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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


1st of all,i hope u can post it out so that other ppl won't get con into this biz.

Here are my story.

I'm jordan,male from Johor. But currently study in local Uni at K.L.
(Name changed to keep privacy)

Last year September,i forgot the date alr,i get to know my upline,a girl,i won't mention her name. That time i was doing a part-time in a shopping centre as a waiter. On that day,i was working like usual, then she came to buy drinks from me and start to approach me,asking me this and that,want to take my FORMHD. At that time,how would i know she's that kind of person,so i just told her where i'm from,study at where, age.....After that,she began to show her fox's tail. She starts asking me whether do i want to earn more money, say want to intro me a part-time job,some kind related to SPA job! Huh....i dunno how to massage woh,then she said no need to know that skill. Then she ask for my number,i didn't suspect a lot so i gave her. That was when the nightmare begin....

Few days later,she called me,she asked me out for interview,she said. So without hesitation, i went out,we met at a place. After met her,she told me to get on her car. Without hesitation also, i got on her car,i asked her where will we go???then she said to K.L!!! Hell ya,i was frightened!!!Just an interview only,why need to go K.L???i asked her,but she told me the company was at K.L.i thought we just have a drink at any nearest mamak stall,she said not suitable to talk at mamak stall...

then i got no point since i was on her car,so i just follow her to the D.C.H.L company at K.L. on the way to K.L,she show me her biz card,on the card it didn't mention about L.B or either E.B. just wrote SYN biz that time,i never heard bout any SYN thingy,so i was curious,and since in her car follow her to the company loh!!!

After reach there,she parked her car at menara HLA underground parking lot. there's a lot of luxury car at the parking lot,i was like dumbfounded at that time when she tell me those were her partner's car. all very young,in their 20's only!
at that time i know it was direct selling alr,but i didn't know that by selling things can drive such a luxury car.

After got off from the car,she began her 5 STARS introducing. After finish walking 5 STARS,she began to talk bout the marketing plan,i was not quite remember bout the things she told me. i can only remember she used to call a lot her so called "partner" to do sharing with me. at that time i was like brainwash by them. i begin to believe that this biz really can earn a lot. summore they all say we will help u,no need to worry!!!so much promise they gave...

i dunno y,at that time,for the first time,i borrow money from my friend.they told me to borrow money from friends since they know i'm still a student. so i manage to borrow from my friends,i was very happy at that time cause i think i can earn big money since they said so.hell ya,the money until now i still can't afford to pay back to my friends!!!i was such a fool to believe in them!

the story haven't finish yet,after the 3rd day i joined,she began to take me to a talk called "why 38%". at that time i was fully put my trust on her,so i do what she said!!!

hell ya,after the talk,30K!!!!30K!!!!that was what all behind!!!
at that time,i don't have time to process all the things i heard,she took me to sharing with their so called "partner" again,brainwashing me to dumped in 30k,she began to tell me how this and that guy got their 30k,they can,u also can,she said!!!

at that time,i haven't attend NDO yet. so she told me not to think bout the 30k 1st,after NDO we'll discuss bout it. At that time my mind was all manipulate by her.

After hearing NDO,i was so excited. so confidence!!! this's their tactics!!! keep brainwashing you. i went back to ask 30k from my mom. I was so regret now!!!
for 3 months more i keep asking money from my mom and they keep brainwashing me,told me not to give up!!!!

Eventually i got the 30k,for ur information,i came from a poor family,my mom refinance our low cost house for that 30k,but i didn't know that time. i was a hell son to ask money from my mom. but at that time i was manipulated by them,so i didn't have that feel,all i know was i want 30k to start this biz!!!

i was so regret!!!!i skipped some of the story. Write it in next part.

now what i felt was i was so sick of them. at first i wont feel like that.u know wat she tell me after she know i quit???of course i didn't mention with her i'm going to quit cause i scare she'll like other upline who don't give their downline to refund!!!

for ur info,i loss more than 20k!it's ok,never mind,i blame myself of greedyness!! but she keep calling me,want to ask me out,say what she cares bout me!!!FUck her!!!i already loss a lot because of this,so i don't want to have any affair with any L.B thingy.i got sms her at first tell her i'm fine,and say all the best for her. but she won't give up,keep calling me, so i was so pissed up asking her y keep calling me???i say if u want to know my condition now,yeah,i was hell fine,suffer from loss of 20k and debt,tha's all!!!! Then u know what she told me????FUCK her!!!!

