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Monday, June 19, 2006


Please do not believe any negative news on Lampe Berger or SYN.

Read my full story at the USJ and LY Forum.

I know 2 bloggers; antilampeberger and lampebergerhelp have set up a long string of messages and try to extort Steven Yeam and RZ Corporation for some money. They threaten to get the press and minstry to take action against the MLM Company of they don't pay up.

Go ahead. Let us see who has better power.

Extorting money from Lampe Berger is nothing new. Throuhgout their 100 yeras many people have tried to bring them down and time has proven who is right and who is wrong.

If those people anti them have the guts, go and protest in their office and don't just hide and type behind the monitor. Trying to make a fortune with the internet ? Forget it.

Lampe Berger is getting stronger and stronger in Malaysia.

It is so funny to read this comment. ANd they are not only here..
It is everywhere, here, Low Yat forum, and more..

If you find any allegation against me that I am extorting Steven Yeam,
please do point it out..
I would rather end his trade than to trade with him...

Oh.. an interesting post later.. let me get the writer's consent first...


Steven Yip said...

hehe..yea..i confess I am extorting.....

1 sen from him...

Steven Yip

Anonymous said...

"Please do not believe any negative news on Lampe Berger or SYN."



"TAKE IT POSITIVELY" <-- this word is often used in their brain wash session

- satriaturbo -

|chris| said...

these syn people just dont get it, do they?

in the finest tradition of all syners, we are not targeting the products, we are only concerned abt the way you are conducting your so called 'network marketing'


Mazanger said...

"Go ahead. Let us see who has better power."
Bakayalo, what power?
Brain wash people ....

hei, we are now talking about people suffer from loss of RM 30K
man... RM 30K RM30K

this is a lot money that people earn from hard work all the time , and You (Lampe burger) team like evil to suck off people blood...

duke said...

yo worries man..if i ever see any of these false report..i shall clarify it for you man!

Anonymous said...

so what , duke?
my friend sudah kena...tipu
(sudah beberapa orang kawan kena)

Disebabkan sekumpulan orang gila kan duit.

i Think u (duke) are one of them...ha?

if u think u way is good fine...
nanti menyesar pada hari kemudian..Thau?

duke said...

dear bodoh punya anonymous...

you can go home and ta fei kei lah.

Anonymous said...

who is extorting whos money in fact? SYN extorting 2000k and 30000k from the innocents indirectly gah?

Anonymous said...

"Please do not believe any negative news on Lampe Berger or SYN."

this must sounds from a brain washed SYNer dreaming on fast money and BMW. Is he telling us not to believe in News Papers as well? Common, Front headline oledi lor. Not only us who are talking about it now even mass medias are. wake up!Hopeless la. Haiyah

dan said...

I m going to buy one of the lamps along with the oil.

Never going to be a member.. but i m ok with buying it from a friend..

What does not mean ahh?
Am i supporting the business?
hmm.. hmm..

Anonymous said...

in a way all of you are trying to "extort" something from DCHL / SYN and that is for him to change his biz practices.


Anonymous said...

Heard someone is recruiting ppl to give out flyers to project awareness to the public abt lb scam during their bz preview day. a very powerful approach!i support them all the way!

Ni9htl0rd said...


Go ahead and buy...there's no wrong if you feel it's of value to you..consumer rights

it's the business practice and lies perpetrated that we're after..

Anonymous said...

absolutely, not so much on product but the business practice which seems unethical and immoral. somemore, whether the product is good or not . i really dont know . can get same and cheaper thru lelong. i personally dont trust the product.

dan said...

Yeah.. I do feel like i want it..
Maybe can clear the air in my room..

Hesitant abit la.. coz of the price.. Although I can afford it..

I guess I can be a good friend and
just buy and keep my opinions to myself..

To Preacher,

Another word to distort ehh?

This time it is "extort"..
And how is it they are "extorting" from syn? Even "in a way".. do not even come close. Are they asking anything, even hinting.. even if SYN want to give them 100k they would not even touch it..

Keep on redefining words preacher..
So far there is:-
"Family, work also is a pryamid scheme"
"O risks in LB Business"

now there is
" "extort" " =creating awareness through blogging..
ok la.. " "extort" "= express everything negative bout LB

A preacher you are..
and I am not particularly fond of preachers..

Anonymous said...

Dan, this is not meant to start a "war of words" but you have serously misunderstood what I was trying to say.

If you read some of my previous postings, you would know what I was trying to say in my previous post, was meant in a good way.

After all, what's the point of all the blogs, if not meant for DCHL / SYN to change their ways.


aaron said...

i wonder when is LB goin to die off..we will have lotsa BM once this people cant get anymore ppl to join them..half price on BM..haha..

dan said...


Yeah.. you are right preacher..

I may not agree with some of the things you say, but you have always meant well..

No offence intended..

Dexter said...


Why do you want something that is overpriced and even dangerous ?

Think carefully.

Anonymous said...

I find it easier to talk about things after having full trust in it myself. After working under DCHL for the past 2 months in Jalan Kia Peng, I have met excellent people whose attitudes didn't change before and after i joined. They were a 100% supporting with every step that i took in order to learn the methods of the business. I am talking about people who don't earn a single cent from me. What is important in DCHL is the culture which is, for lack of a better word, awesome. Everyone knows each other and helps each other. Why do people say it's a scam? They don't fully understand what the business plan is capable of. This isn't an advertisment for SYN, I am not condemning any of you but merely coming up with my 2 cents. If your upline brought you into the business and left you to die without helping you along the way, it is your upline who hasn't fully grasped the wonderful culture which has been cultivated for a long time as i have heard. The job of an upline is very simple, it is to manage the downlines and make sure that they work. What happens in most cases which result in the bad apples leaving the business and calling it a scam, is that the upline doesn't bother about his/her downline and leaves him/her to die...the downline then proceeds to say that it's a scam and that they had run away with his money. Believe me, i was negative at one point as well... I just started and things are going well, i have already got back half my capital...If i (not exactly a business orientated person) can do it...i am VERY sure all of you chinese people(not being racist..but chinese people rock at's in their blood)can too..the problem with everything is, people are to busy finding excuses and reasons as to why they shouldn't opposed to why they should join..This isn't a "brainwashing" as some of my counterparts so eloquently put it =P, this is just my opinion..Thank you for hearing me out.


Lampe Berger Help said...

heh anonymous..

the business potential can go very far.. YES
TO the extend that they hurt alot of people...

Anonymous said...

If a few people make mistakes and not do their work properly (meaning managing their downlines and teaching them the necessary skills and the overall goal of this business), don't say that the entire business is a scam. You take 10 people from the network and 9 will say it's wonderful...the other 1 will say it's a's human nature that the public will concentrate on what that 'one' failure one likes to concentrate on the good things..let me tell you why please.. Because you have spent soo much time talking about negative things regarding this business, and in order to make sure you keep your image, your focus remains on that 1 single person who failed to make the best of the one blames you..all of us are like that..those that are working in this business are the ones that put aside their pride and made the decision to's as simple as that.. Another thing lampe berge help, please elaborate a bit more on your answer..that doesn't really tell me anything.. Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

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