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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Well, I do agree that there isn't any "Get rich quick scheme".
Even though there is, there are sure to be any terms bound to it.
These terms are often not told by the introducer.

In DCHL/Lampe Berger, there are many ways these upline distributors try
to bring in or recruit more and more people to join under them.
Make these new recruits to invest at higher level, telling them that they
can earn alot in return. But in actual fact, they just want to reach a new level
with these new recruits...
What sucks more is that, these upline distributors don't keep their words
and leave their new recruits in despair and at total loss.

Just like Erik who mailed in on his friend's sister and her boyfriend.

I am glad that these had been turn up, as i was previously franchise of lampe berger,being introduce by a friend sister, i started to realize it was a scam and start to wake up to reality after a year or so, we can see why those claim they earn thousand of thousand,but still they travel from penang to KL with buses, go up n down with buses, cant even afford to buy a house but rent a room even MARQUIS or DUKE. and latest i heard they even bought BMW for those achiever just to attract new comer, wonder how true that is.

the most important i need to share is my friend sister and her boy friend, they both own 2 hawker stall earning quite a good amount of money every month, but ever since her bf get introduce into LB, they stop their hawker business and full time into LB. their uplines, a so call WELL EDUCATED engineer, the want who keep pushing them to be Counts, these couple doesnt have enough money to get onto COUNT but these upline keep pushing, even borrow money to them, when the starting stage, these upline are damn tricky, he are good to u on the start, when he already achieve as a marquis, shit start to happen, after these upline achieve as a marquis, he left these couple alone running around, fighting month and month alone without help from upline, they started to be on debt ever since, even borrow money from her own brother my friend, and now they have to give up and start all over again..and guess what , that FARKER still dare to call em up collect those money which he borrowed which are from LOAN SHARK!!beware..i don know how r they doing now but then the last time i met them, they were under a new upline from taiwan,they claim that these new upline are good in build up..wateva man, i am wishing them getting back in reality, or mayb shud start back their own business..

i myself only got cheated for 2k plus, a 2k plus a good experience i had took, and realize there is no CEPAT KAYA, KEEP IT REAL guyz..


Well, Erik, I do hope your friend's sister and her bf will get on their feet again and strive for a new living. It is never too late to return to normal life and start all over again.

It's Never Too Soon To Quit.


Steven Yip said...

LB members,

I really pity you guys, because you are being conned by the company itself.

Wake up, and take a look. All those glitzy cars, LV bags mean nothing. There are just a parade to get more people in.

Quit this business for your own sake.

Anonymous said...

Lampe berger help,

If the Company don't use such system and tactics, LB will not be able to sell in Malaysia at such prices. Who want them ?
In Europe, they are much cheaper and yet not as well known despite 100 over years.


They are some people who really earned. Stevn Yeam the most, of course.

My estimate: 99% of the distributors lost money.
1% or 2% will make and out of these people, Steven Yeam alone earned more than all of the rest combined.

Greg said...

2 weeeks ago, my friend told me that he saw 3 BMW cars is being towed by bank from the LB office (HLA building)...
Please make justify by yourself...haha!!! Please tell this story to whoever LB members wanna aproach u...

Anonymous said...

story? are u sure u're not just making stories? even if wana anti-DCHL LB, pls do it with credibility. this way we can see if one is truly anti-DCHL LB, or merely some suporters with NBTD.

Have a Nice day.

p.s. : Did u take a photo of that? it would definitely enhance ur proof of ur claims.

Dexter said...

Whether those success or unsuccessful stories put up are true or false are not important.
Important is even if you are successful to make money, you are actually making it from your friends or friends's friends' and there will be no end to LOSERS at the bottom.

For those who learnt a lesson, they should not be quiet. Please advise them(especially ex-victims)to warn all their friends so less people get victimised.
Tell them not to be shy about it. At least by helping and advising others, their moneies lost are more worth it.

I have not spend a single ringgit on LB products, yet I am doing it.

Greg said...

U must be a LB supporter...I guess u must still dreaming in LB. ALthough I've not seen it with my eyes, but I choosed to belief it. U prefer to have seen it by yourself only u will wake up? That's ur choice...just wish u good luck, friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some people don't mind losing friends for money. For them, money comes first.

Lim Zack said...

Dear Anonymous who wants prove to picture taken of BMW's being towed in HLA.

IS besides the point whether reallyt a BMW's was towed.i really really dont understand how can you be so firm on what you do. I really wish to meet up with you just to know you better. If u do not accept whatever is in this blog, pls by all means stay as a LB fine..but at least accept the fact that LB uses very crude ways, fanatic ways, desperations, unethical ways to earn these money.

greg said...

lim zack....yeah...u just expessed what i wanna say...he think that i'm just simply post the story to attack LB members...but i'm not...and i believe that's true...