"nobody want it to be like this"!!!!!

FUCK her!!!Fuck HER asshole!!!!!!

she said she called me bcause she cares on me,how bout u,she ask me,did u call me???she asked!!!fuck her asshole,y should i call her up?????



after all,she just keep saying like it was not her fault!!!!!ya,all was my fault,for being greedy!!!

but all the things was so plan up by her,from the first moment she know me!!!!
now she said nobody want it like this!!!!WTH!!!!

do i need to show her name and phone number here???cause i don't want others to be victim!!!!

P.S.: i don't wish my real name to be post out.

to be cont.....

I asked if he was helped by his upline to solve the refun matter.
Reply are as below..

no,she didn't help me refund!i done it all by nyself and from help from a friend of mine! cause before i refund,i browse on ur website to seek for others way!!!
i saw a lot of upline will try to delay their downline's refundment, so i didn't tell her i'm going to refund!!!

but anyway,i didn't get sick of her until she say those words!!!

I'm so sick of her!!!! not because she did'nt help me refund but to say those words like all of that was asking by myself,i'm the only one to be blame.
of course i got wrong!but now she was trying to be good ppl and i'm the bad ppl!!WTF she's!!!!


Ni9htl0rd said...

Jordan/or whatever your name is,

I'm not going to give you any advice or pep talk to lift up your spirits, the others will do it.

But what i would want to comment is that, well, i have friends having the same problem too, dumped in rm30k, but cannot get it somemore is borrowed from other people...current job also unable to properly pay off credit card debt, somemore got to figure out how to return the rm30k. By then, they realized it's just a con.

And what's the worst part, they still continue to be in SYN, even when they know it's not right. Even when they know it's a scam, a con......when i ask why? why are you still in SYN if you know you've been cheated, lied to and used?

what's the reply...? no choice...because they have to earn back that money first..if not, there's no way to return...

then why still use SYN system? because technically, it works, if you cheat like hell, and get loads and loads of prospect....

that's the sad part, knowing you are cheated, hate the system, but still have to stick with it to cheat other people in order to save yourself....double irony.

so did anybody videotaped or recorded any meetings/training by SYN?

mass mailing works....but slow....and it's cyberspace....

this is what i think can be done, and will be one hell of a blow...

do a media kit.

1) recording/taping of meeting by SYN with incriminating dialogues (invest money, recruit people, false claim)
2) copies of all the various articles regarding the scam in local and international news (anti lampe berger has one compilation)
3) Original copies of SYN documents (distributor agreements, price lists, anything from the starter kit)

gather all these, make a few kits, and mail them to all the major newspapers editorial staffs and consumer action groups (having good contacts work too)...

Point out to the differences in pricing here and the original selling prices on the net. The leaps in selling price ought to trigger consumer groups into investigating from the economic factor of the worth of the goods. again, to 'qualify' as a scam, your goods must be sold at a price so much higher than it's actual worth.

no fools here.... said...


You have been badly sucked but highly respected for not turning into a VAMPIRE. You have learnt a costly lesson. Not all MLM businesses are bad. Next time, always ask yourself whether the products are marketable at those prices before you join or depart with your money. If you think the products are not easily marketable, then it is a scam. Even if you make money, others need to be victimised. Only products that are value for money or at prices you feel that you will not regret paying for is a good company.

no fools here...... said...


Now that you have learnt a lesson and willing to share with others to prevent more victims, will you like to get together and help others to seek for refund ?
I think this will make your 20K lost more worthy.
Help to stop them before more victims.
The most effective and fastest way to stop their business is to GATHER a group of at least 10 to 20 people and make some noise when they have the most prospects.

duke said...

argghhhh...WHY YOU SO BODOH???!!!

you should pick up her call and talk to her!!! ask her to come over to your place, maybe you can have one night stand with her!!!


arrggghhhh....why???!!!!! why???!!!!

I will put a curse to ALL you LB ppl. said...

First let me be straigh forward, why are you such a nitwit? you so careless? why so stupid? 30k?fucking shit.

Secondly, i feel like killing someone in LB. I am serious.

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

What low life blood sucking whore..

Anonymous said...

i know a few fcking BITCHES name in LB, Julie?Wendy? i will fuck them up side down, becareful.

