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Monday, June 05, 2006

Untold Story of My Friend Being Cheated

This is indeed a true story, which I heard from my friend's mouth.
I was at this club, and I saw this girl of whom I am really familiar with.

It is indeed, a friend I knew back in college and when I joined this business
of DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN. She is one great friend to have and a friend
whom you can lay your trust on. But she was being used by this idiot to
invest in the business of DCHL/Lampe Berger/SYN.

When I meet someone I knew, even if I knew him/her for a "hi" or "bye"
I would approach and talk and keep up...

Some personal questions about each others' life has lead to her asking
me if I am still in the Lampe Berger business... It is a long story from then
onwards. She was not suprise I stopped this business... Her story was:

She was really interested in the business when that idiot introduce to
her the business... She is one sociaholic and was busy...
But in the end, she got that RM 2,500 and pass it to her... The idiot
told her to rest assured as he will register her into the business.

There was limited news after she handed in the money to him.
She got friends who are in the business as well, and she checked with
the company and found out that, he never enrolled her as promised!
She was SOOOO PISSSEDD on the news she not being enrolled...
(lucky thing she is not on period, else DCHL/SYN would be history now)

*When I heard it.. I was like... that bastard!! What a CON!!*

She then went up straight to the office and find him and demand
that idiot to pay her back, as they didn't expect her to be in that state
of mind to go directly to them right in their face and make such demand.
So did he promised.. promise again..
It took that fella few months and promises after promises to pay her back.

I had a chat with her earlier in the evening and told her my situation
and she said "Hey, that's how I was being treated as well!"

Now this is pure UNETHICAL Steven Yeam Network distributor
that I came to know in shock..

Why am I shock!?? Because that Idiot WAS my UPLINE...!!!


Steven Yip said...


SYN is truly a breeding ground for pests like your upline..

for the people! said...

we have to get rid of these pests , then we wouldnt get headache =)

Anonymous said...

Small world, looks like your "upline" has a track record of being a prick....


Anonymous said...

got this from a website...

Paco on Jun 5th, 2006 said:

Hi All Malaysian,

Many pple lives in the 21st century but their mindset is still at the 70s. Of course there are scams in MLM, but they were the past…

In any business, there are scams, just that they dont get such publicity and no body cares to spread it only. Because its “MLM”….thats why people spread it.

MLM is the third most regulated industry beside Banks, Insurance companies by the Government of Malaysia, (in fact in other coutries as well) Strict rules and regulations are there to protect general public who wish to persue a career in the MLM industry. There is nothing wrong with the Industry, but the minortiy people who do this business with the Wrong Intention created all the issues.

In the end of the day, its the pple issue. Look at it objectively, as educated and mature Malaysian such as yourself, what made up of the business ? People.

What make the business succeed ? People.
What fails it, people too.

So, SYN - Arch Duke Steven Yeam is the most honorable, humble and respected human being I ever knew, he created SYN with the Mission that one fine day, Malaysian Public will slowly change their mindset about the Industry. Just like many great leaders in the world, there are many who dislike him and there are many pple who loves him.

Your personal opinion of him either positive and negative, should not based on what other people say. You should know him personally inorder to make your own judgement, which i think its only fair.

Just like Dr. M. What’s your opinion on him ? And it just remain your opinion.

There are lots of negative news about ANY MLM by the way, they either comes from overheard frens’s frens, or newspaper complaints or blog nowadays…some are facts but interpreted differently by individuals, therefore created an illusion of Scams…

If anyone ONLY looking at this blog to decide if LB is a scam or not, then I think you are NOT even fit to do any business. Talk to your fren who share with you this business and ask him or her clarifying questions, come to the events and talk to people who had already succeded in this business. See for yourself, feel for yourself and check things out yourself.

Its a FREE world. PPle can say whatever they want to say without any responsibility. But I can assure you, this business is not a scam, but YOU can make this business a scam if you do this business with the wrong intention…

It’s in your hand, really.

No fools here...... said...

The last messenger is really so naive ?
He is only right about "people". Isn't Steven Yeam a people ? He is the HEAD of of the network people.

Don't try to bring Dr M into the picture. Dr M can deny any corruption and even denied any too. But Steven Yeam cannot deny he accepted and practised the marketing plan and the prices.

Anonymous said...

please view this -_-'

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing wrong with the Industry, but the minortiy people who do this business with the Wrong Intention created all the issues."

