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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Let the game begins...

Mack Zulkifli, one of Malaysia's known blogger made a post on Lampe Berger.

In his blog, "Lampe Berger: A catastrophe in the maing?" talked about
how a mother face a daugther who turns ugly when she(the daugther) is not
granted a loan of RM30k to put into the business of DCHL/Lampe Berger.

Quoting from his blog what the mother told him,
"She went into vivid details about how her daughter had pestered the family for RM30k, and after a huge fight, left the house fuming, claiming that she will be a prostitute to earn the money, and after that will be 'richer than papa' and return home to spit on their faces."
Now, this is really a troubled one.
How can she do that?
I mean, what makes the daughter reacts like this to the mother?
Certainly, we are not blaming Lampe Berger.
Maybe the "money" that she sees in Lampe Berger motivates her to act like
that to her parents?
Maybe the soon to be upline question the support of her parents?

It is sad to hear that there are still many casses going on. Also on another
topic by Mack, "Lampe Berger/SYN:Calls for investigation pours in"
This post is a good read where Adrian Oh, one reader posted his case
of how his brother is being pulled into this scheme.

Mack's blog has ganer an interest of broadcast and print media to get
more information of this matter. Lampe Berger Help will do our part
in supporting all the infos needed by the media.

There are also blogs sprouting up to feature this piece of news.
Eathinc in his podcast saying that his father actually called up the Ministry
of Consumer Affair to complain. Am sure more will do the same.

More links to read...
Suanie: of lampe berger and mlm
Suanie blogs about her conversation with her friend who is a distributor
of Lampe Berger and does the business base on selling not recruiting.
Wonderful!.. Now we know that there are a handful ethical ones there.

Autoworld Forum
For your reading pleasure :)

Scorkes: Why Lampe Berger is spelt S-C-A-M
Was confronted and shown the plan of Lampe Berger and walk off
when she found something amiss..

So? What's next?
Let the game begins!! We shall see in no time, it will be all over the
news, both print and broadcast...

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Albert Chong said...

It is really sad about the parents and daugther case.

Seriously, relationship is important in any business dealings, coz it will help to generate repeat sales later.

However putting fear or belittle another person is pure manipulation and will break a person down if we are not careful. Biz ethic is equally important as sales strategy, planning, marketing etc.

To parents whose son/daughter asking for RM30k, instead of saying no, try another approach, ask them to come out business proposal. This is normal practice in biz world. They want to have ownership of its own biz (whatever motive it might be), at the same time, we must let them know it is their responsibility to run the biz. Ask for help, if you are not sure about biz plan. If they insist you to meet LB members, bring along a friend (businessman). Dont make any decision, dont share anything related to your work/income/car you drive etc. You are the investor, let them talk about plans, biz. Before you begin, lay the ground rules, only biz talk, and not asking question about family background, finance etc. Come back home to digest and brainstorm together as a team.

About borrowing, Bank too wants to know your biz plan if want to borrow hugh amt of money. In this way, the figure will tally what are risk are. If quick money is equal to high risk, break it down in details how it will effect you, friends, potential of losing house, savings, investment oppourtunity, etc

Since LB is targeting at students, here are some homework for you

1) Investment RM30K
- borrow from bank , friends, parents, upline
- breakdown into monthly repayment with interest
- what happens if it success - how will it help?
- what happens if it fail - how do you plan to repay RM30k, sell your car, sell hp, sacrifice parents retirement savings etc?
- if biz fail, do you get refund? If yes, put it in writing, and make it a official stamp. Put the figures, not percentage. Eg:RM30,000 investment, if fail, refund RM29,000 within a timeframe

2) Sales pipeline
- every biz have a focus or target, how do we arrive the target? This is where pipeline comes in. We cannot simply pluck a figure in the sky and wait for sales ot come in.
- how many do you intend to meet a day/week/moth
- out from the above, how many % can afford to invest RM30K?
- Where do you get prospect? any visits? meeting?
- List it down and set a category "Can afford", "Cannot afford", "Not sure"
- how much do you need to spend for marketing activity?

evaluating your ownself --> do you like selling, meeting with people everyday, can you handle objection if out of 20 people you meet, 19 say no to you?

3) Facts finding
- Do you know about the product and the company well?
- How many have been successful / fail in the biz? And Why?
- What happens to those who are successful / fail?