Anonymous said...

Y not give us her name and number ? At least to prove your story is not a LIE !!

I will not waste money to call her. Will give her a SMS that she will not forget for life.

Jordan said...

jordan here.thanks guy for all ur words!!!
i'm damn regret now!!!but at least i found back my conscience.i'm not giving up,hell u my lovely upline!!!i quitted because i found it really really unethical!!!
think back when i read all the post here,try not to blame some LB newbie.cause i was once in LB also,i know those feeling of being given so much promise and high expectation and also hope from their upline and partner!they're just temporarily being blinded by all this empty hope.cause i was once like him(keith) also!!!

as for my story,is it neccesary to publish out her name and phone num???i don't know!!!but i really don't want to ruin her life,after all,she was also being conned in by others. now she's still in her dreams or maybe she got no choice to continue because she don't want to face the reality.

bravo to all of you,u guys have done a great work.

for me,now i even scare to pick up phone calls,cause i can't afford to pay back my friend's money,debt!but what did my upline say?sorry,ex-upline!TAKE IT POSSITIVELY!!!what a sarcastic remark!!!now slower and slower i recover from this incident,but have to take 2-3 years to pay all the debt back!!!luckily i din't quit my study,but i've checked my result for this sem,my c.g.p.a have falls below 3.0,wtf!!!

anyway,for all of u out there,don fall in this trap!!!if any of u guys want to know the story behind all this biz and advice???come to this blog,i'll always be here to help!!!

TEH POWAH said...

I feel so proud of you, Jordan.

At least you have seen the light and is doing the right thing now.

Always remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Anonymous said...

Can someone give me directions on where i can beat some LB pricks up?

Anonymous said...

i wonder whether lampe berger help or antilampberger would represent on behalf of us and the victims to complile the media kit to be sent to major newspapers editorial staffs and consumer action groups. and anyone who has any document or recording evidence. please send or upload it to lampe berger help or antilameberger for assistance. the sooner the better. otherwise more and more ppl will be fallen into the trap and of cuz to also help the existing blinded members who is still struggling putting on their masks to work in order to get back their money due to no choice. whata pity!

Anonymous said...


U were conned by a girl, muahaha, is she pretty?

Anonymous said...

to me, lampe berger businees is like a
man going up to a five year old kid with a lollipop, enticing her that if she follows you, you will give her more, better bigger, tastier lollipop. The little girl finally agrees, and that man will sell her off to neighbouring coutry, chop off their hands and legs and ask them to beg for money. It is really no different from that.

Anonymous said...

many lb members would make use of the name of "looking for biz partners" or "spa biz" or anything else except its very nature of direct sales to lure innocent ppl as a stepping stone into the con game.once step into their office, considered no way for refusal to join unless u are alert and clear in mind whats REALLY been told and to know how to read btwn the lines!

tom said...


go to HLA lor..

Steven Yip said...

Hi Jordan,

First, it's good you woke up from this business.

My bro have not yet.

I really wonder...when more cases like this happens...where does Steven Yeam going to hide his face??

Anonymous said...

Vidcus Foo
Irritating guy :|

Jack lim said...

i bought a small booklet from Popular bookshop called Dont be cheated by PYRAMID SCHEMES- by consumers association Of penang. they listed down all the criterias of pymarid system. SYN LB fulfill all!!! since they fullfill all they are real pyramid schemes.pyramid schemes is illegal in malaysia!!! so where do we complain this?to consumers association Of penang or KL?will they able to do anything?

Jack lim said...

hello i just sent an email to lim kit siang complaining about Lb under coverage of MCA lady.hope it helps:). i just do my part as a citizen of malaysia.Lb kids dont blame me

anthraxxxx said...

You have my respect, Jordan. Sadly, my friends has not awaken from their false dream yet. Probably need more people to bitch slap them until they do. tsk tsk

Dexter said...

jack lim,

Good work but unfortunately, the Ministry that issues MLM license will not see it as an illegal buisness.

They(LB business) can still argue that they DID NOT practise any pyramid system. It is only the distributors(SYN network) that are doing it. The is the excuse all SCAM MLM Companies give for bad practices.

Anonymous said...

I heard that SYN comprises almost 80-90% of sales for DCHL. Once SYN down, the whole thing will down i supposed.

