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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sure Lost A Lot of Money

Everyone sure has a friend who would have heard of someone falling into the scheme offered by Lampe Berger/SYN/DCHL/RZ Corporation. Some would end up saying that it is a scam. I would not say it is a scam, but I would derive it as pretty much towards an 'unethical' practice by a handful of distributors to really damage the whole scene. In the end, many suffers.

Just another e-mail I received...
hi.. i just heard about how my friend being delusioned to being another 'blurred' recruit of lamp berger.
very frustrating when the idea of income generation is based on other people's money instead of hard work of selling products.
she took personal loan just to become one of them. the loan amount can get her a car instead which she has none!
i wonder why she cant guess the scam. only once i heard how they operate, i knew this is a scam business unlike many other MLM out there.

did anyone ever report about lamp berger to the government authorities? let them do some health check on the company; on the business they operating.
especially to those who have experience joining lamp berger.

pity to those who fall into the lamp berger scheme. most of them sure lost a lot of money instead of benefiting from it.

however, congratulations to you for having this blog.
people out there who has at least a bit of mind would search in the internet about some business they are not sure of or sounds fishy.
So.. hence, the power of internet and the wiseness of those who use Google! ;)


Starboykb said...

Well, i dont understand why people today can't even see through their LB is just a pyramid business? It seems like 'making fast money' words really can brain wash their mind.

Anonymous said...

Government to do something? uhh... o...kay...what makes u think uncle sam doesn't get a piece of the pie? :p