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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

worried pal : HELP!!

A worried pal asked me for help..
I do try my best as I could to assist..
So far, after his/her first mail, I've never receive anything more.
I shall post it up for you all to read and see if you can give any
CONSTRUCTIVE comments please..
I don't want flaming nor hate comments.. even if you have lots of them.

I would suggest that "Diplomacy is the best policy".

Hi Lampe Berger Help,

my poor colleague had just invested 30K and quitting her promising full time job for LB. Do you have any story in mandarin, b'cos she is chinese educated cant read English.

I have heard a lot of bad experiences prior to visiting your website.
I am trying very hard to convince her that LB is not her cup tea but she and her boyfriend are so obsess that she borrowed 30K from her mother hard earn savings.

She told me that she is going to be a distributor in Muar, isn't she invested to be count?

Correct me if I am wrong, she says they promise 90% refund if she can't make it in 6 months,
has anybody successfully got their refunds?

Please advice on procedure on getting refunds.
Please advice me on how to convince her not to immerse further.

worried pal

Hie worried pal,

I am sure your friend has really been convinced with hard brainwashing or either she trust that upline of hers so that she invested.
Money can really move people, and it will make people make decision in rash.

Calvin, Steven.. can you guys help?
Calvin, you can write something up in chinese in your blog?
Or maybe take one of my blog's case and translate it to your site?

worried pal, if you have not notice or u might, there are two other blogs available.

Re-fund, i would say.. near 50% of them who ask don't get it.
because of the UNSAID or UNTOLD agreement to the downline.
Make sure, the lamps that she is holding is re-fundable.
Signature lamps can't be re-funded so as promotional items.

Make sure she understands and read all the agreements.. as I know they are all in English..
Which would be a problem to her, since she don't know how to read English.

Re-fund can be done with a letter of intention to re-fund to the company, RZ Corporation.
I shall end here now and let you digest abit..

Hear from you soon.
I still yet to get a reply.

LB Help

This colour can see ah?

What about this?


Am just playing around with colours.. Enjoyable abit ma..


One Man's Perception said...

hey, just let me know which story you would like me to translate, and i will more than happy to serve.

One Man's Perceptions

Dexter said...

Lampe Berger Help,

Looks like it is already too late to hold them back. That email mentioned she "just invested" which means she paid.

Can only do now is to check 3 things first:1)whether her payment is made DIRECT to RZ,2) what the agreement states and most importantly,3) is the payment made for her own purchase or "untilised" by her upline for someone else's purchase. I am told this arrangement(the last) can be made "purposely" with RZ to defy rights of refund.

If her rights are gone and she still want refund later, try the method I mentioned in my blog.

Big piece of advice to her, advise her NOT to market in an over pushy or unethical manner like most of the others. It is not worth losing friends and relatives or losing reputation.

Hi All,
Please check my last comment in the previous post !!

Dexter said...

Additional to my last message:

Also advise the couple NOT to make overclaims on aromatherapy use.

If Calvin can anyone show them the mandarin version, please translate my 2 messages here to her and explain to them how income can be derived; that not all who paid the 30K have made money and even if they did, many below them who contributed to their profits made the loss.

Anonymous said...

to get information about anti LB in chinese, please visit chinese forum

cinapek said...

This one has got some chinese articles:

Anonymous said...

funny, like u said, ur aim for those who do it badly, not aim for all, but than u said u hate them all, oh well, u guys r just the same, and yes, u guys spreading this kind of ideas is totaly same like brainwashing

anyway, both of u and them r just the same, trying so hard to convince ppl to join forces with u.

ah, 2 side are just alots of fools trying to snack the world.

u guys make me sick, flaming them no value, but u din make any value here too, saying them cheater but too admit there are cheater everywhere.

for all ur stupid kids information, directsales = business

that is in the law for the IRB

yes they did take alot of golds, yet they pay alot to the country, better that many who cant pay.

oh but look at the bright side, atleast u r not dead yet.

andrew said...


the light blue colour is better, and the ferrari red only suitable for bright background. purple is not good.

Anonymous above,

if u say we are also brainwashing here, then let's diferentiate that as well.

here we dont profit anything from these "brainwashing" and morally and ethically, we're actually helping them.

unlike in LB, they brainwash so that these brainwashed zombies would contribute wealth to their pocket leaving these small zombie pawns losing in the end.

we're creating value here, if u're still in dreamland. we provide sufficient info and real-case scenarios for ppl to consider, in the end, we have already done our community service and whether to join or not is their own decision.

yes, direct sales = business. but recruiting ≠ business!!!

be honest and answer this.

can DCHL survive by just selling lamps? i say NO.

how does DCHL survive all this while? Recruiting.

what's its revenue source? recruitment fee.

oh in case u dont know what is direct sales, pls do not confuse or interchange that term with MLM.

i'm sure u're not the stupid kid u portrayed urself are.

Lim Zack said...

Dear Anonymous,

you say...
"yes they did take alot of golds, yet they pay alot to the country, better that many who cant pay"

so what if they pay alot to the country if the money they have earned are deceiving others to invest and having the most unethical way of dealing business? LB has been a disturbance to the society, do you know that? it has mould the younger generations to shift their main priority in life (which is their studies) into earning big money. In long run if something is not done there will be caos in KL city.

LB enticed people to join a fairytale ride that turns ugly most of the time. Are you really giving to the country? your statement is like, i damage the society first, then i give back to the country. Besides, how many of you guys give back the country? is just a few of the big shot uplines that gives merely to show how generous LB is. This is all just gimmicks so as to gain peoples trust.

I really dont understand how can one be so blinded sometimes. how can you not able to differentiate something so clearly right and wrong. have you guys been so blinded by the money that you have sold your soul to money? where is all the values in life? where is the least of honesty and integrity in a person?where are all the good relationships with family? i have joined their talk once, and it freaked me out impression is they are like "Cult's". please seat back and think about it. thnks

johnlim said...

Why LB chai always post as Anonymous? If LB chai so proud of what they're doing now, they should let every one know their identity right?

b3rnard7 said...

They dare not to post their name here bcos maybe they are not as "rich" as they mention here.Like they say 1 month they earn 5 figure income,but end up is RMXXX.XX

Maybe they afraid us to find them out in their HQ.

Or maybe they scared tat when we find it out who are they,we will took their pic and post here.

Lampe Berger Help said...

One Man's Perception,

Maybe you could feature about the Lost Girl and also the DCHL/Lampe Berger BAD EXPERIENCE and also the DCHL/Lampe Berger Experience.

Thanks Andrew..

One Man's Perception said...

LB Help,
okay.... translation is on the way!

2.DCHL/Lampe Berger Experience
3.Lost girl (might not translate this one, because it was all over the newspaper)

Onme Man's Perceptions

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous post,

you say LB gives alot of money to the country. can you explain how does it generate income flow into the country from an economics point of view?

Lampe Berger Help said...

Thanks Calvin..

One Man's Perception said...

Hey LB Help,
I have translated the one with the bad experiences~

Do stop by and proof read it for me. Because it might contain bias. So, do let me know if there is a better way to summarized the whole situations.