That's right, basically there's nothing wrong with MLM industry. The MLM business model itself is perfectly fine in nature. But in LB business, it may not be the minority of members who do the business with wrong intentions. Majority seems more likely.

"If anyone ONLY looking at this blog to decide if LB is a scam or not, then I think you are NOT even fit to do any business."

Nobody should ever make any final judgement based solely on the understanding from this blog, but everyone who is new to the LB business, want to do a business that has a good history, and intend to join the LB business must read and understand this blog and other related blogs and websites.

"Its a FREE world. PPle can say whatever they want to say without any responsibility."

Please, freedom of speech comes with responsibility.

dan said...

To anynomous,

And why cant people make their decision solely from this blog?

Now it is about making informed decision base on facts now izzit?

Many people join in LB just based on words of friends and talk of uplines and not facts.

So now they have these words..
"Believe me.. SYN is making so much out of you and you only make so little"
"SYN do not care if you succeed or not"
"They only care of your money and friend's money"

Maybe somebody would make their decision solely on my words.

"Trust me. You are better off without being involve in SYN"

"Its crap"

Jack lim said...

dear LB anonymous

i am sorry u are being brain washed. speaking of Dr M.Dr M said before there is no investment in the world that's for sure will earn money except one-save into bank.So Dear frens start Save into our bank and not LB.sorry LB kid u are too naive.i was like u before.saying the same thing u said 1 and half years ago. but now i have wisdom to oppose what u saying today.still u are like kidz.haha
let me have a good laugh at u dude

Anonymous said...

LB anonymous,

After reading what u post, a thousand thing ran through my mind to respond to you, then i paused and thought about it, no point talking or explaining to day you will realized what we are talking about.Other MLM comp does not get this kinda flame or heated arguments becoz LB has proven themselves to be EXTREMELY, i repeat EXTREMELY unethical in MANY ways. PLS TELL ME WHICH MLM COMPANY HAS SUCH HEATED ANGER TOWARDS SUCH AS LB?

Anonymous said...

The best is to listen to both sides first before making decisions.

Q&As with Paco

Anonymous said...

Paco or whoever is that SYN Network guy clearly didnt answer everyone's question. He/She is somewhat beating around the bush, giving direct questions a twist here and there.

Anonymous said...

Bad people will never admit they KNOW that they are bad. Just that simple.

Dexter said...

I have never really check on their marketing plan since I already understand their products' false claims and I know how MLM works and CONFIRMED the LB business is a scam.
Just now I took a little time to understand the plan.

It is that simple. The clowns paid 30K or 45K(now) which is 62% and the higher levels earn 4% of it which is around 1,200 or 1,800 now. Which means only 1/15 of the amount lost by most people will be earned by others on top.

Better go Genting. Not only the chances are far better, you only lose your own money, not your friends......

Dexter said...

Remember guys,

In order to bring them down, we need to SPREAD faster than the LB distributors. Means we should find more means to inform those who are not aware of LB yet.

Chatting among ourselves don't work. Unless those involved stop and start to seek for refund.

When their business gets stagnant, everyone will stop.

Jack lim said...

Dexter was right.the urgency to spread the news to those who doesn't know is important.Guys start to make an email of LB scam for Forward it to OUR DEAR FRENS, and ask Them to forward it to other frens.The email must include Newspaper cutting, TVB site of LB scam, Personal testimony of Ex LBs,
.We use LB pyramid system to go against LB, syn.

Anonymous said...

steven take good care of your blog as I see SYN members spamming antiLB's blog with a bunch of hogwash, english or languages that you can't understand. *sighs*
i hope if the authorities out there who are reading please take some action on DCHL!

Dexter said...

Please wake up your friends who are still in it to have CONSCIENCE and a bit of intelligence or at least some common sense.

If you can recruit 5 people to pay RM45,000(at 38% discount) each, only then you can earn a total of RM9,800(4% from each person).

So 5 people lost a total of RM225,000 just to let 1 earn RM9,800. But this one who so-called earned RM9,800 still lost RM35,200(if he paid RM45,000 earlier).

Better gamble among yourselves or go to Genting.

Anonymous said...

I reply to this post in Low Yat forum under the thread "12th June..."
[quote=hiroshi,Jun 12 2006, 09:55 AM]
My friend told me she will go to Sunway to attend a seminar. I have to stop her join this Lampe Berger.


