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Monday, May 12, 2008

Non Stop Pestering

He works in the same building as the MLM company at Menara HLA.
He got pestered and he released his anger here by email... haha
I just got to publish this.. more to come soon...

im 1 of the person who was about to be cheated by bullshit company lamp burger,
Im Working in the same building as tghe company is runing.....

The person who app me was a formaly Ranhill civil engg who is getting RM25K a month from Lamp berger as he claim( but that night i saw that fucker go on a Normal Honda EX5 motorbike ) worth RM3,800 otr price..

he brought me up the office, got me to the tour and was telling that this was a great opp for indians.
the matter is now in malaysia we indians r fighting 4 our rights and from no where is idiot comes and says that this is a great opp 4 indians..

they told me to pay RM2,500 to enroll and he was asking my details like how much my saving, what bank accounts i have, can i pay him on the spot or tommorrow.

i told that fxxker that my monthly salary does not reach RM2,500 and he was calling and pestiring me for about 2 weeks by calling from diff diff numbers.

now he stoped calling but they still sending diff people to talk to me as im just above their office in KL menara HLA.......

every singal day more than 700 people r at their office at around 9pm when i go for my dinner cause im working in the night shift..........N this goes on till late at 2.30am.


kindly keep my office email add private pls


Sigh.. things people do...


Rocky said...

Hi Lampe Berger Help, actually my brother also 1 of the victims for LB, since he lost the initial registration money, now he is looking for other opportunities, really dunno how to advise him, have u heard about MJ Life Enterprise? They just opened a new office in IBM building, at 1U. They also using the MLM strategy to sell their medical checkup package. any comments on this company?

oasis1437 said...

Talking about LB, I don't say i'm one of the victim as myself willingly to follow my friend to listen how "good" they are. Myself dont believe in this as i had few friends who being trick invited there. Some long lost friend call up in sudden saying to come out to have a cup of drink where to locked in their office with many ppl.

1 thing i dont understand and yes i can see many success ppl who sitting in the office to convince ppl joining them in the business by telling how good it is and how easy to earn money. why they never show any failed eg? at least letting ppl know if u join LB and not being active in the biz this is what happen or things like that?

saying with a gaurantee of 3 months if i dont earn anything 90% of what i put in will be return. too hard to believe.

anyway, if those who success yes pls go ahead but not to push or force ppl to do sth they dont believe in.

Anonymous said...

Please stop arguing and complaining about what other people doing MLM right now. I don’t even think your action here can solve the problems. Also, I believe you’re not so RICH to complain anything because you’re also facing your own problem, right?! Before you have the afford to do so, please make sure you’re very good at yourself and your life.

Anonymous said...

well, the only way they can make their 25,000k / month (supposedly) is by recruiting you right? :p