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Friday, June 30, 2006

SYN 6th International Members Exchange 2006

The listing of the event has been quite...
No news or what so ever in the internet that I can dig out about the event.

But, my search lands me here... > a BLOG...

A post by herbertism mentioned a lil bit on this event...

Over here at Suntec Singapore Event Listing, it is listed there when you list
July's event as SYN 6th International Members Exchange 2006.
Still looking for the official brochure on it...

why? the event itself cost 2.5 million. Estimated of 9 million would be spent in Singapore on that day itself. there are plans that Louis Vuitton Boutique will be closed for a day to cater for these people.
LV Boutique to close to cater to them, well only a handful of them will buy.

Oh.. did you guys read the news on China Press and Sin Chew Jit Poh?
Here at LowYat, the people in there are talking about it..

So far, they are still insisting that their business has been steady
and on the increase..
I doubt so, as it is seen with figures that their business is going down
slowly.. very slowly.. but still GOING DOWN.. NOT UP!!

I will be away on business trip from next week...
Say... I shall be your official SYN 6th IME official reporter on the 8th July?
Yea... I will.. let you all see how they use LUXURY to lure people into the

Till then, read the news people...!! It is everywhere...
*am gonna send second round of spam to the news editors*


Ni9htl0rd said...

lampe berger help,

are you going for the IME?

jack lim said...

good job.keep it bring them down

Anonymous said...

Lampe Berger Help,

Did you follow up with DR. Hari. It would be a big help if he could give us some evidence of SYs law suit in India.

Anonymous said...

My friend C is going to this event, she is a count fulltime in LB >.<" C was my coursemate lor, she is pretty and i courted her for half year last time. I believe we got a chance if not because of LB. Although i hate LB but i wish she can be success in LB.

I knew her b4 she joined LB, and she seldom call me or sms me. When she tried to convinct me to become her so-called "partner", our relationship getting really close and she keep asking me to go to the LB talks/activities/office with her. I dislike this MLM and direct-sales very much but she is the girl i am after, so i din reject her directly.

Finally i went to a talk with her, in Melacca. After the talk, she asked me whether i wanna listen to their marketting plans or not. In fact her uplines were waiting for me in the coffee shop. Then 3 of them started to introduce me their LB, air market la, easy money la, successful persons in LB la. I was not impressed because i knew the tricks of these companies very well. We talked for around 3 hours and they took out 2 pieces of papers and ask for my signature, saying i fullfilled the 5 conditions. (sounds like they are giving free gift, i got nothing to lose).

Because i dun wan to dissapoint C and her sis, i signed the contract. My thought was, paying 2.5k to know more ppls but not to earn money. The next day i told C my opinion: "i joined LB not thinking to make money, because i dun wan to lose my friends." She was brain-washed and cannot accept any doubts againts LB. We had an unhappy conversation and she cancelled the contract and also put an end to our friendship.

I saved 2.5k but i lose someone that i loved deeply.

Anonymous said...

sorry for my poor english, just wish to tell u guys my story.

Lampe Berger Help said...

hey.. well,

i dunno, but in that situation 2.5k is worth more than the friendship if it is gonna end that way..

Ni9htl0rd said...

hey, buddy,

even if you really joined and court her, you'll just lose her to the bottomless pit that is SYN. She'll just be an empty shell devoid of any own personality unless it's pumped into her by SYN, namely materialistic, conniving and wouldn't want a girl like that as your other half...i've lost a girl in that same way too....i thought i've reached to her...but in the end, she retreated back, something about needing to prove to her upline who has done nothing but conned her the girl, good luck....but don't ever come back to me...there is no return.

and bout the english...honestly, you type with a better flair than most SYN people. they just blab gibberish.

Anonymous said...

I am having a relationship with a girlfrined whos a devoted synner.i will never join in but seems like she is persistantly carrying a hope and sure that one day she would convince me to be her partner. sometimes i doubt whether she is genuine and truthful.would the relationship last? i dont know.but i hope it wont end because of SYN.What can i do?

anthraxxxx said...