Jordan said...

thanks guys!!!!
but sometimes i wonder,should i call my friend to quit???
if i do that,sure i'll be hated and ban by all of them!!!
any suggestion that i can wake my friends up,stop doing this scam biz?or at least don't use SYN method???just use it like other direct selling company way,sell products only!!!

it's just too unethical to just keep recruiting,asking more and more ppl dump in money!!!selling empty promise,dreams.....

Anonymous said...

existing lb members would be difficult to convince to quit cuz they have already close up thier mind due to constant brain wash,especially for those who had dump in 30k or had already recruited many frenz and family into this game. They consider themselves no choice even they know its a scam and to gamble and see wat happen kinda attitude. the only way is to create more public awareness thru various medias or looking for higher authority to look into this matter. We need a group of ppl who has initiative to really take action!I supposed now is not too much about typing complains but to really make it into action.

Anonymous said...

i say lampe berger help and anti lampe berger has sufficient qualification and evidence to represent the victims to take some serious action against them to help the innocents.

Anonymous said...

We need more ppl like jack lim to raise a voice to the authorities.

uncle kit said...

lim kit siang got more important things to do than to attend to this lb case.

Anonymous said...

if everyone starts from boron instead of 45k, how would the recuitment be in order to become a marquie?how long?

RescueTeam said...


Yes, you should wake up your friends because if they carry on, the not only there will be more and more victims, your friends' future will be gone too. They will lost friends and trust. In future, their friends will no longer trust them.
I know most people will think that they must not spoil their friends from cari makan(earning for a living) but don't forget such scam will still end 1 day. Will we want it to end earlier or later ? At any stage, there will be victims who have not earn their capital back yet.

I suggest the best time to help them stop the business is to gather a group of volunteers and create awareness by giving out simple note to everyone after their business preview session.
I have already got 2 friends who are willing to do it. I need a group of at least 20, any volunteers ?
I will make a count and inform you what to do next.

Anonymous said...

to annoymous above, to become marquis he would prob have to get 5 counts below him (rm45 x 5) and pay some lump sum, i forgot though.. and in order to get the commisions from his downline as a MArquis, he/she must maintain a certain product sales every month

Anonymous said...

I saw 2 threads titled "Be warned June 18th, Sunway....." in the USJ forum and Low Yat Kopitiam Forum. Any members there please help to reply there to keep the warning thread on the front page from now till sunday.

It will help to prevent some victims.

dexter said...

Read the few latest posts at the Lampe Berger Issues thread at Low Yat Forum - Kopitiam.

Many links to their happenings in HK and Taiwan. People has been killed accidently by the products and Taiwan government also announced the product could do more bad than harm to health.

There is also a detail story of the Lampe Berger and Bel_Air scam. I only heard of the 2 brothers scam but now I know their father got involved first. All in the family scam. Like father, like sons.

Jack lim said...

to uncle kit,

no worry he is buzy or not.i dont care that long as i do my part thats enough.i will continue bambarded him and his fellow DAP geng with massive email about LB SCAM.remember it just a click to send them the email hahahahaha.spend me only 5 minutes to get it done.nothing to lose from me. My fucking Up line wan me to talk to MCA winnie summore provide me her HP.

Anonymous said...

MCA winnie is just a small fry among the whole board. If someone can get this to the PM, we'll see if MCA Winnie dares to stand up for DCHL. She's risking herself. She never gave it a thought what if one day this problem goes to PM and it becomes a national threat

Anonymous said...

i agree with you jack lim, i've sent few emails to Minstry of doemstic trade and affairs and also called them up, they will look into it. i dont care whether is wasting or not coz i believe in due time if more and more ppl write in and aware of tis something can be done. to be honest Nalaysian politics are quite stable compared to many countries and i believe "sikit sikit lama jadi bukit" ppl pls dont give up. i believe in our goverment system, it is just a matter of time. :)

Anonymous said...

China Press Front Page News Tonight:

Story of a father from JB who reported his son paid more than RM2000 and asking and trying to borrow another RM30,000 to join a MLM Company selling fragrance products.

The son went to KL and attended their office and saw other successful people driving sport cars and wanted to get rich fast too.

He told his dad he need another RM30,000 and by looking for 5 people to buy those stock, he can earn 10% and 50% in future.

Anonymous said...

is money that easy to earn nowadays?

