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Friday, April 28, 2006

Royal Rumble on DCHL/Lampe Berger

I've got a very heated exchange of comments on my previous post as well
as in DCHL/Lampe Berger BAD EXPERIENCE.

The rumblers are dexter, metal steed rider, Anonymous and many others.

You guys are my loyal readers.. and I do thank you for reading and
exchanging your views on your own personal insight.


First of all, this site is created to CREATE AWARENESS on the many
mis-conduct and un-ethical distributors of DCHL/Lampe Berger.

Of course, with the so many case of re-fund that many are unable to claim
so as the many dirty tricks that up-line uses to bring in new recruits and
not FULLY INFORM the new recruits of the terms & conditions layed down,
we still cannot find a real good case against them.
Simple... agreement is there, and once any party signed, it is already said
that they are bound by the agreement.
To avoid this, we created this site, to show the people that, they must
look into all the details before joining, by looking at the past how people
suffered because of the small agreement stated in the sign-up form

Dexter and others, there is no need to argue, who is right and who is wrong.
We don't need to challenge these current distributors on what are the real
past of DCHL/Lampe Berger and OHK Associates.

What I've posted up here is more than suffice to tell others what are the
real past of DCHL/Lampe Berger and their current practices.

Going to court, is just a waste of time. For all you know, you might win the
case, but they will be telling you that, none of those who has been affected
didn't state their claims and so on.. thus leading them to victory.

Their legal terms & conditions are real true binding agreement that can be
used to avoid any legal matters. I've seen it, read it and even signed it.
Going through agan, I found out that, there is way no point for me to bring
my own personal matters with my up-lines to court because I know, I can't
win over them due to their legal terms & conditions stated.
Even my lawyer said, I would have a very slim chance to win, because I don't
have solid proofs and black & white agreement between me and my up-lines.

I've said enough.. I leave the rest to all of you..


dexter said...

If you are think that the Lampe Berger and OHK past in Malaysia is not important, you are very naive. The past created the present and reflect their integrity.

If you think this blog can improve the attitude and practices of the LB MLM buisness in Malaysia, you are totally wrong. Their practice is being duplicated from OHK/RZ/DCHL top management with a closed eye. If you don't believe me fine, then what makes you think the distributors will change "IF" the Company cannot change them ?

Maybe getting rid of the Taiawanes MLM and get LB France to start their own retail or MLM here stand a better chance.

May I also highlight to you that the way you created and carried this blog already lost creditability.

The RZ management already convinced those who brought them your blog by explaining that this is just an ACT of a failed distributor and you will not ask for refund if you managed to sell your stock.

It's unfortunate that so far, hardly any non-LB distributors complained them with a blog, making RZ speak louder. They just need to say all these are "acts of failures".

Lampe Berger Help said...

It is not saying that their past is not important..

Just that, we dig out the past, what can we do about it?

What we can do now, is just to let others know what is actually the situation in there. Right at this moment that many matters are unknown to new members.

My blog's integrity remains the same as how it was started.
Creditability depends on how you all see it.

Of course, with any negative news or whatsoever negative they will say it is "acts of failures"
They have nothing else to say.

Do you think they will say..
"oh.. refund small matter only la.. can refund wan don worry"
Will there?
90 out of 100% will not..

CS said...

To the "dexter" above,

It is a good attemp to confuse the
readers of this post by using the name "dexter". I do not think you
are the dexter that is mention in
the post..

This blog would probably not change much of the practice of members. But it would certainly have some sort of impact on the person who is not certain or unsure of joining. It may counter on the "feel good" feeling that the LB presentation gives or the convincing tactics that is used.

Since there are many people that can be convince by talk of:-
"This is your chance to realise your dreams"
"It is a good business oppurtunity"

This same people would be affected by hearing the counter suggestions also.
" MLM is hard work"
"The company is only interested in your money"
"Rm2345 is too much for MLM"

Since this is just talk without proof and it is about the power of suggestion then I can stretch more by making claims of:
"You would definately lose your investment"
"It is a scam"
"Go to other MLM, its going to close down soon"
"It has a very bad name already"
"You would not be able to find people to join"

It seems that many people are susceptible to suggestions otherwise they would ask proof of "dreams" and "money" in the same way people would ask for proof of "scam" and "cheaters".

The upline can say that people who feel cheated are just angry of being "failures".

