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Monday, April 17, 2006

DCHL/Lampe Berger experience...

A reader sent in an e-mail, giving us his comment on his experience while
he was in DCHL for 2 years...

He has seen the bright side and choose rather not to continue his effort in
DCHL/Lampe Berger. Reason? It is a very personal reason for himself...



I'm here not to condemn anyone, just want to share my story....

I joined DCHL 2-3 years ago. Since I joined it, I became very positive thinking and aggresive in my life. Always thinking of becoming rich, thus having plenty of free time in the future and many many more which now I know these are all about bullshit dream.

Why would I joined DCHL? I believe everyone has their own dream to improve their live. They (members in DCHL) take this as a opportunity to stimulate our will to achieve it by persuading us to join DCHL, saying a lot of positive aspect and with the influences of other distributors of DCHL.
Finally I (or most of them) became confident and joined DCHL.........

After trying to put in effort for almost 2 years, I finally realised that to be successed in MLM is really not as easy as they said and very subjected to your own characterictic and of course luck also. For those who seems to be successed, actually is not. A lot of them is just pretend to be success and for those who as succeeded, we will never know the true story on how he did it although they keep on telling us the story of how he succeeded. What I want to say here is, they will never tell us the hidden cost and the 'dirty' way to do it.

I've not cheated by anyone in LB instead, I gained alot of friends. I didn't blame my sponsor because all of us is experiencing the same situation....he/she may also join DCHL for the same reason ==> influenced by others....

The influencing is very dangerous cause, something that's is not true, but with the influences of a big crowd may make us feel that it is good and true....

But fortunately, I awakened now and just concentrate on my work and trying to clear my debt (mosy of it from DCHL). Now I really know what is mean by ' 平淡是福 '........luckily is not too late......

So dear friends, please open up you eye before you make any decision to join MLM....MLM is not the only way to improve our life.....


It is true that persuasion and influence from other distributors are the factors
making people believe that this whole system will work for them.
Thus, when "seeing is believing" struck their eyes, they too join the team.

This reader pointed out that "A lot of them is just pretend to be success"
Now, I wouldn't disagree with his point of view as it is proven to be true.
Showing off of BMW, act like they are earning 5-10K a month, when they
are actually not there yet.. How true his statement is..
I've actually been there and done that...
Now, looking back, I can only laugh at myself

It is good this reader has now awakened and concentrating on his work now.
Rather than some of the distributors in there keep on struggling, while they
are not making a stable income out of it. What hurts more is they leave their
conventional job and try to make a living "full-time" in DCHL/Lampe Berger.
Which to me is a big NO-NO. Why would you want to leave a job which give
you stable income monthly and opt for a job which does not?

Different people would have a different preference in their lifestyle.
Sometimes, it is just mankind in us that we want something that we don't
possess. When we are poor, we want to be rich. We don't have a BMW,
we want them. We are rich, we want to be richer. It is just us...

So, friends, distributors of DCHL/Lampe Berger, shall I re-quote again,
"MLM is not the only way to improve our life....."

*Thanks reader for the e-mail*


Dexter said...

Thanks to the ex-LB distributor who posted it.
This is true in all MLM or any other conventional business. The MAJORITY of people will not make it and drop off. Those who stayed on give the excuse these people are failures or because "they quit".
I wish to emphasize again the main point in LB and BA is not just the business. The products are just not that good or convenient to use. Many who bought them have left them aside as the oils are very costly to use.
Lucky this OP failed or gave up. If he make money, he would caused many friends to lose money.

Anonymous said...

LB is scam.

Benny Ong said...

LB is a business. No one would share their honey pot. We should use our own common sense before commiting to such schemes.

Steven Yip said...

Nice confession,

Hope got more LB members will realize this.

Quit working for Steven Yeam. You guys are just making him richer.

Yee Kok Mun said...

i sincerely think LB is a social menace,social disturbance..those who wants to join this LB bullshit, please wake up and think, come on, the only person that is earning big bucks are those on top, and those people on top are hoping wishing u all NAIVE youngsters to join, so they can take your money to pay for their bloody BMW's and their LV's..and knowing many will quit halfway, all the money u have invested will be left with the company, the top people. People, come on, learn to earn a honest living, not by deceiving people or by giving people false hope, by using all the unethical ways to be successful. Work hard for things you wanna achieve, goals u wanna achieve, there is not fast money or free lunch in this world. Dont go throwing all your education money into LB. I have never joined LB before but i am definitely affected by this as people close to me are invovled and they are suffering now. Do you people see the implication of getting into all these BULLSHIT? you dont just affect urself, but the people around you, and this is not right. Borrowing money from father, grandmother, friends just to get into LB? what the hell is this man? i really never understd this sometimes. i wish to know what the heck are you guys thinking? 30k for a fresh grad will probably take a good 3 years of sweat and blood to save up..all gone just like that? unbelievable. I honestly hope those who intend to join pls think twice, think of the implications, it is not just you, you will drag others into this shit, is a chain reaction.

duke said...

yup..true..MLM is not the only way to improve our life...BUT it is ONE OF THE WAY to improve our life..

you get to choose how you want to improve your life...if you choose the job track...then go ahead..if you choose the mlm track...then go ahead..

don't shoot here so there la...haiya..the mlm ppl shoot those job ppl...and the job ppl shoot those mlm very shiok like that...heheheheh...

nicholas87 said...