James said...

I don't believe this story. Sounds....fishy.

Anonymous said...

did he tell his dad that his 5 downlines need to find another 5 people and soforth? i wonder...

Anonymous said...

Please do not believe any negative news on Lampe Berger or SYN.

Read my full story at the USJ and LY Forum.

I know 2 bloggers; antilampeberger and lampebergerhelp have set up a long string of messages and try to extort Steven Yeam and RZ Corporation for some money. They threaten to get the press and minstry to take action against the MLM Company of they don't pay up.

Go ahead. Let us see who has better power.

Extorting money from Lampe Berger is nothing new. Throuhgout their 100 yeras many people have tried to bring them down and time has proven who is right and who is wrong.

If those people anti them have the guts, go and protest in their office and don't just hide and type behind the monitor. Trying to make a fortune with the internet ? Forget it.

Lampe Berger is getting stronger and stronger in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Latest news from China Press on 17.6.2006. Still hot.









































Anonymous said...

can someone just check this out?

lampe berger group
This is the Lampe Berger Network Marketing group specially coach by Duke Wu Yong Kuang. Lead by Lim Ka Seong & Cheah Siew Mee. If you have been invited by one of our group members to join, please email us your Lampe Berger Franchisee ID for verification.

Anonymous said...

Can someone warn a Malay forum ? Seems that their Malay group is getting strong in Johor about 500 Counts went there for talk.

Stepsteph said...

This story sounds very fictitious. I don't even feel the "writer". It's as though he's making fun of himself. I'm sure some people do feel the same.
No offense to anyone but this is just my humble little opinion =)

Anonymous said...

the press front page really make a blast on LB!obviously, its a majority consensus about its scam, otherwise the news would not be appeared so daringly on the front!i believed every news to be published in front page must be carefully interviewed and truthfully right enough.

Anonymous said...

I can sense from the writers words, he is really in a rage and anger after being cheated! it might sound fictatious if one doesnt realize there are actually many cases like him which is unspoken...

Anonymous said...

We would like lampe berger help or anti lampe berger to create a malay forum as soon as possible to make awareness to the malay society. otherwise, more victims would fall into the trap of getting rich fast illusion.

Anonymous said...

i do sensed that the awareness is getting stronger and more powerful whereas presses are starting to publish about it.

Anonymous said...

can sum1 pls publish that paper on net?i want 2 print it for my friends to read it. i cant read chinese though.thanks

Anonymous said...

this website has helped create alot of awareness amongst everyone. A few people I know are aware of this website without me telling them so. And imagine even people in singapore knows it! anyway i hope the press and media will start playing their roles informing the society

Anonymous said...

this link shows an complain article written by another victim just after the china press front headlines last saturday.

Anonymous said...

i heard that they are paying the presses to cover up or reclarify about all the negative news regarding LB scams like those published in sin chews and chinapress.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Malays should be notified and the most effective way is to post in the most popular Malay forum, anyone know where ?

Whether the story true or not is not important, the SCAM is true otherwise China Press can be sued. The mention of fragrance, impressive cars, RM200o plus and RM30K well proved it is refering to LB. They could be waiting for money to cover them up. Black eat black, serve them right !!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you.
May that girl burn in hell.

- satriaturbo -

AndrewLim said...

Hahaha i find this website and antilampeberger filled with so many amusing people. Sorry but i do find it funny hehehe. I do admit some LB people talk like a dumbass but some of the antilb people talk with no sense either.
Who wanna go fight LB people? Go to Menara HLA loh, so many of them there. I also wanna go see show :P Pls put date and time when you going there to pek yau.
If you don't go then don't talk cock here lah dumbass. That's the problem with internet. Full of cowardly people.

Ni9htl0rd said...

...and stupidity strikes again....

Andrewlim said...

Stupidity? you referring yourself? Nice. Come on, be more mature ok. Don't act like some retarded brainless person who only know how to "you stupid!". At least those LB ppl don't simply curse ppl or even threatened wanna whack people somemore. So barbaric. Learn to be more cultured ok.

Ni9htl0rd said...

you're just like another guy, oceanfish....pot calling the kettle black....who's being the barbarian? And what's with the big reaction? is it because what i said is true?

I see you are goading people on to fight, so who is more barbaric? the one who wants to fight, or the one hiding behind adding fuel to fire?