What can the upline say if somebody asks,

"This scheme looks like a pryamid in which the source from the money comes from inside the pryramid itself. And as far as i know, this kind of thing would saturate and the people at the bottom would lose"

What can any of you LB members say if I ask you that?

b3rnard7 said...

hey! pls count me in the Royal Rumble!!!

Who wanna be my TAG TEAM partner in this match?Let's Clear these scams away!!

Anonymous said...

I wish to speak on my view, I believe this blog existed for the purpose of pursueing consumer rights in Malaysia. I've followed this blog for quite sometime now and it has 'opened' my mind to various points of view about this business that RZ/DCHL is dealing with. Honestly, after reading the information and posts that are on it, one can judge whether the business here is a scam or not. Lets say if the business is as good as it is, I don't see any blogs or websites out there written by LB supporters telling everyone about their sucess. Just face it, not even an article mentioned to credit this MLM business in the daily.

I would like to stress that they're several research links that you can get online which proves the piramid scheme is a 99% failure and only 1% success rate.
This is just an explanation from the Office of New York State Attorney General

One Man's Perception said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
One Man's Perception said...

Dexter (or the someone pretending to be Dexter in first comment),

Aristotle once said: "Anyone can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not easy."

So, are your anger expressed with the right person? to the right degree? at the right time? in the right way?
(Anyway, I do believe your purpose are for the better in our lives. For that, I respect you.)

As for a piece of advise, I think Horace’s word of wisdom might be useful to you~ "Anger is a momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you”

Anyway, I do believe everyone here is heading for stopping MLM/distributors abusing cases. Although approaches are not similar, the purpose is decent!

P.S.: LB Help - I like the title, royal rumble. haha~ quite funny~ I do enjoy a light degree of humor!

One Man’s Perceptions

metal steed rider said...

huh... i'm in? lol...

anyway, that's the sad thing about blog comments u see...

hiding behind the screen of anonymity, they can assume the identity of others. pathetic i would say.

even for anonymouses, at least it wouldn't hurt if u can just put a name up, nobody knows who u are, anyway. at least there'd be no confusion to which anonymous we're replying to.

Lampe Berger Help said...

The approach of this blog has been justified long ago.
To help people realize the real truth of DCHL/Lampe Berger and its past in matters of refund case and other un-ethical acts by their distributors.

Anonymous, the website you have has a real good information.
Maybe I shall later on apply it to the Malaysian context.

Calvin, your quotes from Aristotle and Horace is a good example to be used.

Yes, metal steed rider, you are in.

One Man's Perception said...

Thanks for appreciate the quote~ haha~
One Man's Perceptions

nicholas87 said...

hey b3rnard7...
i wanna be your tag team partner!

Elaine said...

Their contracts write off all legal responsibility should your venture fall short of expectations. It's in the fine print.

I don't know this for sure, but my friend's family friend (yeah) sold what few possessions his family had to pay off that RM30k, but when he suffered huge losses, the company pointed out throught the contract that their hands were 'clean'.

Quite frankly, I can't imagine how one could be happy to acquire wealth through a hierarchy of expensive membership fees and even more expensive membership upgrades.

Elaine said...

I was almost roped into this thing. Good friend of mine explained it all out to me, with the intention of signing me up. I just had the intention of learning what it's all about, and if it sounded good, then maybe consider. But I wasn't comfortable with the fact that the money went straight up this hierarchy system, and there was no exchange of benefits (that's not where the real money came from anyway).

Besides, those lamps are the most fucking ridiculous and ridiculously expensive things. No way in hell anyone was making real money off 'em.

Anonymous said...

Wow big news!!

Someone tried to ask for RM100K each from steven yeam and DCHL through a middle party or else they will use 2 blogs to bring down their business. Steven Yeam and company ignored them and they reduce to 50K now.
If they pay, one of the blog owner will admit that he has misunderstood the business and apologise. The other one will announce that he has happily got his refund and case closed.
I immediately think of this blog.
What a trick.
Look like they will not get it.
Using website threats to make money are common in overseas but in Malaysia, maybe 1st time.

Dexter said...


They don't take high membership fees. Those people on top earn from those newcomers at the bottom who paid to stock-up.

Yes, some people can make money. Probably 1% of those involved can afford to go full time in it. The other 99% will be losers.