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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Dear readers and friends,

Would like to wish all of you Happy New Year 2008.

Let's see what holds for year 2008 for DCHL/ Lampe Berger and the whole of Steven Yeam

We from Lampe Berger Help would like to see how many we can actually save from this
"scam" that many people whom themselves also admitted with their claim on this business.


So, again.. Happy New Year 2008 and let's just begin our great year without this business.. ;)


ju said...

dhcl breaks into SYN & steady. 2 groups under the same company but different approach, mindset & strategy. SYN is very aggressive and cold-hearted greedy bunch but steady is a very close-knit, realistic network. tghey never force me to do fact, very sad to hear all negative stories due to SYN - they have ruined the market.the company and its original marketing plan is really good, trust me.if u want to join, join steady and we'll show you the original, non-cheating, non-forcing & professional world of me at if u want to know more and ill answer all questions.i dont blame people for taking dchl so badly due to SYN bad attitude & reputation.but u r always welcome to know the real thing.

Close call said...

hey..Happy New Year to all...last night i was brought to HLA tower by my friend to learn about a business plan that will make me rich beyond what i expected in only a few month of 'hard working'..this is the 1st time i ever heard of this business and I admit i was captured in the moment when the marquis explained all the benefit,i.e. the product+money+travel 2 overseas, I can get by joining them...but heart has this weird feeling of something's not right..after all the explaining i was questioned whether i find this lampe berger business viable or not..I was actually in a rush to meet my other friend and therefore I just agreed that the business is ok without really understand what the i know the people there asked for my IC to be photostated and rm150 for registration..i filled up n signed forms but when i checked my wallet i realized that i don't have any cash on me and I stubbornly only withdraw at my own atm bank which the nearest is at i decided not to pay 1st..I really have to thank God for that because if not i'll be shedding tears by now when i read your blog..Thanx 4 the eye opener blog...I hope i can persuade my friend to cancel up my application form...wish me luck..