Make wise decision. Whatever you sow now, you will reap.

**Of course, if your son/daughter have not come to you about LB, then you can in still some financial knowledge for them...of course, based in Australia, and is applicable worldwide.'dollarsmart'

Albert Chong said...

Now, RM30K is a big investment, and if you are new to business, it is like stepping into landmine. It is about number game, strategy, discipline, lots and lots of contacts (in MLM). Do not be hasty when going into a business, otherwise the risk is big.

Use your mind to decide, not heart/feeling.

Try doing the same biz first but with other mlm with lower investment eg RM100 - RM200. Then implement the strategy as though you want to implement it in LB. Then evaluate yourself one month later and see it mlm fits you or not.

try reading this financial advise

Albert Chong said...

Lastly, Never put all the eggs into one basket. Spread out into other investment. Learn about stocks, unit trust, property, marketing a product, technique of closing sales, etc. It will come on handy as you grow up.

Do not be greedy, "For the love of money is the root of all evil" taken from taken Bible

TreVesco said...

well, soon i'll compile all the 7 anti mlm posts i've written in the past on e year (writing on the seventh post though) and share it here and everywhere.

might be some repetitive/silly idea

but that's just my two cents

Steven Yip said...

Hi Albert Chong,

DCHL marketing plan or pyramid plan is flawed.

Just look at it. People are motivated towards the most rewarding. The most rewarding is by asking others to join in as count 30k.

It's good you highlight stuff like planning, product, and others. But in the case of DCHL lampe berger, it's not needed so much.

Why? Coz they are purely selling the marketing plan. And this is just recruitment ( no value added).

The point of collapse, will be when no external people join.

It's as simple as that.

The End.

Lampe Berger Help said...


Great comments. Great knowledge for us all. But sad to say, almost 70% or even more of distributors in Lampe Berger are just into recruitment and that's it.

Talking about selling Lampes or Skin Care? They will in-turn tell you how much you can earn by just getting people in...

I am sure, if those 70% follows the plan that you've layed out and primarily focus on "Direct Selling" not "Recruitment", matters stated in this blog nor in Anti Lampe Berger's will not appear.

steven lim said...

looks like LB is in deep shit now...

Anonymous said...

in brandmalaysia, this person named 2000x has posted a very strong comment on the validity of Lampe berger and its scheme. . . guess you guys should have a look at what he said. . .

Lampe Berger Help said...

can't find any tho..
Maybe you have a good link?

andrew said...

it's here... u posted on it awhile ago and it's just to comments below yours.

anyway i just copy and paste it here.


understanding of LB Malaysia

a) Michael Chong from the MCA public service bureau has gone to LB Malaysia before and came back with information . If this company is illegal , aka SCAM , then you should have seen it in the press already.

b) a friend of mine has gone to Putrajaya, Kementrian Hal-ehwal dan Perdagangan dalam negeri, answer was 100% legal in all aspects, otherwise , the licence would not have been issued.

c) pertaining to FRONT LOADING , all MLM companies uses FRONT LOADINGs , even AMWAY.

d) as for No selling , this is because they are selling the business concept , and the products goes with it. Think of mcdonalds franchise, if u are a business owner & u own mcdonald , do u focus on selling mcdonald burgers or focus on selling mcdonald franchise?

e) as for the TVBS article, it has already been clarified in the HK newspaper that they made a blunder. The news that you have , is OLD NEWS , dig up & spoken over and over again .

f) how to break even ? thats why if u are not in the business, you wont know how to break even . How do u know mcdonalds break even ? and investment is close to 1 million .

g) Lb is not a get rich quick scam , because hard work is needed to get back the money. And all of you are focusing on the ppl whos doing the business , not the business by itself. The business is not wrong , but RATHER the ppl whos doing it.

h) the person who started these threads are irresponsible, simply because you dont know what is happening, and if u do know what is happening, which i doubt u know , do you know that there are genuine ppl who are doing this genuine business ?

i) the person who "guarantee" return of investment, as you can see , is a person who doing the business , the business modal definitely makes money , but to the extent of guaranteeing , its the person. again , the business does not guarantee YOU that you will make money/

Posted by: 2000X at April 7, 2006 07:17 PM


andrew said...

not that i support LB in anyway, but to win over ur enemy, u must understand them well right? that's from Sun Tzu.

andrew said...

anyway, just take a look on suanie's view....

