB/SYN for this, simply you have the choice and prerogative over yourself! It's boils down to the individual to decide on what ought and ought not be done in the frist place. I'd want to see him become a successful chef or having descent work to do, not a failed "businessman" who lives in non-reality world.

MLM-type biz is definitely not for everyone! And feel free to criticise me, if anyone wants to.

Great that you lasted till the bottom of this post.. ;)
I'm not surprise by Summerchild47400's anger... who wouldn't if they have a younger
brother just like his?


Low Wei Leon said...

Sorry mate, I drive a BMW Z4 thanks to DCHL.

Anonymous said...

no doubt, it's possible to make money form dchl... but only a SMALL percentage do... normal in biz world, 10 ppl do biz, maybe only 3 succeed, the rest fail. before joining gotta judge urself mahhh... if u have the talent, why not leh? but then if everyone (including urself) know that u dun have what it takes to succeed in the biz, WHY JOIN fulltime as COUNT immediately? try 1st la, if can do, then go deeper

enul said...

eit? good samaritans... i tot this blog is to help lb...y no comments that can help the "brother' leh? condemning is not helping:(
i cant help oso as i am new in lb too.. so ireally hope good samaritans can help to solve this prob.

enul said...

ju said...

dhcl breaks into SYN & steady. 2 groups under the same company but different approach, mindset & strategy. SYN is very aggressive and cold-hearted greedy bunch but steady is a very close-knit, realistic network. tghey never force me to do fact, very sad to hear all negative stories due to SYN - they have ruined the market.the company and its original marketing plan is really good, trust me.if u want to join, join steady and we'll show you the original, non-cheating, non-forcing & professional world of me at

if u want to know more and ill answer all questions.i dont blame people for taking dchl so badly due to SYN bad attitude & reputation.but u r always welcome to know the real thing.

Rom said...

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Anonymous said...

now already April...what's the update? Sentra sudah beli ka?

Sumuk said...

The story is so similar to mine. I too felt so much anger at my brother. But the more I became angry and make him to see reasoning, the more stubborn and arrogance he became. So I used a difference approach. Instead of trying to make him see what is wrong with this MLM business, I used my mother's name to soften his heart. I told him that he had made my parents to have sleeplessness. Even my mom fall sick. I told him that how dared he made our parents that way. My parents are old. Their time is limited, and whatever time they left in this world, we should have made it as easier and trouble free as possible. After 2 mths of convincing him, he finally talked like his old self when I brought up my mom misery.

Kesimpulannya, jgnlah menyusahkan ibu bapa. Mesti hidup tak aman punya.

So for those who are at lost on how to solve similar problem, you may try this ok.

Soe Tugau said...

Well, we should learn from the mistakes that we make. We also should not be afraid to take the risk(s) in order to progress. Otherwise be contented to stay in our comfort zone(s). Learn to forgive and forget and start anew. Wisen up and avoid from being duped and be able to differentiate between genuine biz partners and those with selfish aims. These are all part of the success journey.

alter said...

yeah learn to forgive and forget and start anew. but don't expect the bank to just "forgive and forget" the bank loans.

Anonymous said...

your brother sure turned out different from you despite having the same family and have to say i like u alot better