Joyce Lim said...

i'm just come noone actually called the Minitry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to file a complain, even if they cant do anything about it, at least it creates awarness to the goverment. My friends mother called up and complained. This is the number, please dont just leave your comments on this blog, file a complaint and create awarness. This is the number that i've gotten from my friend. 03-88825899

Lampe Berger Help said...

I called..
It seems, nothing much that has been done.. ;)

Anonymous said...

sikit sikit lama jadi bukit.eheheh. my friend called up and complained too, they told him there has been alot of complaints on this lampe berge thing and they are looking into it.

yapthomas said...

Worst comes worst..
They will set up a commission to look into these matter..
and even with the commission.. it will not solve anything..

Look at the abundance of commission that the govt have set up.!!

Steven Yip said...


Guys call DTCA as often as possible.

Let the issue be raised among the government.

Dexter said...

If Steven Yeam can be friendly with the MCA, he can befriend DTCA too.
Anyone know any bigshot in the DTCA ?

nicholas87 said...

i m fully agree with dexter

Anonymous said...

Wow big news!!

Someone tried to ask for RM100K each from steven yeam and DCHL through a middle party or else they will use 2 blogs to bring down their business. Steven Yeam and company ignored them and they reduce to 50K now.
If they pay, one of the blog owner will admit that he has misunderstood the business and apologise. The other one will announce that he has happily got his refund and case closed.
I immediately think of this blog.
What a trick.
Look like they will not get it.
Using website threats to make money are common in overseas but in Malaysia, maybe 1st time.

addlyew said...

hi to all who has been through to dis most ridiculous ever cheating on earth.i mean SYN-the great cheatern anl also to my really best fren who has 'invite' me to this suck DCHL.i also nearly become a victim of this bad MLM although they always said that this is not a MLM one but it's a network marketing,----eEEEEEeeeeee so sucks hearing that coz for me,MLM and network marketing is actually just exactly da same one.only the name different in order to make us get terribly confusedddddd!!!!!!!!My story is i've been 'invited' by my best fren during school 10 years ago to meet her at the that time i told her i can't go to her because i've got no money to fill fuel in my car petrol tank.actually i was's actually i just sooo lazy to get out from my bed.hehe.but then she really force me you know,,,,,she said she really want to meet me since almost 8 years we've not seen each other.actually this is my 2nd time i go to meet her.the first time i meet her ,i briught along my other members.but for this 2nd time,she told me--"please dun bring your other frens".waaaalaaawei,sound that i really spesel to i believe her-my best fren of 10 years ago.then with all the hardship on my way to meet her(since i dun go with my car,i just board a train),i managed to see here at a mall.then,in the mall,she quickly pull my hand and rushed to the i just said--hey,wats da rush beb,let's go and eat first.but then she refused and she said that the cinema had already started 5 minutes ago.then i just believe.ok,short for my story,after watching the cinema,they got a small gathering outside the first i thought it was here colleagues gathering.ok fine.but then i was so weird with all that gathering so i started to pile her up witk lots questionnaire(since i am sooo curi0ous on dat).but she just said--patient,you'll know sooner.we can't talk about dis at my office.waaaaaa,sound so good coz my fren already got her own office.she must be possessed a good that time,i never notice that it was MLM.okkkk,so after that incident,for about a week,after she have teached me their bad tricks of how to get the RM2500 easily from my others frenss,i quickly transferred that money to her account since after i've been pushed by her to quickly passed that after that i think i've already become the member since she already give me a bag of the DCHL's products consists of 2 bottles of aromateraphy oil together with the aromateraphy burner that cost about expensive u knowwwww.since i really love the aromateraphy sets,i use the sets until i've finished one bottle of the oil within two weeks without noticing that i am not been registered by her yet although i noticed that my 'best' fren haven't give me the member card or even the bisness kit.the product was good to me(i'm not trying to promote the products,not at allllll ok,NOT AT ALL!) but the bad things is after i set up a lie together with my other frens since my other frens noticed that i might involve with this MLM-or the long sentences is Makin Lama MakinMampus,haha,finally this my 'best' fren said i haven't been registered yet because i always go late to DCHL office.So until this moment,i still in my plan of lying back to my 'best' fren together with i'm stll hope to get back my Rm200 since i've used all the Lamp Berger products.and now i'm writing this blog,i'm at my practical training place,she-my 'best'fren still calling me in order to pursuade me to go to the office since it's been almost a week i've been giving excuses to her that i can't go to this office at that Jalan Kia Peng.ooooo,so tired u know driving alone from shah alam to Kl and get back to home at Shah Alam at 3am in the morning u knowww.....Now only i know this my 'best' fren 'true color'..

Anonymous said...

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