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Monday, April 03, 2006

No Solid Foudation of Business...

One poor soul joined DCHL/Lampe Berger after much persuasion from
his friend. Was told that investment can be returned even if he is just
a "Franchise" status. Now he regrets his for believing his friend.
He just wasted RM 2345, hopefully, not his friendship too...

Mail received on 3rd April 2006, 3:47pm

I joined LB after 4 months of persuation from my friend. He told me that
there is 90% refund even if i am just a franchisee, and he also paid the
money for me first to join. At first, he never tell me about investing 30k to
be a count. By the way, i am under syn network. in the group, everybody
was asking me when i wanna invest 30k, go and borrow or what lah.

I think they have used the wrong technique in doing this network marketing.
They only want to be rich fast, drive bmw, etc. but at the end of the days, all
are dead. So many people returned their stocks of which they invested in
count level. I also heard that marquise for the past 3 years are no longer now.
Get rich fast and also die fast. To me, this is a no no. There is no solid
foundation of the business at all.

All the young people with no business experience wanna get rich fast and
show off. I on the other hand waster rm2345. really regret.. regret...


True business minded people with true business background would
see that there is totally no business foundation at all in DCHL.
Yes true, they are running a direct selling company where everyone
is a distributor. But the meaning of "Distributor" is being exploited as
"recruiter". So, you call that selling? or recruiting? in DCHL/Lampe Berger

Real solid business is where there is a transaction in items and cash value.
That is not seen in DCHL/Lampe Berger because the transaction is a mere
purchase of stock to be part of the distributor of the company. Not an
interest to purchase the items.

Anyone wants to add something?


Steven Yip said...

Look at the bright side,

You didnt waste your time, you didnt put 30k.

Cheer up. Lose money, can earn back.

rich man said...

how can i not agree with you?

you are absolutely's their strategy...

they will ask you to join as franchisee...then you'll attend NDO...and everyone will tell the more franchisee lahhh...all are count...baron got few lah...but no more franchisees around...

am i right?

BigHeart said...

yeah, you're right. i also lost rm2345. not a lot of money but still my own money from my own savings.

Kurt Cobain said...

look on the bright side's suicide,
lost eyesight I'm on your side.

andrew said...

it's ur own money u lose.

at least it's better than losing someone else's money, money that u dont own. money that u have to repay (read: bank loan, ah long, etc)

take it as ur tuition fee for life lesson #8 : There's no free lunch in this world.

doh said...

if he's expecting free lunch, he would not have invested RM2345.

looks like everyone is using the wrong advise.

ppl in mlm KNOW that THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH OR EASY LUNCH, that's why they look at other opportunity.

is mlm a free lunch? absolutely NOT! you have a price to pay. you need perseverance, you need little investment, you need time, you need patient, you need hardwork.

no one in mlm is expecting free lunch. all know it's all about hardwork, only ppl in lb thought that they can earn quick money. that also they know it's not free lunch. they have a price to pay.

the right advise would be, beware of mlm scam. like lb, quite obvious is a scam. so next time, don't just follow what ppl say. think! first. and give the right advice.

lampebergerhelp said...

Steven, lose money.. can earn back.. RM 2345 is hard RM 30,000 even harder.
Took your dad how many years heh..

Andrew, true.. we have to go through hell just to pay back what we owe others..

Furthermore, most of the upline marquis would say, "Hey, we also invested RM30K and we never give up trying till we find back the money here."

I just rather keep quite than to shut him up..

Free Lunch, No Free Lunch, the fact remains the same..


barney said...

2345 is a small amount to lose, 30k is alot to LOSE! i myself have quit after 3 months of joining for 2345 and am walking the path that normal people walk. I have a story myself and will share this with you all once im free to write to you~ So wait up for what i've got installed for you all and i will help the innocents like you all did here! ;)

andrew said...