"BUT it is ONE OF THE WAY to improve our life.."

hey duke...
but i would like to ask, how many have really improved their life after joining mlm, e.g LB ???
most of them failed..
this is a fact which cant be denied.
even worst than the time b4 they joined the business..
many of them have debts after that.

Yee Kok Mun said...

duke, how old are you? you know what you talking about? what has LB gotta shoot us about? please tell me, we have everything to shoot LB.

Handsome said...

I never thinking of getting so much comments from the sharing of my experience...
I found that most of u agreed with what I've said and it makes me feel a little bit least...
To whom who never join MLM, please think twice for your decision (especially DCHL). I totally agree with 'yee kok mun' by saying about the consequences of 30K investment...I'm totally the other hand, we feel difficult to stop someone to join MLM cause there is still a little oppotunity to success. If we do so, we will get blame if he/she is the end, up to ourself to make judgement.
I'm sad that I only knew all the hidden & dirty things after I quit...before that I'm still believed is my own fault to quit. Now...I'm thinking how good if I've not joined MLM and I'll have a stable financial.

Lampe Berger Help said...

dexter, in your first post..
What does OP means? haha noob me..

Benny, sometimes, people make rash decision, and thus leads them to worst or better of their decision..
LB Help is here to help them make their decision..

Steven, we will do more awareness..

Yee Kok Mun,
Well said.. people! THINK TWICE!!

people.. please don't shoot my dear loyal reader = duke haha

Well, aint defending but to make things clear..
What duke is saying would meant, to some, it is one of the way to improve their life.
Let those people who choose that path be..

This blog has been set-up to show the real truth, behing the whole MLM structure of DCHL/Lampe Berger.
If they still wanna join after knowing all the bad things, then let them be...

Some people really took MLM as a way to improve their life..
Trust me, i've seen them and known them. They are yet far more ethical business person who takes MLM as their true business and one of them even sent 3 kids to University abroad..
It took him 2 decades to build wat he started.. Not a persuasive person...
Comparing them to DCHL distributors is a their success..

LB people is shooting us job people working from 9-5 is useless and so forth and we are shooting LB people for cheating and all..
I guess this is what duke meant..

u will get more.. ;)

Most of you, are right and wrong..
There is no one is perfect..

duke said...

err..i think LB Help got my point there...hehehe...

"LB people is shooting us job people working from 9-5 is useless and so forth and we are shooting LB people for cheating and all.."

but i felt a lot of things are give and take lor..

i'm just giving my neutral opinion lah ha..ok? hehe..

if you work, how many can reach the level of CEO, MD, Directors??

the same with mlm, if you are in mlm, how many can actually reach the high level? not many also lor...

in every industry, there are very few ppl who are really successful, a lot who are not successful but doing ok...and the rest just failed...

in short, give your best in everything you do! there is a chinese saying that "every industry will produce a top man"..

if you are a cleaner, and you do your job well, you can be a highly paid cleaner. hehehe...just joking lah..just a stupid example. :pppp

but of cos a lot of ppl have bad experience with mlm more than ppl have bad experience in working..

and when ppl have bad experience with working, they just simply change job lah..and find a better company to work in...or some just take it as life challenge...or maybe bad

johnlim said...

duke say:
in every industry, there are very few ppl who are really successful, a lot who are not successful but doing ok...and the rest just failed...

The definition of success is very subjective. You may think that some one is doing "ok", but he may think he is success already. I consider earning 5k a month (in a stable way), staying in a 200k house, driving a 100k car, having a good family (which really have time to mix with, not every night go out prospecting or chit-chating at HAKKA RESTAURANT) and having a group of good friends (which won't avoid us when we call them) successful in life.

Lampe Berger Help said...

john, you've got what I have in mind too..

Success, to me is to have a happy family where we have time for each other, family interaction is strong and money would come in as a supplementary... just a support to our happiness..

Thats me :)

crazysocket said...

MLM is not the only way to improve our life..... <-- i like this phrase

crazysocket said...

i did say the same thing to one lb fren too (same as john idea)then he wish me gud luck. :(

andrew said...

and u shud've wished him "good luck" on the spot too!

Dexter said...

OP means Original Poster. Wrong ?

Lampe Berger Help said...

Oh.. OP means Original Poster.
Am new to this term :P

Anonymous said...

Come on man! MANY MANY people have improved their lives by doing MLM! Haven't you seen all those happy people on the brochures and presentations!

eh what? stock photos? models? don't be silly they're all MLM SUCCESS STORIES! :P

metal steed rider said...


my cousin brother-in-law inherited large tracts of palm oil lands in Sabah. He himself is owner of a factory here in Selangor. A rich man, really.

his wife (my cousin sister) is just a rich housewife who got too much free time on her hand. one day one MLM company (don wana name names here but it ends with -way) approached my cousin sister.

They took photograph of their big house and 2 Benz(s), in return she is assigned a network of 30 downlines which automatically elevated her to quite a high position. Their pic made it to the MLM company's magazine front page.

Nowadays my cousin sis is constantly traveling around the country doing talks at the MLM company's seminars and events.

so if u say "they're all MLM SUCCESS STORIES", i say bullshit, i have seen this right in front of my eyes and i don believe in that crap!

not that i say ALL are fakes, but fact is, there are cases like this and i dare say it is in significant numbers!

Lampe Berger Help said...

Wow, ask them to approach me la..
Even good..

I can bring in more and more downlines....

I make u all join.. without paying..

The direct selling/ network marketing industry has changed man...

Anonymous said...

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