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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Can't Get Enough of DCHL/Lampe Berger

Everywhere I go, every corner of the Klang Valley..
Anyone and practically everyone I've met or known, knows Lampe Berger.
I just can't get enough of Lampe Berger everywhere I go..

I've stop doing this "business" and those who knew I went into it will sure
give me a funny look, when I told them I'm not into it anymore..

They will further probe me "Why? Cannot do meh? summore say can do!!"
and more "Cannot find people to con is it?" more.. "how much la you lost?"

A friend called me earlier yesterday and we talked. She told me that she is
so pissed that she was con to go for the "Business Preview" at Pyramid by
Steven Yeam. Funny how she told me how she was con-ed!

Then, a follow up with a fren yesterday also. He told me, his friend no
longer in the business of DCHL/Lampe Berger.. Reason? Because her
upline is so desperate of her investing RM 30,000 and later she found
out that the team needs her to push one guy up to Marquis.

Back then, I also face the same thing. We are instilled that we must help
each other to succeed in the business. Yes, how?

Scenario = Count challenging to be Marquis.
He needs 2 more Count and a sales volume of RM 468,750 in 3 months in
order to succeed to be promoted to Marquis. So all he need is to push and
push his team to recruit more or sell more to reach the sales target.
**Remember, sales volume do comes from the RM 30K investment**
So, on average.. in order for you to reach the rank of Marquis.. all you
need is 15 Counts. RM 30,000 x 16 = RM 480,000
By other means which is to sell the Lampe Berger products, one would
need to sell 780 lamps or 980 essential oils in order to hit the sales target.
Given which each lamp and oil costing about RM 600 and RM 480 each.
RM 600 x 780 = RM 468K / RM 480 x 980 = RM 470K
*Calculation is just roughly. It is not accurate*

Now you see why they would opt to recruit more than selling?

Yesterday, while drinking, this guy, a brother of my friend started talking
about stuffs on Lampe Berger after he knew that I was into that business
and now stopped. He went on and on saying..

"Lampe Berger can do wan, is see how you do it only.."
"You got heart to earn more money and determination sure can wan lor"
"You must follow how they are earning the money... system ma..."

Bla bla bla bla bla and bla... arghh I can't stand him and I made him
drunk for the night.. swaying left to right when walking to the car.!! haha

I am not totally against DCHL/Lampe Berger. It is just that, I can't and
would not follow how they educate people to loan money just to get into
the business and also how they teach you to persuade others to come
out and even persuade parents and tactics to go about in getting the
money to join.

It is just not me.. not me...

On a separate note..
I've received a mail from a guy..Ahmad Za'im,

The subject of the mail reads

"You Sound Genuinely Interested in Helping People"

I read your blog and feels that you are genuine in wanting to help people. I'm not patronising. Now, if you feel that you want to help some more, attend a Smart Money Workshop which is held next Monday night at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam from 8 - 10:30.

Do let me know if you're coming because I have to reserve a seat for you. BTW, there is a cover charge of RM10
Seems interesting to me, but I just don't see a link with the workshop and
me with this blog helping others.?? haha...



TreVesco said...

wow.. making the fella drunk is ok...

but i don't think u made him drive also right?

btw, just here to support your statement... cheating people to fork out parents' hard earned money is somethg to be disgusted of!

Early retirement? I guess it'll be Early Loniness-ment (bcos of no friends) !!!

Kevin said...

i got a friend who invested and quit.... according to him, he can't get back RM10k from the RM30k he invest in, he already lodge a complain to tribunal (i think is tribunal la)...

anyone knows what else can my friend do? thanks.

Lampe Berger Help said...

I didn't made him drive.
I drove.. :P haha
And yes.. I DID DRINK AND DRIVE.. ;)


I'm sure that lodge a complain to the tribunal is not enough.
He must make the claim through the MCA Public Bereau Complaints Dept. and make it known widely.
Want some tag team?

Steven Yip said...

hi kevin,

Just ask him to join the Anti LB crowd.

He could tell us some story too, that will serve as a good lesson for others who yet to join.

duke said...

that malay guy want to recruit you into another company. hehehe..

froginkl said...

oh boy, it seems that the malay fella is an oportunist. Hehe..

anyway, the very next round u bump into those stereotype questions ie like those stumped on u, JUST TELL THEM;

" I am an entrepreuner, businesses does succeed and fail. AND I dare to take the next challenge that comes along.

i gained strength, courage and confidence by every experience by which i have really stopped to look at the fear in my face.

i say to myself.
"i'll live through this horror, i can take the next thing tat comes along."

as long as i am still alive will this strength, courage and confidence be carried on and to be passed on to everyone and anyone i have befriended."


Shoot them kau kau la.

I hate ppl that tells tales like, what u heard, i'll bang them!!! They r the real big time loser.

Jonz said...

Well i genuinely know a lot of the ppl that does LB and they are the main uplines too. They are genuinely rich in a fact and always call it "success" (LOL) and they do have nice big cars and have loads of money for investments. I have never crumbled into joinin them for anything like this as I dont deem it as success at all. My opinion on success is climbing up the corporate ladder n making ur name on a bigger stage rather than scamming around. Luckily i have been away from the country or 5-6 years and do not need to endure all the persuasion my friend will do. Good that this site is up, it'll do loads of good to inform ppl on the scam.

Anonymous said...

Wow big news!!

Someone tried to ask for RM100K each from steven yeam and DCHL through a middle party or else they will use 2 blogs to bring down their business. Steven Yeam and company ignored them and they reduce to 50K now.
If they pay, one of the blog owner will admit that he has misunderstood the business and apologise. The other one will announce that he has happily got his refund and case closed.
I immediately think of this blog.
What a trick.
Look like they will not get it.
Using website threats to make money are common in overseas but in Malaysia, maybe 1st time.

Anonymous said...

i work a well known coffee chain tht i'm sure many of u lampberger frequent there n pls do be so stingy to a point where u order two drinks n hoard like 20 seats. where's ur ettiqutte? how can u ask some one to trust u guys for making thousands but cant a fford to order drinks or practise some moral values??!!

Dexter said...


most of those in MLM that claimed success are "fake" success. I have seen so many who commit in cars to show off as examples to lure more people in. Later when they cannot pay the instalments, they even avoid friends out of embarrassment.

scorkes said...

Smart Money is by Amway. Keep your eyes open!

Anonymous said...

Dun use MCA channel. It seems there is a DUKE in SYN align to Ng Yen Yen. They are all crooks. Daylight robbery from the poor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the comment. I am one of the fool who get serious damage from this scam. Now owing bank a lot n my upline left me. My wife get mad when she knew the stupidity mistake made by a 40yrs old fool. SYN caused me losing confident in life.