Don't mean to be harsh, but IMO it's better to end the relationship now so you can save yourself from more disappointment and heartaches in the future.

Dexter said...

Sounds like that C girl is still curable. Afterall she is not bad enough to collect your 2.5K.
They are trained not to believe what others heard about LB. They will challenge for "proof".
Why don't you download those HK and Taiwan news and show her ? Go to LowYat forum on page 92 of Lampe Berger issues for the links provided by Orange88.
Mayne you can convince her well enough and win her back.
E-mail me, I will teach you how.

TEH POWAH said...

To the anonymouses,

Tell her to respect your decision not to join LB.

Tell her you respect her that she thinks LB is the right thing for her and she should respect your choice as well. (ie doing your own thing and not joining LB)

But trust me, she'll go into the "cultist mode" ie, "You not love money-ah? You not trust me-ah? You think I will cheat your money-ah? In your current job you will NEVER make it big!!!"

And lastly, the killer of all killers - "You don't love me enough to trust me?"

If she show signs of respecting your decisions, go for it.

If she goes into "cultist mode", drop her and go look for some other fish in the ocean that has not been brain washed.

Anonymous said...

thanks for ur opinions, but i think it's all over now.. she still my friend and i'll concern her in a friend's way but not to discuss abt LB anymore..

dan said...

To anonymous..

Sorry about your lost friendship..

Well.. at least she was ethical and cancelled your contract. Not taking your money just to make her sales. But her negative reaction towards you may indicated she has feelings for you also.

Give it sometime, maybe she ll get over it around later..
And you can still have your friendship back.

But one thing about girls nowadays..
If they like you, then they like you..
They can not be convinced to like you eventhough they make think you are good friends..
However women have been noted to change their minds..

zioburosky13 said...

TO the one who lost a girl:

Dude, there are 6.2 billion people on this planet. I'm sure you can find a better girl :)

But seriously, it's sad to see a person go amuk/brainwash by an evil company.

Save your 2.5k and use it to invest some actual investment like eh... mutual-fund?

Jack lim said...

just 2 cent from me,

how to counter LB/SYN kidz when they criticize ur work.they will say u are a worker.u will get fired.u earn little money.u dont have dream.

to those who havent Join SYN:

1)i will counter them like this.i am direct under my boss.but LB kidz like u are under many many many so called uplines(master).my position is higher than u.u have no right to talk to me simple u are super grand slaves.
2)i work and i got money every month from my boss.LB kidz work but dont get money from master.instead they give money to master.
Clever people out there-whats the characteristic of slaves?-they work but dont get money from boss rather they suppy money for master.proof my point.
3)steven yeam donate how much money-my boss donate even more.-so i am higher class than u.u got no right talk to me.
4)yes i will get fired if i am not good.Who will get fired if competent?why LB kidz so scared of getting fired?because they are incompetent useless?why they think so negatively while they always ask downline think positively?i am competent.what am i scared of?what if SYN collapse tomrw:).u are not fired.u are FINISHED.BYEBYE.
5)i earn little money?yeah at least i earn 5k per month.LB kidz?no only didnt earn, instead give money.DUKE see every SYN downline as God of Fortune.Thats y they treat u nicely, at the same time treat u like money in pocket?:)
6)i dont have dream?why i dream of syn collapse everynite:)?why i dream i am Doogiestyleing a SYN sexy lady?why am i dreaming slapping LB kidz like u?

remember PMD:)

Anonymous said...

hey guys
i need help!!! they dun let me quit.. coz they said im not count i canot get back my 90% refund.. izit true??!

i need my refund to summit my study fee =( how how???

dan said...

To anon above,

Did you pay up front as a baron.

If you came in as a franchise and got your initial stock from your upline, then you can not refund.

Possible only if out of kindness of your upline, if he cancels your signed agreement, take back your stock and give your money back. (as if you never signed in the first place), considering he has not send it yet.

Anonymous said...

haih.. mean me cannot quit d loh..
i cant take back my 90% d lo.. haihhh

Anonymous said...

lose a girl u love...idiot

Anonymous said...

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