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Friday, April 14, 2006

missing complaint? or not made known?

It is reported yesterday that, the highest complaints received by our
local complaints department is on Lucky Draws scheme, reported TheSun.

Now where is the percentage for "Direct Selling"? Or it is either clasified as "Recruitment Agencies" or "Others" under the Services???
Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Talaat Hussain said complaints against such schemes and scams accounted for a quarter of the total 6,106 claims on goods and services filed with the Consumer Claims Tribunal last year.

In all, the tribunal received 1,515 claims against operators of such schemes, many of which were dubious.

"Some of the companies are not easy to identify due to the way they operate," he said.

"Some are not registered and even if they are, the contest they organised hinges between legal and illegal.

"And, most of those who have been cheated would not make a report, probably due to embarassment.

"But when there are reports, the tribunal will sit and deliver the necessary judgments."
"Some of the companies are not easy to identify due to the way they operate"
Well, you need to open your eyes wider and bigger Datuk!!...

And, most of those who have been cheated would not make a report, probably due to embarassment.
I do agree with this statement tho..

Now, why I put up this post?
Because I find it so similar to the problems many are facing with DCHL/Lampe Berger. Why not many would want to complaint, and also there are many too who don't even know where to go about..
I've post it up once here "Solutions to Re-Funds" one of the solutions...

There are still many ways to go about with this matter of un-ethical distributors and so forth on DCHL/Lampe Berger. Just like this brochure below..

Notice the numbers on the brochure?
It is the number of the Ministry of Domectic Trade and Consumer Affairs.
To COMPLAINT, call 03 - 4043 6888 or 03 - 4043 7888
TOLL-FREE NUMBER 1-800-886-800
Complaint about wat? What else?!!!

Maybe, they next time they publish another news in the near future, DCHL
will be listed there? haha

I shall let you all ponder on what our government say on Direct Selling or "Jualan Langsung" as well as Pyramid... pictures below..


lb sucks said...

Lampe Berger Help said...

Justify your link.. :)

Anonymous said...

So this blog's purpose is to encourage people to support the product or not to suppoert them ?

Lampe Berger Help said...

It is to create awareness.
Let other people know, that going into the business, you will somehow face all the problems said here in all my previous post..

Problems created by people, or maybe you can say the company.. ur say..
To me, it is people's problem..

Product, till this day, is as fine as any luxury goods..

Love the product, but the distributors of DCHL spoilt the image of Lampe Berger here...
Sad but true..

Anonymous said...

ok, so you are promoting lampe berger products.

Andrew said...

well, if that's what u want to believe so be it.

anyway for the uninitiated, LB Help is here to create awareness for u, to let u know the problem that u might will face if u join in.

after all these info, if u decide to join, it's ur choice, but LB Help would reather like it if u dont.

anyway, it's Caveat Emptor for u!

Anonymous said...

nicholas87 here.

personally i think that there's nothing wrong with the products.
many people like to use the lamps.
estebel also not bad..

the problem is the company n the distributors, mainly the distributors.. a bunch of fools!

Anonymous said...

nicholas87 here.

i agree with what andrew said.
after all these info, n u still wanna join Lb/Syn/Dchl, then it's up to u! i got nothing much to say then, but i got four words for those who wanna join, "MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!" :-)

Lampe Berger Help said...

Agrees till I can't agree anymore, products is fine..

MAY GOD BLESS YOU would be the best 4 words, as said by nicholas87

Oh, nicholas, you know you can put in ur nick in the provided name box rite?
No need to type out in the comment box wan..

dexter said...

Product is FINE ???

It is so troublesome to use and costly too.

Any branded Perfume cost much less.

All the fire, putting on and putting off. I have many friends who bought the products out of support for their friends but leave it aside now.

And don't believe their claims of aromatheraphy. Checked the factory and all US websites, they are just fragrance oils and perfumes, not aromatheraphy as claimed by the MLM Company.

If you really need essential oils, buy pure ones, better and cheaper.

Lampe Berger Help said...

Haha Dexter.. :)

Shall I re-phrase, Lampe Berger product in its own class.. :P

Oh well.. you could be right there..
Do trust me, the product is good to use...

The image is only has been spoilt by the people doing it as a MLM here..

dexter said...

lampe berger help,

Yes, it has class, beautiful too BUT not worth the money. I can buy better decorative items with the same money.

Selling by overclaims is not right.

BTW, I started my blog,
and just made a post on LB. You are welcomed to visit it.

Can you teach me how to add your link to my blog ?

Lampe Berger Help said...


drop me a mail at

and I will guide you..

I've visited your blog.. yet to leave any comments tho..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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