All MLM agents, at one point or another, use the expression "goyang kaki and money comes in" and from this it forms the basis of my piece of advice, "there's no free lunch"


some will add, of course u will have to work hard and find prospects in the first place before u reach that level. only then u can goyang kaki.

so what's the difference from doing any other businesses or working for someone? u still have to find customers if u do your own business, exoand it and become a strong company. U still have to work like a dog before getting to climb the corporate ladder before becoming a MD/CEO.

Dont anybody noticed that in MLMs, u still have to recruit ppl in order to climb the levels? is that a business in true sense? business involves selling of a service or a product where u profit from it.

oh well, then some will argue, selling of such marketing plan is already considered a business. marketing plan is a service, selling of ideas, they said.

but is it? a business and sales transaction should generate goodwill and value, for both parties of transactions, and for the economy as a whole.

what do u get by selling dreams and empty promises? ok, one ppl get money, and some ppl lose money. what do uplines get? commissions(money). what do downlines get after paying rm2.5k? some fragrance, instructions to gather more downlines and advice to work hard and invest more to level-up.

business? so where the heck is the difference between working ur arse off to gather downlines compared to looking for customers? oh i know. the empty promise of wealth beyond ur wildest dreams while sitting around shaking legs.

yeah, shake legs and ur BMW will move on its own for you.

tom said...

I would say, if you want to be involve in Direct Selling, make sure it is a direct selling. Not MLM! Not Recruitment..

I am in a Direct Selling company now... which I was showed how much I can earn by just recruiting..
Nope, I am totally against recruiting.

The only people who joins under me are willing friends who wants to earn some nice income selling products. Simple as that. I never asked. They asked to join. ;)

Because, by just selling the products WITH a good result from the products, who wouldn't buy.

Tho, it may be small in number at first, they will be your long term customer.

This is what I call Direct Selling.

True that what you sell, the person above you also earns. Same as the working world, people above you earns more than you earn. What's the diff.?

I do think Direct Selling is a good business to involve with, in which when it is done in the correct way.

Anonymous said...

Isnt LB network marketing, and not direct selling?

Anonymous said...

I agree on the "get rich fast" pov. They promise me I could afford to buy LV bags and drive SLKs in just a year's time if I join their plan.
Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

andrew said...

yeah, shake legs and ur BMW will move on its own for you.

hehe... i like this...

tom said...

Network Marketing is similar to MLM.

Direct Selling could be regarded similar as well, if it is not being exploited to run like MLM.

Oh well..

Anonymous said...

I manage to refund for my franchisee stocks but not included the lamp that cost me more than half of the RM2345, anyway still a refund better than none but screw up with my upline friend, what to do.

Steven Yip said...

hi anonymous above,

Well, you screw up the relationship with your upline, it's inevitable.

But the nature of the biz, is such that it will collapse soon.

It's a good thing to get out fast.

andrew said...

it's either u screw up with ur upline friend, or u screw up with ALL ur friends!

wyeling said...

one of my best friends was cheated to join LB for 30k. thy borrowed 18k so tht she pushes up her upline to marquis. the problem now is, she has 2 weeks more before a 6months is up. she wans to quit but her uplines hv delayed her for more thn 2 months. i heard tht if she quits it will affect the uplines position. really pity her coz she's goin no where, in debt n getting no refund as her uplines will not let her quit? wht hpn to the 6months return policy.


Lampe Berger Help said...


If your friend need more help, e-mail me us

We will try our best to assist your friend. This thing cannot be pro-long and this blog is created to help people with re-fund case with Lampe Berger.

We will live up to our words while we try our best.

Anonymous said...

I have just sent an e-mail to that address. I need help too, I was cheated by my upline in a very 'smart' way and I don't think anyone of you here would have fallen into such a deceiving trap as mine. Mine was worse than loan-shark.

Anonymous said...

can u explain what's MLM?I think every direct sales also using the same system or same theory to run their business right?Then i would like that why you all only repel Lampe Berger?what about others direct selling company?