You put up a post, flame both parties and wanna talk gangster by setting time and date? And you want to talk maturity? Come back when you have a stand. Other than that, bugger off.

Anonymous said...

good one nightlord,

sigh,andrewlim i say this again..i pity you LB ppl, really i do. such a disgrace to embarrassed.

AndrewLim said...

So? what happened to free speech? Oh i get it, you guys are always right. Pls don't gay with me. thanks

Ni9htl0rd said...

Exactly what you say andrewlim.

you flame, you get flamed. Free speech right?

Lampe Berger Help said...

free speech is i am letting you all post wateva you want..

aint no UMNO keeping quite on the riot

virocana said...

Interesting blog about spa, keep up the good work spa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you really understand SYN system or you just throw your 30k and wait sky drop a money for you??a ppl who give up himself,then blame to the group,are you too childish or no leh?think about that ,1 knife can use to be cut beef ,and also can be kill you use a right way to do your business?you say LB cheat you,but why people will sucess in this system but not you?how people do and what you have done, do you think about this problem before?everybody also have dream,you also right?if not you wont join SYN!

Anonymous said...

hangat !!!!

lesen RZ Corporation sdn Bhd aka DCHL Dibatalkan mulai 31/07/2008 Oleh KPDNHEP.Boleh rujuk di laman web cari carian syarikat jualan langsung dan klik kat senarai syarikat jualan langsung yang dibatalkan lesen.yang terbaru RZ Corporation wooooo

Anonymous said...

2 bukn dibatalkn da..
blom renew blek jer..
tgok..kan da tipu da 2..
nk pengaruh org pnye pasal...

Anonymous said...

aq bru jer lps buka laman web kpdnhep x de pn rz corporation dalm senarai syarikat dibatalkan..

Anonymous said...

sory aku mencelah..
mengenai lesen..kenapa lesen xrenew tp xder dlm senarai dibatalkan lesen.

kogr boleh call teros KPDN dan tanya kenapa.dan KPDN leh cerita semua cz aku br je call KPDN..

sepatut ny..compny yg wat biz 11buat negara,pakai wet brjuta2.xsepatut ny lesen tamat,kenapa bende ni leh jd?

senang citer..
lesen moto mati,ko akan renew lepas mati or sblm mati???

1)sblm xder masalah saman/etc..
2)slepas der masalah saman/etc ( kewangan ).

jd pd korg yg bijak pandai mesti dpt memikirkn ny sdr.

..baik..sgt baik..yes!!!

Shirley^Tsukasa said...


Apakahabar semua....??

1st of all,I would like to say that Thank God dat i found this opportunity in my life..i tot that m goin to be a cullie (kuli)the rest of my life :)Now i know thrs sumthing much better opportunity outside thr,but i choose this right One {SYN},coz this is the best opportunity ever in my life and i see with my own eyes,people that already sucess in thr life doin this thing!M on the way to be like them.I noe everyone can do it.Dun give up!!And i know m in the right path..

Yes,i not easy become sucess person,not easy to achieved wad we want..but,be patient and always believe to our self and trust our upline/partners.You must know and understand wad you are doin and why u want to take this opportunity.But for sure to help people..

Once u failed,doesnt mean u failed the rest of ur life..keep on trying and dun easily give day,i believe the person that really knw wad thr are doin and keep on trying will be on the top!

If this is not true,y almost 3000 thousand ppl around the world success til now by taking this opportunity?or mayb more thn dat.. :)

I love SYN and Lamperberger..
Cant wait to go to our spa again next tym...
Gud Luck to D.Andrew Lim and D.Patrick Tan and all of our partners!!
Together we to The Top!


Anonymous said...

Hi..I'm from Kch and yeah DCHL sucks!First the capital is too expensive,2ndly they keep pushing and pushing you to dump more money..They are totally bullshits..!Luckilly i didn't join the biz,my husband did..not under SYN but Steady Global Network..guess wat?he got conned!Wat's worst his upline borrowed almost 2k from..Isn't that fucking stupid!?Y would upline borrowed money frm his downline?If their business is really that good,you wouldn't be borrowing money from other people especially ur downline,would u?He has not been able to settle his debt till now..If i were Ah Long,i would have killed him..serve him right!Well he had quit long time ago..n joined another biz after that,which is much cheaper,easier..and better!