Lampe Berger Help said...

I've read and gave my comments on that post.

I will discuss on comments u said by 2000X at April 7, 2006 07:17 PM.

My main point is, if there are people are making a living out of it, There are people who loss and suffer out of it.

So, means people making it as a living is greater than people making a loss?
There is far more damage and we are yet to uncover and soon to be discovered.

knnccb said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lampe Berger Help said...


Please I do hope you respect our blog and please do comment without vulgarity.

Posted by knnccb without vulgarity

this blog is created not becos the ppl is against lb...but it's becos ppl who join lb...promised got refund...but in the end DID NOT get the refund...not becos company don't want to refund...but becos the upline purposely delay or refuse to do the refund...

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!!,

I'm Ah Wai from MLM. Such a nice post from all of you :)

I admit sometimes the MLMers always use this kind of tactic of luring "potential" people into their business. Eg. N-stream, Synergy, Herbalife, Lampeberger, Amway, Diamond, eCosway, IMagic, NuSkin, CNI and etc.

I'm also ex-anti MLMer just like you all. Proud to be antiMLMers. "MLM is conbusiness" and "StudioTraffic is PONZI SCHEME!" Hehehe... :)

But, AT LAST i realise in this World of Events..."Capitalism"


Sami Vellu, politicians, MPSJ, MPPJ, MBI, dato, datuks, Thaksin, Arroyo, Suharto, *me* and etc also CONNING people $$$ only what...

I only take little con $$$ while the *people mentioned above* CON the "rakyat" & taxpayer's $$$ BIG TIME! SO what is the FUSS?

I con my lecturer before, i cheat on my exam before, i Ponteng class before, i cheated during SNOOKER, i cheated my fren before, hell i even con my GF before. Hahaha. What is the BIG FUSS?

As i say, EITHER YOU CON PEOPLE or PEOPLE CON YOU...Its a survival skill!

Its better for us, "the little guy with no $$$" to con little $$$, than "the BIG SHOT GOVERNMENT officials" to con the rakyat $$$.


I'm DAMN sure the GOvernment DOn't MIND this little $$$ one.

AIyah, we group together as a group of "hardcore anti-lampeberger", then we charge those people who is also "anti-lampeberger" RM 100 each. Then, we also make LOTS of $$$.

Simple calculation,

RM 100 x 10,000 member (ANTI-LAMPEBERGER) = RM 1,000,000!!!!

Then, we BUY Ferrari and BMW to drive to Menara HLA, park at the FRONT and BURN them. This we show that we also can make $$$ ma!!!

DAMN good IDEA...!!!

WE group together ok...WE KEEP in touch! Malaysia BOLEH!

Remember, my name is AH Wai from SYN DCHL Lampeberger :)

Anonymous said...

Ah Wai:

If you want to be unethical please do so on your own and not drag others into it. If you want to sin, do it yourself and cause others to stumble.


I don't CON people because it is wrong in the eyes of God. If people CON me it's their problem, it's for God to take judgement upon them and it's not my right. My calling is to be righteous in the eyes of God.

>Sami Vellu, politicians, MPSJ, >MPPJ, MBI, dato, datuks, Thaksin, >Arroyo, Suharto, *me* and etc >also CONNING people $$$ only >what...

So what if others choose to SIN? As a child of God do you think i'm glorifying God if I follow in their footsteps?

>I con my lecturer before, i cheat >on my exam before, i Ponteng >class before, i cheated during >SNOOKER, i cheated my fren >before, hell i even con my GF >before. Hahaha. What is the BIG >FUSS?

All of us may have sinned in life but I want you to know that God still loves you and he is always there waiting for you to repent and turn to him. Do not let your past life drag your future down. It's never too late to repent.

>RM 100 x 10,000 member (ANTI->LAMPEBERGER) = RM 1,000,000!!!!

Money is not my priority in life, I treat money as a blessing from God because I worship God and not money. I would rather go hungry for days if my sacrifice could save the lives of other poor people suffering around us.

Our LORD Jesus has clearly said that MAN shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. To me, God is my security. Not money.

I hope you realise what you are doing in your life as it may also impact the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

Check this site:

LB's company name isn't on the list right?

If so you can lodge a report at:

lets do that :) what do you think?

Lampe Berger Help said...

Their company is registered under RZ Corporation..