Quickly call her today not to join or buy those products. The joining fee is over 100 ringiits !! Tell her not to lose it. Tell her not to join in a hurry. Check with other friends and really understand the products first. Those are just fragrance bottles and fragrance oils sold for less than half the prices here in US and France.

It is not easy to sell them. Many blogs have showed many victims lost their money. In the seminar, all those making money will turn up but there are more people who lost money which they will not tell you.

Tell her even if she can make money, she will lost friends, trust and repuation.
Not worth it.

vincent said...

anyone can write a letter to lim kek siang? or other athority to help these ppl?

Anonymous said...

I attended the session. Someone invited me there and make me pay RM20 for the entry, insist that it is worth it. There are 3,000 over people and half of them are their own members that make all the cheers and noise. I asked him not bad, they collected RM70,000 just for 1 night talk. The rental RM5000 the most. They said the surplus go to charity.

I saw that Steven Yeam. Really cult nature. With all the sound and lighting effects. He claimed that HK people called him Lucky Star and Malaysians call him God of MLM. All the way until the end, they never tell you what they sell. Nothing much or useful thing he said except that he claimed many people condemn their company RZ Corporation and they have a license given by the government. He said he earned already RM70 million over and his wife double his amount. He claimed to have helped 500 over people millionaires in over 11 countries.

My introducer insist that he must see me tomorrow and I MUST not tell this matter to anyone tonight or tomorrow.

What are they up to ? What will they want from me tomoorow ?

andromeda said...

beware. they are going to suck your soul and money. that is what they are up to.

Anonymous said...

(extracted from my reply in Low Yat forum re their last night event in Sunway)

BIG LIAR(refer to Steven Yeam) !!

In order to earn 1 MIllion by a single person in the LB business plan, at least RM 25 Million must be paid. If all the 25 Million are contributed by those who paid 30,000, that will be at least 833 people lost 30K in order to create 1 millionaire.

If 500 people has been millionaires, that means at least 416,500 people has all lost 30,000. If some paid less, than the figure is even bigger. Did that GOD of CON announced these figures ?

Means more than 416,500 people has lost a total of RM12,480 millions in 11 countries ? He really deserevd the name GOD of CON !!

Anonymous said...

tired of listening to claims and complains for so long d. i want to see action taken to eliminate SYN. who has an email with photos and evidence to create awareness to the nation?mass mailing would help!

Anonymous said...

i really think a properly written email with facts and sites like this one or antilampberger and do a mass mailing is EXTREMELY effective.

Anonymous said...

mass mailing to all the colleges and uni buletin would be the first i guess..

Anonymous said...

To make the public aware of LB scam. Actions needs to be taken and not just empty talk here. Chain letter is a good idea.

Never forget the power of the media as they have a better and wider coverage. The recent negative on Sin Chew Daily really hit the LB hard, LB had to come out to clarify itself on the paper.

The next deadly blow to LB I think will be TV coverage, if someone can compile all the info and get the broadcaster attention to probe and air on national TV. The days whereby LB empire crumble will not be far.

jackal said...

yr upline get the $ to pay for his bmw installment i think... haha!!

is email to lim kit siang going to be worked? anybody got connection in BN or mca shld send too....

Anonymous said...

Dun use MCA network. A Duke in SYN appears to be well connected to Ng Yen Yen. There are all crooks.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people who have lost thier dreams in this society and solely believe that money can gain back a little comfortness and console of the lost of these dreams. This is a common mindset and its been manipulate /abused by the above mentioned all mighty LAMPE BERGER who can realize your dreams when you become Marque and the big bucks keeps flowwing in OH YEAH!@!! ("Here its where you can realize your dreams when you gian financial freedom and after that you can live happily ever after") . But in reality so to say it doesnt work this way.... and alot of people were buried under this $$$ SUCKING PIRAMID. The worst is they dont even dare to voice out thier unsatisfaction and their rights (because we are chinese mar, need to look after our face also)so we all keep quite and absorb the lost. more people were con because of the glamorous attractive light of the the Piramid LAMPE...we remain silent and the unfortunate events go on .....

Anonymous said...

forgot to leave my email
, to the one who created this blog weldone. i myself have witness to many friends of mine sacrifice thier passion, time and hard earn money and was hoping there will be a meduim to voice out. If there is anything, pleas ekeep inform.